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The Democrat Todd Akin Circus

That seems to be the message from Democrats and liberals in the state of Colorado.  Here is an excerpt from the story about the testimony of rape victim, Amanda Collins before a committee of the Colorado state legislature: After her … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Defended The Constitution…Where Were Senators Bluster and Blather?

That would be Senator McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham. They each make grandstand plays, issue strongly worded statements aimed at bolstering their “conservative” credentials…then, quietly cave just to demonstrate their willingness to be “reasonable” and to “reach across the aisle”. Recall … Continue reading

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A Justice and Peace Pope, and Black too…Who can argue with that?

Here is one of the first puff pieces which will be gushing forth in commentaries, editorials,  “news” items, tweets, etc, by the Left promoting the Papal candidacy of African Cardinal Peter Turkson. We can expect a lot of  enthusiastic support from … Continue reading

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