Impressive campaign behind write-in candidates for Davenport School Board

  • Vote for Hannah Doyle and James Quinn as write-in candidates

The Davenport School Board (DCSD) implemented a mask mandate the day of the deadline to file to run for the three open positions. Adjacent community school districts have not initiated mask mandates*.

None of the DCSD candidates who are on the ballot adequately support that such mask mandates for school children have no solid basis in health science, indeed have serious health and pedagogical contra-indications and are an assault on parents and their children’s rights.  Because of that situation and it was too late to file  — two well-spoken individuals have stepped up and are running with an impressive effort behind them as write-in candidates — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn .

Surrounding school districts respect parents health concerns for their children and allow parents to choose to have their children wear masks or not if health, well-being, socialization  and learning concerns indicate to parents their kids should not wear them.

Regardless of substantive studies that indicate that masks do not work to prevent the spread of COVID among children (or any population) and that children are at extremely low risk of contracting the virus or have serious repercussions, were they to contract it, parents in those school districts are free to have their kids wear masks in school every moment if they wish, —  inside — outside — in gym class — in language class — at lunch time in between bites at the same table as other kids — whenever and wherever they choose. Not so in Davenport public schools, kids and parents have no choice.

Freedom to choose school districts, higher performing by the way, are not so absurd as the DCSD School Board and the candidates on the printed ballot who support mask mandates.  and denial of parents and students choice.

Thankfully for children’s health and society there is an enthusiastic, well-informed and well-organized grassroots effort on behalf of two write-in candidates for the DCSD School Board — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn.

The effort is social media and internet oriented with printed material and yard signs focused on directing voters to such contact points.  More information about them and the write-in campaign behind them is available at

In this age of social media write-in candidacies in many races can overcome the handicaps of not being on the ballot, particularly when allied interest groups  use their contacts repetitively to develop the necessary name ID, motivating issue association and the simple instructions on how to write in a preferred choice on the ballot.

Done with enthusiasm and the plea to have contacts amplify the message to their own lists (even if they overlap) write-in candidacies can overcome historic odds. When the campaign is focused on typically lower turnout off-year municipal and school board elections where the ballot candidates are not well known anyway and typically not well-financed the possibility for success is real. A win by them and their campaign, while an exercise of basic practical politics, would absolutely shock the municipal and school district establishments who rely on newspaper endorsements business networks and unions, all typically liberal and with a self-serving power component.

Key factors that offer the two Davenport School Board candidates Hannah Doyle and James Quinn a real possibility are their  focus on a motivating issue that also holds a broader defining importance useful to getting out voters.  That issue is their opposition to COVID related mandates for masking and vaccinating of school age children. The “freedom to choose” campaign. Their opposition to mandates in support of parents and children is a likely stand-in in people’s minds for a host of heart-felt intellectually and culturally sound issues in the context of education.

It is also likely a factor that support for mandates, a denial of parental choice, is a stand-in for attitudinal holdings giving carte-blanche to the educational bureaucracy — like Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe and his mimic here DCSD incumbent Allison Beck who is on the ballot running for reelection.  Talk about “dog-whistles” for the right, Beck’s campaign literature is dripping with jargon and undefined BS phrases that the leftist teacher union bosses and other education bureaucrats know means support for mandates (she was part of the board vote in support), pedagogically failing liberal political correctness and inculcation of same into the schools.

Beck by the way also voted for the sale of Lincoln School for a ridiculous $30,000 — a scandal in itself in our judgement as either a high-handed good ol’ boy vote, or indicative of people who can’t do business math and have no concerns for taxpayers assets. In a rare act of good journalism the matter is detailed in a string of articles in the QC Times. However more true to form, the QC Times will no doubt endorse Beck as after all she is on the liberal PC team.  Since this is the first election since then involving her in the staggered election process this is the time to help remove her and send a message.

Three positions are open but one can vote for less – please write in two names on the separate lines of the Davenport School Board section on the ballot — Hannah Doyle and James Quinn.  Write their names on a slip of paper and carry it in with you to get the spelling correct.  Print their names separately on the lines available on the ballot.

Call, cajole, email, text, spread on social media, induce your family, friends and contacts   who live in the Davenport School District to do the same to show up and vote this coming Tuesday November, 2nd .    Write in Hannah Doyle and James Quinn .  DCSD residents will have that race on their ballots others in other districts will not.  For questions on where to vote go to the Scott County Auditor web site“Election Central”.

