So for Italy under Meloni will it be “ITexit”?

  • It ought to be
  • EU — such an unholy alliance destructive of culture ought to be abandoned 
  • Britain did so under Brexit 
  • Italy now under threat for actually being democratic
  • Just say arrivederci to EU
  • Are the remaining ~~ countries~~ in the EU even countries?

Reading this Breitbart article the member countries of the EU are just fiefdoms of the EU bureaucracy. They ought to all be ashamed of themselves for indifference to nationcide and get the hell out. 

EU will be ‘Vigilant’ Towards Any Threat to Abortion After Italy Election, French PM Threatens.  (images not part of article)

France’s Prime Minister has threatened that the EU will be “vigilant” towards any threat to its pro-abortion regime after Italy’s historic general election.

The European Union will be “vigilant” of any threats to “human rights”, especially in regards to its pro-abortion regime, after the Italian public decided to hand the country’s right-wing a sizable victory during the country’s general election on Sunday.

While the exact results of the snap election remain unknown, it is expected from exit polls that a coalition of three conservative and nationalist parties will end up spearheading a new Italian government, with Fratelli D’Italia (Brothers of Italy) head Giorgia Meloni expected to become the country’s first woman Prime Minister.

European bigwigs have responded with hostility to the projected election result, with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatening that the bloc has certain “tools” it could use to attack Italy should it deviate from the Brussels agenda.

Such threats have now been echoed by France’s Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, who told broadcaster BFMTV that the EU would be watching closely to see if any “human rights” were being put under threat following Sunday’s vote.

Though saying that she would not comment on “the democratic choice of the Italian people”, she emphasised that in the area of abortion, in particular, the powers that be in Europe would be extremely “vigilant”.

“In Europe, we have a set of values ​​and, of course, we will be mindful that these values ​​are respected by everyone when it comes to human rights and the right to abortion,” the French bigwig is reported as saying.

Meloni, while a Catholic, has promised that she would not crack down on abortion in the country, though has reportedly expressed the desire to see alternatives offered to women wherever possible.

Borne’s comments echo those made by Ursula von der Leyen, who threatened last week that Brussels could crack down on any right-wing government in Italy should it feels its actions run contrary to the agenda of her transnational bloc.

We can’t imagine a self-respecting country not exiting from such an organization whose leadership issues such condemnations and threats to its internal and cultural independence.

The dominannt liberal press in the US is just dripping with distain of Meloni’s win while exhibiting incredible historical ignorance. Upon announcement of her coalition’s likely win we are treated to such calm descriptions referring to the Italian elections as establishing the most right-wing government since World War II.  Of coursed they mean to invoke Mussolini the fascist dictator as if fascism was a right-wing political/economic force. The truth is fascism is a form of socialism  — just another big- government “leftist” formation. Post WWII Italy was in trajectory leftwing, with mild retrenchments here and there, with all manner of government controls also found in Mussolini’s elected dictatorship.

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Grassley’s campaign and Joni Ernst exhort Masher Franken to come clean

In just an astounding show of timing – The Mike Franken campaign notified the world of their endorsement by Mike’s spiritual brother former Minnesota Senator now New York City resident Al “Bazonga” Franken.  No we did not make the announcement up.

Senators Ernst and Grassley call for Franken campaign  (Mike’s not Al’s this time) to come clean and drop any threat of a non-disclosure limitation Franken’s intimidation team held against Franken’s accuser who must be believed. (See our previous post).

Our view — If non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or non-disparagement agreements on matters of sexual assault are valid that is an absurdity in the law (we are informed an NDA covering up such matters are not valid). Exposing a pattern of unwanted advances toward women should not be either and that is the point of comments by Gretchen Carlson and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, both victims of sexual predation, also joined by the Grassley campaign.

On such a burning matter for progressive women why is the left not up in arms over “Vice Admiral” Mike “Masher” Franken and his campaign team using NDA as a shield for predation?

Franken now says there is no such NDA. Well then why did his “team” tell his accuser ‘s lawyers that there was??

