Not rioting for justice – rioting for the loot

  • No justice under Democrat Mayor of  Minneapolis

We do not know the appropriateness of the allegations of egregiousness by a Minneapolis policeman’s physical handling of a criminal suspect.  This report at RedState provides the latest official information. Based on it we agree with the author that the extent of the charges against the officer “third degree murder” could be shot full of holes.  We would add that the information in the article relative to the restraint used does not indicate the actual amount of pressure used, but does indicate that the extent was not consistent with “a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation”.  In other words the placement of the knee might be without significant pressure and therefore not causal of the death.

What we do know is that there is no justification for the sort of rioting in a cause supposedly insisting on justice and rule of law.  Here are some memes and captioned photos on that aspect courtesy HP Facebook pages.  See also our earlier post by  dlh.

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The mayor’s just ‘giving the rioters “some space” to “get it off their chest”.

  • In the meantime  the Twin Cities have the demeanor of the “twin cities” of Kabul and Baghdad (riot pics below)

To recall and paraphrase President Abraham Lincoln’s ‘request’ of General McClellan: President Trump of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey:                                        “If Mayor Frey is not using his police department, I should like to borrow it for a while.”                   dlh


Report by M Dowling
Mayor orders police to evacuate as rioters destroy 3rd precinct, 170 businesses 

Minneapolis police abandoned the Third Precinct in Minneapolis Thursday night after rioters and looters pillaged and burned for the third night in a row, using the death of George Floyd as an excuse. It was full-out mayhem with the precinct virtually destroyed. They also looted and destroyed 170 businesses, already hurting due to the lockdown.

More than 170 businesses damaged or looted. Dozens of fires. Thankfully, no reports of serious injuries. Calm on the horizon.

Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey told reporters that he made the decision “to evacuate the Third Precinct.”

“I made the decision to evacuate the Third Precinct,” Frey said. “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life, of our officers or the public. Brick and mortar is not as important as life.”

What does it say when the police can’t even protect themselves? It’s a weakness.
George Floyd’s death was a travesty, but that does not give rioters the right to burn down the city. These people are criminals.

To make it worse, vicious Al Sharpton is heading to Minneapolis to stir the pot. The media has been completely dishonest, except for Fox News. They are calling the rioters, ‘protesters.’ Ali Velshi on MSNBC falsely claimed this morning that the rioters are mostly peaceful as a building went up in flames behind him.

This is shameful. The police were kept from putting up any defense. Minneapolis looks like Kabul.

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Interesting Times

There is an astonishing amount of compelling events happening such that just sifting through and bringing to your attention aspects is overwhelming.

The utter nonsense of the COVID 19 response — the bad science and science as god, the political corruptness, the madness of crowds,  federal, state local and stupid business decisions . . .

The biggest political scandal in US history — Russiagate

The vote by mail election fraud scheme by Democrats

China’s threats

Local election machinations

And so much more

Your submissions are always welcome to help keep people enlightened


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When this one runs out, another virus please

Government answer to government imposed unemployment and business collapse

More money for no work, makes sense*

Businesses on the dole that could not compete

Some unions agitating for hazard pay**

Strangely the bandwagon antic was not entertained for exposure to “ordinary” flu seasons (but we can hear them tuning up)

I’m not familiar with Mr. Opelka, but apparently he is best known as a musical composer-lyricist. But I think if he decides to quit his day job, he’d be a pretty good journalist/columnist. (from the Wall Street Journal, 5/28/20)

This puts congressional lunacy in the proper context that I’ve seen not done any better. (And Nancy P. comes as close to a Marxist (of either type) as possible.)    dlh

Marxist Economic Policy—as in Groucho  
The unemployment bonus is straight out of ‘Animal Crackers.’

We’re all Marxists now. Not Karl, Groucho. There’s a famous sketch in “Animal Crackers” (1930) in which Groucho (as Captain Spaulding) quizzes Chico (Signor Emanuel Ravelli) on how much money the band gets paid. “What do you fellas get an hour?” Groucho asks. “For playing we get $10 an hour,” Chico replies.