More posts and updates regarding this election to come.

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School Board Elections — Parents’ Rights and Kids’ Health at Stake

  • Support the write-in candidates in the Davenport Community School Board (DCSB) election Hannah Doyle and James Quinn
  • Concerned parents with better decision making skills than the incumbents they are running against
  • Make Davenport an example

(This post corrected – sorry about earlier problems)

In the Davenport School Board race there are four people on the ballot along with write-in opportunities for superior candidates.  There are three open positions. We endorse the candidacies and the organized effort behind two write-in candidates whose success would send a crucial message to the bureaucrats that run the floundering if not foundering  Davenport public school system.  The message being that parents and “stake holders” as in taxpayers need to be answered to and that school board members are not there to serve the failed liberal educational establishment.

In a manner of speaking, many parents have been voting for months, pulling their kids out of the DCSD, sending their kids to other school districts as is allowed, private schools and home-schooling. But as is obvious from most of the statements (or lack thereof) by the candidates on the ballot on surveys by the teachers union, the River City Reader  and statements in the Quad City Times they haven’t a clue about what is motivating the declining enrollment in spite of the growth in population of the area the DCSD encompasses.

To varying degrees, a nuance here and there,  all of those on the ballot seem more oriented toward accommodating relationships between liberal teachers, political wokeness, and educational bureaucracy — the underlying assumption that they know best — and less so the needs of students, protecting the culture and concerns of parents.

While no doubt always concerned, two individuals have stepped forward after the proverbial straw that broke the camel’ back — re-institution of mask mandate by the DCSD by vote of the school board even though other districts (better performing we might add) thoroughly rejected the madness.  We will set forth more information relevant to the election, expanding this post later today but for now, in case you or people you know are voting early, please support these two write-in candidates:




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We wonder what Liz Cheney had to say about executive privilege when it came to her dad?

  • So if you invoke your rights in response to an accusation, invoking advice of council or other legal authority,  you must be guilty of the accusation or have something to hide 
  • So sayeth Liz Cheney 
  • Executive privilege is a separation of powers doctrine held since George Washington.    
  • Just too much switch-hitt’n going on in Washington (photos of transitions  below)

So Liz Cheney, whom we hope will soon be retired as a congressperson from Wyoming , thinks that Steve Bannon  and Donald Trump must be guilty if they invoke executive privilege regarding a House subpoena which she supported supposedly focusing on events surrounding January 6th.  From The Washington Examiner:

Arguments made by Trump and Bannon that relevant information sought by the committee is protected by executive privilege, Cheney said, “appear to reveal one thing: They suggest that President Trump was personally involved in the planning and execution of Jan. 6, and this committee will get to the bottom of that.”

Hmmm . . . Remember when Democrats in Congress thought they smelled a rat or maybe just wanted to tie-up a Bush administration, go on a fishing expedition . . . whatever?  That would be both as regards the H.W. and G W. Bush administrations both of which by the way Liz Cheney’s dad worked for and who was as at the center of assertions of executive privilege controversies in both administrations. (links below).

Well nothing has changed with the propriety of asserting what is a separation of powers claim except for maybe Liz Cheney’s feelings about such matters and her transitioning  into a really nasty human being. So did now Congressperson Cheney express any reservations about assertions of executive privilege back then when her dad, to use her current vein of thought, hid behind executive privilege? By her standard her dad must have been guilty of something.

If somehow Trump or Bannon after they have left office asserting executive privilege is invalid by Cheney’s lights are Democrats then free to re-open or open up any matter they might want to and demand answers from Presidents, Vice Presidents and anyone they have spoken to?

Let’s grant that Bannon was not in an official position at the time of a conversation with President Trump.   Should that matter if Trump asserts that the conversation involved executive privilege, a privilege he has wide range to invoke invoke.  It seems a reasonable assertion given that Trump was President at the time and no doubt Bannon was considered perhaps an advisor or organizer regarding Trump’s appearance before the throng on January 6th.

Would it not obviate the separation of powers if a politicized House can do an end run and demand say e-mails between Trump and someone and Trump by rights refuses but the House tries to intimidate the someone who is disinclined to speak to them and who has been advised by Trump’s attorney’s to not comply as Bannon has because executive privilege pertains.

