Is the Wall Street Journal Conflicted (Part 2)

The Journal’s editorial picks up where Holman Jenkins” column left off in analyzing the aftermath of the Mueller ‘investigation.

– “The Mueller report vindicates Mr. Trump on Russian collusion and obstruction, but…does reinforce…Trump’s governance (problem)…His frequent and almost casual dishonesty…”

– “All of this also underscores that Mr. Trump’s character as President will be his main re-election vulnerability.”

– Except the WSJ is not exactly forthright or balanced (as they accuse Trump) nor are their heroes in the Trump Administration or the Congress above reproach

We won’t go into a detailed analysis of the Journal’s irrepressible impulses to never let it go with with a comment giving President trump credit for something without “balancing’ it with a reminder to its readers that Trump IS a despicable person and probably should never have been elected.

The Wednesday edition provides ample indication in a column by Holman Jenkins we referred to in “Part 1” and this editorial praising former White House Counsel Dan McGahn for being the one who saved Trump, and all of us.       DLH

Thank You, Don McGahn
Like so many others, he saved Trump from a major political blunder.

President Trump should be savoring the end of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with no charges of collusion or obstruction of justice, but as ever he can’t stand prosperity. His post-report scrap with former White House counsel Don McGahn shows how this President is so often his own worst enemy.

As part of his obstruction “analysis,” Mr. Mueller recounts that in June 2017 Mr. Trump asked Mr. McGahn to ask Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to say Mr. Mueller had conflicts of interest and couldn’t remain as special counsel. Mr. McGahn took notes but no action, sought advice from White House colleagues, and planned to resign until the President dropped the subject.

Mr. Trump tweeted in response to the report to “watch out for people that take so-called ‘notes,’ when the notes never existed until needed,” and his spokesmen have cast doubt on Mr. McGahn’s account. Mr. McGahn says the account is accurate, though the dispute has given Democrats an opening to rehash the episode and they’ve subpoenaed Mr. McGahn to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

We believe Mr. McGahn, but the needless dispute highlights several realities of the Trump Presidency. One point is that this episode is not evidence of obstruction of justice, despite claims by the Democratic-media chorus. Mr. Trump would have had every constitutional right to fire Mr. Mueller, an inferior officer at the Justice Department. Mr. Trump let Mr. McGahn and others talk to Mr. Mueller and turn over notes, which is the reason Mr. Mueller knows about all this.

But firing Mr. Mueller would have been dumb and self-defeating, as Mr. McGahn and nearly everyone else in the White House understood. Mr. Trump was raging against an investigation he thought deeply unfair, but firing Mr. Mueller would have made the President look guilty when we now know he wasn’t. It would have triggered a political crisis for Democrats to exploit, which is why they were hoping he’d fire Mr. Mueller.

Mr. McGahn thus saved Mr. Trump from his own bad political judgment. Mr. McGahn also behaved as he should have by refusing to follow an order he thought was wrong. Resignation would have been the honorable alternative had Mr. Trump insisted.

The episode underscores that Americans should be grateful that capable people have been willing to work for this President despite the political assault on them for doing so. As former Bush State Department official Eliot Cohen put it, anyone who worked for this President would lose “nothing less than a piece of their souls.” But men and women are serving the country and the Presidency more than Mr. Trump personally, and their sound judgment has saved the country from many blunders.

“Nobody disobeys my orders,” Mr. Trump said Monday, but that is false. We know Mr. Trump wanted to withdraw from Nafta but was talked out of it. He wanted Reince Priebus to seek the resignation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General but Mr. Priebus didn’t. He wanted to order the Justice Department to block the AT&T -Time Warner merger, but former aide Gary Cohn refused to do so.

There have been many other times when aides and Republicans in Congress like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan talked Mr. Trump down from destructive behavior or decisions. Their reward for preventing bad policy has been sneers from the media. Yet these aides and Republicans have done more to push Mr. Trump in a constructive direction than all of the partisan critics who have no influence with the President.

The Mueller report vindicates Mr. Trump on Russian collusion and obstruction, but its narrative does reinforce a core problem with Mr. Trump’s governance: His frequent and almost casual dishonesty. He lied to the public about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting after it was reported in the press, yet the report shows he had no reason to do so. Out of what seems to be pique or pride, Mr. Trump is now claiming Mr. McGahn isn’t telling the truth though the episode shows Mr. Trump backed off his bad judgment.

So much of Mr. Trump’s dishonesty seems to flow from his ego, which can tolerate no slight and no suggestion that he is capable of mistakes like the rest of us. Yet the result of his falsehoods is to undermine the credibility that any President needs in a crisis.

