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Connecticut governor orders no official travel in Connecticut

That’s how anti-discrimination he is! This is just too rich not to post about.  From Sean Davis writing at The Federalist Connecticut’s Governor Doesn’t Understand His Own State’s RFRA In case you needed more proof that the recent backlash against … Continue reading


The Veritas factor – we decide

On his show Monday night, Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer discussed the Bowe Bergdahl matter. In neither gentleman’s position could we fully agree. Krauthammer has acknowledged all along that he would have made the same deal Obama did. That is, … Continue reading

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Indiana Wars instigated by “Selma Envy”

Phoney valor, liberals intolerance, and hypocrisy on display  The title and substance of this article by a Lutheran Pastor, Hans Fiene appearing in The Federalist today is perceptive, encompassing and delineative.  The incredible amount of broadcast and print space devoted … Continue reading


Our “march madness” bracket for Obama’s personality

We put Obama’s score at an easy 28 to 32 points. Enough to make him ineligible for parole in our estimation. Of course, no one can be objective about this guy. Many of us have long been convinced that Obama … Continue reading


We wonder if Bibi got in a round of golf this past weekend

FROM THE UK DAILY MAIL: Mind the step, Mr President: Obama ends weekend golf getaway in Florida by nearly going head first down plane steps The President lost his footing at Andrew Air Force Base in Washington Almost had fall … Continue reading

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So which liberal rag are you gunna believe . . .

also . . . Grubbing for votes Ted Cruz Recruits Some Rand Paul Supporters in Iowa  – Ron Paul supporters bolt Rand Paul camp – Ben Schreckinger – POLITICO OK we were trying to be a bit cute.  Surprise! … Continue reading

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Not so wild about Harry

You can bet  that politicians from both sides of the aisle will be giving heartfelt speeches praising their departing colleague Harry Reid now that he has announced his retirement from the Senate (no doubt to invigorate his side line in … Continue reading

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Veritas salad

Andreas Lubitz Obama…soon the passengers will be screaming This Stilton Jarlsberg graphic is a provocative “tease”  to his  provocative and insightful essay.  He elaborates on something our illustrious senior editor observed earlier today “Obama is America’s version of the germanwings … Continue reading

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Neville Chamberlain must be smiling

And the Band Played On If Iran seems to become a little hesitant as the Free World prepares to give them everything they’ve demanded from previous US presidents and were refused, it’s probably because they can’t believe their “good fortune”. … Continue reading

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Abortion ultrasound /informed consent bill moves to Iowa Senate

The legislative alert set forth below from Iowa Right to Life (IRL) pleads for support for what amounts to informed consent as regards abortion. Ultrasound legislation recently passed in the House (H-573) to require that: “A physician performing an abortion … Continue reading

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