Campaign Resources

Look here for listings of campaign resources and commentary related to the logistics of running a local campaign.  We will provide political opinion of our own and others that we hope will help candidates run efficient campaigns, as independently as possible from the influence of jaded consultants.

Veritas PAC does not guarantee the performance of any person, company or organization that happens to be listed or discussed here or anyone’s (including our) comments or recommendations.  Exercise due diligence.


Campaign Doctor.   This is a treasure trove site.  Visit the site, subscribe to their “Campaign Tips”

Not everything applies to your campaign but this experienced pro’s comments should be considered. It is OK to disagree and do things differently.  Excellent resource for your volunteers.   We will be highlighting tips from this site for electioneering methodologies and communication tips.


Precision Signz                                                 563-441-4444  1055 Valley Drive  Riverdale,  IA 52722

Visit their Website. Get a quote from other local commercial /retail campaign sign screen printers and see if they can’t beat it.  Best performance in our experience.

Subjects to be covered soon include articles and listings targeted for local needs:

Campaign managers and consultants

Yard sign screen printers

Literature printing and copying

Media production

Media time buying

Earned media


Fund raising

State and Local Party Relations

Communication tips

Strategies and more!

But do not wait for our two-cents.  In the meantime visit the campaign doctor for a wealth of tips and sound advice available now – free.