Independence Day Monument Appreciation Tour at the Iowa Capitol

Des Moines patriots have encouraged a timely response to the planned disparaging of certain monuments at Iowa Capitol by the usual suspects

We do not know if the radical leftist protestors plan to topple or deface but why not disincentivize them?  Their ilk certainly did elsewhere.

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From the FB page of the organizer Richard S Rogers:

TODAY FROM 12:30-15:00

Independence Day Monument Appreciation Tour at the Iowa Capitol

South Lawn of the Iowa Capitol

Hosted by  Richard S Rogers

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our nation and the vision of its Founders. They created a representative republic that draws its just powers from the consent of the governed. Despite political and cultural differences among the populace – and even a civil war – that system has worked well and survived for 244 years since the Declaration of Independence. America has NEVER submitted to the mob. Will you stand by and let that happen now?

Marxist and nihilist provocateurs and their useful idiot followers have been on the rampage throughout America for weeks. They are attempting to overturn not only the rule of law under our Constitution, but American history and traditions as well. After all, if the past is destroyed, who can try to return to it from the Brave New World?

Tomorrow – Independence Day – just such a group plans to meet on the West Terrace of the Iowa Capitol from 1pm to 3pm for the purpose of demanding that certain statues be removed from the Capitol grounds. They also demand that the massive and irreplaceable mural of Western Emigration be removed from its place of honor above the Capitol’s Grand Staircase. They announced their event with these words: “Iowa! Join a coalition of groups on July 4 to demand that this imperialist government come get their racist uncles out of the public sphere!”

Now, they certainly have a right to their opinions, no matter how ill-informed. They have a right to petition their government. But the removal or addition of statues and other public art must be determined by methods that observe the rule of law and our system of representative government. Our government must not yield to a mob threatening violence. And the threat – or even implication – of violence is useless if one is not willing to back it up. Hopefully, this group will not be overcome with the rage that has been too often demonstrated elsewhere recently and decide to take matters into their own hands.

I can think of no better time than Independence Day for patriotic and thoughtful Iowans to gather at the Capitol to APPRECIATE our heritage of constitutionally limited self-government and the history and traditions of our state and nation. At 12:30 tomorrow, Saturday, July 4, 2020, you will find me and my Gadsden Flag on the South Lawn of the Iowa Capitol, appreciating the heck out of the statue of Christopher Columbus, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the others arrayed there. I hope many of my friends and like-minded Iowans will join me.

This is not a formal rally. It is too late to get a permit if I wanted one. This is certainly not a 2A rally, an “open carry” event, or an invitation to a rumble. I am sure that law enforcement will have a strong presence at the Capitol tomorrow. (It’s too bad they can’t tend to other business or their families on this holiday!) There is no reason for the two groups to meet. But if those of us who value liberty, independence, and personal responsibility do not show our strong support for tradition and the rule of law, which of our representatives will stand up to defend them against the mob?

If you can, please devote a couple of hours tomorrow to come to the Capitol and express YOUR wishes.

I hope to see you there!


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Des Moines nitwits to be part of “tear down Western civilization”

Story at The Iowa Standard 

What a way to actually honor the Fourth of July  –  a local counter protest in Des Moines — yet will “our people” ignore it? 
If any one is aware of organized counter-protest let V’PAC know –  The local Polk County Republican Party ought to get involved but the excuse will be: “don’t give them credibility” but regrettably that also sends a message –  “who cares” and then the squeaky wheel tears down symbols of Western and American fortitude
 also see:
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The NFL…and “Sports” in general…is determined to drive itself/themselves out of business,

NBA Will Let Players Replace Name On Jersey With Social Justice Statement 

“…CNN anchor Ana Cabrera is all in on the name change,”… “suggesting that a number of players have been ‘concerned’ about resuming a game for which they’re paid millions of dollars becoming a distraction from the business at a hand: the ‘social justice movement.’”

