State policy set at the federal teat

Not really, but it makes a nice state flag banner slogan

This came over the transom from DH, former Iowa State Senator. It explains a lot

If you wonder the influence the federal government has on the State of Iowa

Consider Iowa Code section 17A.21:

  17A.21 Inconsistency with federal law. If it is determined by the attorney general that any provision of this chapter would cause denial of funds or services from the United States government which would otherwise be available to an agency of this state, or would otherwise be inconsistent with requirements of federal law, such provision shall be suspended as to such agency, but only to the extent necessary to prevent denial of such funds or services or to eliminate the inconsistency with federal requirements. If the attorney general makes such a suspension determination, the attorney general shall report it to the general assembly at its next session. This report shall include any recommendations in regard to corrective legislation needed to conform this chapter with the federal law. [C75, 77, 79, 81, §17A.21]

Basically, if challenging an agency law requires us to lose federal dollars, the federal law prevails and we lose.

Our Liberties We Prize but our Federal Dollars We Prize More

Would love to have the time to research this more as to other states, (I would bet it is common – of the uniform code variety corruptions inculcated into so many states) the actual legal effect and the history of any formal application (or is just the fact it is on the books enough for bureaucrats and politicians to say our hands are tied?).

One thing I did find out — it has long been on the books — corresponding to the federalization of just about everything, with Republicans willing to go along. The Iowa Code section 17A.21 first appeared in the 1975 Iowa Code. Republican RINO Robert Ray was governor with Democrat Dale Cochran Speaker of the House and Democrat George Kinley Senate Majority Leader.

The current Republican leadership (they are in control) ought to have the guts to remove it and deal with the federalization case by case.

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The Trump disease — gravitating to celebrity — ignoring substance

  • Nick Fuentes is the young punk racist provocateur who weaseled  his way into dinner with Trump causing quite the stir including from Trump supporters
  • You really can’t blame the press for reporting it
  • Fuentes is political poison and he must know it but likes getting his name in the paper, or he is delusional that he is having any positive effect helping elect anyone but Democrats
  • He likes to weasel his way into events and basically sh*t all over them
  • He has now done it to Trump (again?) but Trump should have been wary

Local note:

Fuentes is the same creep who weaseled  his way onto a Bettendorf church podium two years ago. The occasion was an event advertised by the Bobby Schilling Republican primary congressional campaign.  The sponsors obtained space at the Bettendorf church at the last minute after their original venue became unavailable. The featured purpose was to highlight “Angel Parents” — parents of children killed by illegal aliens.

I was there. The Angel Parents testimony was compelling. Fuentes was not an advertised or contemplated speaker but showed up with another, as it turned out, anti-immigration provocateur who was not allowed to finish his bombast and was shown the door. Somehow Fuentes was allowed to fill in at the end of the evening by an underling in the campaign, not properly vetted to say the least.  Fuentes avoided the bombast but was just as wrong.

 The presence of Fuentes  sullied the event as the purpose of the event and the Angel Parents being there was to talk about illegal immigration. Fuentes carried on in racist tones in his time at the end essentially about all immigration. Angel Parents that were aware of Fuentes as anti-immigration (they are not as a group) objected to his message in a gathering after he spoke (many if not most people had already left prior to and during Fuentes’ ramblings).

That did not matter to the press that was there because of maybe a dozen pro-illegal immigration leftist picketers.  The event was portrayed as racists, racists everywhere, who had invaded Bettendorf in the guise of opponents of illegal immigration and the community’s honor was saved by picketers of a church and its disreputable racist congregation !!!  You would get that impression from various front page articles in the Quad City Times.

All that was necessary to create such a story was the mix of one race mongering idiot eager to co-opt an event intended to feature victims of illegal immigrants and a paper eager to do a hatchet job on opponents of illegal immigration (Republicans) and a particular candidate – Bobby Schilling – and there you have a running story that fullfills both their purposes.

Quad City Times tried mightily to make its report distort into the most read event of the month, even the year — giving it FOUR +1 related front page stories, including headlines.

Yes the event was unfortunately tinged at its end (after many or most of the attendees had left) by a race mongerer who was not advertised or scheduled to be on the program. It was late and we suspect those who remained were politely waiting for the program to be wound up and not paying attention to Fuentes. Most people there probably thought he was referring to illegal immigration and not implying that ANY immigration from people of color was bad or associated with diminution of culture.  Much of what we heard was coded or unclear as to where he was going — but anybody listening would have found the implications appalling as did Bobby Schilling.

