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We much appreciate Kurt Schlichter’s use of insightful invective and pithy commentary at Town hall 

The Nightmare Of An America Ruled By AOC And Her Socialist Pals  

What can be denied about his characterizations of Dem libs – they don’t even mean well.

DLH recently quipped on another topic:

‘The British ‘ambassador’ whose extremely disparaging memos describing the “dysfunctional” Trump White House, recently ‘leaked’, has now resigned.

Our observation: Again, we doubt the “hardworking” ambassador had to work very hard to compose his ‘memos’. Our guess is, he just bought a few hundred copies of Michael Wolfffff’s scurrilous book and mailed it to friends at Whitehall.

Later, we’re guessing he celebrated with other Trump-haters at his embassy toasting his own brilliance with a tasty white wine.
Good riddance, ‘Kimmy’.

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O’l Joe, he cain’t hep it

  • He was born with a clown shoe in his mouth
  • Biden at Des Moines Register Redstar/ AARP USSR forum
  • From PJ Media and Stilton’s Place

ROFL: Biden Promises ‘If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It’ Under His Proposal

As part of a series of five forums hosted by AARP and the Des Moines Register, nineteen Democratic presidential candidates were invited to discuss their views on a variety of topics including healthcare, Social Security, and prescription drug costs. Monday’s forum featured Joe Biden, Cory Booker, John Hickenlooper, and Amy Klobuchar.

During Monday’s event, Joe Biden made a very interesting claim about his health care proposal. “If you like your health care plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it,” Biden claimed. “If you like your private insurance, you can keep it.” New York Times reporter Reid Epstein reported the claim on Twitter:

Joe Biden, at an AARP event in Des Moines, describing his health care proposal: “If you like your health care plan, your employer-based plan, you can keep it. If you like your private insurance, you can keep it.”
— Reid J. Epstein (@reidepstein) July 15, 2019

Correct me if I’m wrong, but we’ve heard this kind of claim before, haven’t we? That’s right! We have!

Does Joe Biden think we have such short memories that we can’t recall that Barack Obama repeatedly claimed that under Obamacare if we liked our existing health care plan we could keep it, and if we liked our doctor we could keep our doctor? Obama repeatedly and unequivocally made this claim so often that the left-wing fact-checking site PolitiFact named it the Lie of the Year for 2013.

Sorry, Joe. We didn’t fall for it then, and we certainly won’t fall for it now.

Stilton Jarlsberg at Stilton’s Place (excerpt)

This is almost word for word what Obama said just before making it illegal for millions of Americans to keep their health care plans and, in some cases, quadrupling their insurance costs. Obama’s oft-repeated promise is widely regarded as the lyingest lie told in eight solid years of lying. It probably has its own entry in the Guinness World Record Book of Lies and will likely never be bested.

Although it’s entirely possible that Slidin’ Biden (whose poll numbers keep dropping) is tone deaf enough not to realize his choice of words was salting a national wound, we prefer to think that Obama himself is secretly giving Biden hilariously bad advice on running for President and wondering when Joe will finally catch on to the joke.

We’re guessing it may be when Barry arranges for Bill Ayers to drive Uncle Joe to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for the annual 9/11 “Chickens Come Home to Roost” sermon.

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Senator Ernst — fire at the enemy, not your allies

  • Senator Ernst — its not all about you
  • Why go about painting yourself as another pathetic politician with Washington fever 
  • We get  it, we are just supposed to shut up and vote for you while you unreasonably and uncharitably undercut Trump
  • There was nothing else you could say but repeat a true cheap shot of the left?
  • You criticize Trump – but how are your “communications” so careful and different?

Lt Col Ernst says putting Trump in the middle will help our chances

Please tell us Senator, how is your calling President Trump’s statement “racist” — to use your alleged guide-star for pronouncements — “constructive” and “helpful” when you adopt a shibboleth of the enemy to characterize a statement offering or admitting no context to a Trump “tweet” that on its face has no racial component but was a not untenable  admonishment to politicians who disparage America as if it were the worst country on earth?*         DLH and R Mall

From The Hill

Senate Republican Conference Vice Chairwoman Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) said Monday that she thinks President Trump’s tweets suggesting that minority Democratic lawmakers “go back” to the countries they came from was racist.
Ernst was pressed by reporters about Trump’s tweets from the weekend when she walked into a weekly leadership meeting in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) office.

