Michelle O and her besties

Re: the Super Bowl of politics and toilet bowl of performances

From a blog posting by Chastity Clark — actual quotes from Michelle O

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Michelle in ’20?

  • Oh, and did I mention…she’s the descendant of SLAVES!


At Veritaspac, We’re Sticking With Our Early Prediction; A ‘Brokered Convention’, The “World’s Most Admired” Black Woman with The ‘Obama’ Last Name Answering the Call

She’s the one who is ‘Proud of her Country” Only When An Obama Runs It

Whether or not the Democratic Party’s ‘fears’ seem well-founded or not (that Bernie will be the nominee), we’re sticking with our prediction that Michelle Obama will emerge from the 2020 Democrat convention as the party’s 2020 presidential nominee.

As radical as Bernie, we believe, Ms. Obama has been aggressively sold to the American people as something of a “moderate’. Party faithful, however, know better.

The Barack Obama presidency did not appear to be as radical as Senator Sanders’ agenda, but, given another term, it most certainly would have turned viciously radical leftist. Obamacare, the way it was misleadingly packaged and forcibly enacted is just a hint of where Obama and the “progressive” Democrats want to go.

Trump is seen by the most extreme of the Dems as a “temporary” pause in the accomplishment of their agenda.

Bernie is being too obvious for the cautionary strategists of the party. He is tipping their hand before they’ve secured the Oval Office and both Houses.

In Michele, they see the ‘answer’, which should be so obvious to everyone…the GOP, the voters, the media (we think the MSM DOES know).

The way we see it unfold is that Michele Obama, and her still closeted strategists and supporters, will remain silent, until the convention except to continue the relentless ‘warnings’ about Bernie.

In the meantime Sanders will continue his seemingly unstoppable march to the nomination. Behind the scenes, we believe, Oprah, the old Obama machine, Barack, and all of the old true believers in the “wonders” of the Obamas will be working on Michele’s ego and the need to protect, restore, and continue Barack’s legacy. (Success with her ego won’t be too difficult to achieve.)

Bottom line, when one considers how “beloved” Michelle is, by the entire Democratic party, all the former Barack allies, the entertainment, academic, and media sectors; a “super” best selling book (“Becoming”), a Netflix ‘propaganda’ contract, her ‘youth’, voted the “World’s Most Admired Woman”, THE FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT (!!!)…how can she not be prevailed upon, and be the ‘reluctant savior’ to ‘rescue’ the Progressive March begun by her ‘sainted soul mate’, and, be forevermore “proud” of her Country?            dlh

Sampling of the “mix” of competing views on the race for the Dem nomination:

From Breitbart News:

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who he described as a socialist, as the presidential nominee in 2020 could put the Democrats majority in House of Representatives in jeopardy.

Clyburn said, “A lot of people think so. I do believe it will be an extra burden for us to have to carry. This is South Carolina, and South Carolinians are pretty leery about that title socialist.”

He continued, “So I think that that would be a real burden for us in these states or congressional districts that we have to do well in. If you look at how well we did the last time and look at the congressional districts, these were not liberal or what you might call progressive districts. These are basically moderate and conservative districts that we did well in, and in those districts, it’s going to be tough to hold onto these jobs if you have to make the case for accepting a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist.”

A Wall Street Journal editorial (2/24):

Democrats are waking to the prospect of a nominee who wants to eliminate private health insurance, raise taxes on the middle class, ban fracking and put government in charge of energy production, make college a taxpayer entitlement, offer free health care to illegal immigrants, raise spending by $50 trillion, and tag every down-ballot Democrat with the socialist label.

All of these are political vulnerabilities, but Republicans shouldn’t be too sanguine that Mr. Sanders would be an easy November mark. A majority of Americans aren’t socialist, at least not yet, but the country is closely divided politically. Democrats and the media will close ranks behind Mr. Sanders as an alternative to the incumbent.

Mr. Trump might also make the election a referendum on himself—meaning his personal behavior and character—rather than the socialist agenda. That’s an election Bernie Sanders could win. Democrats have little time left if they want to offer the country a better choice.