Groucho presses: “I see. What do you get for not playing?” “For not playing we get $12 an hour. . . . Now for rehearsing, we make special rate. That’s $15 an hour.” Groucho: “That’s for rehearsing? And what do you get for not rehearsing?” Chico: “You couldn’t afford it. You see, if we don’t rehearse, we don’t play. And if we don’t play, that runs into money.”

Ninety years ago, a couple of vaudevillian cutups engaged in an exercise of Keynesian reductio ad absurdum which stands even today as a two-minute master class in fiscal restraint. It highlights a problem with the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis. Every member of Congress should be required to view this film. It wouldn’t hurt the president and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to do so too.

I have a musician friend, Jim. He plays the bass. Jim is a talented man, and his gigging takes many forms—studio recording as well as live performance. As has happened to so many, his entire livelihood dried up overnight in mid-March. After filing for unemployment relief, he was grateful to receive the bulk of his lost weekly income but equally surprised by the unexpected $600-a-week bonus.

Without auditioning for it, Jim has become an unofficial member of Signor Ravelli’s Animal Crackers orchestra. He recently complained, only half ironically, that he doesn’t know how he’ll make ends meet once he can work again. Suddenly, he’s singing the economic equivalent of St. Augustine’s famous prayer for redemption: “Please let me work again, Lord—just not yet.”

In the 1980s economist Arthur Laffer popularized the notion of an ideal, lower tax rate. If you tax something too much, the Laffer curve posits, you get less of it. In the government’s recent fiscal and monetary response to the pandemic, we have the inverse corollary, the Sloth curve. If you create incentives for unemployment, you get more of it.

If politicians continue to dole out largess at the current rate, my friend Jim will have his best year in a long time and, like Signor Ravelli’s band, he’ll have no incentive to go back to playing.

*pictures/captions not in original, unattributed in internet search

**Unions calling for hazard pay, here and here

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Steve King getting “the treatment” from the usual suspects


As a supporter of Steve King, I found this piece by Jack Cashill informative, and an accurate characterization of the congressman.

In my opinion, Rep. King has been “Palin-ized” by the Dems and, of course, the media, and, also, of course, his own Republican colleagues and even many ‘bona fide’  conservatives.

I have followed Mr. King, and have read some of the statements attributed to him which have been turned by the media into ‘racist’ or “sexist”, or whatever, terms.

In most every instance, the statements reflected King’s thoughtful analyses, and were not either in fact or intent, as characterized. Unfortunately, King has often expressed his thoughts in unfriendly forums or in terms which the media found easy to distort or mischaracterize…and, even easy to misinterpret for King’s own natural allies (Republicans and conservatives).

That is one thing about Democrats…they don’t turn on their own, even when the individual is and does express flagrantly racist or sexist, or greatly divisive sentiments (ie., the anti-semitic, anti-America Ilhan Omar is a striking example that comes to mind…Steve King lost his committee assignments; Omar was hailed as a Democrat “star”).        dlh

At The American Thinker:

The GOP’s Unholy Assault on Iowa’s Steve King

By Jack Cashill

The headline of a recent Baltimore Jewish Times article reads as follows: “Jewish Republicans Tackle a Thorny Question: What To Do About Republicans Like Steve King?”

A saner question might be, “Why should Jewish Republicans — or any Republican, for that matter — have a problem with Iowa congressman Steve King?”

 Certain Republican insiders, using The Republican Jewish Coalition as a wedge, are trying their damnedest to defeat King in a June 2 primary.  In doing so, they not only threaten to unseat one of Israel’s most solid defenders in Congress, but also risk creating a backlash against Jews.

Reporter Ron Kampeas acknowledges how GOP leadership is using the Republican Jewish Coalition.  Writes Kampeas, “The RJC [is] making a case that a Republican trafficking in anti-Semitism or white supremacism carries more weight than when it comes from an outside group.”  What makes this strategy all the more odious is that King has trafficked in neither.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I contracted with King in December to help him finish a book project he had been working on.  This article is not part of that contract.  It comes from the heart.