Asked if she thought Trump’s comments were specifically racist, Ernst acknowledged, “Yeah, I do.”

She reiterated that view when asked on another occasion by a CNN reporter if she found Trump’s comments racist.

“Uh, yeah. They’re American citizens,” she said, referring to Trump’s suggestion that Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.), who all identify as racial minorities, go back to the counties they’re from.

Of that group, only Omar, a native of Somalia, was born outside the United States.

Ernst also called the comments “not constructive” and “not helpful.”

Like other Republicans, she said Trump should focus on policies instead of personal attacks.

“Let’s focus on policies and we can debate those policies because I personally think the GOP has a stronger platform to talk about. That’s what we should be focusing on,” she said.

Ernst, a first-term member of the Senate, is up for reelection next year and Democrats think they have a shot of defeating her if Trump underperforms expectations.

She has distanced herself from Trump on other occasions, such as earlier this year when she warned Trump not to trust North Korean leader Kim Jong Un or when she has criticized his tariff policy.

Ernst said Monday that she had not spoken to Trump about his tweets.

*70 word sentence, part of German heritage

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Have Mao and the Soviets won the cold war . . .

  • Without firing a shot?
  • Women have always been the arbiter of society . . .
  • How much have they fallen for the earthly prince of darkness — Karl Marx?
  • Oh men are just as guilty, what is right is written on the hearts of both sexes. 
  • At key times one must counterbalance/ reinforce the other
  • Has momentum swung irretrievably?

Thanks to TN for reminding us in this cultural epoch exemplified by AOC and Liz Warren and Hillary and so many more , now trans-generational, of the so-called women’s movement’s roots and the corrupting incubator of the universities. The article is by Mallory Millet, sister to Kate Millet in the spirit of Svetlana Stalin or Juanita Castro; “coming out to speak plainly about a particularly harmful member of their family“.

Read the entire article, as it provides deep revelationsMarxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives.  An astounding quote:

We’re all so busy congratulating each other because Ronald Reagan “won the Cold War without firing a shot” entirely missing the bare truth which is that Mao, with his Little Red Book and the Soviets, won the Cold War without firing a shot by taking over our women, our young and the minds of everyone tutored by Noam Chomsky and the textbooks of Howard Zinn. Post-graduate Junior is Peter Pan trapped in the Never Neverland of Mom’s (she’s divorced now) basement. Christina Hoff Sommers says, “Moms and dads, be afraid for your sons. There’s a ‘war on men’ that started a long time ago in gender studies classes and in women’s advocacy groups eager to believe that men are toxic… Many ‘educated women’ in the U.S. have drunk from the gender feminist Kool Aid.  Girls at Yale, Haverford and Swarthmore see themselves as oppressed.  This is madness.”

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Explosive revelations about corrupt gang of FBI/DOJ leadership

  • Always have a cover story is their moto

NEWS FOR CONGRESSMAN NUNES…Who Trusts the FBI Now? With Chris Wray in Charge, That Agency Remains a Charter Member of the “Deep State”

There’s a lot of mid-level and low-level employees in the FBI who were promoted or hired by the corrupt Obama-Holder-Lynch-Comey regime!

…and Democrats hailed the appointment of Wray as FBI Director (How many Trump appointments received all but 5 confirmation votes in the US Senate?; and that was also with such GOP anti-Trumpers in the Senate, such as Corker, Flake, et al !

The excerpts below are from an extraordinary piece of work which includes some pretty damning documentation. (

It’s long. It took me about 20-30 minutes to read rather carefully.

It is explosive, however, and it reads like a novel of intrigue and treason.

