Not so wild about Harry

You can bet  that politicians from both sides of the aisle will be giving heartfelt speeches praising their departing colleague Harry Reid now that he has announced his retirement from the Senate (no doubt to invigorate his side line in real-estate investment).

We can see it now, Republican after Republican, praising his years of public service  . . . “as one who has given so much of his life in fighting for a better life for the downtrodden among us.”  That is how pathetic they are. As if it is all just a game, including his unscrupulous activity.  Of course Harry didn’t see it that way, but oh well.

Here are a couple of links you might want to keep for future reference when you tire of the solemn pronouncements about the great Harry Reid  (Yo Harry, you really don’t need to wait until January of 2017). Here we have only excerpts but the entirety of each article is compelling.

From the Editors at National Review The Pugilist at Rest

There is no gentle way to characterize Senator Reid’s career: He is and long has been one of the worst things about American government — a self-interested, dishonest, sanctimonious, unscrupulous charlatan . . .

The NRO editors go on to detail some of his sordidness. And via The Blaze we see and hear that Charles Krauthammer has a few “unrestrained” words about Reid:

“Harry, we hardly knew ye,” Krauthammer began on Fox’s “Special Report.” “And what we did know, we didn’t like.” It only got more fiery from there:

Now I know you’re not supposed to dance on the graves of the newly-dead, but this is only a political death so those rules don’t apply and I will be unrestrained. I’m not against the fact hat he was a partisan with sharp elbows and all that, but I do think he was a disgrace to his own institution because he emasculated it in the name of protecting the president and trying to re-elect Democrats. He didn’t succeed because he essentially shut down the Senate as soon as Republicans took the House in 2010. He failed as a partisan because nine senators of his party lost re-election, but he succeeded in protecting the president from having to exercise the veto. And in order to achieve that he killed his own institution.

We would add that his legislative “achievements” were against hapless Republican leadership who have continued to insure there was is no downside to Reid’s actions.   Democrats continue to wield power and protect their gains because Republicans won’t use the tools available to them.  So far old Harry has had Mitch McConnell as an accessory after the fact. There is nothing sacrosanct about the filibuster  and McConnell should end it as Krauthammer also advocates.

Oh, how we will miss Reid . . . almost as much as that other great long-serving, now retired Democratic senator, the much-loved Tom Harkin.

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  1. phil silverman says:

    ok, Harry was mediocre at best in Nevada,…and he did ok in the Senate. was he supposed to capitulate to Cruz on the shutdown?

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