All of this also underscores that Mr. Trump’s character as President will be his main re-election vulnerability. On policy he should be a favorite based on the economy and the Democratic Party’s sharp left turn. But voters will balance that against Mr. Trump’s personal behavior and whether they want to spend four more years in the Trump maelstrom.

Voters might not settle for prosperity if Mr. Trump won’t. Meantime, thank you, Don McGahn.

The WSJ might have offered this as it is several days old, but that would muddy their theme:

Ex-Trump attorney Dowd disputes Mueller report, says president never tried to oust special counsel 

Their hero is nothing more than another good old boy swamp denizen

SOURCES: Trump Tried To Fire Leaker Don McGahn Six Times 

And this is pure WSJ

There have been many other times when aides and Republicans in Congress like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan talked Mr. Trump down from destructive behavior or decisions.

(Stuff the WSJ didn’t agree with)

“Nobody disobeys my orders,” Mr. Trump said Monday, but that is false.

The WSJ assertion is not backed by the incidents it offers. They are non-sequiturs or they are pettifogs. Most people would understand Trump’s comment to also mean “and still work for me”

We know Mr. Trump wanted to withdraw from Nafta but was talked out of it.

How is that a disobeyance?

He wanted Reince Priebus to seek the resignation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General but Mr. Priebus didn’t.

Mr. Priebus is gone

He wanted to order the Justice Department to block the AT&T -Time Warner merger, but former aide Gary Cohn refused to do so.

Gary Cohn is gone

There have been many other times when aides and Republicans in Congress like Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan talked Mr. Trump down from destructive behavior or decisions.

You know like building the wall, challenging Congress to do something, budget matters “and more” not to mention their conflicts of interest. Every politico with their own agenda different than Trump on the WSJ scale is a hero as long as those positions coincide with the WSJ of course .    R Mall

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Is the Wall Street Journal Conflicted? Part 1

– Certainly seems to be in its Wednesday edition.

– Never a fan of Donald Trump, its newest stratagem seems to be the old “damn with faint praise” ploy.

– To begin with, the inevitable columnist, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. charges that despite Mr. Trump’s “many deficiencies”, the “president’s enemies promoted one of the biggest lies in American history”.

– If you are reading thus far, stay around for the last paragraph in this story…It may contain a hint of Jenkins” preference for the next president

Careful not to let Donald Trump appear to be a deserving winner in the whole “Russia, Russia” thing, “Junior” Jenkins observes that, “Now much of America thinks his media and partisan enemies are every bit as sleazy as Mr. Trump was said to be”.

Although Mr. Jenkins claims that it is not his intention, with several comments, “to demean the president”, he goes ahead and does just that.

While noting that Trump is not the “sketchiest” person to occupy the Oval Office (notes that Lyndon Johnson, for one, was in the running), Jenkins helpfully advises readers that the president “is simply the sketchiest that voters ever knowingly (and) deliberately…elected”. (Jenkins seems to leave us wondering what category Barack Obama would be in.)

The column continues suggesting that Trump was right in fighting back against his accusers, knowing that the charges were fabricated with the worst of motives.

Nearly Jenkins’ entire column goes on with the back and forth between the corruption in our intelligence sector and Trump’s righteous impulses in counterattacking the Mueller, Comey, Brennan factions and reminding us that nevertheless, Trump is a pretty disgusting sort.

But, then, he gets to the finale. Readers can make what they will of this keen observation:

“I say the following without prejudice to the real Pete Buttigieg, whom I haven’t studied and who might turn out to be just another unappetizing politician. If I were a screenwriter, a gay mayor from South Bend, indiana is exactly the character I’d invent to step over the wreckage created by Mr. Trump and his enemies and restore sanity to the American experiment.”

(Guess we’ll have to wait to see if Mr. Jenkins determines whether “Mayor Pete” is another “unappetizing politician”. I’m on pins and needles awaiting his verdict.)        DLH


Meet America’s Siloviki   by Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.

Among the many interesting words in the 448-page Mueller report were those quoting an email from Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s closest aide, in response to associates who arranged Carter Page’s speaking invitation in St. Petersburg in July 2016.

Mr. Peskov wrote, “I have read about [Page]. Specialists say that he is far from being the main one. So I better not initiate a meeting in the Kremlin.”

