“now, where did I put my candor?”

  • Too many fellow denizens to protect

Mere days before Gen. Michael Flynn was sacked as national security advisor, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gathered more than a dozen of his top FBI disciples to plot how to ruin Flynn’s aspiring political career and manufacture evidence to derail President Donald Trump, according to FBI sources.
McCabe, the second highest ranking FBI official, emphatically declared at the invite-only gathering with raised voice: “Fuck Flynn and then we Fuck Trump,” according to direct sources. Many of his top lieutenants applauded and cheered such rhetoric. A scattered few did not. https://truepundit.com/fbi-deputy-director-snaps-in-anti-trump-tirade-mccabe-professes-hatred-for-u-s-president-to-fbi-colleagues/

Seriously. Do any of you Veritaspac readers think that “swamp creature, Christopher Wray, won’t take Durham’s report (with all the really serious stuff) and redact everything but the sentence, “Andrew McCabe is a former FBI Deputy Director…”? (He will then return it in November 2020, upon submitting his resignation to newly reelected, President Trump.) And besides, McCabe didn’t “lie”…he just couldn’t find his ‘candor’.    DLH


WASHINGTON, DC: Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe is facing an imminent indictment over lying to Federal investigators during his tenure at the FBI. It could well be the first of series of indictments for McCabe. Signaling a new welcome phase of accountability for the criminal behavior endemic at the DOJ, FBI, CIA and State Department during the Obama Administration.

It foretells an avalanche of bad news for those senior Obama officials who plotted to weaponize the intelligence agencies and justice department to destroy political opponents.

The crimes of Andrew McCabe
What McCabe may face initial indictment for is small potatoes in comparison to the avalanche of official misconduct he was allegedly a part of. From close collaboration with fellow coup plotters Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to craft the “insurance policy” that became the Mueller/ Weissmann inquisition.
To his intimate involvement with “Crossfire Hurricane” and its attempts to frame George Papadopoulos.

From the illegal FISA warrants obtained with the Steele Dossier. To conspiring with Rod Rosenstein to wiretap the President and invoke the 25th Amendment. From Fusion GPS to the Seth Rich murder and the leaking of DNC emails to Wikileaks.

Everywhere you turn in the saga of the Russia Hoax Andrew McCabe keeps rearing his conspiratorial treacherous head. Consistently using East German Stassi tactics on a regular basis. He has an elegant company among his many co-conspirators, to be sure.

IG Horowitz FISA abuse report
Indeed the whole collection of coup plotters were involved in the systematic attempt to destroy Donald Trump as a candidate. Strangle his Presidency in its crib, overturning the will of the voters. So it is a little amusing that McCabe’s initial indictment will be for leaking information about the Clinton Foundation in order to cover his own ass.

The ensuing and subsequent indictments from John Durham will be far more on the point.

The release of the report on FISA abuse by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is in the hands of AG Bill Barr. Insider reports are that it is extremely harsh. That it will find all four FISA warrants to have been improper and illegal. That it will recommend prosecution of the guilty parties.   . . .

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Hang in there Joe, we are with ya

Goodwin: It’s time for Joe Biden to drop out of the race 


See the source image

Flickering for Ol’ Joe but we still have hope

“Yes, yes, I’m aware that he’s the front-runner for the Democrats’ nomination and that front-runners never exit voluntarily. But I’m also aware that Biden knows something else, too: that growing concerns about his mental and physical capacity are legitimate.

“He also must know that he and his team are not fooling anyone with claims that all is well. His rivals, initially reticent to go there, are now willing to raise the fitness issue.” September 15, 2019, By Michael Goodwin at the NY Post

backup candle


YES, MICHAEL;, WE KNOW ALL OF THAT. That’s why “Joe” has Veritaspac’s endorsement. He embodies everything the Democratic Party stands for: an inexplicable wackiness that, if it ever again comes to power in America, this country will never be the same…a beacon of freedom and opportunity, and honest compassion…all gone!
Joe and his Party stand for none of this, “Hell, yes, we’ll take your guns…”; “You like your health care, you can keep it…”; etc, etc

With Joe at the head of their ticket, ridicule and resounding, well-deserved defeat are assured for the “Democratic Socialist Party of America”.
You Go, Joe!!   DLH

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Sheila Jackson Lee is going to EDUCATE the Public!!!!????