The Justice Department through the FBI has already indicated they have found no evidence of a conspiracy. If the Democrats seriously think they have something then they can try and get the Justice Department to show probable cause, but in this world of malicious political prosecution, pretext inquiries etc, an intensely partisan political body ought not to have kangaroo court powers.         R Mall


Links regarding recent assertions of executive privilege  including as regards Vice President Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney’s father.

When Presidents Invoke Executive Privilege.

Photos after transitions:

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“Brandonites” truly are the great uniters, in a polemic sort of way

The chant is truly phenomenal. A sign of defiance, resilience, and hope really — that people do see through this stain on America. Keep hope alive. Turn it into an everyday greeting… right up there with ~~ Nice weather we’ve been having . . . let’s go Brandon.

Overwhelmingly intrusive government … impeachable dereliction of duty regarding our borders . . .  policies that lead to ending national sovereignty and to one-world government … appeasement of tyrannical regimes . . .  devastating economic and cultural policies — it is a  Destroy America First (DAF) agenda that describes Joe Biden’s  a.k.a. “Brandon’s” pretend presidency.

Joe Biden is not a nice man and never was. While he is intellectually vacuous his reptilian brain maintains his nasty vindictive ways.  Policies are dictated by his handlers who must keep a very short leash on Biden only allowing him to venture forth when in tow and only into very controlled environments there to be pet by the press. He is an empty vessel these Marxists pour policy into.  The chant “Let’s go Brandon” is of course code for contempt for Joe Biden and the horse he rode in on, meaning the Democrat Party and his handlers.   Use it at every opportunity.

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Trump should have let Grassley stew in his juices awhile

  • It just has not been long enough since Grassley issued some serious calumny aimed at Trump (and by inference his supporters so many thousands of whom were at last Saturday’s rally in Des Moines) regarding events circa January 6th 2021
  • Trump is not the best at picking teammates

Donald Trump’s association with Chuck Grassley at Trump’s Save America rally last Saturday in Des Moines was a little too soon in my judgment, given as someone who came to be a Trump admirer, ofttimes champion but who is not necessarily a Trump supporter in the Iowa caucuses IF a bold capable electable Save America oriented alternative is possible.  Such a candidate should be looked at for political strengths and weaknesses including any benefit to useless drama (good drama is motivational) when Trump allows himself to become the issue rather than Democrats and their warped policies. Trump is very important to Saving America but good CEOs realize when it is not the best to have themselves as the point man even when Democrats are imploding. Personally I think Trump’s magnanimous endorsement is enough for the next President.

It is likely more than enough for Chuck Grassley who would be odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination and likely the Senate race again even without it, given the money and name ID he has and his inherent ability to counter his age issue.  The only thing that Grassley could do to screw things up for himself would be to be perceived as being a Washington creature, weak even pathetic in the face of extraordinary circumstances and disdainful of Trump and his supporters —  all of which he has managed to do — but which Trump has now saved him from.

My view is that there has not been enough water under the bridge and too few if any “clarifications” issued by Grassley to take the edge off both the irony and the facileness of Grassley’s  appearance on the stage for Trump to give him his blessing after the number Grassley did on Trump (and Trump supporters) post-election.  That number included spreading gross distortion of Trump’s words which also impugned his supporters,  the frailty he showed toward vibrant protest and especially the unjust finality he insisted on regarding an election fraught with all manner of clear illegalities, profound uninvestigated anomalies, judicial charades and legislative unconstitutionalities that defrauded Republicans and the nation.

But there was Senate reelection hopeful Chuck Grassley on the stage with Trump at the Iowa State Fairgrounds accepting Trump’s support.  The irony, even for politics, was not lost on some conservative pundits and chortled over by dominant liberal media in the state and elsewhere. The chortle hiding the choke they felt knowing any chance of unseating Grassley was likely over.

Now perhaps this is but a truism in management of large organizations whose leader is brought in with the goal of a major shake-up —  but Trump’s biggest impediment to even greater success for his presidency related to his personnel picks, for campaign positions and presidential staff,  department heads and his unnecessary alignments. Fortunately for the country Trump’s solid sincere capable picks in many positions outperformed the clunkers, ingrates, grifters, courtiers, incompetents, cowards, weak-hitters, underminers, and traitors he saddled himself with, unschooled in the ways of Washington as he was.