I urge you to read it… it appears to me to be believable, but very scary about how far along this country is down the road to totalitarianism. The revelations there are compounded by information at Zero Hedge.  We urge you to read that as well.        DLH

First excerpts regarding Nunes:

By Sundance at Conservative Treehouse:

Devin Nunes Has a Warning for AG Bill Barr: Without Prosecutions None “will trust the FBI or DOJ for generations”…

Via Fox News – […] According to Nunes, the Russia investigation was an “obstruction of justice trap,” that started without evidence of collusion and ended in an “awful situation” that could only be fixed by jailing the people who “perpetuated this hoax.”
“These are all a bunch of dirty cops and I’ll tell you,” he told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer on the latest “Hemmer Time” podcast. “We’re going to go down in a spiral in this country because you will not have a Republican that will trust the FBI or the Department of Justice for generations to come.”
Nunes specifically mentioned Andrew Weissman, one of the Mueller team’s top prosecutors who briefed AP reporters in 2017, before Mueller’s team was assembled, on “something to do with the Trump-Russia investigation.”
Authorities, Nunes said, hid that fact from his committee — something he said was inappropriate given that Weissman was briefed on the Steele dossier in the summer of 2016.
At Mueller’s hearing, Nunes plans to ask him whether he knew that Weissmann had been briefed on the dossier. Weissmann’s early involvement with the chain of custody, according to legal advice Nunes received, effectively disqualified him from serving on Mueller’s team.


Note: Excerpts are many and very telling…too many to choose “the best”:

♦ Phase Two – April 18th through July 31st 2016: At the same time as NSA Director Mike Rogers discovered a significant and unauthorized uptick in FISA-702(16)(17) database queries, and subsequently blocked access (April 18th, 2016), candidate Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee for the presidential race.

Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump.  As shown in the evidence provided by the FISC, the intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. The Obama administration already knew everything about the Trump campaign, and were monitoring everything by exploiting the FISA database.

However, after the NSA alerts in/around March 9th, 2016, and particularly after the April 18th shutdown of contractor access, the Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to create a legal albeit ex post facto justification for the pre-existing surveillance and spy operations.  Fusion GPS gave them that justification in the Steele Dossier.

That’s why the FBI small group, which later transitioned into the Mueller team, are so strongly committed to and defending the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.  The Steele Dossier contains the cover-story and justification for the surveillance operation.

It was within this period where Fusion-GPS was commissioned to focus exclusively on candidate Trump.  Fusion held the prior search findings, and Fusion contracted Christopher Steele who later contacted the FBI through official channels.

The evidence for the CIA aspect is found in the Weissmann-Mueller report.  More specifically, it is found in the intentional way the report tries to conflate two contact points. This track is CIA Director John Brennan’s work, with enlisted help from the FBI counterintelligence unit (Peter Strzok and Bill Priestap) as they travel to the U.K.

After western intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud (posed as a Russian) plants a story on George Papadopoulos about Russia having “emails of Clinton”, the operation then needs Papadopoulos to share the information.  That’s where a joint network comes in.  The network is the U.S. embassy in London; the Australian embassy in London; the Australian Ambassador to the U.K. Alexander Downer; and his top aide Erika Thompson.

. . .

“Presumably if FBI Director James Comey was fulsome with his briefing Devin Nunes would not have been surprised; OR, it could be the surprise was not about the investigation itself per se’, but rather that Obama political officials would be part of the pipeline of information about an ongoing covert counterintelligence operation against a political campaign. The latter seems to be the most likely cause of alarm and concern.

“After Nunes’ March 22nd, 2017, Press announcement, and the subsequent democrat/media outrage therein, House Speaker Paul Ryan somewhat removes Devin Nunes from his committee responsibilities as they pertain to oversight on the Trump-centric investigative matters, and Nunes is placed under an ethics investigation.

“In hindsight, and knowing the Comey Go8 briefing likely outlined Trump as a potential target within the FBI counterintelligence operation, Speaker Ryan’s action against Devin Nunes now makes more sense. In essence, from Ryan’s perspective Nunes might be compromising the FBI’s investigation by communicating with the White House about information from the FBI shared to the Gang-of-Eight. Even giving the impression that such communication might have occurred was enough for Ryan to act.”


“Consider from their small group perspective in May 2017; knowing what actions had been undertaken from December 2015 through all phases of the investigative purposing; Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and all “small group” team members would want to pass any investigative torch to a very tight and ideologically aligned crew.  This is where Andrew Weissmann comes in, and the group selected their leader.