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Joe, they just don’t know ya well enough

Bernie Sanders Surges Toward Nomination With Nevada Blow-Out  (excerpt) (image not in original)

By endorsing single-payer health care, the radical Green New Deal, “free” college tuition, a $15 federal minimum wage, and the abolition of the Electoral College, Sanders has now made his left-wing progressive ideas the mainstream platform of the Democratic Party.

With a major win in Nevada, Sanders is on track to steal South Carolina from Biden’s safety net and sweep through Super Tuesday, when just more than a third of the delegates in the entire primary will be awarded. While Sanders might not capture every delegate, a strong performance may catapult Sanders to winning the 1,991 delegates needed to fend off a brokered convention in July.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, looms large as one of the main wild cards poised to shake up the primary. Bloomberg has dumped more than $450 million into his presidential effort since making the late-entrance leap into the race in November. With a Forbes estimated net-worth of $61.9 billion, Bloomberg has no shortage of campaign cash to drown out his opponents on the airwaves and strip delegates from Sanders in the subsequent March primary states.

Davis: Bloomberg Spent Half A Billion To Get Scalped By A Fake Indian  (excerpt) (image not in original)

“We’re getting to see in real time whether a candidate with no charisma, no real rationale for running, no base of support, can actually buy a nomination,” Davis said. “And I gotta say, I was kind of amazed. I think [the debate] may have been the first time in television history we saw a guy pay half a million dollars to get scalped by a fake Indian.”   . . .

Davis said that in 2016, the Democratic establishment stole the nomination from Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and he believes that same establishment might be using Bloomberg to shamelessly stop Sanders again.

“If you look back at 2016, the Democrat establishment decided that they were going to make sure that Bernie Sanders wasn’t going to win the nomination, so they rigged it. And at least then they had enough shame and good sense to kind of hide it. And I think here in 2020 what we’re seeing is whether the Democrat establishment is going to use a billion dollars of someone else’s money, namely Mike Bloomberg’s, to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders,” Davis said.

Davis concluded by pointing out that Bloomberg’s name won’t appear on the Nevada caucus ballot, yet the Democratic National Committee (DNC) allowed Bloomberg to appear on the Nevada debate stage.

“Even in Nevada, where Mike Bloomberg isn’t even on the ballot. Somehow, the DNC decided that he got to be up there on that [debate] stage,” Davis said.

By the way . . .


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Recognition of a very low barr

Lou Dobbs is correct in his criticism (referenced below) of William Barr. Many conservatives applauded the selection of Barr to lead the DOJ after the corrupt and inept and lawless leadership of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Barr was seen as the incorruptible, super-competent guy who has the courage and background to come in and clean up the gross politicization and corruption that the Justice Dept. and the FBI had suffered over the entire length of the Obama terms in office.

People would be held accountable for their criminal and unconstitutional behavior, Trump would be fully vindicated, the confidence of the American people in their federal law enforcement apparatus would be restored.

So, a year later, besides a bit of ‘tough talk’, what has Barr accomplished? Almost nothing.

And the formidable John Durham, the ‘greatest prosecutor of all time’, what has he been doing? He’s starting to make John Huber look downright “Elliott Ness-like”.

It’s been, what?, over a year ago that Trump authorized Barr to publicly release the documents and other information that would reveal to the American people the full story of how the DOJ/FBI tried to overturn the presidential election of 2016! The information which would result in guilty parties to be held accountable. Where is it?

Our question…does Bill Barr have a calendar. Does he know there is a presidential election in little more than 8 months? Does he realize his failure to get the job done for which he was selected could result in a successful civilian coup and the end of the American Republic?

I hope not, but so far, Barr has not lived up to the great expectations that the American people had for him.       dlh

At RedState with Stu Cvrk commenting:

There has been much ado about something this week, as the Democrat-media complex and over 2,000 Democrat hack former DoJ prosecutors have demanded the resignation of AG Barr for “politicizing the Dept of Justice.” That’s rich, because DoJ was politicized by Democrats loooong before Bill Barr assumed duties as US Attorney General on 14 February 2019. It wasn’t Barr’s DoJ that defrauded the FISA court in order to orchestrate an illegal counter-intelligence operation on a Republican presidential candidate and later president of the United States.