So much (again) for the idea that the insubstantial Mr. Page was collusion’s Mr. Big. Washington’s intelligence and law-enforcement bureaucracy knows a great deal more about things that have been central bones of contention in our national political life than the American people have been allowed to know. In what I hope will be the first of many, a New York Times story last weekend finally described—two years late—the FBI’s suspicion that the Steele Dossier was influenced by Kremlin disinformation.

Likewise a few hundred officials with security clearances know the truth behind FBI Director James Comey’s serial interventions in the Hillary Clinton email case—interventions that began, we learned only belatedly from press leaks, with some kind of intercepted Russian intelligence that someone placed in Mr. Comey’s hands.

The questions raised by these episodes are monumental and will outlast the war over whether Mr. Trump is a nice man or not. Did Mr. Comey and his colleagues turn us into Russia, where the siloviki(veterans of the intelligence services) secretly and incompetently pull the strings of domestic politics?

Not satisfied to pick at his many deficiencies or oppose him in normal fashion, Mr. Trump’s enemies promoted one of the biggest lies in U.S. history. Two years later, we are back to square one with a difference: Now much of America rightly thinks his media and partisan enemies are every bit as sleazy as Mr. Trump was said to be. In regard to personal ethics, his biggest vulnerability, millions now see even less of a difference between Mr. Trump and his opponents than they did in 2016.

When these Americans hear certain Democrats chanting “Impeach Trump now,” they hear the mumbled corollary “before the American people can re-elect him.”

He came to the presidency the best known and most perfectly understood candidate in history. Fifteen years before he tossed his hat in the ring, “The Simpsons” could deliver a two-word joke that needed no setup: “President Trump.”

I mention this not to demean the president. The idea that his arrival somehow sullied the culture of Washington not only is absurdly overstated, it licensed the mood of conspiracy against him. He is not even the sketchiest person to hold the office in my lifetime. “There was no trusting anything he said or did on a given day,” writes the historian Robert Dallek—in his book about Lyndon Johnson.

Mr. Trump is simply the sketchiest that voters ever knowingly, deliberately, with clear eyes-full hearts, elected.

He could help himself even now by conducting his presidency differently. If his approval rating were even 50%, many fewer Democrats would find it in their electoral interest to endorse unsubstantiated slanders against him.

Still, a couple of things are true. People who are innocent tend to protest their innocence. A president who sees law enforcement itself peddling fabricated evidence can be forgiven for wondering if the law has been corrupted.

As Mr. Trump’s lawyer told Bob Mueller and Mr. Mueller reportedly accepted in good spirit, a president is obliged to fight back against politically motivated attacks. And for all his warts, Mr. Trump fought back more transparently than any past president would have or would have been able to, mostly on Twitter , in his own voice, taking ownership of each claim made in his defense.

The truth is, Mr. Trump is hardly capable of lying with the consistency of purpose that John Brennan and James Clapper have lied and likely will continue to lie. His White House was destined to be chaotic but how many presidents would not be thrown off balance by former high-ranking intelligence officials going on cable TV and calling them traitors?

If Mr. Trump’s historically assigned task was to expose Washington’s media and leadership class, with Robert Mueller’s help he has succeeded. Nobody (including me) would have guessed how much our intelligence sector had come to regard itself as the guardian of a particular class’s right to rule, or see its job as punishing voters when they vote wrong.

I say the following without prejudice to the real Pete Buttigieg, whom I haven’t studied and who may turn out to be just another unappetizing politician. If I were a screenwriter, a gay mayor from South Bend, Ind., is exactly the character I’d invent to step over the wreckage created by Mr. Trump and his enemies and restore sanity to the American experiment.

Appeared in the April 24, 2019, print edition.

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Sensing and sense about census decision

  • The question is one thing, the questioners another
  • Michelle Malkin writes of importance of riding hurd over implementation and that personnel is policy

After Supreme Court Arguments, Odds of Keeping the Citizenship Question on the Census are Good For the Trump Administration (Katie Pavitch report)

In an 80-minute argument Tuesday that was both technical and combative, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh directed almost all their questions to the lawyers challenging the decision to ask about citizenship. Kavanaugh said Congress gave the Commerce secretary “huge discretion” to decide what to ask on the census.

Beware Soros-Funded Hijacking of US Census (Malkin article) (excerpt)

Remember: The Census is used to divvy up seats in the House as a proportion of their population based on the head count. The redistribution of power extends to presidential elections because the Electoral College is pegged to the size of congressional delegations. More people equal more seats. More illegal immigrants equal more power. Indeed, the Center for Immigration Studies determined that in the 2000 election cycle, the presence of noncitizens (illegal immigrants, temporary visitors and green card holders) caused nine seats in the House to switch hands. California added six seats it would not have had otherwise. Texas, New York and Florida each gained a seat. Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin each lost a seat. Montana, Kentucky and Utah each failed to secure a seat they would otherwise have gained.

