VeritasPAC proposed $51 MILLION Pro-Trump Super PAC can’t find donors, closes

Devastating news a “significant loss” to Trump


Anonymous potential donor says “Trump will never up his downside the way he is going”

“Millions for defense. And somewhat less for tribute” said not to be a good fundraising slogan.

A PAC can definitely get more attention shutting down then starting up depending on the mendacity of the reporters. Just maybe such could be a new click-bait technique useful to do a number on a given target. How about:

Pledged donors to Friends of Puppies and Trump PAC with goal of $50 million pull out when they discover Trump has no pets

Of course we are having a little fun with yowling strident pro-Trump publications and supporters trying to declare the primary over. Even when the gist of a conservative publication’s story was reasonably objective (if people went beyond the headline) the come-on for some was a grossly biased distortion. One such was this one at Townhall which was up for awhile: “DeSantis $50 Million Super Pac Shuts Down Operations Due to ‘Rookie Mistakes’ .  It parroted the press release of the totally failed grift which having been repudiated by DeSantis from the get go — shut down with a BS statement. Such operations we caution may move on to other grifts.

The truth is DeSantis-supportive pacs have raised more money and have more in the bank than any other candidate-supportive pacs including of late those for Trump. And most of the money raised for Trump might be going to his legal defense, shortchanging everything else that needs to be done to win the general (his nomination should not be assumed).

The further truth is there was never $50 million,  that is what the grandiose grifters said they were going to raise. According to objective reports the outfit only raised a few thousand dollars and had nothing in the bank in its closing report to the FEC.

In PAC world anyone can create a political action committee and grift off a cause  or candidacy. Even announce an ‘intention’ that is totally pulled out of their backside. Sometimes only a small percentage makes into actual program expenses.

Sarah Arnold writing at Townhall initially lead with such a distorted headline and lede  even though the body of the article was more truthful. To their credit Townhall later completely changed the headline and appropriately changed the tone of the story as well.  Townhall originally led with:

“DeSantis $50 Million Super Pac Shuts Down Operations Due to ‘Rookie Mistakes’

After many complaints in the comment section it was changed to:

Grifter ‘Scam’ Pac Shuts Down Operations.

(note there is a disclaimer regarding the revision in the linked article as it now appears)

By the way, the link associated with Liberty Daily the conservative news amalgamator which appears in the format of the Drudge Report of old, also employed such a huge distortion. Many of their links have rather juvenile click bait come-ons.

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