Trump’s meeting with “Ye” has turned into a problem largely of Trump’s own making. It reflects a weakness of Trump.  If Ye rated a sit-down does that not indicate Trump had some knowledge of his persona, especially Ye’s notorious ego and unpredictable ways? But apparently celebrity trumps. And where was Trump’s staff who should have been aware of Fuentes’ notoriety.  They should have made any excuse to get Trump’s ear and get rid of Fuentes or make an excuse to end the dinner, and then have Trump make an immediate statement about illegal vs legal immigration and racial quotas and as regards other of Fuentes’ bloviations.

Hell, meeting with anybody named ‘Ye” or anybody who can change monikers with such alacrity (is the choice some kind of pick your own pro-noun thing that is all the rage) ought to be avoided by Trump and his staff.

But sure enough Ye who has less filter than Trump allows an opportunistic punk ignoramus Nick Fuentes to weasel his way into the sit-down, enjoying being the turd in the punchbowl.  Given Fuentes notorious racial analysis and further his Holocaust denier status  — unless Trump had a recording of telling Fuentes off or a video of having him removed it was not going to go well — embracing or supping with Ye notwithstanding.  With Fuentes it is one thing to decry open borders and the disappearance of the nation-state as we do, it is another to racialize the objection.

Core beliefs consistent with the nature of our republic and its founding make skin color irrelevant.  Within our capacity, better we have immigrants from Africa, Latin America and Asia seeking freedom and astute enough to know what is necessary to keep that freedom than made up of reconstituted Bolsheviks from Europe or their selfish American interstate migrant fellow travelers who merely want relief from the problems they created, intent on “doing it right” in their new surrounds.

It is not a total innocent gullibility of Trump — his default attraction to celebrity versus discretion and substance. It was another avoidable “scandal” (however exaggerated by the press) that is left for others to just suck up and keep on Trump’n.

Related reading:

This article at American Briefing (excerpts here) and a link to Trump’s statement on the matter offer for some indications of purity and innocence on Trump’s part, others palliation and others like yours truly mostly just spin.  I am just tired of the drill when adverse fallout is so predictable and unnecessary with due care.  While of the nature of spin it does provide some insight into the personalities in question: We offer an annotation or two in parenthesis to the excerpts.   Please do read the entire articles.

Trump at one point turned to Ye and said, “I really like this guy. He gets me,” according to the source.  (regarding Fuentes playing the courtier)

    • “To be honest, I don’t believe the president knew who the hell [Fuentes] was,” the source added.  (why the hell does he know who Ye is)
    • Fuentes told Trump that he was on Truth Social but had been banned from the social media platform Gettr because Trump adviser Jason Miller, the CEO of the company, wasn’t a fan of his. (ought to be a big red flag for Trump if Jason Miller has a problem)
    • Trump asked whether it was because Fuentes was on the “fringe” of his supporter base, the source said. Fuentes acknowledged that he was, saying he’s “one of those people who got banned from everything.”  (you know just like Trump, nothing more controversial  –  but understand we agree with J D Vance – full quote below)
    • Ye claims in the video that Trump was “really impressed” with Fuentes because “unlike so many of the lawyers and so many people that he was left with on his 2020 campaign, he’s actually a loyalist.”  ( with friends like Fuentes . . . )

Fuentes also added in his Saturday live stream, “I didn’t mean for my statements and my whole background to become a public relations problem for the president.” (whole background indeed, but then knowing your radioactivity why do you pull these stunts.  You likely won’t have an audience with Trump again)

. . .

Nicholas J. Fuentes is the host of America First, a live stream that has garnered controversy due to statements and clips taken from the show. Fuentes, like many right-wing figures, has been banned on Twitter, and when his clips from his live stream are posted, he is unable to clarify the clips.  . . . (He can do so at length on  various social media avenues available to him.  We have heard directly some of his statements and they are irredeemable until he publicly refutes them)

J.D. Vance came out in support for Fuentes after his unnecessary banning from Twitter: (“support for Fuentes” hardly, Vance’s support is for a free twitter).

Trumps explanation — he was just helping a troubled young man and never heard of Fuentes.

Trump’s Close Allies Are Calling Him Out Over Controversial Dinner.