 In the course of the project, I have reviewed every single “controversial” comment that King has made during his eighteen years in Congress.  Having reviewed them all in their proper context, I would endorse King in a heartbeat and challenge any Republican who feels otherwise to a public debate on what it means to be a conservative.

 In the way of background, I have a Ph.D. from Purdue in American studies.  More to the point, I wrote a book five years ago called Scarlet Letters that documented the left’s use of race, sex, and other identifiers to subvert the right.

 As I noted in the book, “[a]n awkward phrase, a misunderstood joke, a manufactured quote, a frank look at data, a persistent belief in a revered tradition could earn a sinner any one of many scarlet letters as ablaze with ‘awe and horrible repugnance’ as Hester’s own Scarlet A.”

 King was felled by a manufactured quote.  The quote was published in a January 2019 New York Times article headlined “Before Trump, Steve King Set the Agenda for the Wall and Anti-Immigrant Politics.”  Deep in the article, reporter Trip Gabriel quoted King as saying, “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?”

Gabriel did not tape the interview.  Neither did King.  In a later taped conversation, King’s assistant got Gabriel to admit he was the one who introduced the phrases “white nationalism” and “white supremacism,” but by that time, the tumbrils were rolling, and they have not stopped since.

 Five days after the initial article, Gabriel wrote an exhaustive piece headlined, “A Timeline of Steve King’s Racist Remarks and Divisive Actions.”  The article deserves an honored spot in a media time capsule showing just how thoroughly the Times had corrupted the language by 2019.

Gabriel documented King’s twenty-year history of alleged racist and divisive acts.  These included such offenses as King’s successful introduction of a bill making English Iowa’s official language, his assertion that “preventing babies being born is not medicine,” and his description of multiculturalism as “a tool for the Left to subdivide a culture and civilization into our own little ethnic enclaves and pit us against each other.”

The left’s strategy works only when Republicans join the witch hunt.  In King’s case, the witch-hunters know who they are.  I will mention only one by name: House Leader Kevin McCarthy.  Joe McCarthy never deserved the designation “McCarthyism.”  Kevin McCarthy does.

Curiously, in the lengthy Jewish Times article about King’s racism, reporter Kampeas does not attribute to King a single racist quote.  The best he can do is quote McCarthy saying, “Congressman King’s comments cannot be exonerated.”  This raises the question, “which comments?”

In his outspoken 18 years in Congress, King has never said anything as quotable as “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”  He never said about Jews, “It’s all about the Benjamins.”  He did not even say, “Why don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came?”

The last of those quotes came from a tweet by President Trump.  It was far more provocative than anything King has ever said.  To his credit, McCarthy refused to denounce Trump when asked to do so at a press conference.

As a result, the hashtag “KevinMcCarthyIsARacist” promptly trended on Twitter.  Weak-kneed Republicans like McCarthy live in fear of such labels.  To appease the left, they routinely serve up the occasional sacrificial lamb — a Todd Akin, a Richard Mourdock, a Steve King — forgetting that the left is never appeased.

 Despite the lack of quotes in the Jewish Times article, King is entirely quotable.  I have found King to be more thoughtful in his defense of Western civilization than most Republicans and more candid than just about all of them.  Some relevant quotes:

On Israel

CNN, November 2018:  “I am a person who has stood with Israel from the beginning, and the length of that nation is the length of my life.  And I’ve been with them all along.”

On White Supremacy and White Nationalism

House Floor, January 2019: “I reject those labels and the evil ideology that they define.  Further, I condemn anyone that supports this evil and bigoted ideology which saw in its ultimate expression the systematic murder of 6 million innocent Jewish lives.”

On Judeo-Christianity:

 House Floor, February 2012: “We derive our strength from free enterprise capitalism, Judeo-Christianity, Western civilization.  That is the core of America, the vigor of America, and that is what we must continue to protect, regrow, and refurbish.”