And their thinking …? “Consider that Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin actually told the aforementioned Cabrera, “To be able to use your platform and your brand, the NBA, your team, to help bring the country together is something that a lot of people care deeply about.”


Whooze Your Baby Momma? (in place of numerous player names)

F-ck Stupid Fans (in place of multi-, multimillionaire ‘James’)


“NIKE Uber Alles” *

Cuban for Prez (every Dallas Mavericks player)

* a version of the phrase is commonly associated with Nazi propaganda.


It appears that the NFL…and Sports in general…is determined to drive itself/themselves out of business, but first, by alienating the overwhelming majority of its current fans.

Happy Fourth of July!

“Let us march on till victory won”       dlh


Four weeks after commissioner Roger Goodell vowed to listen to and work with players in their fight for racial equality, the NFL is in the process of solidifying plans to honor victims of systemic racism with a number of in-game programs during opening week of the 2020 season.

Starting with the nationally televised regular-season opener between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs on Sept. 10, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also known as the Black national anthem, will be performed before every Week 1 kickoff, before “The Star-Spangled Banner,” according to a person familiar with ongoing discussions. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because plans have not yet been finalized and announced by NFL officials.

Both anthems will be televised Sunday afternoon, and on “Sunday Night Football” and “Monday Night Football” contests as well. ESPN’s “Undefeated” first reported news of these plans.

The person said after brainstorming with numerous players and the NFL Players Association, NFL officials also plan to honor victims of police brutality through elements such as helmet decals or jerseys. It’s also expected that the Week 1 broadcasts will feature a number of educational PSAs about victims and their families.


NFL will play Black national anthem before the national anthem during every game
By  M. Dowling –

The NFL plans to play the “Black national anthem” before America’s National Anthem during every game from the beginning of the season.

That is an abomination. It sets up two Americas and is very divisive. It also rubs our faces in the misery of slavery which we had nothing to do with and which is not the story of America.

Will they stand for the Black Anthem and kneel for the National Anthem?
USA Today reported this will begin with the nationally televised regular-season opener between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs on September 10th.
Both anthems will be televised Sunday afternoon, and on “Sunday Night Football” and “Monday Night Football” contests as well.
And here it is, the “Black National Anthem”:

Words: James Weldon Johnson
Music: John Rosamond Johnson
Lift every voice and sing, till earth and heaven ring,
Ring with the harmonies of liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise, high as the listening skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on till victory won.
Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod,
Felt in the days when hope unborn had died;
Yet with a steady beat, have not our weary feet,
Come to the place for which our fathers sighed?
We have come over a way that with tears has been watered,
We have come, treading our path through the blood of the slaughtered;
Out from the gloomy past, till now we stand at last
Where the white gleam of our star is cast.
God of our weary years, God of our silent tears,
Thou who has brought us thus far on the way;
Thou who hast by Thy might, led us into the light,
Keep us forever in the path, we pray.
Lest our feet stray from the places, our God, where we met Thee,
Lest our hearts, drunk with the wine of the world, we forget Thee.
Shadowed beneath Thy hand, may we forever stand,
True to our God, true to our native land.

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Vote fraud targeting seniors

The staff of some of these institutions could be complicit. Senior care facilities and those for the handicapped can heavily influence the selections made, “encouraging” people to vote who really do not want to. Union influence could be part of this.

Ken Blackwell writing at Townhall.  More on the subject, and other issues of concern, are available at the site.

Senior Living Facilities: All the Vote Fraud We Cannot See 

Despite prosecutions and public stories identifying vote fraud activists targeting seniors, many in our media and political class continue to deny that our elderly population can be singled out for vote manipulation and suppression.

Vote fraudsters recognize the unique challenges of some seniors, and exploit these to achieve their own deceitful political ends. The fraud is real, institutionalized —and must be stopped.

It is more efficient to target seniors in one facility than committing door to door vote fraud. With approximately 2.5 million seniors in assisted living or nursing facilities and even more in independent living, our trusting Greatest Generation is high risk for being targeted by dishonest political activists.