Reading the police report filed by the female former campaign manager to Franken the assigned officer asked her a ridiculous question as to whether she considered Franken’s grab and kiss “aggressive or sexual.” That would seem to be a question of legal distinctions  which a criminal complainant should not be expected to opine on having already complained of the forceful grab.  It is only relevant as to the type of charge (something related to assault vs something related to sexual assault).  Having issued a complaint that Franken grabbed her by the lapels and pushed his face into hers to kiss her, unless Franken does that to men that would seem to be an assault and sexual in nature. Presuming Franken to be heterosexual, grabbing a woman to plant an unwelcome kiss on the lips is sex linked.

Related reading:

BREAKING: Police Report: Mike Franken’s Former Campaign Manager Accused Candidate of Assault.



Gretchen Carlson Decries NDAs Amid Franken Assault Allegations

This week, a police report was made public by Iowa Field Report that detailed an assault allegation against Democrat Senate Candidate Mike Franken. Yesterday, the Grassley Works campaign called on Franken to release his accuser from her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so she can speak out if she so chooses. This call for transparency aligns with the requirement Senator Grassley is leading in Congress through the bipartisan Speak Out Act.

Gretchen Carlson is a former TV anchor and leading advocate of giving a voice to survivors of workplace sexual harassment and assault, especially those muzzled by NDAs. She is a co-founder of Lift Our Voices, an organization dedicated to empowering survivors to speak out by eliminating nondisclosure agreements and forced arbitration clauses.

Today, Gretchen Carlson tweeted the following:


Well the Cedar Rapids Gazette, reprinted by the QC Times, has reported on the story, in the QC Times version in a page 4 — below the fold — using an obscure title for the article sort of way

No legal restriction on former campaign staff, Franken says.

The Gazette did a follow on story, not as yet anyway in the QCTimes print version

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley: Voters deserve answers on allegations against opponent

Grassley Campaign  was not to be trifled with: 

Not An Isolated Incident: Mike Franken’s Troubling Record of Extreme Disrespect Toward Women

Following allegations of assault by Mike Franken’s former campaign manager and his refusal to release his accuser from her NDA—which she claims Franken used to silence her—it’s worth revisiting Franken’s troubling record of extreme disrespect toward women.

This morning, the Grassley Works campaign released a new campaign ad highlighting Franken’s disparaging comments toward Iowa’s women, including Governor Kim Reynolds, who he implied was a witch on multiple occasions.

As Iowa Field Report noted, Franken repeatedly has “1950s interactions with women,” according to his accuser, and his unwanted advances are “something that [Franken] has done to several other women.”

Mike Franken’s former campaign manager isn’t the only one to allege that he is a serial perpetrator of unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior. As progressive Des Moines activist Jaylen Cavil noted, “I had heard things like this about [Mike Franken] for a while.”

So it wasn’t any surprise that the same day details of the police report broke, Mike Franken was touting his endorsement from disgraced ex-Senator Al Franken, who was forced by his fellow Democrats to resign for his sexual misconduct.
In a since-deleted tweet, Mike Franken tweeted at Al Franken on April 5, 2019, and said, “Wondering why you left your seat. Run again, please.”

Mike Franken to Al Franken: “Run again, please.”

Mike Franken has a long history of disrespect toward women and a refusal to see women as equal and independent. At an event in Denison, Franken said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should control his wife and dictate what she is or isn’t allowed to say and do. “You let your wife act like this?” Franken said.

Mike Franken does not respect women in positions of power. He has repeatedly referenced Governor Reynolds as a witch, saying she “needs to get on her broom and fly away.” And his comments weren’t limited to Iowa’s first female governor. He also made sexist remarks about Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa’s first female U.S. senator and first female combat veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate, diminishing her career and saying she would “follow his lead” if elected and “see [his] big wrath.”

Mike Franken’s sexist remarks haven’t been limited to elected women leaders or to his alleged victims. He’s disrespected all women in rural Iowa by saying, “What I see in rural Iowa is a forlornness in the eyes, an emptiness which I see in South Sudan…mostly in women who just look void.”

As EMILY’s List, a Democratic political action committee focused on electing women, stated: “Iowa Democrats should not trust…Michael Franken.”