“If McCabe, Baker et al had to pass the baton, there would be an element of risk involved if the totality of all 2016 background information surfaced. They would need an insider with a perfect set of specific tools to continue the operation and also avoid risk. The group which included Andrew Weissmann, would need someone they could easily control.  That person was Robert Mueller; and they leveraged maximum influence over DAG Rosenstein toward that end.”

And about those FISA warrents – via Tyler Durdin at Zero Hedge

A US District court judge has dealt a major blow to special counsel Robert Mueller’s theory that the Kremlin engaged in “sweeping and systematic” meddling in the 2016 US election.

Judge Dabney L. Friedrich ruled this week that the Special Counsel’s indictment of a Russian troll farm “does not link the defendants to the Russian government,” and “alleges only private conduct by private actors.”

Following the February, 2018 indictment of three Russian firms and 13 Russian nationals, Mueller’s office was caught off guard when some of the Russians actually showed up in US court to defend themselves.
The Russia Hoax: The I… Gregg Jarrett Best Price: $3.93 Buy New $9.57 (as of 01:30 EDT – Details)

I don’t think anyone (including Mueller) anticipated that any of the defendants would appear in court to defend against the charges. Rather, the Mueller prosecutors seem to have obtained the indictment to serve a public relations purpose, laying out the case for interference as understood by the government and lending a veneer of respectability to the Mueller Switch Project. –Powerline Blog

Mueller accused Concord Management and Consulting, LLC of producing propaganda, pretending to be U.S. activists online and posting political content on social media in order to sow discord among American voters. Concord was also accused of “knowingly and intentionally” conspiring to interfere with the 2016 US election.

In doing so, Mueller’s office attempted to link Concord to the Kremlin so as to suggest that the Russian meddling came directly from the top.

Not so fast…

Judge Friedrich writes “It is significant and prejudicial that the government itself drew a link between these defendants and the Russian government,” adding “In short, the Court concludes that the government violated Rule 57.7 by making or authorizing the release of public statements that linked the defendants’ alleged activities to the Russian government…”

This is a major blow not just to Mueller but to the entire “Russian Active Measures” talking point. As the judge acknowledges, the IRA (which, btw, put out juvenile clickbait mostly unrelated to the election) is a private entity & Mueller never establishes a Kremlin connection.

. . .

Facebook VP of advertising, Rob Goldman, tossed a major hand grenade in the “pro-Trump” Russian meddling narrative in February when he fired off a series of tweets the day of the Russian indictments. Most notably, Goldman pointed out that the majority of advertising purchased by Russians on Facebook occurred after the election, were hardly pro-Trump, and they was designed to “sow discord and divide Americans”,

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And if this were a heterosexual “relationship” ???

  • What makes this unique as a matter of law is beyond us
  • Apparently gay sex now comes with a get out of jail free card

Teacher, 27, who had sex with a female student, 17, AVOIDS jail and will serve probation after court hears how the youngster is still in love with her and their relationship with ‘probably continue’


An ‘astounding’ story!   (Read the story from the Daily Mail, presented below our comments)

We have some questions (perhaps you will, too, after reading the story from the Daily Mail) None of which are addressed in the Daily Mail’s report:


– The accused had pled ‘guilty’ to a charge that would have sent her to incarceration up to 18 months; the charge grew out of a sexual relationship the teacher, Jennifer Walsh, had “with a student”. Walsh IS A SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER! There is no mention as to whether the student Walsh has pled guilty to “gross sexual imposition” is a Special education student. And, if so, has that no impact on the handling of this case?

– This, unlike the ‘usual’ cases of teachers sexually exploiting students, is a lesbian relationship case. Is that why the judge, Judy Marie Luebbers called it “a truly unique case”?

The story suggests that the judge, the ‘lead investigator, and the prosecutors all agreed that  the case was “unique” because the teacher, in their judgement, “is not a sexual predator”. The basis on which they arrived at that assessment is that the relationship was “consensual”, the “romance was real”, the student “professed her “love”, and there was a “likelihood that the teacher and the student “will continue dating”!