The Democrats seek to thwart, disrupt, and/or bury the criminal investigations into Obama-era DoJ, FBI, and intelligence community activities. But do they really have anything about which to worry? Lou Dobbs conducted an “annual review” of AG Barr’s accomplishments over the past year on his program Thursday night and found them to be wanting. Here is what he had to say:

Dobbs: The matter at hand is none other than the man who we faithful few we once believed would be a large indispensable force for good in saving the Republic – William Barr. Barr has been AG for a year now. And we have little in the way of material accomplishments for which Barr would be applauded. In fact, his recent conduct and statements border on the senseless.

Barr has treated us to the spectacle of the number one law enforcement officer in the land – a man at the center of solving and resolving the greatest political scandal in our country’s history – whining and whining publicly about what is apparently the greatest challenge he believes he faces in the storm that rages in the nation’s capital. That is, not the venal shape shifters of Congress, or most prominently the poisonous chimera Speaker Pelosi nor her nasty apprentice Adam Schiff. Nor is it the helminths [parasitic worms] who reside throughout our permanent bureaucracy, the Deep State within.

No, the great affront to Barr at this moment seems to be none other than his own boss, the President. Not the treacherous radical Dems, not the RINOs who are as subversive of our President as they are supportive (and you never know which way they will be), not the leftwing national media who are servile accomplices of any swamp creature of either party, of any ideology or interest so long as they seek to undercut or cut asunder President Trump. Get a grip, Barr! Look clearly!

Barr’s complaint against the President amounts to this. The Attorney General took to old media, that is ABC News, to whine that his boss was making his job tougher because his boss habitually takes to the new media – that is Twitter – to talk directly to the American people, and yes, to give his opinion as well.

The Attorney General is wrong on several counts, including taking on his boss in public. And then the stories that he’s thinking about quitting unless the President quits tweeting. That’s just a dumb ultimatum. Dumb because it’s classless, and it won’t work. Ultimatums rarely do. And the President has the constitutional duty and authority to run the Justice Dept. It’s time for the Attorney General to deliver on his mission – clean up the rancid, politically-corrupt Justice Dept and the FBI. They’re both crooked at the top, and the American people won’t stand for more political corruption.

And yes, Mr. Attorney General, you’d better be fighting for this President because he is the only one in Washington who’s been certified to be absolutely clean, without crime or corruption by the DoJ and the Senate. Get back to work. Too many of us have put our faith in you and John Durham for you to flag or fold. Go after the damn bad guys, and stand up for the President who is the only one who deserves your loyalty along with of course every one of our fellow citizens.

End of Dobbs’ commentary. Now one could argue that Barr has done a FEW things, including (finally) announcing that federal law enforcement will go into sanctuary cities to apprehend illegal aliens, as well as farming out the reviews of politically-sensitive cases to federal prosecutors outside of Washington DC. But in the main, Dobbs’ chastisement of AG Barr is correct. Not a single Spygate perpetrator has been indicted, and indeed DoJ declined to prosecute two of the key players for admitted lying and leaking of classified information to the media. And going public in the legacy media to complain about the President’s tweeting – as opposed to simply picking up the phone and complaining directly – was indeed classless.

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Russkies Fixed the Nevada Democrat Debate

Ms. Peggy ‘loved’ the Democrat debate last week!

“It was hands down, the best presidential primary debate…maybe in decades!”

Now, Me? I thought the debate was the complete product of those wily “Russ-kies”:

They have always had it in for Democrats, especially that little ‘peregruzka‘ Hillary.  And remember when they induced Hillary’s speech-writer to coach a little mimicry into her delivery  (we are sure Ms  Peggy loved this speech as well):

now, does that Putin know how to put on an American election…and get his ‘good buddy’, Donald Trump, re-elected…or what?!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As ‘everyone knows’, Putin and the Russians are busily interfering in the U.S. presidential election again…and,. again, they are working like soviet beavers to ‘force’ the American people to vote for ‘Putin’s guy”, Donald J. Trump !