Bottom line: the revelations made public in the police report detailing Mike Franken’s alleged assault on his former campaign manager are merely the latest examples in a serial mindset of misogyny and sexism toward women and extreme disrespect toward the women of Iowa.



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Al and Mike Franken — handsy guys, they must be brothers, certainly birds of a feather?

Grassley’s Democrat opponent credibly accused of forcing himself on a woman underling.

Handsy Guys

Story from Briebart:   Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly Funds Campaign of Iowa’s Mike Franken, Now Accused of Sexual Misconduct.

Former Mike Franken Campaign Manager Alleges He Made Unwanted Advances Toward Women, Including Her

We will be waiting for the Des Moises Register and Lee newspapers in this state to report the news sensationally and not let it die, soliciting commentaries and editorials about how women must be believed.

Michael Franken  is a retired Navy Vice Admiral.  That he is such a lefty, even more so than Al Franken of the same surname who is the former Minnesota Senator of ill-repute …  confirms what we fear about the weakening, some would say historic disintegration, of our military …  spiritually, culturally, intellectually. And now it seems  the not so admirable Admiral while retired from the Navy is still on active duty with the Vice part.

Michael Franken is credibly accused of sexual battery even if the Democrat run City of Des Moines’ police department and the Democrat run County Attorney’s office has closed the matter. You see women must be believed, especially Democrat women. You know that.  We heard it about Anita Hill, about Christine Blasey Ford.

But here’s the thing, the Vice Admiral’s accuser, Kimberly Strope-Boggus, is a Democrat accusing a Democrat and is also Franken’s  former campaign manager* who essentially brought him through the contested primary helping him post a surprising win and margin over the early favored Greenfield, making sure every Dem primary voter understood he was the progressive women’s dream.

Strope-Boggus, had NOTHING to gain by filing the police report as she did.  She is now done in Democrat politics and must have known that. She may be batsh*t crazy, and the incident never happened BUT THAT IS NOT THE STANDARD FOR DEMOCRATS AND THEIR OPERATIVES IN THE MEDIA BEFORE REPORTING AN ACCUSATION AND DOING ALL THEY CAN WITH IT .

That she is apparently a lesbian (her spouse is named Becky and referred to in the article as “she”) makes her even more convincing to the extent of at least tripling her truth-telling cache as far as the aforementioned leftist media in this state are concerned and all those Democrat voters. She absolutely must be believed and it makes Michael that much more icky. Unfortunately as revealed in the articles linked to above, the Democrat machine is working her over pretty good.

Minnesota’s Al Franken (now moved back to New York) resigned from the Senate in disgrace over multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Michael Franken according to his former campaign manager as related in the articles (no doubt the person for women on the campaign trail to report such matters to) has said she is not the only one victimized by Franken.

Again, it must have happened because that is the Democrat mantra.

The similarities of Michael and Al Franken  do not end with being icky uber-liberal Democrats or with being credibly accused by Democrat standards of sexual exploitation, or of being humorless.  We remember Al’s nauseating skits on Saturday Night Live as Stuart Smalley the self-help guy and his line (later a book) “I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!”  Michael Franken must have channeled that in creating his yard sign message “I Believe MICHAEL FRANKEN can defeat  Chuck Grassley”.  It reads like a self-help power of positive thinking phrase, something Stuart Smalley would come up with.

As  long as we are talking about skits, ours would be:

Al and Mike, sit’n in a tree, first comes the pounce, then kiss’n ’em with glee

And we have a recommendation for a new yard sign, hat and T-shirt perhaps — I Believe Kimberly

  • According to reports, after leaving as campaign manager Franken asked her to come back as a “senior campaign adviser” because he was dissatisfied with the current campaign manager.
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The FBI DC swamp ring know they must kill the king

There is an expression attributed to Emerson ~~When you strike at a king, you must kill him~~. Wounding him just won’t do.

Allegations against Trump of “10,000 documents” (declassified but held by him under Secret Service protection but somehow necessitating a raid by the FBI). Given that many are e-mail copies, such a “trove” could probably fit in 2 of these boxes. Now about Obama’s 30, 000,000 pages — see NY Post article link below.