In the wake of Gabriel’s article, Mark Steyn took up King’s cause while hosting the Rush Limbaugh show.  “He’s not a white supremacist.  He’s not a white nationalist.  It’s all stupid talk,” said Steyn.  “So you’ve just surrendered the phrase ‘Western civilization.’  I don’t get that.  I don’t see what’s in it for conservatism in surrendering that phrase, in accepting the leftist’s view that the term ‘Western civilization’ is beyond the pale.”

 I don’t get it, either.

 Jack Cashill’s newest book, Unmasking Obama, is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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In spite of his bluster Chris Wallace not up to taking on Kayleigh

At RedState Sister Toldjah writing:

Boom: Kayleigh McEnany Dropkicks Chris Wallace Over Suggestion That Journalists Shouldn’t Be Questioned

Yesterday, my RedState colleague Bonchie wrote about how Fox News anchor Chris Wallace and former National Review editor Jonah Goldberg bashed White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany Sunday for not only asking journalists at the Friday press briefing about their lack of curiosity over Gen. Michael Flynn’s unmasking, but for also pointing out that it seemed like they didn’t want churches to reopen.

McEnany’s turning the tables on the notoriously combative, left-wing White House press corps earned her a “Twitter troll” designation by Goldberg, who stated that he believed her behavior was “indefensible and grotesque.” Wallace teed up the segment by suggesting that if McEnany “had told” him and former ABC News journalist Sam Donaldson “what questions” they should have asked during a briefing, that it “would not have gone well.”

Their criticisms were absurd for many reasons, as Bonchie explained well in his post, but McEnany herself was asked about them during a Fox and Friends interview this morning, and she did not hold back:

“No I never questioned the religious beliefs of the press,” McEnany responded. “Many of our journalists are great men and women of faith and differing faiths, whether it be the Jewish, Christian faith, the Muslim faith. What I was saying is, I was asked 11 questions as to why churches would be allowed to reopen. It was a bit peculiar to be asked these 11 questions in a row and for the onus and the focus solely to be on why churches are essential, I’ve never been asked why a liquor store was essential so I was merely pointing that out.”
“Journalists are not above being questioned themselves,” she said. “Journalism is a great and noble profession but there’s been a dearth of journalists asking the real questions for President Obama, the criminal leak of Michael Flynn’s identity, who leaked that identity, the dossier used to launch a three year investigation into this president to spy on his campaign why aren’t those questions being asked?”
“It’s journalistic malpractice not to ask those questions,” McEnany concluded.

Watch McEnany respond to co-host Brian Kilmeade’s question below:

What seems to be most at issue here for Wallace, Goldberg, and CNN types like “fact checker” Daniel Dale is that McEnany actually comes to White House press briefings prepared for battle, and gives as good as she gets. Apparently they – especially Goldberg, who specifically stated she wasn’t doing her job – don’t understand that it’s part of the job of a press secretary to be able to combat narratives journalists cook up that sometimes don’t match up with what’s actually happening.

Not only that, but as the “middle man” between the White House and journalists, press secretaries are well within their bounds to ask the media why they aren’t asking questions the White House thinks are worth looking into. This has been the case for decades. McEnany isn’t the only press secretary to have done this and she won’t be the last.

But because she’s so good at it, and because she’s caused so many in the WH press corps to clutch pearls, Goldberg and Wallace saw fit to white knight for them by way of demonstrating that they, too, believe questioning journalists is beyond the pale, which says a lot more about Goldberg and Wallace than it does about McEnany – and not in a good way.

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Kaleigh…YOU GO, GIRL!

Fox’s Chris Wallace has always been an insufferable, know-it-all snob, willing to attack Trump as if he (Wallace) were free of bias.  This from an early Wallace confrontation with a Trump spokesperson. They have gotten even better since then, at hitting back.  That is why Wallace is so peeved.

But it wasn’t so obvious until Fox came under its “new management” ( the Murdoch ‘Liberal Boys”). Then, Chris was able to come into “his own”…that is, free to ‘show his ass’…which he has done so admirably for the past several months.

This past weekend, though, Wallace really gave viewers a good look at just how unbearable he has become!:

Chris Wallace: “I have to say that if Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me what questions we should ask, that would not have gone well…”

The quote above is from a “discussion” Chris was having with his “panel”, which included the “Super Snide” , Never Trumper, Jonah Goldberg (and the easily ignorable, Mara Liasson, of PBS ‘fame’).

