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SCRCC — 2013 — The Content-Free Election

Six weeks ago we indicated that a commentary would be forthcoming about the March 12 Scott County Republican Central Committee (SCRCC)  leadership election.  A recent communication from the newly re-elected Chairwoman to the SCRCC about an upcoming “Task Force” initiative … Continue reading


Caruba Calls Out Friedman

“To understand everything that is wrong with liberalism in America, by all means, read Thomas L. Friedman.” What kind of idiot would write, “Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, … Continue reading

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Departmental Resources

From the Department of One Thing Leads To Another: Egypt re-starting nuclear program As North Korea has demonstrated, an impoverished, an impoverished, starving population is no obstacle to a determined leader desiring nuclear weapons.  So now, Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim … Continue reading

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Dear Reince,

    Dear DLH, Yesterday Americans gathered for the dedication of the George W. Bush Library and Museum. This new facility celebrates President Bush’s unparalleled commitment to keeping Americans safe, unwavering support for those who serve our country in uniform, … Continue reading

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Leach Resigns From NEH In Search of Harkin’s Seat

A Leach’s lips can only stay attached to Obama’s seat for so long. OK we are playing with terms a bit and being a bit politically mischievous in the process. Powerline has been our rival in disdain for Jim Leach.  … Continue reading

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The EPA Snake Pit — Alan Caruba

Under President Obama, two women have been the director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Carol Browner, who served in the Clinton administration and was one of the “czars” Obama appointed; her acolyte Lisa Jackson, and up for the post is Gina McCarthy. Browner … Continue reading

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Marco the Dupe, Marco The Flipper, Marco’s NSS Moment, Marco The Fading Star*

Chuck Schumer Triumphs on Politics of Immigration Reform Rich Lowery, editor of National Review thinks so . . . Schumer managed to hold Rubio and win his grudging respect, while selling him a lopsided deal. Rubio traded amnesty — although … Continue reading

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Professorship Waiting for Dzhokhar

McClatchy Newspapers Washington Bureau notes with some glee that the young lad whose cherubic 8th grade picture we continue to see over the story of how he planted the Boston bomb, is talking to FBI agents from his hospital bed. … Continue reading

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Appalled & Appalling

Appalled: The Daily Beast Wednesday: Internal emails in the week following the 9-11 anniversary assault on the U.S. facility in Benghazi show the White House and State Department removed references to al Qaeda and the mention of other recent attacks … Continue reading

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Christine O’Donnell was defeated in Delaware’s senatorial election by Chris Coons in 2012   2010. Coons did not win because he was a superb candidate nor because he had tremendous promise as a legislator nor because he had such stellar credentials … Continue reading

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