Emerson’s was a poet but nevertheless it is something the criminal mind (like FBI leadership) knows instinctively in their reptilian swamp-dwelling survivalist brain.  In their parlance, if the “king” survives he is going to be p*ssed and your sh*t becomes weak.  They are the ones who end up “dead”.

And so knowing how dirty they are, and how with a Trump return to power that their heads are on the chopping block, figuratively of course,  the DC apparat is working overtime to exploit any pretext — however obscure, however abusive, or selectively used to “kill the king” and send fear into the heartland  to the effect that “you could be next as we know where you live.” They do so using intimidation, selective leaks, distortions, lies and manipulations, planting or altering evidence . . .  things they have already done to Trump, his more prominent supporters  especially with the intention of destroying the spirit of the Trump supporting bourgeoisie whose spirit must be destroyed they hope by sullying “their leader”

But they are so stupid.  They think their sinecures are safe but for Trump. They think that if they can get Trump out of the picture either Democrats will win or a non-Trump Republican winner will be ~ ~ reasonable.  But the Republican Party nomination processes as now effectively constituted, imbued with MAGA sentiment, a good healthy and strong sentiment is not going to go back to the likes of the Bushes or Cheneys or Romneys where the desperate  nostalgic FBI could feel safe and operate as always.

The next president of the United States is going to be a MAGA type politician, perhaps Trump, or maybe someone they should fear even more,  a Cotton, a Cruz, a DeSantis all less easy marks and not as likely to be hamstrung by the same foibles as Trump continues to be. The Democrat nominee will be saddled with a detestable doctrinaire leftest activist base whose world game plan is to Make America Poor.

Because the FBI institutional zeitgeist, exemplified by the leadership cohort and apparently extending quite deep into the field office leadership who aspire to the DC swamp, is so much of a reprehensible political nature the FBI should be disbanded and its legitimate functions refined and dispersed.  Its leadership has sullied its reputation after decades of lionization such that: Calls grow among prominent figures to create a new ‘Church Committee’ to probe FBI abuses.  In my judgement rearranging some deck chairs while keeping the same overall reach is not the answer. Scope ought to be curtailed and that divided so as not to create new law enforcement agencies with similar powers.

Related reading: Note these articles also serve to indicate how wrong Bill Barr has been.

From Paul Sperry surmising the deep political corruption in the FBI:

Paul Sperry Unpacks the Trump-Hillary Double Standard: For Her, the FBI Helped Obstruct Its Own Investigation.


Trump and the Secret Documents


Trump attorney who was former DOJ official questions department’s appeal of special master

Special Master Order Reveals Biden’s Direct Involvement In Trump Raid And Six Other Bombshells

From Gary Bauer writing at American values: Deep-state-corruption.

Commentary by James Bovard in NY Post: There’s no sainthood for Obama, National Archives in Trump FBI raid uproar.    

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Holding Bill Barr in contempt

  • Bill Barr is clearly of the swamp

This rebuke of the “deeply flawed” former Trump AG Bill Barr is instigated by his disdainful remarks regarding the appointment of a special master to sort through all materials that were confiscated in the now infamous raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home some weeks ago.

Barr by his choice of words for public discourse knows that the press will glom on to anything negative he utters about anything Trump, especially in support of the swamp from which they and he emanate.

Barr and his ilk are incredible. The special master appointment is necessary due to the legal dispute regarding what is appropriate for Trump to have (as far as we know – all of it — using the Clinton and Obama paper grab standards) and the history of corruption, animosity and cover-up of their activities vis a vi Trump undertaken by the DOJ and FBI and within the West Wing of the White House (which ultimately authorized the KGB style raid). The whole thing is so rife with politics it was the only way to go.

Security for the materials?  Oh please, with 24 hour Secret Service protection provided Trump’s residence all material was as safe as in some warehouse or building in DC.