– Finally, the story says that before accepting the prosecution’s recommendation for a reduced charge, the judge MET WITH THE STUDENT AND THE ACCUSED TEACHER’S MOTHER!  (No indication the judge consulted with the STUDENT”S MOTHER!?)


Looks like President Trump could have a good prospect for Labor Secretary in the prosecutor of this case;

Acosta should have noted that his handling of the Epstein case was because it was an “unique case”.

There! No problem, right Senator Schumer?



Teacher, 27, who had sex with a female student, 17, AVOIDS jail and will serve probation after court hears how the youngster is still in love with her and their relationship with ‘probably continue’

  • Former Ohio teacher Jennifer Walsh, 27, pleaded guilty last month to gross sexual imposition and faced up to 18 months behind bars
  • On Friday, prosecutors allowed her to plead to a lesser charge – interference with custody 
  • It carries a probation sentence of one year which the judge imposed
  • The judge called it a ‘truly unique’ case which involves the likelihood that Walsh and the girl will continue dating  
  • On Wednesday the 17-year-old female student Walsh had a relationship with spoke, declaring she’s ‘completely in love’ and the relationship was consensual 
  • Walsh cried as the teen professed her love in the courtroom
  • Walsh resigned from Sycamore High School in Cincinnati in October 2018 
  • She had a sexual relationship with a student at school from May to August 2018  

An Ohio teacher who had sex with a 17-year-old female pupil avoided prison on Friday and walked out of court with a probation sentence after the student professed that she was still in love with her and police said they would likely carry on their romance. 

Jennifer Walsh 27, had been facing 18 months behind bars on a charge of gross sexual imposition for having sex with the girl while working as a special ed teacher at Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

But on Friday, prosecutors allowed her to plead to a lesser charge which carried only a probation sentence. 

The judge, who remarked on how unique the case was, said that she was not a sexual predator despite having a relationship with the underage girl because she was ‘willing’. 

‘The detective said you’re not a sexual predator and I don’t think you are, either,’ Judge Jody Marie Luebbers said. 

She said the case was ‘truly unique’. 

 ‘I know in my heart that I am completely in love with this woman, without a doubt,’ the student said on Wednesday. 

It is unclear what the student’s parents make of their relationship or of the fact that Walsh walked free from court.

The lead investigator asked for leniency in the case because the student never ‘felt forced or coerced.’

They said the romance was ‘real’ and would likely carry on. 

‘[It] was actually real…and it will probably continue to be real,’ they said.  

Walsh originally faced two counts of sexual battery but the charges were reduced in a plea deal

Montgomery Police Detective Steve Hoy said the case different from other teacher-student relationships he’s investigated, adding he believes their relationship is genuine.  

Luebbers heard from Hoy, the student and Walsh’s mother on Wednesday. 

After meeting with the prosecutor and Walsh’s attorney in her chambers for 15 minutes, she delayed the sentencing saying ‘I just need…more time.’ 

Walsh originally faced two counts of sexual battery but the charges were reduced in a plea deal. 

In the investigation police seized Walsh’s computer, cell phone and personal documents in their search. 


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Ryan disappoints liberals, they are wrong to be disappointed

DLH sends this bizpac article about Paul Ryan in a recent book . In forwarding it our Illustrious Senior editor comments that  “Paul Ryan is a faithless, arrogant, untrustworthy incompetent who wants the world to think he’s the opposite of those traits. He is hopeful that this book is what does Trump in in ’20.”   DLH will have more to offer but to steal a little thunder (he has much to give) :

They are so wrong about him

Liberals don’t realize HOW good they had it with Paul Ryan. He was an impediment to serious conservatism.  No revelation to us or our readers on that score. Helped them on budgets and spending, and protecting illegal immigration. Push come to shove he never stood up to Planned Parenthood.  He was as weak hitter a Speaker as they come. All of which went a long way to protect and inculcate liberalism in the nation’s fabric.

Certainly Ryan’s announced resignation, in a way to help pad Nancy’s takeover in 2018, should be seen for what it was, a pathetic revelation about him.  Oh liberals wanted him gone so they could control the House but they did not want him to be a lame duck in the mean time. As the article reveals they wanted him to stand up to Trump to the end. Oh in their more sober moments they may realize he was the best they could expect. Actually he hung in with them to the last  –  slow walking and impeding by inaction or lack of clout — much of the early Trump agenda.  More on Paul Ryan later from DLH.