The debate this past Wednesday must have been Putin’s best effort so far. It was a classic Russkie mind control experiment.

Think of it, and wonder how they made it looks so easy to get some 65-70 million patriotic Americans to see the Democratic party’s entire lineup of candidates for the party’s nomination look so disagreeable, intellectually as well equipped as a bag of nails, personally unpleasant, inexplicably arrogant, shockingly smug, and many of them more suited for ‘high office’ in an assisted living facility.

For good measure, in an effort to confuse things, Putin and his comrades made the party’s own most dedicated disciples think that half their lineup was just in the race to fill out their ‘bucket list’ in the time left to them. One guy, who usually looks like “Back to the Future’s” Christopher Lloyd, is depicted as striving to take the country back to another time  when communism flourished in Hollywood!

Of all the appealing females the Party could have called upon to represent their gender in the 2020 race, the Russkies had the Dems showcase one of the most unlikeable frauds to ever appear in a campaign ad trying to look like ‘just a regular ol’ beer drinker’ (“Ah think  ah’ll have me a beer”)!

Finally, those shifty soviets even went so far as to successfully plant a story  in a Wall Street Journal column by a writer nearly as duplicitous as themselves…Ms. Peggy!  

Congressperson Schiff, call your office, the Democrats have just provided all the evidence you need to prove that Putin is working for Trump!   dlh


“To me, Elizabeth Warren won the night. She was good, hot and sharp right out of the box. ” Peggy Noonan, 2/22/20 

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Interlude (or is it respite)

Maybe a little spite

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Democrat Debate or was Nevada Proving Grounds* Reopened?

  • So much to feed on last night for Republican ads
  • Democrats must agree with conservatives, they use our attack lines against themselves
  • Bloomberg to Sanders ~~ you are a communist ~~  Buttigieg calls Sanders v Bloomberg “Burn this party down vs. buy this party out.” ~~ Sanders to Bloomberg ~~ you have two stints too  ~~ Sanders to oil and gas states ~~ you can thank me for saving you ~~ and so much more**

In a normative America the Democrat debate last night in Nevada should have have sealed it for Trump’s reelection.  What should be mortal wounds were inflicted (some self-inflicted).

We understand, we are not in normative times exactly when essential, incremental and me-too Marxists dominate a party aspiring to run the country without inhibition.  But it was delicious to watch clips of the brawl last night and to read  the delightful reports from conservative commentators paid to watch.  Truly they enjoyed their work.

Below are a few links that provide the flavor.  One of our favorite summations was by Donald Trump, Jr. who tweeted with regard to Bloomberg’s bludgeoning tomahawking by Liz Warren:  (link is to clip of her doing so and Mikey’s dazed and staggered response). Perhaps we witnessed a coup de grâce, but then again, money buys body parts as Bloomberg the Planned Parenthood financier well knows.

From Donald Trump, Jr.

It was a “short” campaign. https://t.co/w4nRYk9ma6  

For your reading and viewing pleasure:

Elizabeth Warren Ends Michael Bloomberg’s Campaign at Nevada Debate

Cunningham’s take (below)  may be generous to Biden, regardless, it is pretty bad when the “winners” are the ones who were not always in the way of the intended death blows. There was plenty for us to be delighted about.

Winners and Losers of the Las Vegas Democratic Debate

The Best Tweets Of The Las Vegas Democratic Debate 

Democratic Debate Becomes A Blood Sport In Nevada

*Nevada Proving Grounds

**these are not direct quotes, rather, intended as the essence

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So what did happen to the Drudge Report

  • Drudge sold out
  • Now run by a Weekly Standard alumnus
  • Explains current Trump animus
  • Also explains sites blood loss

We had this information in our ditty bag for a month now and neglected to mention it as inquiring minds wanted to know. Matters directly related to all the impeachment shenanigans conspired to put it on the back-burner.  For months we have wondered what was going on and mentioned our dissatisfaction with the publication a time or two.