In spite of his crock remark Barr can on occasion wax eloquent. When his DOJ fraternity brothers were not at specific risk he did conjure up an effective insightful speech, once anyway, which we complimented at the time. But do not give him too much credit for his Russia Gate investigation — The swamp knew “Trump -Russia collusion ” was all bogus . . . but useful. Unfortunately revelations were becoming more frequent and better to be “out in front of it” rather than look incompetent or ineffectual, even if to slow walk it or be satisfied with a few low-life functionaries as fall guys — particularly icky zealot types that managed to embarrass the swamp with their clumsiness.  And the swamp is still dragging the whole thing out with or in spite of Durham’s efforts (we are not entirely sure).

We should have known nothing would be different under the likes of Barr —  he had responsibility — look at the agencies that were all under him.  What did he do to seriously reign in their power and corruption?

His “crock of shit” characterization of the special master victory for Trump in the face of the corrupt DOJ and FBI and their confiscation of personal and privileged documents in a KGB style raid on Trump’s home using pretext and goon squad tactics never applied to the Clintons or Obamas indicates to me that he and his cronies are very worried.

William Barr came “well-recommended” but for the most part his reputation preceded him and stopped there. Regarding the 2020 election an extremely harmful event for our constitutional republic Barr had little articulated feeling for our founding, the Constitution, history.  He was not a conservative and at best is an historic nincompoop  if he does not know the mendacious approach Democrats have always had toward elections. How could Barr be so dismissive of what  Allen West points out are objectively true about  the 2020 election:

First, from a constitutional perspective, we need to never allow anyone, elected or not, to believe that a so-called emergency suspends the rule of law. As well, a virus with a 99.5 percent recovery rate is not exactly what one would classify as an emergency; then again, as Rahm Emanuel aptly asserted, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

The only people, according to our rule of law, who can make or amend laws are those in our respective legislative branches. However, in 2020 we saw many seize emergency powers, unconstitutionally in most cases, and alter respective election laws. These people were governors, judges, and some secretaries of state. Sadly, even in my home state of Texas early voting was unconstitutionally extended an additional week by the governor who had far exceeded his 30-day “emergency” powers. There were other states where these unconstitutional actions occurred, such as Georgia, where a secretary of state entered into a consent agreement with a political activist to reference signatures on mail in ballots. In Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona there were questionable actions taken that affected standing election law…all without legislative involvement.

The pattern is a breach of nationwide voting integrity that make Jim Crow laws look subtle. Barr was  pathetic given what was at stake in the face of clear voter fraud, integrity suppression activities, partisan activities under official color, virtual airdropping of absentee ballots, profound voting pattern anomalies crying for investigation, . . . but he took the high road of  approval from his bar (whatever interpretation you want) buddies.  Nothing to see here . . . move along.

Here is part of a Barr interview which we will annotate perhaps later

On “America Reports” on Friday, former Attorney General Bill Barr criticized Trump’s push for a “special master” as a distraction from the details of the case and argued it is not likely to be granted.

“I think the whole idea of a special master is a bit of a red herring,” Barr told hosts Sandra Smith and John Roberts. “I think it’s a waste of time.”

“I can’t think of a legitimate reason why they could be taken… away from the government if they’re classified,” Barr said. “I frankly am skeptical of this claim that ‘I declassified everything,’ because, frankly, I think it’s highly improbable… that would be such an abuse, it shows such recklessness that it’s almost worse than taking the documents.”

“People say this [raid] was unprecedented, but it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put them in a country club,” Barr said.
“The facts are starting to show that they [the DOJ] were being jerked around… how long do they wait?”

Never put your hopes in principalities or the say anything principle-less.  

Barr’s betters like Clarice Feldman know the score:

The DoJ Argues that the Intelligence Community Overrides the Judiciary


Exposing Dems

The Dems have no shame, they will say anything and do anything to obtain or keep power. Here is a collection of Tweets, comments and links I came across from various referrals.

Let’s start off with this item from RNCResearch (a Twitter presence) exposing the duplicity of Democrat leadership suggesting that questioning election results is anti-democratic, fascist, whatever:  Other items follow.