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“Centrist Joe” Manchin

The sort of thing “Centrist Joe” is capable of (would not surprise us if these photos were taken the same day)

Ya’ll remember “moderate”, “centrist” Senator Joe Manchin (D, WV)?

He used to be the ‘mostest’ regular guest on the FOX Neil Cavuto show (and a kind of Democrat Party “Cavuto”).

Especially when he was running for reelection in ’18, Joe was twisting himself in a pretzel to show West Virginians what a big “reach across the aisle” moderate he was.

Well, this morning I happen to be ‘surfing’ the cable news nets and I came to CNN/ MSNBC/CNBC (they’re all alike) and guess who was a guest…Senator Joe Manchin. Apparently, “moderate Joe” is making the rounds to announce the bill he is introducing to require ‘equal pay’ for the US Women’s Soccer Team:

Here’s Manchin (from NBC News):

“The clear unequitable pay between the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams is unacceptable and I’m glad the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team latest victory is causing public outcry,” Senator Manchin said. “They are the best in the world and deserve to be paid accordingly.”

There you have it!

Under Manchin’s bill, “…federal funding for hosting the 2026 World Cup will be withheld until the USWNT (US Women’s National Team) is paid on equal terms with the men.”

(According to a Huffington Post report, the money would normally go to host cities, U.S. Soccer, CONCACAF, and FIFA.)

So Joe. What if withholding federal funds from cities hosting the World Cup doesn’t result in “equal pay” for the ladies?

Well, the typical solution no doubt Megan Rapinoe’s and her fans will urge “Centrist Joe” to take, and which he will likely embrace:

“The clear unequitable pay between the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams is unacceptable. I am thus introducing another bill which will require the federal government to purchase USWNT jerseys and tickets to the team’s games, all of which will be distributed free of charge to minorities, people of color, and LGBTQ supporters, in sufficient quantities to pay for increased ‘equal pay’ for these wonderful sportswomen.

“If this doesn’t work, all recipients of federal Medicaid payments will be required to attend USWNT games or those payments will be suspended.”

Watch out! It’s coming. AOC and Ilhan, and Tlaib, and the other congressional “Socialist Democrats are likely already on board. How about you, Kamala?

Careful what you ask for, Megan Rapinoe…

Megan, as your pay goes up, the likelihood grows that many of your ‘teamies’, possibly even you, might find yourselves forced to compete for a job with some male soccer athletes and fellow LGBTQers who ‘feel like they are women soccer players’!


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What Trump (and his supporters) are up against

This is an extraordinarily comprehensive article by Jeff Locke at American Thinker, and I believe, very accurate, analysis of just how big the challenges to President Trump are as he tries to address the great, and growing worse, illegal immigration crisis this country is facing.

On any of the points the writer makes, I would challenge anyone to point out where he is ‘mistaken’.   Indeed they can be added to!!     DLH  (Image not in AT article)

A look at all of Trump’s enemies

The legend of Horatius, standing athwart the Pons Sublicius to defend Rome against Etruscan invaders in 508 B.C., is described by Plutarch in his “Life of Publicola,” as well as Lord Macauley in “Horatius at the Bridge” (1842).  President Trump is today’s Horatius, heroically defending us against the foreign invasion.

The president is making a stand against the invaders and those who support them in their effort to overrun the United States.  He is outnumbered.  Supporting the invasion:

1. The Democratic Party.  The sanctuary party is blocking urgent legislative immigration reform.  Democrats’ top priority is to flood the U.S. with millions of illegals, and then, one day, when they control Congress and the White House, declare them all voting citizens.  Using the chain migration laws, if each immigrant sponsors ten relatives to be admitted, 30 million illegals legalized yields 300 million new American voters.  In the meantime, they intend to nibble around the fringes with assorted voting frauds like DMV and same-day voter registration, liberal mail-in voting, and ballot-harvesting.