The elderly usually make the difficult decision to enter senior living due to the normal processes of aging. Loss of vision, mobility and the onset of dementia make it challenging to safely live at home and difficult for many seniors to complete ballots without assistance. In addition to needing help, their voting behavior is noteworthy in assessing why they might be targeted.

Seniors vote Republican by a large margin. A 2016 Pew Research study found 53 percent identify as Republican, and in 2016, voters over 65 voted for Trump by nine points over Clinton.

So, who would have an interest in suppressing or manipulating senior votes?

The answer is, of course, Democrats and their associated activist and organizational allies who want to defeat Republicans at the polls. One group in particular already has a unique foothold in senior residence communities and is one of the Democratic party’s strongest supporters.

The Service Employees International Union was founded in 1921 to organize building services employees, but in recent years has focused on healthcare workers whose numbers are growing as Baby Boomers age.

The union boasts 1.1 million healthcare-associated members with nearly 50K nursing home members in six states and the District of Columbia alone. It devotes much of its resources to unionizing employees in senior facilities and home health care.

The SEIU is also a powerful Democratic political machine. In the 2018 midterms, 99 percent of its Congressional donations went to Democrats. All of its outside group funding is identified as Democratic/liberal.

In the 2016 presidential cycle, 99 percent of its $11.8 million in donations went to Democratic candidates or liberal groups.

In its efforts to unionize caregivers in Minnesota a few years ago, SEIU was accused of forging ballots, and made no secret of using its members as vote collection activists. In senior residences, it has a potential group of built-in activists.

One 2018 case of nursing home vote theft videotaped in Texas showed the ballot harvester bragging she collected 100 coerced votes for a Democratic candidate. A Texas vote integrity activist recently collected solid evidence of nursing home vote fraud resulting in an official investigation. There are many stories of institutional elderly vote theft made public by observant family members.

These are cases we can see, but how many voters in senior facilities that we don’t know about don’t get to vote, or have ballots discarded or manipulated? Vote suppression, in particular, is difficult to identify and prove.

Senior living management are kind, caring people who likely have no idea the seniors they care for can be victimized by the ballot assistance volunteer they just let in the front door. They must confirm the legitimacy of anyone volunteering to help with senior voting.

At the American Constitutional Rights Union, we started our Protect Elderly Votes project to advocate for the protection of senior votes. We understand visible and hidden fraud happens because residence staff are not aware of the activity of vote thieves.

By mid-July, ACRU will have mailed over 6,000 letters to executive management of senior facilities in all 50 states informing them of federal and state statutes that protect their residents from vote fraud, and encouraging their leadership to protect seniors under their care.

The best assistant for a senior needing any form of help with voting is a trusted family member or friend. If one is not available, senior residence management must take steps to ensure no visitor or staff in their facility influences a vote or checks a box for an elderly resident that does not represent the political choice of that resident.

Each state has different laws protecting voters from those who try to assist them with their ballots dishonestly. The management of each facility is responsible for ensuring those statutes are upheld to the letter of the law.

For most senior residence employees, their job is a labor of love. It is not an easy job, either physically or emotionally. These employees have a heart of protection, and they must add protection against vote activism and theft against their residents to their list of important responsibilities.

(Please visit to view the Senior Voter Bill of Rights and a hotline to report any suspicious vote activity involving seniors.)

Amb. Ken Blackwell is a member of the American Constitutional Rights Union Action Fund Board of Directors.

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That’s some weird Sh*t!

“That’s some weird Shit!  G W BUSH  (his ‘assessment’ of President Trump’s inaugural speech, 2017.)

If there is anyone out there reading Veritaspac that still has a positive regard for George W. Bush, or any of the Bush family for that matter, we’d like to hear from, and in brief comment, WHY?   dlh

Hundreds of former George W. Bush officials set to endorse Biden: report

By Lauren Meier – The Washington Times – Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Hundreds of former officials who served under President George W. Bush are gearing up to endorse presumptive Democratic Nominee Joe Biden.