Joe Biden is an automatic liar regardless of the depth of his dementia. Just a few days ago he claimed that he was a civil-rights activist from a very young age but this is how he described his activism when the time lines were more recent:

The “most popular ‘president’ ever” they say.  How do they spin this — the resident of the White House, Joe Biden, supposedly defeating an incumbent President Donald Trump by millions of votes, delivers a speech as a supposed incumbent doing all sorts of popular things but cannot fill a high school gym.  An out of power former president  on the same day has an energetic crowd that dwarfs the residents feeble audiance. Don’t hold your breath anticipating mainstream media to acknowledge the disparity.

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Biden not merely a bad man of bad policies he and his handlers are out to destroy the country

  • The Creep’s Speech — all you really need to do is substitute MAGA for Jew

His speech last night was as evil and as mendacious as Adolf Hitler ever gave, and Hitler was well practiced.    The (telepromtered) speech was ‘classic’ transference along the lines of Hitlers Nuremberg speech of 1936.

Only handlers and adjutants who are wannabe members of a Reich Cabinet of National Salvation could come up with the props and sign off on such a speech delivered by the often dementia addled creep some people call president but we more accurately call resident.   Links to commentaries below:

(Note to readers next post will be Labor Day)

You can’t make this up. The military presence was uncalled for. The bathed in red was his handlers choice — sending a message no doubt.



















OK I added the sepia tone



Here are some conservative commentaries on the speech. More comments to be added as we await Victor Davis Hanson should he wade in

Biden’s ‘Democracy’ Lecture Reminded Americans How Relentlessly Democrats Undermine It

Joe Biden Crosses Lines in Grotesque National Address, Heckler Spoils His Party

Tucker Carlson Takes on the Evil in Joe Biden’s Speech

Kari Lake Reacts to Biden’s Speech: ‘Most Absurd and Frankly, Obscene Address’

Biden Demonizes Millions Of Americans While Calling For Unity

Despotic Joe Biden Rages: Declares War Against Republicans, GOP ‘Destroying American Democracy,’ Incites Violence Against Half The Country

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Republicans better up their game and fight back aggressively

I am not close to the day to day inner workings of the Republican apparat of late but as John Q Citizen who gets around local Iowa quite a bit I am seeing more Democrat yard signs than Republican.

True, the  frequency for Democrats is in Democrat precincts but the Republican precinct are comparatively scant. In full disclosure I do not have my full complement out yet but I  am not on a highly trafficked street. However I have had an open-seat race yard sign out for some time as I began seeing all the Democrat signs.

One Republican exception has been Mike Vondran running for the Iowa House. Also, John Maxwell running for County Supervisor has done well in the non-urban area of the county.

Is there some ‘strategy” of Labor Day forward in that voting (by mail) starts a little later now? It is a pretty weak momentum strategy given that all the printing should be done and most locations found by now. Door knocking would go much better with such visibility and fund-raising momentum would be enhanced. Is this over-confidence or just more selective emphasis than I am seeing?  Neither are worthy of what is at stake.

Does the Republican apparat – (campaign people) not realize this is a Democrat machine county but one where Republicans can win? I really think the current visible effort is rather pathetic. I would not be critical if I saw local generic Republican efforts breaking through exposing and condemning the Democrats for what they support.  It is game time and the Republicans have not taken the field (and with the free rides they are giving some Democrats they will be participating with seriously less than full compliment).

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Megyn Kelly rips Fauchi a new one and it is glorious

Ron DeSantis starts the toss the dwarf elf game. (link)

Via The Western Journal:

“The truth is that Dr. Fauci, who had a greater hand than anyone in causing Americans to lose their jobs, years of learning and even their lives thanks to the social and economic upheaval he helped force upon us during the pandemic, ought to be ashamed to show his face in polite society,” Kelly said, kicking off the production.    . . .

“Fuck you, Dr. Fauci! You don’t get to say whether you go. You get a congressional subpoena, you show up, or you get the Steve Bannon treatment.”

Read or view her full comments, they are glorious and true. We embellish them with a few memes we collected cruising here and there.

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Republicans — THIS is how to do it — DeSantis ad and Gavin ridicule

Be direct, expose, ridicule

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