Whatever the draw or blindness Trump has toward political opportunists whose loyalty is thin at best, whose understanding of Trump’s persona and the country’s tenor is weak, is regrettable. Grassley fits in that opportunist category.

How can I say that about someone with Grassley’s  reputation? Because Grassley pretty much admitted as much, as quoted in the Des Moines Register, after declining the opportunity to revise and extend his remarks about Trump post election.

“I was born at night, but not last night,” he said from the stage. “So if I didn’t accept the endorsement of a person that’s got 91% of the Republican voters in Iowa, I wouldn’t be too smart. I’m smart enough to accept that endorsement.”

Grassley’s admission, combined with his failure (along with much of the Iowa GOP weak-hitter establishment) to repudiate his own comments about January 6 related to Trump and his supporters —  his weakness as regards constitutional and political remedies to election fraud resulting in such an easy walk for people intent on essentially ending the republic and our national sovereignty — and his further facilitation of that “reset”with a key vote supporting parliamentary maneuvers on an unnecessarily gargantuan spending bill opposed by most of the GOP caucus with the excuse of  “regular order’ (as if such is binding in any way and especially when regular order means nothing to Marxist revolutionaries) — combine to make Trump’s endorsement of Grassley inappropriate without more from good ol’ Chuck.

I am not sure if Trump is being magnanimous, or is being given pathetic “you must do this now” advice — but without more from Grassley Trump’s endorsement suggests insincerity about his own statements . . .  as if it is OK to say anything / do anything  — it doesn’t matter — its just politics. It creates a tendency to deflate interest in defending Trump if he rewards his accusers and fraud deniers.

No politician is perfect but our country is at more risk today because Chuck Grassley and  “conservatives” like him acted as the DC establishment wanted. The Grassley types cannot claim to be watchdogs of the republic when they hardly barked at the breaking and entering of our election processes and “moved on” to hump the leg of a table set to feed those malcontents.  All of it for the calm of a few scraps from the table for their state.

Grassley’s comments days and weeks after the January 6th rally contained untruths and constituted reckless disregard because the truth was readily available about Trump’s speech — all one had to do was listen to a recording or read a transcript to clearly see there was no incitement of riot – just the opposite. Trump was in no way guilty of anything out of bounds expressing his views about the legitimacy of the election. He called for a peaceful demonstration.

Further, Grassley engaged in reckless and pathetic pearl-clutching elitist beltway rhetoric about some regrettable excesses displayed by a few when a balanced appraisal should have emphasized that it was an overwhelmingly peaceful rally and demonstration and the excesses were just that.

The ill-advised (not by Trump but perhaps by the FBI) people that entered the Capitol buildings, many without objection by police as there is video showing them being ushered in,  had no serious characteristic of an insurrection.  Any student of history or observer of current events knowing that police contend with far worse than exhibited that day every week by ANTIFA and BLM.  The characterization of even the most aggressive protestors that day, including their regrettable vandalism and trespass, as an insurrection engages in something worse in my judgment —  calumny about a cause and cheap grandstanding.

Further still, with reckless disregard Grassley implicated deaths coincidental to the rally (possible at any large protest rally of tens of thousands of people) as intrinsic to Trump’s comments. Grassley to this day that I am aware of has failed to repudiate his comments and failed to correct that the only death that day with actionable culpability was at the hands of one of Grassley’s pretorian guards who ought to be charged with a serious species of criminal negligence and wrongful death having shot an unarmed diminutive female of no threat to himself while also hazarding his own comrades in arms.

Trump does not need Grassley’s support in Iowa. He is more popular than Grassley among Republicans. Any further bad-mouthing by Grassley of Trump would only hurt Grassley, Grassley knows that, seeing himself below Trump and Governor Reynolds in job approval numbers as well. The gain is primarily to Grassley who is (at least was) faced with a credible primary challenge made so in part by Grassley’s swamp fever.

Trump’s untimely endorsement of Grassley could undermine enthusiasm for Trump from Republican activists who were insulted by inference by Grassley’s comments and press releases and dismayed with Grassley’s votes facilitating Marxists.  It is true that Grassley was a champ pursuing the Russia hoax used against Trump,  and maybe that is why Trump endorsed him. However there is an even bigger hoax — a hoax that Grassley has helped perpetuate  — because after all Trump won in spite of the Russia hoax. The hoaxes that Grassley helps perpetuate include that concerns about the 2020 election reflect a hoax — the hoax that Trump inspired an insurrection —  the hoax that there was an insurrection — the hoax that five people lost their lives because of a political rally and protest January 6th —  the hoax that Iowa would not get money for roads but for Grassley’s vote to facilitate Marxist spending bills . . .                                        R Mall

Related reading

The January 6 Insurrection Hoax.