Our Founding Fathers explicitly warned against the perils of foreigners manipulating representation by overwhelming the country. Immigration scholar and author Daniel Horowitz points to Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story’s prophetic admonition: “If aliens might be admitted indiscriminately to enjoy all the rights of citizens at the will of a single state, the Union might itself be endangered by an influx of foreigners, hostile to its institutions, ignorant of its powers, and incapable of a due estimate of its privileges.”

Statesman Roger Sherman similarly emphasized the need to “guard against an improper mode of naturalization” by states adopting “easier terms.”

Too late. Multiple illegal immigrant amnesties, coupled with massive legal immigration, failure to deport visa overstayers and the metastasis of sanctuary policies, have taken their toll. Moreover, our constitutionally mandated decennial count has become a full-employment program for ideologically driven liberal interest groups cashing in on the census-gathering process and reshaping the electoral landscape. During the last census under President Barack Obama, with $300 billion in federal funding at stake, social justice groups from Soros-funded ACORN to Soros-funded Voto Latino to the Soros-allied SEIU were enlisted to count heads and help noncitizens feel “safe.”

The Census boondoggle has become a tax-subsidized national future Democratic voter outreach drive. Soros’ operations, along with 77 other liberal foundations, have invested $30 million to make illegal immigrants count. The Open Society Institute’s grantees and partners on coopting the Census for Democrat gains include the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, Miami Workers Center, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Southwest Workers Union, New York Community Trust, New York Foundation, Center for American Progress, People for the American Way and the Funders Census Initiative. A recently leaked internal board document revealed that the Soros network has coordinated efforts for the past four years to “influence appropriations for the Census Bureau” and add new racial and ethnic categories.

The Census Bureau will need 500,000 temporary workers to conduct the count in what will already be a hyperpolarized election year. However the Supreme Court rules on the citizenship question, the Trump administration must ensure that Open Borders Inc. does not co-opt the enumerator corps. As SorosWorld well understands:

Power lies not just with who is being counted, but who’s doing the counting.

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“The most divisive president ever”!! Going through some old newspapers…

“(This president)..likes cliffs, which is why it’s always a cliff with him and never a deal. He likes the high-stakes , tottering air of crisis. Maybe it makes him feel his mastery and reminds him how cool he is, unrattled while he rattles others. He can take it. Can they?

“He is a uniquely polarizing figure. A moderate U.S. senator said the other day: “One thing not said enough he is the most divisive president in modern history. He doesn’t just divide the Congress, he divides the country.”

There you go. That’ just old ‘Miss Peggy’ Noonan again. Just never a kind word for the president.

But this is a bit different. This was your typical Noonan column…except this one appeared in the Wall Street Journal in its Saturday-Sunday edition, January 5-6, 2013. And “the president” was Barack Hussein Obama.

Question: Does Ms. Noonan just regularly recycle her old columns with updated names and events? Or does she always find that the current president is the ‘worst ever’…until the next one?       DLH

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Have the Chickens Overwhelmed the Fox House?

  • Today’s exercise: Your opinion on these opinions about Fox

International sign of distress

Don Surber at writes:

Howard Kurtz regresses to CNN ways

“Fox News is unwatchable. Too many of its personalities are trying to impress their buddies at other news outlets. I used to tolerate Shep Smith, respect Chris Wallace, and like Neal Cavuto. Now I would rather watch the Kardashians.

“Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has reverted to his CNN form.”




Mr. Surber, in a recent column, is taking on Howard Kurtz, Fox’s “news analyst” for a recent appearance on Fox Business in which he criticized ‘THOSE ON THE RIGHT” for claiming that the Mueller report “completely exonerates” President Trump “as if there’s no damaging material in here”. This will be debated for months? years? At least ’til the next major news cycle. And, so what? The Democrats will charge ahead, full speed, as though the Report all but indicted the President, and will use some of the “damaging material” just as the Mueller team intended…as impeachment fodder.

We agree that Kurtz is trying too hard to be “fair and balanced”, and that he is obviously following the new Fox ‘party line’, laid down by the liberal “Murdoch boys”.

But where we caution Surber is in that Kurtz may be deemed the ‘last straw’, making Fox “unwatchable”.

However, we would contend that the network is STILL “watchable”.