The latter might be true but who brings tagalongs to a personal counseling session?

Our advise to Trump (this will upset the never apologize advisers) —  issue a substantial and clear statement on your views regarding racial quotas and immigration, Fuentes’ statements (research his public speaking as well) his views on the holocaust and warped attempt at humor (which we do not believe he was engaged in — seriously — baking cookies!).


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Awful “Respect for Marriage” bill can still be stopped / amended in the Senate — contact Ernst

Below are two message from Gary Bauer at American Values and Catholic Vote .  The messages are similar  but compelling in their own way. Easy to do links are provided. It will take you a few seconds to let Ernst know what she needs to do.

As a matter of intelligence gathering  if anyone has heard anything at church from the pulpit, or flyer, encouraging the congregation to contact Ernst about this matter please let us know — a simple message in the comment section will do.   For example the National Conference of Catholic Bishops has come out against approval of an unamended Respect for Marriage Act, seeing clearly the danger to individual liberty and connected institutions but what are individual Bishops doing?                              Bold our emphasis.

From Gary Bauer American Values:

Fight For Religious Liberty

The battle raging in the U.S. Senate to redefine marriage is far from over. There will be another critical vote this coming Monday on the (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act.

Senator Mike Lee and 20 of his GOP colleagues are fighting hard to ensure that religious liberty is adequately protected.  And we must stand with them now.

As you know, 12 Republican senators broke ranks and supported Chuck Schumer’s effort to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman. They did so after they trusted Senate liberals to safeguard religious liberty. Seriously, what were they thinking?!

This is not a hypothetical issue. Prominent progressive politicians are not shy about threatening the tax-exempt status of churches and faith-based institutions that do not affirm men “marrying” other men.

Monday’s vote involves the rewritten legislation with the left’s version of religious liberty protections. They are too weak. (You can read more here.)

They do not protect individuals and small businesses, and we have already seen too many individuals and small businesses get dragged through the mud because they refused to compromise their deeply held religious beliefs. (Here, here and here.)

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops blasted the legislation as a “bad deal for Americans of faith,” and warned that its so-called “religious liberty” protections are “insufficient.”

The National Religious Broadcasters called the legislation a “betrayal,” adding that the “bipartisan amendment that purported to remedy the bill’s lack of religious liberty protections failed to address the critical issues.”

The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, the public policy arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, warns, “This bill, even as amended, does not provide meaningful protection for those that maintain a traditional view of marriage. This amendment invites further confusion and litigation.”

We need at least three of the 12 Republican senators listed below to change their votes. The following links will direct you to their Capitol Hill and state offices. Please call both!

Roy Blunt (MO)

Richard Burr (NC)

Shelley Moore Capito (WV)

Susan Collins (ME)

Joni Ernst (IA)

Cynthia Lummis (WY) — Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Lisa Murkowski (AK)

Rob Portman (OH)

Mitt Romney (UT)

Dan Sullivan (AK)

Thom Tillis (NC)

Todd Young (IN)

If these senators represent you, you must make your voice heard on this critically important issue. Melt their phone lines down!

Tell the aide who answers that you expect your senators to protect religious liberty. Tell them to support the Lee Amendment, and to oppose the Respect for Marriage Act until the Lee Amendment is adopted.

From Catholic Vote:

How Catholics Can Urge Republicans to Change their Marriage Vote

CV NEWS FEED // CatholicVote is calling on Catholics to contact the 12 Republican senators who voted with Democrats to advance the so-called Respect for Marriage Act (RFMA) in the Senate.

These 12 Republicans, whose names and office phone numbers are below, “betrayed their constituents” by voting for the “radical Democrat-backed bill to redefine marriage and attack the religious freedom of those who still believe in marriage between a man and a woman,” CatholicVote stated in an email to Catholics in 10 states.


Readers can contact the Republican senators who might be persuaded to change their vote to a No either by phone or via CatholicVote’s Quorum page.

Roy Blunt of Missouri, (202) 224-5721

Richard Burr of North Carolina, (202) 224-3154

Thom Tillis of North Carolina, (202) 224-6342

Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, (202) 224-6472

Susan Collins of Maine, (202) 224-2523

Joni Ernst of Iowa, (202) 224-3254

Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, (202) 224-3424

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, (202) 224-6665

Dan Sullivan of Alaska, (202) 224-3004

Rob Portman of Ohio, (202) 224-3353

Mitt Romney of Utah, (202) 224-5251

Todd Young of Indiana, (202) 224-5623

Senators usually ask for feedback from citizens from their own state, so it is imperative that Catholics in these 10 states contact their senators as soon as possible, said CatholicVote Communications Director Joshua Mercer.

