Cong. King’s mistake – even talking to the NYT

It’s an ego thing. Any punk reporter decorating birdcage liner can draw on it for copy from politicians.

Steve King isn’t stupid but we can all have stupid moments

The politicians submit to an interview from an antagonistic newspaper thinking the brilliance of their insights or their sincerity, or their cleverness or charm, or condescension, or an effort to educate or indulge some solicitous perhaps charming reporter, or the idea that ~~well as long as they spell my name right . . .

One element or another of those temptations explains Steve King’s mistake in talking to the New York Times. What ever made him think his words would not be corrupted? We have run into such eagerness before, seen it in other worthy conservative elected officials with generally good policy positions.

We have little doubt King’s words were corrupted in print, out of context and if not were merely fumbling misstatements as ANYONE can trip over tongue and thought interchange. Just don’t give such opportunities to the NYT without back-up of some sort present – other newspaper reporters, a recorder of your own . . .

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark (ret) writing at Townhall has an excellent commentary making that point but more focused on the tendency propensity of Republicans to eat their own. Highly recommended.

Why Do GOP Politicians Obligingly Eat Their Own?

We would only add that the propensity is often not innocent or forgivable weakness or greater-good nonsense but political treachery.

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Interlude of truth in song

We are working on a commentary regarding the recent controversy surrounding Iowa Congressman Steve King and allegations or interpretations over what he said to a New Your Times reporter. KING IN OUR JUDGEMENT WAS TRYING TO DEFEND WESTERN VALUES AND DECRY THE LACK OF INTEREST IN DOING SO. The fallout over the allegation and interpretations has included that the House Republican leadership stripped King of ALL committee assignments. Their intent is to dangle him in the wind hoping he will resign. We hope not. In offering no quarter they of course are exercising all the character, integrity and prowess of bear-baiting.

Now we have had a bone to pick with Cong King on a subject or two near and dear to us but we never doubted his heart was not in the right place. His tormentors who are allowing no benefit of the doubt, will get no sympathy from us when they are misconstrued by political rivals. It is inevitable because the lot of them are actually less articulate than King, and not doubt could be exposed for word choices and even some hypocrisies that are cringe worthy .

In the mean time how about this ditty by Ray Stevens that we embed in honor of Steve King. To King’s Republican detractors ,we know that they would eschew this, but we ask what is untrue about it? Hmmm?

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March for Life, also Planned Parenthood undercover videos ruled authentic

Also contrast with “women’s march” same weekend (below)

What follows is a link to a time-lapse video by Students for Life of just the street march portion of attendees at the annual convocation March for Life commemorating Roe v Wade and the right to life. Of note as well is the number of views that the video has received just hours after the event.

Having attended several of the Washington DC March for Life events I know that many more are in attendance on the mall before and after that do not march in the procession for various reasons — logistics, time available etc. The cause is growing and we are particularly gratified by the number of under 30’s that attend — Roe babies.

2019 March for Life (march only) time-lapse

At The Federalist this morning are several commentaries related to the occasion. We have excerpted a couple of items of note.

8 Things We Saw At The 2019 March For Life
By Madeline Osbur

5. Center for Medical Progress Founder David Daleiden
David Daleiden’s undercover filming of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts has been vindicated with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. He tells us about it. #MarchForLife
— DC McAllister (@McAllisterDen) January 18, 2019

Thursday evening the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Daleiden’s undercover videos of Planned Parenthood were authentic, accurate, and could be used to justify removing taxpayer funding from the abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood has of course for many months sent out their PR flaks to deny the “accuracy” of the videos. Of course they have long been guided by the Father of Lies.

So simple, so profound a response to a common retort of our pro-abortion antagonists by featured speaker Ben Shapiro, a pro-life Jew;

7. Ben Shapiro
Ben Shapiro at March for Life: “The truth is no pro-life person would kill baby Hitler. Baby Hitler was a baby.”
— jordan (@JordanUhl) January 18, 2019

More reading on the 5th Circuit ruling here:

Court Rules Undercover Videos Of Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Body Parts As Authentic
The court ruling refutes Planned Parenthood’s own talking points about how the CMP videos were “highly edited.”

Contrasting two marches, one for women’s rights unborn, and one for women’s license —

Viewing this link to a National Review report, to call the ‘women’s marchers’ “Pigs in a Procession” is too kind:

March for Life art contrasts with vulgar signs at women’s march – 30 photos.

The contrast is remarkable!
Show it in every newspaper…and in every classroom.
If the behavior of the participants in three “women’s march” is defensible the “American Experiment” is indeed, gone forever!

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Democrats vote in lockstep

There aren’t 29% of Democrats who would oppose any wackiness Nancy or chuckle would ever propose…or any Dem nominee

Romney Redux: Why Mitt Wants To Be ‘The Frosted Flake’

“Romney may consider such contradictions clever, but it is something that fails to win him support within his own party. A new Rasmussen Poll finds that only 29 percent of Republicans think the GOP should be more like Romney; 63 percent of GOP respondents say that their party should be more like President Trump.”

So if “29% of Republicans Think The GOP Should Be More Like Romney”


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AOC is really hip, err woke, err foul-mouth adolescent punk

“So enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we ‘gang rape’ you with the progressive agenda.”*

Is THAT what Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez said?!

Well, not precisely verbatim, although she did use the term the Urban Dictionary says means exactly that.

Ocasio-Cortez: “So enjoy being exhausted for the next two years while we run train on the progressive agenda.”

