Contributions may be made to Veritas Political Action Committee. Contributions are not tax deductible and are subject to the limitations imposed by the state of Iowa.   At this time we are able to accept checks only. Please include your name, complete address and name of your employer. Contributions should be sent to:

Veritas PAC

c/o 5123 Woodland Ave, Davenport, Iowa 52807.

Look for updates on this site for convenient donor processes as they are added.

Currently contributions intended for a candidate endorsed by Veritas PAC can be written to that candidate’s committee and sent to Veritas to be bundled and presented by Vertitas PAC to that candidate.  Of course 100% of the funds go to the candidate. This is a meaningful way of enhancing the impact of Veritas PAC’s work and an expression of your support for our endorsement criterion, transmitted to the candidate.

Checks written to Veritas PAC help cover our limited overhead and outreach influencing Party dynamics, when permitted, and as a general fund to help fund candidates directly or to finance in-kind support programs as permitted by Iowa regulations.

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