RFMA goes further than simply codifying “same-sex marriage” into law, CatholicVote’s Erika Ahern reports: 

It would mandate every state to recognize any and all marriages contracted in other states. But not just same-sex “marriages.” Any legal “marriage.” 

Of greatest concern to Catholics, the religious freedom “protections” included in the Senate version of the bill are utterly inadequate. 

CatholicVote Director of Government Affairs Tom McClusky wrote: 

It merely states an insincere recognition of religious liberty and conscience rights, but it does not offer any meaningful protections for those rights. This leaves Catholic individuals and institutions vulnerable to countless lawsuits. Catholic schools, Catholic Charities and other institutions of faith will be vulnerable to multiple lawsuits and government harassment that could threaten their tax-exempt status and ability to serve the public.


“The Senate still has to vote on this awful bill at least two more times,” said McClusky. “The Republican senators who voted to advance it must be convinced to change their vote!”

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Ernst, Grassley, Hinson, Miller-Meeks, Feenstra, Nunn invite primary challenges

The entire Iowa congressional delegation has provided on multiple issues fodder for conservative primary challengers. (See Iowa Standard article linked below)  Indeed every one of them seems bent on inviting a primary challenge not because of peccadillo matters, although the more they stack those up the more they will have to convince no-party people to vote in a primary and save their bacon. On their votes on bigger issues, one might think they relish a primary challenge perhaps because they believe it will prove something to their new favorite constituency — hand-wringers and non-Republicans.

Now I happen to think it is folly for a two year term congressman who won their first election courting conservatives in the primary and the general to want to toy with the emotions of a party raw with distaste for most of what comes out of DC — the dishonesty the disassembly.  Creating disgust in the base increases the likelihood of a Democrat candidate of substance willing to go after an incumbent.   Scratch that, in actuality the Democrats no longer need a strong candidate, the machine works its wonders on its own only overwhelmed when Republicans have someone to turn out and vote for with enthusiasm.   Ladies and gentlemen of the GOP, it is better to dance with who brung ya.

Instead they too often put themselves on the defensive from the right but will never be considered authentic by the left.  Who you caucus with is key for Democrats.

So what turns their head? Well we all have feet of clay and failings, let that be well understood.  But actual conservatives have a guide post citadel to orient themselves 95% of the time — the Bible and culture, the Constitution, excellent think tanks and platforms.

On the recent obscenely named Respect for Marriage Act codifying the SCOTUS Obergefell gay marriage decision Ernst, Hinson, Miller-Meeks, and Nunn (in spirit) rejected the citadel of truth and the judgement of generations for weak rationalizations or misplaced emotions.

We wrote to Ernst and Grassley on the matter:

Subj: Vote against the misnamed (Respect for Marriage Act)

Your political convenience, posturing, whatever,  is not worth the cultural persecution that this bill will bring. The bill does not refine Obergefell it inculcates it into a prosecutorial tool that will more effectively be used as a cudgel against orthodox Christians and others.  . . .

Grassley opposed it but Ernst was one of the 12 Republicans (the rest mostly the gang of usual suspects) that brought it over the top in the Senate (subject to some reconciliation of sorts with the House version which Miller-Meeks and Hinson supported). When signed by Biden the act will bring persecution to orthodox religious people (focused on Christians of course) and works to federalize marriage, and not in a good way. Supposed religious liberty protections are window dressing. But heck it will be another opportunity for their GOP  ilk to be outraged at how it is being used and promise to fix it if we will only return them to office, never mind that they they foreseeably created the problem.

As pointed out by Jacob Hall writing at The Iowa Standard while this is a serious affront  the conservative  apostasies are not limited to such a deep cultural offense. And while Grassley opposed the act  he votes with Biden far more than Ernst on other matters. So Ernst has some reserve to work from although blowing any of it on this is stupid. It is perhaps also due in part to lack of intellectual grounding within her (and the other Iowa delegates in support) and their staff in failing to understand the legal implications of the act and advise accordingly. Or . . . all of them support those implications?

