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Ryan’s “heads Dems win, tails Repubs lose” budget

Ryan, the brilliant tactician watching out for the family pocketbook Avoid confrontation at all costs Anything Democrats feel strongly about will be retained and subsidized Anything Democrats object to that conservatives feel strongly about will not be considered  Paul Ryan … Continue reading

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Pope unhinged

Apocalyptic vision — reduce CO2 or we die Shares secular savior complex with Obama Truth is that Paris Climate Conference is greatest threat to humanity Pope: Climate Change Agreement ‘Now or Never,’ Humanity on the ‘Edge of Suicide’ At times, … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz — Bettendorf town hall very well attended

Disregard KWQC estimate of 300 in attendance Cruz – engaging and clear According to the owner of the venue over 500 attended the Ted Cruz’ town hall at the Tanglewood Pavilion in Bettendorf. My count was 450 plus, but regardless … Continue reading

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