But sadly, that in itself is an indictment of Fox because it ‘wins’ its enduring ‘watchability’ only because it still has some excellent conservative talent, even if a number of those we thought shared the ‘right’ view of the world have turned out to be pompous phonies, sniveling after James and Lachlan (the ‘Murdoch boys’) to ‘keep them on’. Also, of course,the addition of the liberal former Dem chairperson, Donna Brazile, to fortify sad old Juan (apparently “anything for a buck”) Williams and Fox’s ‘gay star’, Shep, has hardly enhanced the network’s “watchability”.

But, still, you want some semblance of accurate news and analysis, where else you gonna go? And, if ever there was a a great political entertainment antidote to the Late Night garbage (Colbert and Fallon, et al) and the odorous droppings of the once-good Saturday Night Live, Gutfeld and Waters provide it!

Now we are here referring to Fox cable news offerings, not Fox entertainment or Fox radio which is largely just another outlet for drive-by media repeating there themes, frankly no more balanced than others. Fair and balanced would be an effort to balance the tide, the pack journalism that goes on, not acceding so dependably to what others say is news or important or repeating their angle but actually be the balance.

There! Having said our piece, do you, readers, believe Fox Cable News network has become “unwatchable”?

And, more importantly, who would you say are the “watchable” and the “unwatchable” FoxNews personalities?

Like to hear you views.      DLH

More from Surber at his great blog site:

Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has reverted to his CNN form.

Breitbart News reported, “On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast,’ Fox News Analyst and host Howard Kurtz stated that some people on the right ‘are going too far’ by claiming that the Mueller report completely exonerates President Trump “as if there’s no embarrassing or damaging material in here.’ He added that ‘too many’ people in the media aren’t accepting that there are no further charges.”

How is it not vindication?

The American news media — including many people on Fox News — said Donald John Trump colluded with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor.

Two years, $25 million, 500 witness and 2,800 subpoenaed documents later 16 Democrat lawyers and Bob Mueller could not find a smidgen of evidence of Russian Collusion.

There was none to be found because there was none.

The peeing prostitutes that CNN promised us do not exist.

I get that Kurtz is trying to play it up the middle by saying gee both sides were wrong but the problem is only one side was wrong.

The investigation vindicated President Trump of a very awful and unsubstantiated allegation brought by the highest officials in the Obama administration: Clapper, Comey and the Commie Brennan.

Fox News isn’t as bad as CNN in much the same way as poison ivy isn’t as bad as the German measles, but I don’t want to have either.

I would rather keep up with the Kardashians, thank you.

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Kate Smith!? Seriously liberals get a life

  • You probably heard about it , vaguely but Mark Steyn provides the real story

For many people, their first exposure to Mark Steyn was as a substitute host on the Rush Limbaugh show. Steyn, however, long before that, was a first rate political columnist, best selling author, and a bunch of other things, all of which he does superbly.

As a guest host I very much enjoy hearing Mark’s unique take on the news. He is entertaining as he discusses the day’s political events, but, more importantly there is no one, I believe, who gives a more informative back story on things than Steyn does. He gets the critical details like no other columnist or pundit I know of.

This week, in “Steyn on Line”, he demonstrates this talent as he provides interesting illumination on a story many people people have probably heard this week, but without the background Mark provides below.

The story is that the New York Yankees and some NY area hockey team have banned the playing of Kate Smith’s stirring rendition of “God Bless America”…if there were ever an iconic musical tribute to America, it has been this one for many decades.

The reason it has been banned, those who’ve heard of the action are told, is that Kate Smith, during a long and very successful career, recording some 500 songs, at one point in her career recorded a “racist” song for a Broadway show.

The song was titled “Why Darkies Were Born”…apparently the term “darkies” was all it took for the sanctimonious among us to determine Kate Smith was a racist.

As is usual the case with those among us who must spend a better part of their lives searching out “racism” wherever it can be found in order to forever silence their political enemies…whether or not the real racism is nothing more than the distortions lurking in their crippled little minds.

On this particular “issue of the day’, Mark Stein provides the real story behind the silliness going on in Yankee Stadium and the liberal NY press. Read it so when one of your nutty liberal friends warns you about the dangers of Kate Smith’s “God Bless America”!:

“The latest to be banished from public life is the great Kate Smith, the burly contralto who walloped “God Bless America” into public consciousness. Which is why until yesterday both the Philadelphia Flyers and the New York Yankees played it at their games.