Chris wanted to remind his shrinking readership of what a ‘tough guy’ he was as a White House correspondent…apparently believing a comparison of himself to the annoying Sam Donaldson was self-flattering.

What really riled Chris and Jonah was when reporters were badgering McEnany about the ‘rebellious’ churches which, in some states were defying their governors’ orders to remain ‘locked down”.

McEnany responded by wondering aloud why the media seemed so against reopening churches, while bars, restaurants, marijuana shops, etc, were considered “essential” and permitted to operate? Why did reporters never ask those questions?

Well! Chris and Jonah were outraged at the press secretary…”the very ‘cheekiness’ of her to ‘question the religious beliefs of the press corps’!

The very idea of “telling reporters what questions they should ask”!!!

Wellsir, Chris Wallace is way too ‘tough a guy” to tolerate that!

We say, Kaleigh…YOU GO GIRL!!!!      dlh

Image result for Crowd Cheer Meme

GOOD FOR THEM (the NY Post)!  (via The Right Scoop)

NY Post defends Kayleigh McEnany’s tough WH press briefings, tells crying journalists to “get over yourselves”

The NY Post Editorial Board has come out in defense of Kayleigh McEnany today and her tough press briefings, telling the journalists who are crying about McEnany’s “contentious” style to “get over yourselves:

Is there anything more tedious than the press complaining about how it’s treated?

After grousing that Stephanie Grisham, President Trump’s former press secretary, never held a formal briefing, the media can’t stand that Kayleigh McEnany, her successor, has made those briefings too contentious.

McEnany steamrolls, she dodges, she lectures reporters on the questions they should be asking. It’s that last point that riles some journalists. “Indefensible and grotesque,” said Jonah Goldberg to Chris Wallace on Fox News. “I have to say that if Kayleigh McEnany had told Sam Donaldson and me what questions we should ask, that would not have gone well,” Wallace said.

To which Americans say: Stop whining!

“McEnany has decided to hit back…”

Of course the Trump administration is playing tough with the media — because the media has played tough with him before he was even elected. Nearly every question asked in the briefing room is usually in the loaded construction of, “As you know, things are terrible, and it’s your fault, care to comment?” McEnany has decided to hit back.

This isn’t about the First Amendment. The media in the United States can say whatever the hell it wants — and we, as the New York Post, thank heaven for that every day. But there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the press secretary has to be polite about it.

You know what word needs to be retired in the age of Trump? “Unprecedented.”

President John Adams signed a law making it a crime to criticize the government; 20 newspaper editors were imprisoned. Andrew Jackson not only had his own paper, edited by a member of his Cabinet, but it got government subsidies. Kayleigh McEnany hurting your feelings is not a constitutional crisis.

You buy ink by the barrel, fill the airwaves 24 hours a day and get millions of clicks on your Web sites. Victims? Get over yourselves.

To say the media has played tough with Trump is a huge understatement. It’s really been an all out attack on his presidency, blanketing the airwaves with every deep state conspiracy theory about Russian collusion and ‘quid pro quos’, even supporting House Democrats when they unfairly impeached Trump over nothing.

So yes, the NY Post is exactly right that these cry baby journalists need to get over themselves. McEnany has done a superb job and I love it every time she tells the media what they should be asking, because she’s always been right. Kudos to the NY Post for another great editorial.

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Liberal dominant media prefers fulmination to fulcrum

  • Our purposes are emblazoned on our masthead, would that dominant liberal media did the same.  It would need to read something like “orange man bad”

First up is an expose that is but one example of the insidious bias analyzed in general in  the second part of this post, quite tellingly, by a former president of CBS News. His is in an article appearing in the Wall Street Journal. We provide a bit of annotation to that one.

Thanks to RD:

CBS Busted… Again… For Use Of Old Photo To Stoke Fear About Kids And Coronavirus . . .

