Too many Trump supporters are largely just RINOs

They honor no sense of political party apart from a man

The stakes are too high not to crawl over broken glass if need be to vote Republican against any Democrat nominee. But the Republican nominee ought to support the Republican Party processes

IT SEEMS too many Trump supporters calling themselves Republicans and thus able to vote in the primaries and caucuses are either his rudderless minions (his views determine theirs with no consistency, willing to defend anything he says or does including the most devastating big-government program in decades — modRNA genetic “therapy” via operation “warped” speed, implemented and promoted on his watch . . .

OR they are really weak Republicans, content to criticize while too lazy or easily frustrated to get involved and create platforms, be part of or help elect local central committees, etc. which might, perish the thought, actually inspire them to understand, appreciate, honor and make requirements of the system and the ballot position the party offers and not allow a candidate to dis the system while coveting its benefits.  They are as bad as RINO manipulators.

And Republican Party of Iowa leadership, those in place to protect the integrity of the party, protect the brand, have the party ballot position mean something independent of candidates, they are even more pathetic if they do not do something to restrict a national candidate who refuses to pledge to support the nominee of the Republican Party.

To allow Trump a ballot position without signing a pledge shows how pathetic state leadership is, allowing themselves to be treated as saps or they have never analyzed the party rules or their powers to correct such a situation. Signing a pledge to support the nominee of the party ought to be a bare minimum (insufficient in and of itself but a starting point for people to evaluate loyalty and authenticity).

The debates are one thing

Blowing off the party’s efforts to showcase the skills of the wannabe nominees for President is an insult to party faithful and a reason to punish offender(s) unless they have an appropriate excuse for their absence. When there is a series of debates perhaps an allowance to miss one no questions asked could be in order. But the importance of being able to evaluate candidate debate performance is important to informed candidate selection.

Biden may not be the actual Dem nominee and we need to see who performs the best with today’s issues and what each has learned in their political experience and to see demonstrated which candidate is more incisive on the attack regarding today’s issues while expressing what he or she will do.

And if Biden is the nominee Trump by his privileged claim has given Biden the excuse not to debate, removing an arrow from our quiver.

Trump is the only candidate who has not signed the pledge to support the nominee

If the RNC has not made debate a requirement Trump could sign the pledge and remain viable and still not debate, the latter stupid and insulting but perhaps not formally disqualifying in and of itself.

With regard to Trump’s refusal to sign a pledge to support the Republican nominee one must ask, who the heck does Trump think has any chance of winning the Republican nomination, who is so bad compared to a Democrat? Even Chris Christy or Asa Hutchinson for that matter, both impossible wins, certainly neither my candidate, would be better than any Democrat. That is how bad Democrats are.

Even publicly toying with the idea tears it for me as far as voting for Trump to be the nominee as it is insulting to the majority of Republicans. Does Trump think the Republican apparat has the inclination and will actually fix the results, extending from his handpicked RNC Chair? The same apparat that in state after state organized to benefit all Republican candidates?  How might that be done?

My message to Trump is we are not cheating Democrats so don’t imply it while pleading to be the party’s standard bearer. With his continuing demurral it seems Trump just wants to breed resentment and hurt party unity.

Refusing to support the nominee if it does not go your way is the attitude ~~ I’ve been scorned (never mind that Trump as a matter of course in his 8 years as a politician unfairly scorns others) . . . and now I will take my ball home and the hell with the country~~.

To fulfill such a pledge the nominee does not have to do anything other than say something to the effect ~~ I hope everyone votes for the Republican nominee ~~ and not act against that.

The refusal is either an attempt at extorting favoritism from the party turning it into a coronation planning committee though it is obligated at this stage to be neutral, or an utter ego trip, used as a veiled threat to run as a third party candidate. There is no third party on the ballot in all the states that he could win with. There is no opportunity for any more to get on the ballot. It is politically insane. Even toying with the idea given the threat Democrats pose precludes Trump as thinking straight or being in line with the best interests of the country. Having not signed as yet is rightly disqualifying already.

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