“Unfortunately, Miss Smith made the mistake of recording other songs, too, including one called “That’s Why Darkies Were Born”, written by Ray Henderson and Lew Brown for George White’s Scandals of 1931. Her fellow singer, the hardcore Communist Paul Robeson, who happens to be black, also made a famous recording of it. Why? Because he understood it to be a sardonic number by a couple of wise-guys for a sophisticated Broadway audience on the pathetic justifications offered for southern racism. Here’s the entire lyric:         DLH

Someone had to pick the cotton
Someone had to pick the corn
Someone had to slave and be able to sing
That’s Why Darkies Were Born
Someone had to laugh at trouble
Though he was tired and worn
Had to be contented with any old thing
That’s Why Darkies Were Born
Sing, sing, sing when you’re weary
And sing when you’re blue
Sing, sing, that’s what you taught
All the white folks to do
Someone had to fight the Devil
Shout about Gabriel’s Horn
Someone had to stoke the train
That would bring God’s children to green pastures
That’s Why Darkies Were Born.

“It was part of a little group of Broadway revue songs of the late Twenties and early Thirties (“Black and Blue”, “Supper Time”) prodding audiences to address a persistent and ugly aspect of American life – back when it took a certain amount of courage to do so. Eighty years later, the social-justice wankers can barely comprehend anything written before 2008. So it’s not enough that, hedged in by the ever narrowing restraints of correct attitudes, our age cannot make anything of its own; it is also necessary that the entirety of the past be erased. Hence, at top right, that ludicrous cover-up of the Kate Smith statue in Philly. As I said on Rush, she looks like the third child bride of Mullah Omar.”

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Exclude Illegals from HUD Housing

  • Loophole allows atrocious abuse of tax-paying citizens
  • More evidence of the cost and everyday abuse of American generosity
  • The word is out — hit the border – Uncle Sugar awaits you
  • Commentary follows

“Free housing??!! for illegal immigrants?!!  (The catch in it is it may be “legal”. There must be ONE “qualified” ( a citizen) person in the ‘family unit’ to be eligible for federal assistance…that is often just an “anchor baby”!!!        DLH generated post

From The Daily Caller News Foundation:

Housing Chief Ben Carson seeks to Exclude Illegal Migrants from Subsidized Apartments

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) will be proposing a new rule that further prevents illegal immigrants from taking advantage of public housing assistance, The Daily Caller has learned.

Section 214 of the Housing and Community Development Act prevents non-citizens from obtaining financial housing assistance. However, the presence of so-called “mixed families” has complicated the enforcement of the rule. Illegal immigrants have previously been able to skirt the restrictions by living with family members who are U.S. citizens and receive subsidized housing through HUD. (RELATED: Trump’s HUD Official Moves To The Projects In The Bronx)

HUD intends to roll out a proposal over the next few weeks that prohibits any illegal immigrant from residing in subsidized housing, even if they are not the direct recipient of the benefit. HUD currently estimates that tens of thousands of HUD-assisted households are headed by non-citizens.

Families who are caught gaming the system by allowing illegal immigrants to stay with them either have to comply with the new rule or they will be forced to move out of their residence.

Households will be screened through the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or “SAVE,” program.

An administration official told the Caller that this is a continuation of the president’s “America First” policies.

“This proposal gets to the whole point Cher was making in her tweet that the President retweeted. We’ve got our own people to house and we need to take care of our citizens,” the official said. “Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens. As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message that you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime.”

I finally agree with @Cher!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 15, 2019

According to HUD, there are currently millions of American citizens on the waitlist for government-assisted housing because the department does not have enough resources to provide every eligible family with financial assistance.

The president has repeatedly lamented the drain that illegal immigration has on resources for American families.

Our mentor

Throw in the education costs for the children not born here not to mention food stamps (shared or direct) other welfare costs including healthcare, higher crime rates  – – well pretty soon it adds up to real money, real debt, real culture costs, less service to citizens and lost sovereignty.

Here are some rough figures and reasonable presumptions on the educational costs of the “undocumented”.  Keep in mind that a lot of the figures you see about federal outlays do not include state outlays particularly for education, largely a state financed figure, but also other state/local paid/burdoned welfare costs. Nor does it include the amounts for children born here to illegals or the benefits received by majority age illegals.

A current ballpark figure (we guess low-ball) is 1,000,000 children here illegally (not counting the millions more born here of illegals. See here and here.

Federal law essentially requires each state to educate anyone of age who are presented for enrollment without regard to the child’s citizenship or legal status.