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Give Us Your Opinion


1- Who, in your opinion, is the worst U.S. Attorney  General in modern history?:
a) Eric Holder
b) Jeff Sessions
c) William Barr
d) Merrick Garland

2- Will the commission President Joey appointed recommend that the US Supreme Court not be expanded so that he may appoint 4 additional liberal justices?

3- (With the possible exception of Fox’s Doocy) does the news media use child actors to attend ‘Pjen’ Psaki’s press conferences?

4- Which sub-Cabinet post do you think President Joey should consider Dave Loebsack for?:

a) Aide To Vice President Harris in charge of child actor recruitment?
b) Assistant to Sec. of Education in charge of School Board protection?
c) Undersecretary of HHS for Sanger Eugenics  and taxpayer abortion funding?
d) Your suggestion

5- Would illegal immigration pose a threat to US security if the US border were not closed?

6- Is the ’Scranton Scrapper’ preparing to issue a “Baby Aspirin Mandate” to halt a heart attack “epidemic” in US?

7- Have the descendants of Corn Pop demanded reparations for the pain ‘Joey’ has caused the family by his bullying?

8- Will Hunter Biden be named to head the DEA or Special Envoy to China?

9) In your view, has the Quad City Times done enough to support “Brandon’s” “Build Back Better” spending?

Give Us Your Opinion.  Readers are also invited to  submit their “critical questions”        dlh

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Todd Akin RIP

Remember when the Republican Party establishment blamed the 2012 Romney loss on fallout from the Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock Senate campaigns and their inarticulate handling of the rape aspect to the abortion issue. These were the same people who then and now had nothing to say about how Romney then and now was not articulate or assailable on his handling of all manner of issues — who had and has many very serious inconsistencies and is virtually traitorous now aiding and abetting the opposition.

Ann Coulter “AC” and Karl Rove immediately come to mind.

Somehow loyalty for Romney required Republican steadfastness, rigorous defense, attacking the critics —  demanding Republicans who opposed him in primaries close ranks — no loyalty or official support withdrawn — no badmouthing allowed as a result of THE MANY fumbled, cringe inducing statements Romney made. Even prior to the nomination any criticism of the leading candidate was admonished as giving the Democrats ammunition.

And to have criticized Romney should he have won the election would have first given AC (not to be confused with the relative even temperedness of AOC)  the vapors then unleashed vitriol you could not imagine against the critics.  Karl Rove would have turned Snidely Whiplash and formed a PAC to dispense underhanded revenge.

Jack Cashill has written a tribute to Todd Akin on his passing early last week.  We commend it to you.

The GOP Betrayal of Rep. Todd Akin



At Catholic XULA or any of the other Catholic colleges so inclined – why not

And, rumor has it, they’ll present, for students’ viewing pleasure, the late term abortion of a Black’ fetus’…Live, In The Ballroom!

(That’s just a rumor, ya understand? After all…it is a ‘Catholic’ University…just like ‘Brandon’ and Nancy are ‘devout’ Catholics)

By Sean Salai – The Washington Times

Xavier University of Louisiana this month will host an all-star “gayla” as part of its inaugural Pride Week in New Orleans.

Xavier, the nation’s only historically Black Roman Catholic university, will feature drag queens Big Freedia, Tank and Da Bangas in musical numbers in front of an audience of 275 in the ballroom, according to a press release from the school.

“It’s a celebration of the many contributions LGBTQ+ activists and allies on campus and in the greater New Orleans community,” Glenn Caston, Xavier’s inclusion and social justice officer, said in a statement

We did a Google search for “xavier university decries number of black abortions”

We did not see anything related (several page search) for Xavier U in Louisiana (XULA).

However Xavier Cincinnati had a possible related hit or two.

Xavier Louisiana had no pro-life organization listed in their clubs and associations.  Xavier Cincinnati did.