In reading this article at PJ Media, which mentioned the Drudge Report emphasis on anything negative about Trump, led us to the following bell ringer at Wikipedia (which actually goes back to at least December of last year): (Bold our emphasis)

Daniel Halper

Daniel Halper is an American political writer. He previously served as the online editor of the now-defunct neoconservative magazine The Weekly Standard until a management change at that publication in 2016  . . .

In 2017, he became an editor for the Drudge Report, replacing Joseph Curl. Halper’s hiring coincided with the Drudge family’s retreat from the public sphere (Drudge’s father sold his own site Refdesk the same year to the same company that also took over the Report’s advertising account at the same time, and by 2019 unconfirmed reports had emerged that Matt Drudge had sold the Report) [4] and was a factor in the Report having a substantial change in editorial direction, going from being in favor of Donald Trump to against him. [2]

If (or that) Drudge would sell to an entity with such an attitude can be taken several ways.  Drudge decidedly changed and had it in for Trump and was willing to sell to antagonists. We find it difficult to believe that perhaps at least a consortium of conservatives more favorable to Trump would not have been interested at a reasonable price. Then again maybe the new owners way outbid any others thinking Drudge’s following was built in. Drudge took the money.  We have seen references to extensive drops in viewership.

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Where is the conservative DOJ/FBI apparat??

This is not the face or proper demeanor of conservatism

  • It is past time to find their tongue, not just among themselves on Facebook
  • When one’s honor and integrity is being impacted (general contempt for the DOJ impacting conservatives as well), for crying out loud can’t you form your own group and put together your own statements and release them to the press?

Kurt Schlichter  excoriates the current DOJ in a column yesterday at Townhall. Burn Down the DOJ and Start Over It is another trenchant and insightful offering that we highly recommend (excerpt below).

Our own dlh has for several years wearied (and commented accordingly) of the “obligatory” praise handed out by conservative pundits for rank and file federal law-enforcement whenever those pundits comment about the lawless and protected swamp dwellers entrenched in leadership positions.  Growing more weary over the lack of organized public response by at least  “rank and file” retirees in response to obvious lawlessness of the current DOJ apparat,  dlh wrote several weeks ago:

“One cannot make any statement regarding the shocking abuse of law enforcement and judicial power which has been revealed, without first disclaiming any possible lack of virtue on the part of any of the ‘hardworking, fully committed,, ‘life on the line’, rank and file current and former members of the FBI !

“Really?! How many were ‘just following orders’? How did only the “rotten exceptions” among the bureau’s ‘long serving’ , hardworking, committed to their ‘high calling’ members, rise to the key leadership positions in the FBI?

“And…where are all those “Efrem Zimbalists” now, when all the institutional rot has been disclosed? Where are the letters signed by hundreds…thousands of current and former agents decrying and condemning the actions of their current and former bosses?

“The Left seems to have no shortage of ‘letter-signers’ condemning anything and everything Trump and his choices for leadership attempt to do, as example following”

Here are some of Schlichter’s comments in response to reports about decisions by the Bill Barr DOJ not to prosecute lack of candor lying Andrew McCabe, with some recommendations for rank and file citizens:

. . . I like Bill Barr. I think he wants to do the right thing. But he needs to spare us the clichés about the hard-working and honest DOJ staff because that’s not what we see. I trust Barr, but I trust my eyes more, and all I see issuing from his Department is a flow of raw sewage. And don’t tell me “But they convicted Avenatti!” because Avenatti was not a friend to the establishment. He was a threat, an uppity outsider who smarmed his way into position to potentially cut in the line for power. Yeah, the Democrats were totally broken up for him to be taken out.

. . .

It was absolute Schiff when rapists, thugs, and other Democrat constituents regularly coast out of court with much less time. Wait, I thought we had a non-violent convict incarceration crisis, but I guess that doesn’t apply to political crimes, the most serious crimes of all apparently. No, they won’t get fired. They will keep on ruining lives.