The average cost to educate a K-12 student nationally is $11,762 a year ( in Iowa it is $11,150). Source here. Using the one million figure, that amounts to $11,762,000,000 spread among the states with an average state (dividing by 50) coming in at over 235 million dollars. The figures are not likely to include capital costs for additional schools and classrooms, debt service or unfunded retirement obligations, or additional services from other tax-supported agencies to the schools.

The costs attributable to illegals are no doubt higher still based on the costs of special add-on costs to teach children with English as second language – additional teachers and additional training. Simply put, children here legally suffer for want of resources appropriated because of illegal immigration.

Taxpayers now and in the future will suffer in trying to keep up with the direct costs, the debt burden, not to mention coping with the sequela. The memes out there to the effect ~~ “come to America — free everything ~~ Uncle Sugar will pay” are essentially correct. Besides protecting the border we need to halt the bait of welfare for illegals in all its forms, something the immigrants who built America never had or demanded.     V’PAC

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And so, He is risen

About those contemporary “delusionals”  — so dangerous was their message, Christ’s message. Thanks to Joe Murphy for the forward of the following item by Anthony John at K-LOVE Radio


1. Matthew. Suffered martyrdom in Ethiopia, Killed by a sword wound.

2. Mark. Died in Alexandria, Egypt , after being dragged by Horses through the streets until he was dead.

3. Luke. Was hanged in Greece as a result of his tremendous Preaching to the lost.

4. John. Faced martyrdom when he was boiled in huge Basin of boiling oil during a wave of persecution In Rome. However, he was miraculously delivered From death.
John was then sentenced to the mines on the prison Island of Patmos. He wrote his prophetic Book of Revelation on Patmos . The apostle John was later freed and returned to serve As Bishop of Edessa in modern Turkey . He died as an old man, the only apostle to die peacefully

5. Peter. He was crucified upside down on an x shaped cross. According to church tradition it was because he told his tormentors that he felt unworthy to die In the same way that Jesus Christ had died.

6. James. The leader of the church in Jerusalem , was thrown over a hundred feet down from the southeast pinnacle of the Temple when he refused to deny his faith in Christ. When they discovered that he survived the fall, his enemies beat James to death with a fuller’s club.

This was the same pinnacle where Satan had taken Jesus during the Temptation.

7. James the Son of Zebedee was a fisherman by trade when Jesus Called him to a lifetime of ministry.

As a strong leader of the church, James was beheaded at Jerusalem. The Roman officer who guarded James watched amazed as James defended his faith at his trial.

Later, the officer Walked beside James to the place of execution. Overcome by conviction, he declared his new faith to the judge and Knelt beside James to accept beheading as a Christian.

8. Bartholomew. Also known as Nathaniel. He Was a missionary to Asia. He witnessed for our Lord in present day Turkey. Bartholomew was martyred for his preaching in Armenia where he was flayed to death by a whip.

9. Andrew. He Was crucified on an x-shaped cross in Patras, Greece. After being whipped severely by seven soldiers they tied his body to the cross with cords to prolong his agony.

His followers reported that, when he was led toward the cross, Andrew saluted it in these words, “I have long desired and expected this happy hour. The cross has been consecrated by the body of Christ hanging on it”. He continued to preach to his tormentors For two days until he expired.

10. Thomas. He Was stabbed with a spear in India during one of his missionary trips to establish the church in the Subcontinent.

11. Jude. He Was killed with arrows when he refused to deny his faith in Christ.

12. Matthias. The apostle chosen to replace the traitor Judas Iscariot. He was stoned and then beheaded.

13. Paul. He Was tortured and then beheaded by the evil Emperor Nero at Rome in       A.D. 67. Paul endured a lengthy imprisonment, which allowed him to write his many epistles to the churches he had formed throughout the Roman Empire. These letters, which taught many of the foundational Doctrines of Christianity, form a large portion of the New Testament.

Perhaps this is a reminder to us that our sufferings here are indeed minor to compare to the intense persecution and cold cruelty faced by the apostles and disciples during their times for the sake of the Faith.  . . .

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A new standard has been set

Oh MiGosh! I’ve been duped!

Those dirty Russians cleverly conned me into not voting for that wonderful lady, Hillary Clinton.

Mainstream journalism today

I should have listened to all those honest, unbiased, professional, truth-driven journalists who tried to tell me what a terrible, awful, inept, ignorant person that Donald Trump is.