Importing a new dependent underclass is part of the Democrats’ new DNA.  Any attempt at integrity of the ballot is vilified.  Any legislative effort to reform immigration is a call to arms for the Left.  They even scoff at describing the horde of invaders as a “crisis.”  They believe that keeping our society in perpetual turmoil and importing a new, dependent underclass works for them politically.  Democrats also dishonestly spin the border control issue as anti–Hispanic citizen.  Their no- to low-information voters are oblivious.

2. The Mexican and Central American Governments.  Exporting their “bad hombres,” as the president put it, allows them to relieve their social tensions.  They add to their national income by having the illegals remit to relatives and friends back home:

Mexico $25 billion annually (2% of GDP)

Guatemala $9 billion annually (12% of GDP)

El Salvador $500 million (21% of GDP)

Honduras $5 billion (20% of GDP)

Big incentives all around.  South of the border, bribes paid to public officials to facilitate human-trafficking grease the wheels.  Social services subsidies from U.S. taxpayers allow the aliens to send money home instead of supporting themselves.

3. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  Many of their members prefer cheap illegal alien labor despite civil disorder and higher government expenditures.  Many Fortune 500 CEOs are virtue-signaling about illegal immigration, alienating many of their citizen customers in order to support leftist social justice causes.

4. The Wall Street Journal.  The news division frequently slants stories on border chaos, and the “free flow of labor” zealots on the editorial page have an opinion that can be described as the south end of a northbound

5. The Leftist News Media.  Anything that advances the cause of the Democratic Party, they can support and provide aggressive media protection.  Add in the human interest twist of poor people just trying to live the American dream, and they have an issue worth flogging.  They are the stage managers of Democrat-socialist-progressive-leftist causes.

6. Hollywood.  Anything Trump wants, like enforcing the law, they are against, including the Constitution and the Betsy Ross flag.  Like Obama, they believe in American “guilt,” that we screwed up the world, and thus the U.S. must make amends by apologizing and redistributing our wealth globally.

7. The Deep State.  The Lilliputians are on board with anything that advances the party of government, the Democrats.

8. RINOS.  They salute the Chamber of Commerce and the Kochs in a desire for low-cost labor in industry, plus lower-cost domestic labor (for gardeners and nannies).

9. Unelected Leftist Democrat Judges.  These political judges sabotage every effort to enforce immigration law.

10. George Soros and His Open Society Foundation.  At 88, the Davos king of the globalists for open borders (the GOBs) is dealing with a short fuse to abolish borders and nationalism, which he thinks are to blame for the world’s problems.  Soros is the post-nationalist man of the century.

11. Left-Wing Think-Tanks and Academia.

These true believers align with the Democrats in importing new Democrat voters in order to acquire more political power.  Throw in free or in-state tuition rates for illegals as a bonus.

12. The Lawyers Guild.  Defending millions of amnesty claims and millions of appeals (at U.S. taxpayer expense) is a definite boost for legal work.

13. The United Nations.  The world’s most corrupt (see the Oil for Food scandal) and useless bureaucrats desire a world without borders with them in charge.  Borders and sovereign countries just impede their mission.  Their chilling, Orwellian U.N. 2030 agenda calls for world government, and Goal 10: Reduce Inequalities calls for them to “facilitate … migration and mobility of people.”  Uh huh.  These guys need to migrate, too … to Pyongyang or Caracas.

14. The pope.  He believes we’re all God’s children and there should be no borders or walls (except for the Vatican, of course).

15. Assorted U.S. Industries.  Especially construction, hospitality, and agribusiness.  These industries want greater availability of cheap labor to the detriment of American workers.

16. The Russian and Chinese Governments.  They see any trouble and chaos for the U.S. as a positive for them.  They, however, rigorously enforce their own borders.

17. Jihadis.  The terrorists see an open border as the easy way to infiltrate the U.S. and murder Americans.

18. Labor Unions.  Unions see opportunities to organize a new group and expand their revenue and influence, like what they have in the Las Vegas hospitality industry.  The teacher union favors anything that advances the cause of more government (and multi-lingual instruction).

19. The Mexican Crime Cartels.

Human-smuggling and sex-trafficking are an annual multi-billion-dollar product line with high gross margins for the drug cartels.  They intend to violently defend it.

