Endorsements & “Not”

This section serves as a quick contact point devoted to selected state and local general election, primary races, referenda and Republican Party leadership matters.  Related articles will also appear as general posts or with a relevant category designation.   Veritas PAC at this time is not a federal PAC but will hold forth on federal races with general commentary. References to federal races should be considered “editors picks”.   In all cases, endorsements/non-endorsements as such do not constitute any monetary or in-kind contribution as they are mere statements of opinion and do not involve any reportable costs unless reported.


November 2019 Municipal and School Board (Iowa) Vote for the registered Republicans as identified on our timely post. Write-ins encouraged whenb no Republicans listed. Special emphasis in support of Ray Ambrose alderman race, Benjamin Jobgen alderman and write-in Dean Weber for Mayor of Davenport.  Davenport School Board election emphasis — vote for Gene Guy,  Kent Paustian and Mark Holloway

October 2019 Municipal (Iowa) Vote for the registered Republicans as identified on our  timely post. Special emphasis in support of Ray Ambrose alderman race and Dean Weber Mayor of Davenport

Mid-term election November 2018  (Iowa)  Vote Republican however painful as to a few. Vote against all judges as they have not asked for your vote, refuse to set forth their bonafides for public access.  Nothing prevents them from asking for your vote and telling you why. Iowa Attorney General — vote for the Libertarian candidate. That can be a good position for a Libertarian and Tom Miller is partisan hack and always has been. Scott County Attorney don’t vote the race or write in.

Scott County Republican Central Committee Officers and Executive Committee Election January 30, 2017.    Information on any contenders is not posted for rank and file Republicans to see.  Unlike Scott County Democrats, Rock Island County Republicans, Rock Island County Democrats,  the full county central committee members are not listed for people to contact.

Special Election, January 31, 2017  — Michael Gonzales.  HD 89 is a tough district for a Republican but Mike is the one to do it. If 20% to 23% of Republicans bother to show up along with 15% or so like-minded  no-party voters Mike will likely prevail.   Having been defeated in the Iowa Senate D45 race (see below) he nevertheless has developed positive name ID and received the endorsement of the QC Times.  We do not hold that against him.  His opponent is a Bernie Sanders endorsed ultra-liberal type of Democrat, any other type is quickly disappearing.

Special Election, December 27, 2016  — Michael Gonzales.  This is a tough district for a Republican but Mike is the one to do it. His election will depend on turn-out by conservatives election day. The Democrats want to keep this seat and are said to have come up with $100,000 or more to do so. We see Democrat Lykam’s web ads frequently. They are probably paying people to collect absentee voter requests, then they will hound them to turn them in. Conservative Gonzales will have to focus on superior natural turn-out by Republicans.

General Election  November 8, 2016  — Trump/Pence for president/vice-president. No candidate is perfect, rarely even “80%” from a strict conservative standpoint. The Trump ticket is fundamentally acceptable on the most important matters and Clinton/Kaine are fundamentally dangerous to the republic and our culture.  The Johnson/Weld ticket is not superior to Trump/Pence on key matters from a conservative perspective.

As to all other legislative offices on the ballot in Scott County, Iowa we endorse the Republican ticket, some much more enthusiastically than others. We enthusiastically endorse Chuck Grassley for US Senate and Tim Lane for Scott County Sheriff. State legislative candidates Mark Lofgren and Ross Paustian have generally commendable voting records and we are enthusiastic about them as well in spite of some differences, as with Grassley, on ethanol mandates for example.  For the rest they are either unproven or the alternative is worse. Nevertheless we have hopes for them.  We feel the particular Republican nominees at hand will be easier to influence than the most likely alternatives, who are Democrats.

There are some races appearing on Scott County ballots – two state legislative and County Auditor – – where the Republican Party failed to field a candidate. If the local and state Republican Party’s apparat were on the ballot for their performance in those races, we would unendorse them on that score. We suggest not voting the race or writing in someone eligible.