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: Why Ernst voted for DisRespect for Marriage Act

Related reading:




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Republicans are not Democrats and shouldn’t try to act like them

  • A vote is a vote and the best way to insure it is counted is to vote in person
  • Iowa has a lot of voting by mail, regrettably so in a good government sense
  • It can be done with a degree of reliability depending on the jurisdiction but demographics in Iowa and sociological considerations make it costly in time and inefficient
  • Flooding the zone  can be a real problem even for the most assiduous county if vote by mail becomes the overwhelming thing
  • Republicans should push satellite voting  with only selective focus on vote by mail
  • More important than anything –  inoculate people beginning in the early summer with solid messaging (early voting begins in the Democrat states before Republicans get their ad campaigns going. Such will inhibit Democrat appeals. 

After the disappointing midterm election there have been a number of articles in conservative publications we monitor calling for Republicans to use the turnout techniques of Democrats. Here are two examples.

Our view

Voting more than say a week early in person at satellite sites is one thing. Encouraging people to play an inherently fraud capable and contra-good government game of vote by mail a month before the election in some states which to be competitive in the Democrat gutter requires adopting their tactics of hectoring people who do not want to or should not vote, ballot harvesting (incentivizing payola) and all the other illegalities and shenanigans they employ creates a climate of . . . “well they all cheat” among the weak-minded people supposedly targeted and you are still just competing against gross tactics the least of which is to hurry up and vote a.k.a. “the bum’s rush.”

Lengthy time frames for vote by mail also increases costs or interferes with “buys’ of all sorts of media used to promote it wasting it on such a non-message when good messaging can raise all Republican votes. I have seen valuable mailers and broadcast time devoted ridiculously, repetitively, obnoxiously to VOTE NOW ~~ before the world ends ~~ from party, candidates and issue groups .

The effort is churned by consultants and or weak-minded party apparat who think paying or getting fees or wasting volunteers time and donors money hectoring people to vote early when the only definable results are getting gold stars for scaring the low-hanging fruit of Republicans who know how to vote and who would vote anyway into voting early. The people who spend much time doing this are only running up some numbers on “early voting” to get a gold star and still losing. The so-called “banking” is really just changing accounts. The whole thing increases the political turn-off.

Do you realize that phoning, a usual avenue for such GOTV efforts (actually all unsolicited calls) has a less than 1% answer rate! It requires computerized predictive dialing 12 hours a day with people at a phone bank who may just get a hang-up if the tell-tale computer gets a live answer. Such an actual contact rate might get a few jobs if you are selling siding or new roofing after a storm but in politics what you get is a general turn-off. Then there is the feature of delivering one of those ever so effective answering machine reminders — apparently thought valuable because people are shocked to discover an election is going on??

A household might get multiple calls every day for a month or more hectoring them to vote early. Oh there is the delightful threat that if only you vote early “we can take you off our list” and you will stop getting these calls. 1) it is a lie because there might be others in the household who have the sound good-government practice of not voting early and the household will continue to get calls and 2) it is an absolutely ineffectual statement and essentially a lie because issue groups and candidates will continue to call because lists are not updated and they are intent on calling “their” own list which overlap.

Door knocking? To the extent it is permitted (many multi-family complexes essentially make it impossible) You might get one 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 to be home and open the door in a single family neighborhood in the short window you might find people home, but you may not get in a key-key-controled complex . This is not to say do not door knock and there is no problem bringing up early voting (encouraging it in person) but spending much time on the mechanism of mail voting means other doors don’t get knocked with any messaging.

Inoculate people early with messaging. Call out the scalawags and their party. Give people a convincing comparative reason to vote in flyers, billboards, social media, broadcast, etc., and for something and we will win. Vote the most secure way, in person as provided by local jurisdictions. Offer rides if need be. Maintain vote by mail for shut ins and military but for others encourage in-person.

And how about this — a message to the effect: if you are going to vote early — vote against the party of inflation, insecure borders, crime, culture rot, etc etc. Inoculate people from the bad guys with good performance and early and constant effective messaging. Leave your vote early message at that rather than wasteful spending competing with, and in essence justifying, non-in person voting mechanisms open to cheating that make it convenient for Dems to have all the time in the world to use walking around money to solicit some ballot marks. Stop Democrats presumed effectiveness by shaming, law enforcement and legislative changes. Oh, and standing up for your own policies and repudiating theirs.