I should have realized how diligent, selfless, honest, fearless people like James Comey and Peter Styrzok, and Barack Obama and George Will worked so hard and so courageously to warn us, the not-too-bright voters of this country, the danger we would face if we, out of ignorance and not ill will, went to the polls and failed to put the calmly competent, inspiring, unselfish Hillary Clinton in to the Oval Office.

I am so ashamed!

Why didn’t I listen to the good-hearted folks at the New York Times and the Washington Post when they warned me of the ravages to our economy the mentally-impaired Donald Trump would wreak if he were ever given the power of the presidency.

Why did I refuse to listen to the eloquent pleas of Maxine Waters and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Cuomo boys to stand against Trump’s claims that “America Was Once Great!”. How ridiculous was that?

Why didn’t I recognize the fallacy of those Russian ads on Facebook and ‘conservative’ websites. I should have suspected that FOX News was really nothing more than a subsidiary of Pravda.

Thank God for all those good folks who stood with America and defied Trump’s attempts to impose his brand of Naziism on this nation…brave people like Don McGahn, Jeff Sessions, Roddy Rosenstein.

OH Lordy! When I think, instead of this sex-crazed ignoramus now in the White House, we could have had an administration headed up by FBI Director Pete Stryzok, Atty General James Comey, Secretary of Defense , the ‘huntin’ enthusiast, John Kerry, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Joy Behar, Secretary of State, Rashid Tlaib, Secretary of the Treasury, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, CIA Director, Ilhan Omar, and others who would have led us out of the “wilderness” of our primitive national values and culture.

‘Begone White Supremacist Founding Fathers! Adios Kate Smith!

Had it not been for Robert Mueller, I might never have known. But, at least now We the People have a new standard by which to deal with the ugly prospect of a non-liberal, non-Democrat, non-establishment president:

Audio and video will cover every inch of the White House, including the First Family’s quarters. Every conversation and every bowel movement the president has will be recorded and evaluated on a daily basis by congressional Democrats.Every member of the president’s staff and Cabinet will be under permanent subpoena subject to a demand to appear before any congressional committee at any time at the choosing of the committee.

And if that doesn’t do it, Robert Mueller will be called back to investigate. DLH

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Willard the Weathervane makes his own wind


Back then

In my view, the most disgusting little (in character) man in American politics today…is Mitt (“Mittens”) Romney!

And that’s really saying something, considering his competition: ‘Pencil Neck’ Schiff, the ‘really high-waisted lowlife’ Jerry Nadler, Chuckie ‘Schemer’, Paul Ryan (oops! He’s in private life now)…we could go on. And we haven’t even gotten to the ‘nauseating ladies’ (Michelle, AOC, Hil…).

But good ol’ sanctimonious, exceptionally unctuous ‘Mittens’ takes today’s cake. Many of us did not realize it at the time but as president, he may well have done as much damage to the country as BO…all the while clutching his ‘Book’.

Sickening indeed!           DLH

Romney Tweets:

“. . . Even so, I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President,” Romney continued. “I am also appalled that, among other things, fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia-including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement; and that the campaign chairman was actively promoting Russian interests in Ukraine.
“Reading the report is a sobering revelation of how far we have strayed from the aspirations and principles of the founders,”

Elizabeth Vaughn writing at RedState has a point by point response to old Mitt

There are many reasons to be upset about the Mueller Report, but the actions of President Trump and the members of his campaign are not one of them.

Can’t you put your personal animosity for Trump aside for once and look at the facts?

Officials at the top levels of the Obama administration, including the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, the DNI and the Obama White House, horrified by the prospect of a Trump presidency, conspired to undermine his candidacy. The Obama FBI infiltrated the campaign with spies. Officials from the FBI and the DOJ knowingly used an unverified dossier of false stories about Trump, which was commissioned and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC, to obtain a FISA court warrant to spy on Carter Page. Although Page was merely a low level advisor, access to his communications provided a window into the rest of the campaign. They also leaked stories to the media when it suited their purposes.

When the unthinkable happened and Trump won the election, their “insurance policy” went into effect. The FBI counterintelligence investigation which began before the election ultimately turned into a special counsel investigation. There was no evidence of a crime at the inception of either probe. Both were initiated for one political purpose, to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

The special counsel investigation has crippled Trump’s presidency and it has damaged our country. It has also ruined the lives of several Trump associates, including General Michael Flynn, who served this country well for over 30 years.

This criminal conspiracy is unprecedented and it will be remembered as the biggest political scandal in U.S. history.

And Donald Trump and his campaign staff were its victims.

Does any of that sicken you Mitt?

PS: Calling law enforcement would have been a really bad idea in this case Mitt.

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