They have failed to meet the minimum standards for integrity. You owe them nothing, not obedience, respect, or assistance. Don’t give them any.

You have no reason to cooperate with any of them if they come asking you questions. You’re a fool to do so – they seek to harm you, so you should protect yourself. Stone is where he is because he foolishly chose to testify.

When a federal law enforcement asks you anything, repeat after me:

“I invoke my right to remain silent. Please stop asking me questions. I want my lawyer.”

“Uh, I was just asking you if there’s a coffee shop around here.”

“I invoke my right to remain silent. Please stop asking me questions. I want my lawyer.”

And when you are in court on a jury, and the prosecutor attempts to stand in the golden glow of the United States of America, remember what the prosecutors did to innocent people for daring to dissent and give that lawyer no credit or benefit of the doubt. Listen closely and carefully to the accused. There was a time when an accused claiming he was framed by the feds could be laughed off; now, you should consider it. Ask Ted Stevens – oh wait, he died after a corrupt conviction. Do not hesitate to acquit, because the Department of Justice has proven itself corrupt and dishonest.

“But, but, but, many hard-working, honest blah blah blah blah….”

Save it.

Who was the guy who went to jail for scores of wrongful convictions thanks to the FBI crime lab scandal?

Who is the guy who went to jail for lying about leaking stuff to hurt the Trump administration?

Who is the guy (or Chardonnay-swilling, cankle-having gal) who went to jail for using classified materials for his/her own personal agendas?


Nobody did because the law is not a neutral set of rules equally applicable to all but a weapon used by politicized bureaucrats to neutralize opponents.

You took your reputation and you used it as Charmin because you wanted your pals to win an election. And now we all know the truth and we know what you are.

You are not the enforcers of justice. You are the enforcers of a two-track system that excuses your pals and jams up your opponents.

So, what do we do? I mean, besides refuse to pretend any longer that the feds are Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., instead of seedy little crustaceans like Andrew McCabe or the hard-five sext twins?

Let Barr do his thing. Let Durham do his. I’m not going to Lucy and the football myself into believing that either one is definitely going to serve up the justice upon the Deep State derps that is the minimal requirement for beginning to rebuild the trust in federal law enforcement these hacks flushed away, but who knows? They might do something. In the meantime, we simply need to treat federal law enforcement as what it is: deeply corrupt and utterly untrustworthy. . . .

DLH further responds:

There should be alarm at today’s disastrous state of the federal law enforcement apparatus and the probability that it will only worsen.

I would reiterate my fear that, due to a deliberate faithlessness or simply resistance at every level to any meaningful investigation, the much anticipated legal destruction of the “deep state”, if it happens at all (unlikely in my view), will be too late and too easily discarded by the leftist media and radical establishment opposition to save Trump’s reelection and the preservation of the Republic.

Is Barr “faithless”…or, incompetent? I hope not! But so far, all the other ‘honorable’, ‘widely respected’, “stunningly bi-partisan”, “unblemished record”, ‘incredibly qualified and competent’, etc, etc people have turned out to be ‘wildly overrated’ when not totally misrepresented: Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions, Christopher Wray, Gina Haspell, John Kelly, “Mad Dog”, H R McMaster……

We will see.     dlh

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The Wisdom and Beneficence of Mikey Bloomberg


Via The Gateway Pundit

“Mike Bloomberg: All of these costs keep going up. Nobody wants to pay anymore money. And at the rate we’re going healthcare is going to bankrupt us. So not only do we have a problem we’ve got to sit here and say which things we’re going to do and which things we’re not. Nobody wants to do that. If you show up with prostrate cancer and you’re 95 years old, we should say go and enjoy, you’ve had a long life, there’s no cure and we can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it. Society’s not willing to do that, yet.”

– Is 95 the cutoff age, Mike? Or is it 85? 75? 70?
– Did “Mikey” say “Prostrate”???
-“You’ve had a long life…” “Be Grateful, and…Begone !”, says Mikey, and, oh yes, “Enjoy”!


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