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Election disappointments for GOP centered in states with looser election laws

  • “Looser” as in susceptible to fraud

Regarding the disappointing midterm election results —  in spite of the “wave” hype we can’t expect to win everything everywhere. That said, this article from J D Rucker writing at  America First Report makes fair points about the midterms loses —  both correcting certain scapegoating myths (abortion) and addressing the need to correct possible stolen elections.

Think of the states of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, states with continuing voter integrity issues (Georgia somewhat improved but the cheat to win ethic pervasive). Had Republicans won even 2 or 3 of the 6 or more  high profile races that received so much media attention in those states,  the conservative punditry would have perhaps been forced to be more balanced in their analysis rather than so many issuing a spate of articles when not blaming it on abortion insisting that Republicans need to adopt Democrat vote by mail tactics, harvesting etc., and abandon integrity. We will address that concept in the next post.

Related reading:  Poll reports a majority of voters believe cheating likely affected midterm elections.

We quote Ruckers commentary  in order to facilitate readers’ ease of referencing our annotations and embellishments to his. Bold emphasis ours.

Elections Were Stolen: Do NOT Let Them Gaslight You Into Thinking Otherwise

November 15, 2022

Never in modern history have the polls been wrong by FAVORING Republicans heavily. Polls favor Democrats by 3%-6%, so in any race that’s close in the polls, Republicans have a better chance of winning it than the Democrat because real results for the GOP outperforms polling. We saw a clear example of this in Florida where polls that favored Republican candidates underestimated their victories while polls that favored Democrats, such as the race between Eric Lynn and Anna Paulina Luna, were wrong. Luna defeated Lynn by 8-points despite the final two polls showing Lynn slightly favored.

That’s how things are supposed to go, but this last election was different. Very different. Inexplicably and undeniably different. Instead of close races going to Republicans, they defied every election in modern history and went to Democrats. Even candidates who were clearly winning in the final polls, such as Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake or Pennsylvania senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, had their fortunes reversed.

But here’s the catch. The red tsunami that everyone and their dog predicted was only thwarted in states where voter fraud is essentially permitted through loose voter ID laws, ubiquitous mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, and unchecked vote counting practices. States that have stricter laws such as Florida and Ohio saw the predicted red wave. States where voter fraud is de facto legalized like Arizona and Pennsylvania saw inexplicable “wins” for corrupt Democrats.

Unfortunately, we’re not hearing about this from most in conservative or alternative media. Instead, we’re hearing excuses. For example, I’ve seen many conservative pundits that I used to respect claiming that the abortion issue is what caused the failure of the red tsunami. This is unambiguously false for one important reason. Nobody woke up on election day and said, “Hmm, I know I was going to vote for Republicans and told the pollsters I was voting for Republicans just yesterday, but today I remember Lindsey Graham wants to create a nationwide abortion ban so I’m going to vote for Democrats instead.”

That didn’t happen. If abortion was the issue that stopped the red tsunami, we would have seen that reflected in the polls for weeks ahead of the election. We didn’t. In fact, many Democrat candidates had switched their ads in the final weeks to stop focusing on abortion because it simply wasn’t playing for the general population. We also would have seen it in gubernatorial races. Instead, what we saw is 100% of the governors who signed an abortion ban won reelection.

This is consistent with what we observed with a race here (SD  47)  where the Democrat had abortion as her main theme in ads for a time but changed the message to suggest the Republican was a big spender with her pro-choice message reduced to more of a tag.  Governor Reynolds was one of those pro-life governors winning by 19 points.

Others have blamed the “MAGA Republicans” for being bad candidates. This is also false. Lake, for example, ran a pitch-perfect campaign. This is why she was leading in the final polls. Without massive, widespread voter fraud, I imagine she actually won by double-digits against a very weak candidate who wouldn’t debate, was embroiled in multiple scandals, and whose only pitch to voters was that Lake was somehow dangerous. So the lady who ran the counting of the ballots after being non-existent during the campaign somehow won against a person the people have known and trusted for decades during her television career. That didn’t happen, either.

Some are pointing to the student loan forgiveness causing a blue wave among students. This may be the most ludicrous excuse of them all. Announcing that college students voted heavily Democrat this election is like saying the sun rose in the east this morning. Students have voted Democrat in every election for the last six decades. It’s not new. It wasn’t exceptional this year. It didn’t stop the red tsunami.