The group of officials — which include members of Mr. Bush’s cabinet and other senior officers — has reportedly formed a political action committee dubbed 43 Alumni for Biden. Mr. Bush was the 43rd president.

“We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal. The president is a danger,” Jennifer Millikin, one of the 43 Alumni organizers, who worked on Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign and later in the General Services Administration, told Reuters.

The PAC said it expects to launch a website and Facebook page on Wednesday and will release testimonial videos that feature high-profile Republicans praising the former Vice President. The group also intends to hold “get-out-the-vote” efforts in battleground states, according to the publication.

Mr. Bush’s office said it has been informed about the upcoming efforts but is not involved in the campaign.

“This November, we are choosing country over party,” said Kristopher Purcell, a former communications official in the Bush administration. “We believe that a Biden administration will adhere to the rule of law… and restore dignity and integrity to the White House.”

— Snopes’ take on the ‘story’: (Bush’s peeps believe everything Snope)

On 29 March 2017, New York magazine published a story by investigative reporter Yashar Ali that cited three people who independently said they overheard former President George W. Bush walk away from 45th President Donald Trump’s 20 January 2017 inauguration ceremony, saying, “That was some weird shit”:

Bush’s endearing struggle with his poncho at the event quickly became a meme, prompting many Democrats on social media to admit that they already pined for the relative normalcy of his administration. Following Trump’s short and dire speech, Bush departed the scene and never offered public comment on the ceremony.

But, according to three people who were present, Bush gave a brief assessment of Trump’s inaugural after leaving the dais: “That was some weird shit.” All three heard him say it.

A spokesman for Bush declined to comment.

We have not received a response from Bush’s spokesman confirming or denying he made the comment, but Ali told us that he was tipped off by a source who overheard Bush’s offhand observation. Ali then called two other sources who he knew would have been there. Both independently confirmed they heard Bush say the phrase.
Ali told us:

The three sources were present and heard him say it. It was compacted and there were so many people on the dais, but if you’re leaving and walking back into the Capitol, there are a ton of people in the hallway, many of whom he knew.

Ali said he and his editors held off on the story for two months because “every day in this administration is so filled with news” and it was a relatively small news item; he was a bit taken aback by how much attention the quote has received. He said that he thought an investigative report he wrote about allegations that Trump’s deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland misused campaign funds was a more important story.

But Bush’s alleged comments appeared to have captured the zeitgeist of the moment, with some posting on social media that if he had indeed made the comment, it captured their own sentiments:

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The Courtesans Mandarins Wannabes and Milksops of Big Government

  • Working for the government should not mean selling your soul
gintama sakata gintoki tokugawa shige shige courtesan of a ...

Our Senior Editor dlh has often commented (lamented) the silence in the ranks of the FBI (and retirees) particularly with DC experience over all the abuses of the Obama administration including the Obama inspired and directed Russia-gate coup attempt against President Trump and the victimization of General Flynn along the way.

There is something in the Beltway, whether politician sent there, bureaucrat, mandarin or wannabe that breeds the presumption that they are special, that they run and should run the country, and that to be one of the cloth requires (indeed produces) a way of thinking, an addiction to and jealous protection of their sinecures, or pathetic fear of losing.

Elizabeth Vaughn writing today at RedState elaborates about the fear aspect demotivating so many from doing the right thing.  An instructive article.  Some additional comments of ours follow.

IRS Whistleblower Explains Why No One in the FBI or the DOJ Spoke up for General Flynn 

This may be the wrong question but how to reform it without inviting in cranks and the like?   Along with whistleblower protections that do not invite politicization, in a broader sense these would inure to the country’s benefit:

Reduce the size and scope of government of course, term limits for elected officials, drop civil service protection and government unions – patronage is not a risk or is a lesser risk if qualification and competition for jobs is maintained

Readers are invited to add their insight.