(Tea Party PAC) – It’s become pretty much common knowledge that you cannot trust a single word that comes out of the mainstream media, especially outlets like CNN, MSNBC, and apparently CBS News. We’ve seen the journalists who work for these companies constantly report fake news as a means of crafting an anti-Trump narrative that would take the president down and aid the Democratic Party in their mission to oust the president from office.
And it seems they are still up to no good in that regard, because ever since the coronavirus pandemic reached American shores, they’ve been doing their best to hype things up and keep people living in fear, hoping to turn the masses against Trump and destroy his chances of reelection come November.
A good case in point is what CBS News got busted doing back in April. The news organization was caught using footage from an Italian hospital when they were reporting on the conditions in New York City, attempting to pass it off as if that was what was happening there when it waThe actual footage perfectly matched that being used of an Italian Hospital.
Well, they’ve been busted for doing this again, using a photograph from the Ukraine to try and hype fear about the effects of coronavirus and children.
Fear mongering at its finest, folks.
Here’s more from The Gateway Pundit:
CBS News was caught using photo from 2016 in Ukraine to describe a baby suffering from Kawasaki disease linked to coronavirus.
Via Feeling Froggy.
Here is the 2016 photo describing an infant suffering from Coxsackie virus.
And here is the same image used by CBS to describe a rare condition in children linked to the coronavirus.
They had to find a good scary picture to promote their ongoing “panic porn” on coronavirus.
It should be noted that, despite the comments by Dr. Fauci, this skin condition linked to the coronavirus is seen every year in 13 of 100,000 children in a Canadian study.
Dr. Fauci is not being completely honest with the American public again.
People, this is getting insane, don’t you think? Here we have photographic evidence of an attempt by the mainstream media to help create a narrative of fear to get people worked up and panicked so they will go along with whatever draconian measures the government tries to shackle them with. Ultimately, if there is no action taken, they will twist things to make it somehow be the fault of President Trump, and hope to turn potential voters away from him in November.
The individuals who are in control of the mainstream media are, simply put, diabolical. We have to keep our eyes open and never just take the official narrative that comes out in the news at face value. It doesn’t mean you deny everything in the news with some sort of unhinged paranoia. It means you do your own research and verify what you are hearing. Look for alternative takes on the same stories that interest you. This helps to keep things fair and balanced. We cannot depend on the media to remain objective at this point.

Past CBS News president during Reagan years writes at the Wall Street Journal:  (our annotations and emphasis set apart).  Text thanks to  peckford 42 blog site.

The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point 

A return to balance would be commercially unviable. The best solution may be an honest embrace of bias.

By Van Gordon Sauter  May 25, 2020

About 35 years ago I was sitting at lunch next to Jeane Kirkpatrick, a onetime Democrat who became a foreign-policy adviser to President Reagan and later U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. She was lamenting what she called the “liberal leaning” media. As the president of CBS News, I assured her it was only a “liberal tilt” and could be corrected.

“You don’t understand,“ she scolded. “It’s too late.”

Kirkpatrick was prophetic. The highly influential daily newspapers in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Boston are now decidedly liberal. On the home screen, the three broadcast network divisions still have their liberal tilt. Two of the three leading cable news sources are unrelentingly liberal in their fear and loathing of President Trump.

News organizations that claim to be neutral have long been creeping leftward, and their loathing of Mr. Trump has accelerated the pace. The news media is catching up with the liberalism of the professoriate, the entertainment industry, upscale magazines and the literary world. Recent arrivals are the late-night TV hosts who have broken the boundaries of what was considered acceptable political humor for networks.

This is what conservatism is up against, and the professoriate of course translates into what is taught children in grade-school and beyond

To many journalists, objectivity, balance and fairness—once the gold standard of reporting—are not mandatory in a divided political era and in a country they believe to be severely flawed. That assumption folds neatly into their assessment of the president. To the journalists, including more than a few Republicans, he is a blatant vulgarian, an incessant prevaricator, and a dangerous leader who should be ousted next January, if not sooner. Much of journalism has become the clarion voice of the “resistance,” dedicated to ousting the president, even though he was legally elected and, according to the polls, enjoys the support of about 44% of likely 2020 voters.