While agreeing that the youth vote is dependably Democratic  and turnout may not have been dramatic, it only needed to be a few points more to win those close races.

You are being gaslighting, as Wayne Allyn Root noted on one of his recent columns, which I included in a segment of today’s episode of The JD Rucker Show. Unfortunately, we’re not just being gaslighting by leftist corporate media. Conservative news outlets are blaming the election losses on everything other than massive, widespread voter fraud.

Know this. If you feel in your gut that voter fraud is the main reason the red tsunami didn’t materialize, you’re not alone. People on both sides of the political aisle are going to try to convince you otherwise. You’re going to be labeled an “election denier” and for some reason that’s scaring enough conservative pundits into silence. Don’t fall for it. You know what happened. You may not know the details, but you know there is no possible way the general population outside of Florida and a few other states voted for more of the torture this nation has been put through the last two years under Democrat control.

Could Oz really have been that bad compared to what the world saw about Uncle Fester Fetterman and the bums rush Democrats got to hurry up and vote for him?? The Democrat strategy of keeping Fetterman under wraps as long as possible, getting all the votes in they could prior to the so called debate means they can nominate and elect a ham sandwich.  Oz was not a good candidate or choice by Trump but seriously haw could he lose to Fetterman with an informed or sentient population?

“It’s the economy, stupid.” For Democrats to have allegedly been rewarded with possible gains in the Senate and far fewer losses than projected in the House is simply impossible with the economy the way it is. It wasn’t Roe v Wade. It wasn’t “MAGA Republicans.” It wasn’t student debt forgiveness. It was voter fraud. Period. Don’t let anyone, especially so-called conservative pundits, convince you otherwise.

Here we disagree as to the effect of the youth vote which is not to say that fraud was not a sufficient part of the equation. I doubt any group of Democrat leaners would be less scrupulous about how they vote than the younger voters –  and more likely to participate in activity they could rationalize however in violation of the integrity of the election. There were motivations designed to appeal to them and they included unfettered abortion but also loan forgiveness and pot referenda.

Hopefully, there will be some lawfare finally used properly by Republicans. That’s the only recourse at this point. As Leo Donofrio noted on a recent interview, there are ways we can correct the stolen election in Arizona at the very least. I’m sure there are ways in other states as well. It’s time to find some good, patriotic attorneys and plaintiffs who are willing to put in the work to save this nation. Otherwise, there may not even be a 2024 election.


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Iowa’s wave

Florida was not the only wave election — Iowa reelected our pro-life governor who won by <3% in 2018 but last week gave her a 19 point win like DeSantis. Iowa Republicans took all statewide offices but one (which was very close) and two of the wins were upsets. Iowa increased Republican numbers in each state legislative chamber and took the only US House seat from the Democrats making Iowa now 4 of 4. Chuck Grassley was reelected to the Senate by 12 points. So we now have a full complement at the federal level. We also passed a gun rights constitutional amendment and overwhelmingly returned the two Supreme Court justices on the ballot standing for retention who were part of the majority in a “Dobbs like” decision correcting a Roe V Wade type decision by an earlier Iowa Supreme Court. One of the four or five counties Dems traditionally rely on to pump up their numbers (about the only counties the Dems win outright out of 99) went Republican for the statewide and federal races on the ballot. In 2020 that county – Scott – went for Biden. All partisan county-wide offices on the ballot save one which was a low priority but nevertheless close race (less than half a percent)  went Republican. Iowa should probably still be considered purplish due to those counties but not this year.

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Red Wave Election in Iowa and Scott County

  • National perspective still being determined.  
  • More on various races in later posts 
  • Democrats relied on abortion to carry the day and underperformed 
  • Key state legislature races in Scott County where Democrats hoped abortion would be the undertow only saw them go down the drain.

In regards to abortion look at State Senate District 47 where Mary Kathleen Figaro championed unfettered abortion. Attack ads were also run by others against pro-life Republican Webster for being pro-life. Even Republicans received single issue mass mailers by Figaro promoting  her pro-abortion position. The Democrat party, the party of abortion,  in that Republican leaning district would be expected to lose with 45.7 % imputed.  Figaro underperformed receiving less than 43.7 % of the vote.  “Pro-choice” — where is thy sting.  Pro-life prevails.  It is never all, but it is a net plus issue.