Planned Parenthood abortion syndicate targets the black community.  That organizations roots were and remain racist-eugenics. As a result Black women abort their babies at a higher rate than other races in America (not necessarily elsewhere).  We would think – hope – pray that Catholic leadership at a Catholic university, traditionally black, that boasts it turns out a lot of doctors (pre-med) would be sensitive to the plight of black babies and that that concern would be reflected in right to life campus activity. Instead they have drag-queen gaylas.

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Yankee Doodle to Let’s Go Brandon — The New Rallying Cry for America

  • Phenomenal spread (related links below) 
  • Oh it’s a dog whistle alright
  • NASCAR people show the way
  • Its not just eff Joe Biden — it is eff Joe Biden and the horse he road in on
  • Scott McKay, a contributor the American Spectator, wrote that the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant is “a seminal moment in American political history.”

Yankee Doodle first was used by the British governing elites to make fun of American troops as “sorry, trifling fellows,  fools or simpletons”.  In a turnaround it was adopted by American revolutionaries as an in your face response ~~ sort of  “that’s right and were here and we are going to kick your British arse” — and they did.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” rallying cry is the newer in your face response to both the dominant liberal media and their coverup of the Biden corruptions and governmental atrocities, Biden himself and those who continue to support his administrations policies. It substitutes for (in politer venues anyway) the chant F**k Joe Biden. The genesis of the particular phrase is explained in the links.  The Powerline link and the related comments  are particularly insightful.  We will consolidate and post some related memes later today.


Here’s How Conservatives Are Sticking It to the Media for Ignoring the ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chants

Most of the following memes were sourced from the excellent comments to the Powerline article linked above


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Who is running America – you decide

  • A reminder of how bad an administration, put in office by an election flawed by “irregularities”, can be
  • Here are the main choices –  you decide

We heartily credit Joan Swirsky writing at a website called ”the Blue State Conservative” (BSC) for compiling this short list of Joe Biden (aka  “Brandon”) disasters in just the short time he has ‘occupied’ the Oval Office. (We also want to recognize her theory on who is actually ‘running’ Biden).

We believe that “Brandon” ( Biden) did not ‘accomplish’ all this ‘destroy America package’ himself.

Biden has never accomplished much of anything in all his years in national politics.

Thanks to James Clyburn and unwary black voters in South Carolina, Biden’s career in politics did not end as it rightfully should have. (Clyburn rallied black voters to turn out in sufficient numbers  to give Biden his first ‘win’ in a Democratic primary, and then go on to win the Party’s nomination against a very poor lineup of Democrat candidates…with Kamala Harris perhaps the worst and the first to drop out for lack of any visible support).

We present this list of Biden ‘disasters’ to remind readers of just how bad and destructive to the lives of all Americans Joe (Brandon) Biden is!

We urge you to go to the link and read BSC’s full comments and also the accompanying TownHall article on the same subject:


In less time than a normal human pregnancy, putative president Biden managed to accomplish the following:

Spoiler alert – In the BSC article answering the question is a process of elimination that leads to George Soros and his Open Society Foundation.

Wayne Allyn Root writing at TownHall has a similar question but advocates that China is the root of the evil afoot.

We All Know Biden Is Not in Charge; So, Who Is Really Running the Country? The Answer Will Shock You

We feel the Soros contention is the most directly plausible, not that the two purposes Soros’ “Open Society” and China hegenomy do not reinforce one another. Soros does not realize or does not care that China plays its own game for world dominance and that isn’t about an “open society” (neither are Soros aims really about an “open society” — rather just one-world government by our betters, meaning his ilk).  Soros seems focused on his megamaniacal distain if not hate for western institutions and individual freedoms.

One can argue either “Soros” or “China”, as both certainly have a money trail that pertains. But Soros’ designs are in a symbiotic relationship with now thoroughly leftist institutions growing and  reinforcing one another with his funding and influence.  Soros has been inculcating the precepts, a real strategy, opportunistic at any turn, for nearly three decades.  He is intent on fruition. His people / fellow travelers are well placed.  There are many lieutenants and colonels to this, as mentioned in the articles — Bill Ayers, Barack Obama, Biden’s chief of staff, and more, all aided by strategic plans from the likes of Cloward & Piven and of course the forbearers — Karl Marx et al.

But George Soros based on his comments and the purposes of the Open Society directly and indirectly operating against key western institutions  — the church, academia, ethics — which were already corrupted, weakened or collapsed before he got on the scene, is plausibly the main antagonist.  His words:

The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States

DLH with R Mall

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