They are on a mission, however lazy in fact finding they feed each other ad nauseam

This poses significant problems not only for Mr. Trump but for the media’s own standing. If Mr. Trump prevails in November, what’s the next act, if any, for journalists and the resistance? They will likely find Mr. Trump more dangerous and offensive in a second term than in the first.

More important, how will a large segment of the public ever put stock in journalism it considers hostile to the country’s best interests? Unfortunately, dominant media organizations have bonded with another large segment of the public—one that embraces its new approach. Pulling back from anti-Trump activism could prove commercially harmful.

Hmmm —  if so is it not limited however comfortable to them and then does that not imply a market for other outlets. And what of reports that news functions of the networks are money losers for those networks — what are the implications for profitable competitors?

On the other hand, how would the media respond to a Joe Biden victory (beyond exhilaration)? Will Mr. Biden be subjected to the rigor and skepticism imposed on Mr. Trump? Will he get a pass because he is a liberal and “not Trump”? The media’s protective coverage of the sexual-assault allegation against Mr. Biden is perhaps a clear and concerning preview to how his presidency would be covered.

The media seems uninterested in these issues of bias. But wouldn’t a softening of its editorial orientation bring new readers or viewers? Probably not. The growth of new customers would be more than offset by the defection of outraged members of the current audience. The news media seems very comfortable with its product and ability to sell it.

Keep in mind their supposed satisfaction with the size of their pie or market, their view is not one of a growth industry

There’s probably no way to seal the gap between the media and a large segment of the public. The media likes what it is doing. Admires it. Celebrates it. There is no personal, professional or financial reason to change. If anything, the gap will expand. Ultimately, the media finds the “deplorables” deplorable.

Yes there is if others are shown to be profitable (unless the concern is not with profitability which may be the case now but is that an obliviousness that is sustainable?

Dan Abrams, ABC’s chief legal-affairs anchor and founder of the website Mediaite, has a novel but valuable idea for the media—candor. Speaking to the matter at February’s Rancho Mirage Writers Festival, Mr. Abrams said “I think the first thing that would help . . . is to admit . . . that the people in the media are left of center.”

It would be delightful if a publisher, an editor, a reporter, would just say: Yes, I am left of center! I’m proud of it. I think our reporting is accurate. It best serves the public. And the credibility of the media. So there!

Publications open about their bias might feel freer to focus on the specifics: story selection, presentation, facts, fairness, balance. Not devoid of subtlety for sure, but manageable.

Journalism affects social cohesion. Convinced of its role and its legitimacy, however, the media doesn’t seem to much care. And the other side can certainly enjoy throwing rotten tomatoes at distant targets.

The “other side” can proceed to challenge and succeed at it

But America won’t reunite until far more people can look at a news story in print or on the screen and, of all things, believe it.

Mr. Sauter was president of CBS News, 1982-83 and 1986.

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The more the media plays up something the more you know the opposite is true.

Here are a couple of commentaries about the dominant liberal media in general and two named individuals featured by Fox (Chris Wallace and Jonah  Goldberg) . The first by the estimable Victor Davis Hanson writing at American Greatness and the latter  by Jon Dougherty writing at Bizpac Review:

V D Hanson, The Doctrine of Media Untruth,  (excerpts):

Take the strange case of the respective records of liberal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Florida counterpart Ron DeSantis.

Both have large numbers of retirees and long-term-care homes. Yet, New York has suffered 14 times the number of coronavirus deaths as has Florida. Florida is now increasingly open, and on May 19 saw 54 deaths attributed to the virus. That same day, New York was completely locked down and yet saw nearly twice that number at 105 deaths.

The media assures us that failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is a statuesque heroic figure who is an experienced state politician, a successful polymath, and would be a valuable asset as Joe Biden’s vice-presidential pick, but even better—wink-and-nod—a likely next president.
Do we remember that for a while “Bob” Mueller was Washington’s hallowed prosecutor, investigator, or inquisitor par excellence? No wonder he had assembled a “dream team” of “all stars” who, as “hunter-killer” squads of legal eagles, would tear apart Trump’s supposedly doddering third-stringers and send Trump either to jail or into ignominious exile. So, the more that legal eagle narrative saturated the liberal media landscape, the more we knew the opposite was true.