Even more dramatic an underperformer was the Cooper character in State Legislative district 81. Democrats by registration had an overwhelming advantage such that the RPI ignored the race.  But long time prominant right to life activist Luana Stotenberg threw her hat in the ring, not willing to concede a race to a pro-abortion party.  She appears to have won the race by about 30 votes.  Hers was a phenomenal performance and ought to have repercussions at RPI.

More on these and other local state and national races in coming posts.   Congratulations Iowa Republican voters!!

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Turning blue registrants into red voters

Regarding Scott County 

Regarding the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI)

In party registration this is a blue county in a red state but there are almost traditionally some county wide offices that are held by Republicans — Sheriff – Treasurer – most of the Supervisor seats. State leg — not so much. Statewide depends on the candidate/office.

For Davenport, city office is largely a Dem lock but other municipalities in the county not so much. Federal voting tends to blue (Trump lost here) except for Grassley.

The Republican wins at the state and federal level are in spite of the national and local media (Fox affiliates are just another pack journalism outlet) promulgating Democrat themes, or not honestly covering news that is counter their  liberal progressive bent, the QCTimes being the most biased. Thank God for alternate media and talk radio.

But if the induced economic situation (Democrats in charge) the vestiges of culture including law and order, national sovereignty, the goodness of life and the ignoble nature of procured abortion, the Bill of Rights under assault in so many ways. . . if those sentiments have the inherent strength we pray for, an instinctive impact, countering the culturally regressive (so-called progressive) Democrat party, this ought to be a thorough  reset election in tune with what we are hearing predicting rejection of Democrats in even more bluish enclaves.

The prayed for red wave may well happen here although the Republican fight “inspired” by the RPI has been too much one of conceding ground, taking punches without response, lackluster messaging early on that failed to inoculate – as if people make up their minds only in the final weeks.  The RPI from what I have been able to observe has failed to take it to the enemy using global messaging benefitting all Republicans.

Many hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions)  have been expended controlled by the RPI  that were narrowly and we would maintain rather blandly focused on individual races when theater neutron (leave the buildings standing) “bombs” were called for due to Democrats own bent of totally destroying the American (Iowan) way of life. Media messaging (“neutron bombs”) that destroy the enemy en mass leaving Republicans standing if for no better reason than being a Republican and not having the poor judgement of being a Democrat.

Things are so bad — the economy, the border, foreign policy, energy, culture, crime  it ought to be enough for the candidates to say I am a Republican, my opponent so and so is not and is a member of a party mainly responsible for all of the aforementioned problems.  Instead we get the equivalent of “I’m a good person”  but weakly or rarely pointing out to people how bad the Dems are.  The individual Republican races that are exceptions to this should not have been exceptions although they are helpful because their media has some overlapping effect (note our previous comments about Gov. Reynolds’ campaign).

There should have been more of a hard-hitting generic campaign on behalf of Republicans — a rising tide carrying all boats . Hopefully, and there are signs to that effect, we will still have a good night tonight nationally if honestly counted in key states.

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President Trump’s, me me me rallies ,



  • I have been to three Trump rallies, driven hours for two of them and believe the 2020 election was essentially stolen from us and that justice needs to be pursued. I attend the rally’s because I like Trump, would vote for him in a heartbeat if he is the Republican nominee in 2024 but especially because I like the vibe of the people, and the message THEY send along with showing support for Trump’s general policy performance.
  • But Mr. President for gosh sakes learn to stifle yourself for your own good and ours
  • This has never been all about you, don’t act like it, show some humility, the little appreciation you show comes off as gratuitous as you revert back to “I”, (however fulsome you are at it you are not as bad as Obama or Biden) 
  • Acting presidential does not mean letting people beat up on you but it also does not mean picking fights with allies
  • The dig at DeSantis in Pennsylvania was not funny or clever, certainly not necessary
  • So DeSantis endorsed O’Dea in Colorado who is not a fan of yours
  • It was political malpractice for you to tell Republicans not to support O’Dea in the general against a Democrat with the Senate majority so close
  • Who do you think you are, Mitch McConnell subverting Republicans?
  • Hell you endorsed Romney Oz and Kevin McCarthy and your hires have often been far from stellar.
  • Why make it harder for people to defend you with people who could be enticed to support your policies?  
  • We don’t need unnecessary drama, or enervating diversions defending your unproductive trashtalk and ill-considered quips or comparisons
  • Schlichter’s List

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