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This page is a repository for video links documenting, exposing and educating, and humoring. Referrals welcome. Please report bad links. New links welcome.  This page includes links to “go to” video oriented production sites and to classic individual videos found on You Tube and elsewhere.

So God Made a Liberal  –  Soopermexican  here

Who Are the Real Oppressors of Black Americans –  RebelPundit  here

The Language of Abortion –  by Signal Hill   go here.

Obama’s “I ended things” in Iraq others got us back in   I·crock

Trey Gowdy’s greatest hits  – you tube collection of five.

Braley disparages Grassley and farmers — Spoof by America Rising — And God Made Trial Lawyers

Obama’s Gaffes (slides) —  Stuff we would never hear the end of if by a Republican

Priorities for Iowa —  Bruce Braley: A Look Back —  Delightful video highlights of his service to Iowans

Petition drive –  Obama voters are gullible –  they sign on to Put Karl Marx on the ballot

About the southern border and guns  — powerful NRA infomercial

A pro-life video expose’ and information source Live Action  Founded by Lila Rose, it focuses on exposing the abortion industry and developing other pro-life informational videos.

James O’Keefe’s  Project Veritas (no connection) whose purpose is to ” investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.”   His organization’s video reports have exposed voter fraud and corruption in Obamacare among other matters.

Pajama Media TV has daily video commentaries often of the expose’ genre.  Always informative, insightful, incisive. Featuring among others Bill Whittle’s Afterburner   The full featured go to site is

Revealing Politics features some tracking expose’s.  Oriented toward Colorado but not exclusively as it contains a variety of video compilations exposing leftists.

Jon Stewart’s Scathing Obamacare critique via The Blaze    

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s National Prayer Breakfast speech in front of Obama, via The Blaze

Door bell — about the debt our children must pay – catch line  “I’m not talking to you”  From Powerline Blog — Woman holding child answers door – man from the government talks.

Obama assuring us of  “no more (NSA) letters to spy on citizens who are not suspected of a crime”   This is really rich.  Only about a minute long                        Obama on the use of warrantless wiretaps

Harry Reid when he thought raising the debt was a horrible idea.        

Barack Obama thought raising the debt was a bad idea too                            

65 Outrageous Lies of President Obama (his words captured on video, the truth now known)

Obama Mocks the Bible, and shows profound ignorance of Christian precepts. It is an incredible speech . . . devoid of any understanding of the New Testament as  fulfillment of the Old . . . that with Jesus came the New Covenant.                                     

Heritage explains the debt limit:                                                             

Common Core:  Bill Whittle of PJ Media explains some of the problems with Common Core.  One can arrive at the meat of the presentation at the five minute mark.  Whittle has done many effective video commentaries and his site should be referred to often.

Chris Matthews is still an idiot . . .  with occasional fits of candid insight  . . . expressing consternation about Obama.

Wild In The Streets  This movie trailer pretty much explains where we are. Via Jonah Goldberg. The must view of the list.

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