The more that CNN and MSNBC put ambulance-chasing lawyer Michael Avenatti on the air, and gushed about his tailored suits, his possible presidential gambit, his cocky take-downs of Trump, and his advocacy of supposed female victims of the predatory Brett Kavanaugh, the more we knew he was a fraud, a criminal, and likely a legal predator of his own clients. That he was sent to prison was predictable the more one heard the media gush.

The country once knew little of Representative Adam Schiff (D-Calif.). But once the media sanctified his role after the 2018 election as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, we knew what lay ahead. No sooner had the Renaissance Schiff assumed the chairmanship of the committee than we were lectured ad nauseam how he was a Harvard Law graduate, with a sly sense of humor, who had he not blessed the country with his stellar political career otherwise might well have been a successful Hollywood screenwriter. He ran his committee with flair and competence lacking under the former chairman, the supposedly plodding dairy farmer Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). In other words, we quickly discovered the truth through the Doctrine of Media Untruth. Within about a year, the public knew that Schiff was a fraud.

Chris Wallace is thoroughly disgusted by WH press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s behavior

Yep. That’s the Chris Wallace we would grow to dislike more each day, if we ever watched him….He is joined by the execrable  Never Trumper Jonah Golberg whose obliviousness and condescending ways are on full display

“It’s a sign of defining deviancy down in our politics and it’s only gonna make things worse,” Goldberg continued, without a hint of irony considering he was sharing the panel with someone who cheated on behalf of a Democratic presidential candidate in 2016.

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Some “news” just doesn’t need explanation

“During last year’s trip to Asia, Pope Francis said he believed that nuclear power plants should be at least temporarily banned because of their destructive capability.”


Wow! That’s a relief!  *

ROME — The director general of the Vatican bank, Gian Franco Mammì, confirmed this week that the institution holds no investments in the fossil fuel industry, apparently in response to challenges from climate change activists.

Mr. Mammì told the U.S.-based National Catholic Reporter that the Vatican bank follows the same practices as other European banking institutions, investing in treasury instruments rather than private equities.

In recent months, the Vatican has been plagued with a series of financial scandals, a number of which involved questionable investments.

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera revealed in December that the Vatican’s Secretariat of State had invested upwards of a million dollars to finance the Rocketman film, a steamy biopic of singer-songwriter Elton John with a graphic scene of gay sex.

Using money donated by the Catholic faithful through worldwide “Peter’s Pence” collections, the Vatican invested some €6 million to become a 25-percent partner in Lapo Elkann’s eyewear and “lifestyle products” company as well as becoming a €10 million partner with industrialist Enrico Preziosi, the chairman of the Genoa soccer team, according to a report from Il Giornale.

Perhaps more problematically from an ecological standpoint, the Vatican’s biggest investment (€16 million) went to the Swiss-Swedish ABB company, which produces parts for nuclear power stations and allegedly participated in the destruction of a Malaysian rain forest.

During last year’s trip to Asia, Pope Francis said he believed that nuclear power plants should be at least temporarily banned because of their destructive capability.

In its report, Corriere della Sera stated that Vatican capital makes up at least two-thirds of the funds managed by the Malta-based Centurion Global Fund, through which it has financed an eclectic series of projects including real estate, mineral water, websites, and films.

Last November, the pope declared that all Church investments should support ethical enterprises. “If from Peter’s Pence you invest in a weapons factory, the pence is not a pence there, eh?” he said.

Francis said at the time that the Secretariat of State’s investment of some $200 million in a luxury London property development in Chelsea had caused a “scandal.”
“They have done things that do not seem clean,” he said.

The Vatican Press Office issued a brief statement regarding the news reports, acknowledging the Vatican’s “ongoing investigations” into investment in the Centurion Global Fund as well as other

*Bold our emphasis, pic not in original

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