20. The Reconquista Movement.  Some Mexican politicians support flooding the southwestern U.S. with Hispanics so that one day they will vote to secede and become part of  northern Mexico.

21. The Illegal Aliens.  Ten to thirty million (?) of them are here now, and hundreds of thousands more are pouring in monthly, some of whom are apprehended, some not.  Democrat progressive socialists vigorously oppose even having them counted in the Census, lest we know how big and expensive the problem is.  In the June Democrat debates, all the candidates offered up free health care to non-citizens (which they already get in emergency rooms).  A magnet for immigrants or Kryptonite for citizens?  The pipeline has been recently expanded to Africa.

Although aggressively opposed by these powerful antagonists, the president is using every legal tool at his disposal to stop the invading horde: building the wall, pressuring complicit governments, enforcing the laws, deportations, and reducing the magnets for illegal immigration.  The costs at every level of government are enormous and hidden.  President Trump is opposed in all his efforts by these assorted groups, but most citizens and all conservative Republicans are for him.  If the party can keep the presidency and the Senate and flip the House in 2020, then Trump will succeed in stopping the invasion.  Otherwise, we will be overrun.  This is an existential threat to America.

President Trump is reprising the role of Horatius.  The citizens of Rome are counting on him.  He needs our support.  As Macauley put it in his poem:

Then out spake brave Horatius,
The Captain of the gate:      
‘To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.  
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers 
And the temples of his gods.’


He once was Amash, now he is awash

Justin the “Pious”

A Blast From The Past!

From the archives of the widely respected Veritaspac blog, “return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear… (as an announcer would introduce the “Lone Ranger” radio show) “from out of the west with the speed of light and a hearty ‘Hi-yo Silver’…” comes Justin Amash, current US congressman (I,MI) and future presidential candidate.

It was ‘way back’ in 2017, we found congressman Amash lurking in the Republican caucus, disguised as a conservative and member of the Freedom Caucus.

He was then celebrated as one of the first GOP members of congress to talk openly about the possible impeachment of President Trump.

Our comment accompanying the story from The Hill ( urged the voters in Amash’s district to send him to the ranks of the unemployed in the 2018 mid-terms.

It was obvious to us that whoever won the election in that Michigan congressional district could not be worse for the party, President Trump, and America, than “Justin the Pious”.

As we know, the voters did not take our advice; they returned Amash to Congress as a “Republican”!

And, now, as of last week, their district is represented by an “Independent” ; and which Party caucus would you guess the saintly Amash will align with? (our contemporaneous comment below this more recent video)      DLH

Amash roasted by a constituent

Here is our commentary from May, 2017:

UNjustin Amash opines

Posted on May 18, 2017

Amash apparently has little regard for the image of the FBI

“Asked by another reporter whether he trusted Comey’s word or Trump’s, Amash said: “I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey.”


After all, Mr. Comey is a big expert on “intent”. Can he say unequivocally that it was President trump’s “intent” to force him to halt the investigation of Michael Flynn?

Based on Comey’s alleged meticulous notes, would any “reasonable prosecutor” bring such a case?

I fervently hope that Justin Amash will have to find work somewhere else after 2018, regardless of this event’s outcome.

Maybe he and John McCain, between them, would have the expertise to run a taco stand…well, maybe not!

What a turkey!                   DLH

First Republicans talk possibility of impeachment for Trump

Republicans are beginning to talk of the possibility that President Trump could face impeachment after reports that he pressed ousted FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn. 

While Republicans are choosing their words carefully, the fact that impeachment is even being mentioned is notable in Washington’s polarized political environment.

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) on Wednesday said if the reports about Trump’s pressure on Comey are true, it would merit impeachment.

Amash spoke a day after The New York Times on Tuesday reported that Trump tried to pressure Comey to stop investigating Flynn.

According to a memo written by Comey after the February meeting, the president told Comey “I hope you can let this go.”

Asked by The Hill if the details in the memo would merit impeachment if they’re true, Amash replied: “Yes.”

“But everybody gets a fair trial in this country,” Amash added as he left a House GOP conference meeting. 

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