As to judges on the ballot, for this election without question each of the Iowa Supreme Court judges up for retention should be denied retention. The simplest fail-safe decision for the rest is to oppose retention. They all fail to advertise their judicial philosophy so hit the streets as far as we are concerned.  Most are liberal Democrat governor Vilsack or Culver appointees.  Those that are not, well if they are so good Republican Branstad can suggest they throw their hat in the ring again.

Given that the campaigning is not over, and this is written more than two weeks prior to the election (however early voting is in effect) it is possible our position or enthusiasm level for the variety of candidates and positions on the ballot could change.

Republican Primary June 7, 2016: For Scott County Sheriff — Tim Lane

Republican State Convention May 21, 2016:                                                    Republican National Committee: Support  Steve Scheffler, Tamara Scott

Republican 2nd District convention April 9, 2016:  State Central Committee – Support Dave Hartsuch, John DeSaulneirs, Mark Doland  Platform Committee – Rose Jeager, Brian Hodous.  The following are also Cruz campaign endorsed  National Delegates: Mark Doland, Greg Tapis, Greg Heartsil   Nomination Committee — Dale Springer, Jim Sonneville Alternate Delegate — Brian Hodous, Caleb Reynolds, Mark LeRette Support the proposed platform.

Caucuses February 1, 2016  –   Support Ted Cruz

General election November 3, 2015  –  Support for mayor — Frank Klipsch; for alderman-at-large — Kyle Gripp, Phil Yerrington;  for second ward  — Bill Edmund; for fourth ward — Ray Ambrose. All other races vote for registered Republican.

Davenport Municipal Primary Election October 6, 2015 – Support Second Ward Bill Edmond.  Support Fourth Ward Ray Ambrose

General Election 2014 — Vote most securely and responsibly in the booth — not absentee.  In order to overcome any reluctance on individual choices — vote straight Republican — the alternative is that bad. Vote for judges according to party and appointment, there isn’t much else to go on. See chart provided herein https://www.veritaspac.com/?p=9976  Oppose the other judges.

September 9, 2014  —  Bettendorf Schools Special Levy:  oppose

June 21, 2014 special convention primary (Third CD): non endorsement for Monte Shaw, Robert Cramer (see related post)

June 2014 Primary —  Sam Clovis U.S. Senate;  County Supervisor: Diane Holst,      Carol Earnhardt, Bill Cusack

November 5, 2013 –  Write in Phil Yerington for Mayor of Davenport;  Dale Gilmour Alderman at Large (vote for one other Republican); Mayor of Blue Grass Timothy Brandenburg; In all other races vote Republican and No Party in descending preference.  See candidate party affiliations by linking here.

October 8, 2013 –  Vote for two – top four get ballot placement. We will at least be voting for Dale Gilmour based on his city-wide ”basic services” emphasis.

September 2013 – Davenport School Board Election — Write-in opportunity. Not voting for any of the ballot candidates.    Ballot issue – support.

March 2013 —  Scott County Republican Officer elections March 12. We are impressed with the crop of individual challengers to the slate proposed by the nominating committee. They have energetic organizational and articulation abilities and I beieve will be amenable to needed reforms and improvements.

This is not to say that all the members the NC proposed are not amenable to needed reforms. All of our proposed improvements and reforms are basic stuff. But we suspect the majority of the NC slate will oppose them in knee jerk fashion. Or they would be calling for them already.

Candidate for Treasurer Andrea McGivern is certainly a solid candidate, perhaps amenable to reforms, her CPA credential would lead one to that presupposition.  We will be voting for Anthony Woolever and the challengers to the slate, the exception perhaps being McGivern for Treasurer.

Late addendum to this post.  Received a campaign letter today from Judy Davidson for reelection as  the SCRCC Chair.  The top of the letter says “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”   Seriously, a practitioner of petty and highhanded behavior claims that for a masthead. Seriously.

March 2012 — Republican Party of Iowa Central Committee – First District — Thomas Rutherford

June 2012 — Republican National Committeeman —  Steve Scheffler

June 2012 — Republican National Committeewoman —  Tamara Scott