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BO’s Debt Reduction Plan — As Phoney As Can Be

This article from the Free Beacon explains what a hoax BO’s $4 Trillion “debt reduction” plan, which Americans will hear touted constantly by the media until election day, is. Understand the gimmickry of the Obama claims by reading the full … Continue reading

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Obama’s Tyrannical Executive Orders, By Alan Caruba

A September 24 a Wall Street Journal editorial warned that President Obama is moving to control the Internet by executive order. “Any day now, the White House will issue an executive order on cyber security, according to Homeland Security Secretary … Continue reading

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Skewed Polls and Voter Fraud

Recent polling as reported by liberal news outlets has engendered many analysis in conservative journals decrying the bias in the reporting with some suggesting guileful intent on the part of the pollsters if not the sponsors. The sponsors are often … Continue reading


Weasel Zipper Link Added

New link added — Weasel  Zippers  “Scouring the bowels of the internet.”   This is a very informative site which finds compelling articles on national politics,  foreign and defense issues, economics, etc. and highlights or links to them without limitation as … Continue reading

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September Extremely Slow News Month for Scott County Republicans

Not really of course, but we are dumbfounded once again to see that on the Scott County Republican website News Page,  the most recent post is one month old.  Apparently the webmaster is not aware of anything newsworthy for that … Continue reading

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Libertarians & Ron Paul Fans — Please Take These Articles to Heart has posted two compelling articles we hope our Libertarian and Ron Paul friends will take to heart.  For crucial practical reasons, including effective survival of the liberty agenda, which is the most timely principle to embrace, it is critical … Continue reading

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Fire Justice Wiggins — Bus Tour Here Tuesday 9:30AM

  In 2010 Iowans turned over their ballots and voted to fire three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who were up for retention.  As their terms are staggered they were the only justices up at that time. Retention votes are “normally” … Continue reading

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Why Be Wary — Polls and Polling

Special to Veritas —   The following commentary by Douglas Kelly provides important insights into how much stock to put into “pollsters” and mainstream media commentaries regarding the poll results they choose to publish.  Doug has been relied upon for … Continue reading

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Patting Our Backs

Not wanting to strain myself too much patting this publication on the back . . . but our contributors have  frequently been early and astute with commentaries that would become “topics of the day” for conservatives   . . . … Continue reading

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Et tu, Chick-Fil-A?

One more institution for whom I’ve had great admiration for its courage and steadfast refusal to accede to the absurd demands of the politically correct mobs, has quietly surrendered and acknowledged its sinful ways in opposing one of modern America’s … Continue reading

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