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More On GOP Growth & Opportunity Project

More observations to come regarding the so called GOP autopsy report commissioned after the 2012 elections.  But so far the best line is from our own contributor Susan Frazer, to wit: It reads like someone padding a term paper. 00

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On Immigration

This letter was forwarded to us by Hugh Pries. No doubt it came to him over the transom, one of those obscure letters, perhaps apocryphal, we all get, but it resonated with him and he suggested it for this publication.  … Continue reading

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Crank’s First Thoughts – Repub Growth & Opportunity Project

It is only now that I realize that Reince Priebus is an idiot. Did he and his “blue ribbon” team really interview 50,000 voters to find out what killed (that is why “autopsies” are performed, isn’t it) the GOP or … Continue reading

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