Obama No Ordinary Weakling — Reis R. Kash

This letter to the editor was forwarded to us by DP.  It was submitted by Reis R. Kash and  published in the Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon on March 19, 2014.  It certainly primes the pump as to comments regarding the quality of political leadership in this country and, regrettably, the governed.  R Mall


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11 Responses to Obama No Ordinary Weakling — Reis R. Kash

  1. RICHARD C. EVANS says:



  2. Peg Eager says:

    Wow– Publish this EVERYWHERE!! And run for office….

  3. K.Boss says:

    I am still amazed how the Republicans have forgotten about the Bush Presidency and what he and his cronies have done to this country. Well at least after 14 years they finally have stopped running Clinton into the ground, that took a lot of their time. No wonder they have not been able to come up with anything solid on their own (just criticizing anyone who is in Office, if he is not a Republican!) Let me remind them, that we never had “Blue” or “Red” States before BUSH!

    • Vince says:

      Dems can’t see the truth even when its in front of them in black and white. They choose not to believe their God 0bama is completely corrupt, usless good for nothing community organizer. If you can’t see how bad 0bama is, you must love evil.

  4. Gus says:

    Good to hear from the low information Democrat voter. Their views are always welcome because they are always fresh and insightful. But Mr/Ms Boss, I’d like to suggest a way for you to avoid wearing yourself out, coming up with such original commentary. Henceforth, when offering your deep thoughts, it’s certainly acceptable for you to write simply, “Democratic playbook, item 1 through 100”, which, as you know provides those of you with a limited capacity for meaningful debate, the 100 ways to say, “It is Bush’s fault”.

  5. Roy Munsom says:

    You gotta chuckle when a Democrat accuses Republicans of not having a plan while they follow “Mr no strategy” like blind sheep.

  6. A Conservative in California says:

    @ K.Boss – you must be living under a rock. Or rather, it’s just that you’re busy listening to the oh-so well-informed liberal media. What is going on in the middle east, Iraq is worse off than it was before thanks to Obama’s brilliant move (against the recommendation of top military advisors). No presdient wants to be a war time president. Remember this though, all of your freedoms here in the U.S. were bought at a hefty price – the sacrifice and blood of devoted, unselfish patriots willing to fight to protect YOU/us and fight so that others could also enjoy the same God-given freedoms we have. Bush was not a perfect president, he made many mistakes. But at least his intent was always to maintain the integrity and strength of our nation…… watch this: and reflect on what is happening now.

  7. Peter Knudson says:

    How could he Loose the election in every state you needed proper ID to vote but still win the election?

  8. John W Bletsch says:

    The point being missed here is that BariO is not the one in charge. He has minders for a reason and that being he is a planted agent, the perfect Manchurian Candidate because of his ‘perceived’ color. He speaks well off a scripted prompter and cannot put complete sentences together otherwise. You so not seriously believe he writes all those executive orders and memorandums on his own do you? His work ethic permits only about 2 hours of work on a busy day. If he is not playing golf, he is off to another fund raiser, for the DNC? NO! For his own war chest! It costs some serious money to keep the first tranny and the rent-a-kids in the style in which they are accustomed and the same for goes for Caesar. You will not see him eating ramen soup and canned chili.

  9. several things I would like to comment on
    1. taking down the Confederate Battle Flag, will NOT make any person feel any different about what people think it stands for, in fact I believe it has made more people aware of something that they really never thought about, now the country is more devisive than it was.
    2. why was the murderer of the woman in San Francisco, still in the USA?
    3. why is it that every person in Obamas chosen few , not held responsible for their actions, they just resign but do not lose any benefits and not even asked to explain???

  10. JIMMY STROUD says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. The Obama administration is proof positive.

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