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So the cancel culture  gets rid of Aunt Jemima – but Planned Parenthood was a much earlier, virulent, cancel culture – of Blacks in America . . . and still going strong!                                        dlh

Related reading:


Pardon our irreverence:

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LeBron James – more money than sense

  • The ratio of dollars to sense is now up to a zillion to one, or something
  • He plays basketball in the NBA and we all know that being a coddled gifted basketball player since grade school makes you a keen observer of the human condition, without that study and graduating high school nonsense
  • So far as we can tell actual history won’t be part of his “moving of the culture “
  • We wonder what was the last book, serious objective analysis related to American Black culture, Lebron read (or listened to), and whether he has ever read a critique of China, communism, studied economics . . .
  • Rumors and images of his latest book promotions are set forth below

Tim Pearce writing at The Daily Wire

LeBron Launches New Media Empire With $100M Investment, Intends To ‘Move The Culture’ 

NBA star LeBron James and one of his childhood friends launched a media company earlier this year “designed to move the culture.”

James and his business partner, Maverick Carter, launched SpringHill Co. on March 11, the same day that the NBA suspended its season because of the pandemic. The company launches with an initial $100 million in funding, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

James will continue his career in professional basketball and work on company projects such as staring in “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” a movie set for release next year. The basketball star will also use his image to promote and guide the company, while Carter will be directly involved with the company’s operations.

“This is ultimately a company that’s about point of view, the community you serve, and empowerment,” said Los Angeles investment banker Paul Wachter, who aided James and Carter. “This is a company designed to move the culture.”
The company’s primary focus will be telling stories from the perspective of people of color in America.

“When we talk about storytelling, we want to be able to hit home, to hit a lot of homes where they feel like they can be a part of that story. And they feel like, Oh, you know what? I can relate to that. It’s very organic to our upbringing,” James said

James is outspoken on political issues, especially those related to the NBA and the black community in the United States. He is a supporter of Colin Kaepernick, a black former NFL quarterback who set off a wave of protests by kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner before football games in 2016 and early 2017.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick said at the time. He has not played for an NFL team since Jan. 1, 2017, after leading the San Francisco 49ers to a 2-14 season.

James has said the NFL should apologize to Kaepernick, “a man who basically sacrificed everything for the better of this world.” James has also alleged that black people are systemically discriminated against through law enforcement and voter suppression.

His outspoken stance on civil rights in the United States has earned him criticism as a hypocrite on matters relating to China. Last year, protests in Hong Kong against the creeping influence of China’s totalitarian government sparked a wave of support for the protesters in the U.S.

Houston Rockets’ General Manager Daryl Morey prompted backlash against the NBA from Chinese authorities when he tweeted support for Hong Kong protesters. James said Morey’s tweet was misinformed and an example of what “can happen when you’re not thinking about others and you’re only thinking about yourself.”

Related reading:

We al know LeBron is up to speed on world events:

LeBron James says Houston Rockets’ GM was not ‘educated’ on Hong Kong situation when he tweeted

LeBron’s cultural promotion tour to include book distributions of some of his favorites:



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To realize . . . to dream

Read this

Explosive New FBI Notes Confirm Obama Directed Anti-Flynn Operation
Handwritten notes from fired former FBI agent Peter Strzok show that Obama himself directed key aspects of the campaign to target Flynn during a Jan. 5, 2017 meeting in the Oval Office.

and then go here and dream  (thanks to HP for the forward)

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‘The Most Massive (Vote) Fraud Scheme in History of America’

Here’s an idea, mail every address you can think of a ballot, collect the “loose” ones and vote them, and harangue others to do the same in the family, in the building, wherever, GET OUT THE VOTE!!

Top Elections Lawyer: Vote-by-Mail ‘The Most Massive Fraud Scheme in History of America’

by Margaret Menge  4/23/20 posted at The Liberty Beacon

The First Amendment lawyer famous for Citizens United has taken up arms against a new foe: all-mail voting.

