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More threatening letters from political operatives

You vill vote on our command or vee vill torture you until you do. Actually vee vill keep torturing you anyway, it’s vut vee do. It’s not cute. I know this isn’t really 3M talking but this is just silly.  … Continue reading

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Hurray! Clovis, Gregg, Mosiman, Northey, Pate, Now Part of the RPI Team Roster

The Republican Party of Iowa (RPI) now has the full panoply of statewide candidates listed on their Website. Why the full complement was not listed when the redesign took place we do not know. The candidates have been determined for … Continue reading

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Holder’s Non Departure

What kind of charade is this – Erik holder has announced he will leave when a replacement is appointed, as if there are not deputies in his department to serve as acting Attorney General?   We can only assume with this … Continue reading

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