Jackson Lee: We’re Investigating to ‘Educate the Public,’ and Find Facts

Breitbart Politics, by Ian Hanchett:

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” House Judiciary Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stated that the Judiciary Committee is “investigating so that we can educate the public, but as well, find all the facts that may be relevant to then writing the articles of impeachment.” Jackson Lee said, “We’re investigating so that we can educate the public, but as well, find all the facts that may be relevant to then writing the articles of impeachment. Which, by the way, that is what will go to the floor of the House for a vote.”

Congressdunce Sheila Jackson Lee, in our opinion,is the dumbest and most obnoxious person in Congress. And that is saying something…there are many runners-up to Jackson-Lee, inexplicably sent to Washington by voters to ‘represent them’.

Consequently there are a lot of voters in America who look like pure fools, reflected by the way they are being represented by people like Sheila.

And now, Sheila Jackson Lee, who has no discernible intelligence whatever, has announced that she and her equally intellect-challenged Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are going to “educate the public” is beyond laughable! Instead, it is sad, dangerous, and pathetic .

On countless occasions, Jackson Lee has demonstrated how dumb and incredibly arrogant she is. Just a couple of her statements illustrate her intellectual limitations:

In 1997, for example, The Hill reported that the newly-elected congresswoman asked NASA officials whether the Mars Pathfinder photographed the American flag astronaut Neil Armstrong had planted on the surface of Mars. When it was pointed out that the flag in question was on the moon, not Mars, Jackson Lee cited bigotry. “You thought you could have fun with a black woman member of the Science Committee,” her then chief of staff wrote in a letter to the editor. (As this shows, Jackson Lee is not only stupid but a huge player of the race card.)

And here’s another Jackson Lee “beaut”:

“Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked…”


“Maybe I should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the Republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years operating under a constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not.”

As a bonus, this 2011 article from the Daily Caller details why Sheila Jackson Lee has earned the title of “Washington’s Worst Boss”. It is an intriguing piece, incredible in its portrayal of the arrogance, racist, insensitive personality of Jackson Lee.

We said the race for dumbest person in Congress was a close one:

Maybe Sheila can be joined in her effort to “educate” Americans by her buddy, Maxine Waters, on why she was compelled to march with abortion advocates:

“I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion”


There are more, it is practically written into their platform

Typical of a Clarice Feldman column, this piece is loaded with important information. Much of it indicts the “green movement” and the fraudulent “climate change” narrative  the current zeitgeist of the Democrat Party.

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Wilding and those who lie to protect the perpetrators(s)

The media belies any claim to the legitimacy of its mandate to inform not just by spreading incorrect information but also by over-reporting some things and not reporting key aspects to other incidents. If conservative blogs are the only outlets that pick-up on on certain events when “some people did something” especially something the dominant liberal media would cover if not sensationalize in other circumstances depending on the perpetrator(s), well those liberal outlets are lying about telling the whole truth.

This piece on PowerLine contains a video that is incredibly disturbing. How much has mainstream media reported on it that you have seen?

But we must keep in mind that, these are just some “urban yoots” “acting out” because of the “white Racism” and “White Supremacy” rampant in this nation!

On August 3, a gang of 12 teens and young men attacked and robbed a man near Target Field in Minneapolis Surveillance video from the scene shows assailants punching, kicking and repeatedly jumping on victim after removing his pants At one point, one suspected gang member rides over victim’s chest with a bikeA similar attack targeting drunk people took place on August 29, leaving a victim unconscious Police conducted a three-day bust and arrested 16 suspects between ages 13-25, half of them juveniles

The video shows a wilding and the perpetrators are unsuitable for civilization. We have no idea what would reform them.
Minneapolis Slides Downhill

“And so, as liberal values dominate in another urban enclave, the city becomes ever more inhospitable, even unlivable, for law-abiding citizens.

“A reader reminds me that I should have mentioned this: “Some Minneapolis candidates say they can envision a city without police.”

Seven City Council hopefuls and two mayoral candidates say in a local voter guide that they can envision a future Minneapolis with no police.
Asked, “Do you believe that we could ever have a city without police?” two mayoral candidates and two incumbents and five serious challengers running for City Council answered “yes.”