Jim Bopp, Jr. (Pictured here) filed two lawsuits in federal court this week — one in Nevada and one in Virginia — to stop officials in those states from mailing out ballots to everyone on the voter rolls, not just those who request them.

“I don’t use the word ‘voters,’” he says, “I use the word ‘people on the registration rolls’ because many of them are ineligible to vote. They’re not voters. They’re people that are on the registration rolls that are ineligible to vote.”

As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the nation, Democratic officials and activists began pushing states to switch to voting by mail, eliminating in-person voting altogether — and probably permanently.

But organizations that have spent years reviewing the voter rolls in many states estimate that more than 20 million of the names nationwide are duplicates, people who have moved away, are deceased, non-citizens or felons who have not had their voting rights restored.

“Democrats have been trying to register everybody in the country and then fight purging the rolls of ineligible people, and now they want to mail ballots to every single one of them,” says Bopp. “It’s just like, talk about the most massive fraud scheme in the history of America. Makes Tammany Hall looks like a bunch of pikers, or the Pendergast Machine in Kansas City look like they didn’t even know how to steal elections.”

Earlier this month, Bopp filed a brief in New Mexico on behalf of the organization True the Vote and individual voters, whose votes could have been canceled out by the votes of ineligible voters if the court sided with plaintiffs — county clerks who wanted ballots mailed to everyone, not just those who’d requested them.

“What the parties request this court to do here is little else than pure anarchy that robs both the legislature and the eligible, registered voters of New Mexico of the authority and protections afforded each under the New Mexico [Constitution] and the United States Constitution,” the brief reads.

Bopp argued that the rights of voters were “imperiled” by the plaintiffs’ request and that the plaintiffs have attempted to “entice” the court to “utilize the national emergency created by the COVID-19 virus as a guise to usurp the constitutionally delegated authority of the legislature and overrule and replace current election laws with robust protections against voter fraud with a court-created scheme of mail-in balloting.”

The Supreme Court of New Mexico sided with Bopp and denied the request for ballots to be sent to all names on the rolls.

But now the push is on for all-mail voting in the November presidential election, as well. About a half dozen state have already legalized it.

“They are bringing suits all over the country to impose it through court orders,” says Bopp. “All-mail. Their ideal is all-mail.”

All-mail voting is not the same as absentee voting as voting absentee involves the voter requesting an absentee ballot, usually by mail, with a signature.

Some states have more stringent requirements than others. In Kansas, for example, people requesting an absentee ballot are required to send a copy of a driver’s license or State ID with the application for an absentee ballot.

“Part of the problem with this discussion is, we are familiar with absentee ballots, and that does involve quote mailing a ballot, end of quote,” says Bopp, “but there are numerous safeguards, the most important of which is the prior application. You have to apply.

“You have an audit trail, and all sorts of things. And that’s why a lot of these Democrats and liberal activists don’t like absentee ballot,” he says. “They want wholesale mailing out without application because it eliminates half the fraud protection.”

(TLB) published this article by Margaret Menge via , reposted here as well

Matt Vespa at Townhall: (excerpt)

I’ve Been Told This Never Happens In American Elections. Well, It Was Pretty Bad in New Jersey.

Mark Hemingway at RealClearPolitics found one election in New Jersey where one-in-five ballots were invalidated over fraud concerns. In fact, the state attorney general is charging four people with fraud. It’s over who will control the city council of Paterson. It’s become so bad that the local NAACP is calling for the election to be invalidated. Hemingway quoted a law professor who admits that there is an absentee ballot fraud scheme being executed in Paterson. Also, he wrote about multiple lawsuits across the country being filed concerning how mail-in ballots are verified. This was a city council race. Imagine what the chaos would be if hundreds of millions of ballots were mailed out. Would Democratic states verify the results fairly? (via RealClearPolitics):