This is a child acting out because she got approval from certain “adults”

Those “adults” were the Democratic voters in New York’s 14th district.

“AOC”, as she has become known…another thing that has raised her personna to a nationwide high; her own ‘media identity’! DLH

TOP DEFINITION from Urban Dictionary:
“run train”
to “gangbang” a girl with several friends.

*ed. note: DLH sent this observation and commentary early this morning but “administration” was unavailable to post it.

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Pathetic if the Republican led Senate can’t make this happen

Yesterday we expressed that such would be a great theatrical counter-punch to Nasty Pelosi throwing tantrum and locking herself and her friends in her room (declining to host Trump’s SOTU in the House Chambers). Trump has already responded with a jab here and there including pulling the keys to the car (airplane).

If Mitch McConnell can’t make this happen then Nasty Pelosui truly runs the Congress. If Schumer can filibuster a housekeeping item then he runs the Senate. Room is not an issue. Set up some extra chairs wherever and have at it. That would be political theater at its best and the Dems would look like the churlish louts they are.

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Is Congress on the payroll during the shutdown? Nasty Nancy & Trump’s SOTU address?

TN sent this in case you thought it was just a malicious rumor about them getting paid.. CNN report:

How much members of Congress get paid even during government shutdowns

So why have not both Houses been in session during the shutdown, you know, in order to get things ironed out in a responsible way? The Republican led Senate has for much of it. But not the House and instead many of the Democrat House, under Speaker Pelosi’s tutelage, attended a little getaway in Puerto Rico.

Because they are the intransigent ones we wonder why every Democrat House and Senate member has not chosen to forgo pay until the funding impasse is overcome.

That Congress is getting paid also means their staff is getting paid. Further the federal furlough does not include DC police. So what we are getting at is that Nasty Nancy’s letter to Trump declining the annual State of the Union address in the House chambers for security reasons or something is pure irresponsible vindictiveness.

We propose the following which is consistent with Article II Section 3 of the Constitution (The Executive Branch) — which reads in relevant part (bold our emphasis):

He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary Occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper. . .

Nothing says the address has to be given on a certain day but tradition holds to that part of January. Nothing says it has to be delivered in the House chamber, that is for convenience of attendees. So we would like to see Trump make sure to convene Congress so as to be in session on the day he plans the SOTU address. Leader McConnell should offer the Senate chamber.

Screw much of the peanut gallery. If need be add some folding chairs and or set them up in the hall way with an audio feed. That the Republicans might be the only ones that show would be great theater, but either way the Senate should offer the Chamber. R Mall

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Would Rep. Rashida Tlaib condemn her own comments? Would Democrats?

So Steve King has been all but ejected from Congress by his own GOP colleagues.*

‘Madame’ Tlaib, however, continues to be the toast of the Democratic Party!

Ah well, that’s how both partiers roll. DLH From The Daily Mail:

Now Palestinian-American congresswoman who called Trump a ‘motherf****r’ is pictured with activist who calls Jews ‘Zionist terrorists’ and says Israel has no right to exist

Rep. Rashida Tlaib drew controversy her first night as a lawmaker She was videotaped calling to ‘impeach the mother******’ regarding Trump A supporter tweeted a picture with her Saturday Abbas Hamideh said he attended a private dinner with Tlaib’s family He has called for ‘Zionist terrorist’ Jews to be returned to Poland Also tweeted in support of Hezbollah and its leader Nasrallah Tlaib’s office said anyone could come to swearing-in, she has taken ‘thousands of photos’ that ‘does not mean that she agrees with anything someone says’

“civil discourse”…Muslim style? rules!

*Steve King voted for the resolution condemning his comments. Perhaps more on the subject later.

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A lot of Corporate America could use a good douche

Anonymous reports:

Notice that P&G is jumping into the “Ban Masculine Toxicity” movement.

Just another big company who lusts to hop on the liberal political bandwagon. Still mystifies me how eager companies in the mass marketing business are so anxious to align themselves with a partisan political ideology…a radical leftist one at that! (i.e.. Pepsi, Target, etc)

But this gambit isn’t new by P&G and I think Colgative-Palmolive has beaten them to gaining the favor of feminist movement chic.

Colgate markets a male body wash called Irish Spring.

I’ve been an Irish Spring customer from time to time in the past. But, several months ago, or longer, I noticed a ‘change’ in their label.

Ever since, I’ve found there is nothing more soothing than a hot shower with a good gel douche. (Reminds me of the hit song from “South Pacific: “Gonna wash that masculine toxicity right outa my…”)

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Which door will W. Barr emerge from?

Though early in the Judiciary hearings, I think it’s becoming obvious that what we are getting with Bill Barr is “Christopher Wray” squared.

Rush has suggested that maybe Barr is only attempting to respond to questions with answers that will put Democrats at ease: “I won’t fire Mueller”, “Mueller would never conduct a ‘witch hunt…”, “Mueller is a wonderful man, and a good friend”, “I’ll release the Special Counsel’s investigative report…”, and more blah, blahs.

Not sure how Rush feels about Barr as a true ‘standup guy’, or a deep ‘Deep Stater”, but I know what I believe (G H W Bush named him AG in his administration, after all).

I’ve not heard all the questions posed by the Judiciary’s senators, but I would like to hear more from the GOP side along the lines of,:

I believe that Mr. Barr will be coming out of “door 3” and I believe the tipoff to that prediction is when Mr. Barr is confirmed by a vote in the full senate which includes at least 25 Democrat votes (including, of course, Joe Manchin) . DLH

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