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The Only-Trump cult — Are there really 5 million naive, obtuse or unbalanced people who are not Democrats?

A Fox poll from two weeks ago supposedly suggests there are five million voters who will only vote for Trump in the general, whether or not he is the Republican nominee, no other candidate need apply, practical politics be damned. … Continue reading

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What’s The Matter With New Mexico?

The short answer is Democrats and the Californication of the state Policies that Democrats champion or engender have foreseeably lead to the state’s problems. ┬áThe worst of the Democrats double down with doctrinaire, draconian and what should be embarrassingly revealing … Continue reading

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VeritasPAC proposed $51 MILLION Pro-Trump Super PAC can’t find donors, closes

Devastating news a “significant loss” to Trump CALSIFIED MISTAKES BY TRUMP CITED AS REASON Anonymous potential donor says “Trump will never up his downside the way he is going” “Millions for defense. And somewhat less for tribute” said not to … Continue reading

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