We also see that the situation surrounding an individual who embarked on a wilding six years ago and whose justifiable death nevertheless made him a cause celeb due to the media in search of a politically correct victim rather than concern themselves with the veracity of race agitators and liars.

The Trayvon Martin Hoax Comes Crashing Down 

A new book and film exposes how much of the legal and media case against George Zimmerman was based on a false witness.

When it came out that Martin may have been on top of Zimmerman punching him “MMA style,” the media focused on the fact that Zimmerman did not exhibit extensive brain damage after the attack.And when some perceptive observers raised questions about the testimony of Rachel Jeantel—the woman who Zimmerman’s prosecutors said was Martin’s girlfriend and had been on the phone with him during the last minutes of his life—the media fired back with indignation. The testimony of teenagers is beyond reproach. Unless they happen to be wearing MAGA hats.  . . .

Gilbert’s most recent film and book, The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America, provide painstakingly researched evidence that seem conclusively to show that Rachel Jeantel was not Martin’s girlfriend and was not on the phone with Martin in the moments before his death. In other words, a good deal of the legal and media case against George Zimmerman was based on a false witness.    . . .

Exceedingly few would view Trayvon Martin’s death as anything but a senseless tragedy—a young life ended entirely too soon. The real question is how can we stop such heartbreaking tragedies from occurring. By ignoring the true circumstances behind Martin’s death, we stop ourselves from having an honest conversation about the real problems in our society. In the case of Zimmerman, the media created an easy scapegoat to sidestep the difficult question of how we make our communities and our lives better.

Unfortunately, members of the mainstream media will continue spinning their simplistic and misguided narratives to generate outrage, increase turmoil, and ultimately feed a healthy audience on the divisions, misery, and suffering of our country. But we must continue to focus on the truth. Because the only way we can make the future better is by learning from the past—the true past.

We would only add that this Joel Gilbert, must have steel nerves …or at least a ‘carry permit’.     DLH and R Mall

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Conrad Black & Peggy Noonan Sittin” in a tree . . .

Pens an amazingly false and disappointing characterization of Peggy “read my lips…” Noonan

Like many conservatives, I have admired Conrad Black, described by Rush Limbaugh as a “major media mogul”. In my opinion he is also a great conservative columnist. He is, of course, much more than either or both of those as can be found in his online biography.
And, thus, it was very disappointing to learn of and read Mr. Black’s latest column in the National Review. It first came to my attention by hearing of it on Rush’s show.

Since, I’ve read Black’s column as well as Peggy Noonan’s latest column in the Wall Street Journal, 9/14/19.

If one reads both, it will be obvious, I believe, why many are very disappointed in Conrad Black, understand completely why Limbaugh called him out on his show Friday, and finally, how utterly and amazingly off the mark Mr. Black is in his assessment of Ms. Noonan! To wit:

Trump’s Only Real Weakness Is His Style

If the president can become a bit more presidential, his reelection will be all but assured.

This is the time for President Trump to deprive his enemies of the last weapon that could be employed against him that could cause him any harm: the largely false, but still troublesome, issue of his personality and routine behavior. Other lines of attack have come to naught: Collusion with Russia, accusations of racism provoking outbursts of mass murder (by uttering “racially charged statements,” in the inadvertently Orwellian words of CNN’s most witless talking head, Don Lemon), the verbal recession confected by the world-renowned economists of CNN and MSNBC, all of it has collapsed. Illegal border crossings are in sharp decline as the wall is steadily extended, and Mexico cooperates in arresting the flow of illegal migrants to the United States, all within the framework of a new free-trade agreement and the steady relocation of manufacturing designed for the U.S. market from China to Mexico (and other countries). The only arguments left to the puling and squabbling Democrats are ever more implausible lurches to the left and the lingering sense that Donald Trump, though not the extremist or the incompetent that many had declaimed and predicted, is just not suitable to be president.

It does the president no favors to pretend that there are not still a significant number of people who have an uneasy feeling that although his administration is in policy terms quite successful, and the president has faithfully tried to carry out most of what he promised in the raucous 2016 election campaign, he is yet too bombastic and evidently egocentric to maintain the dignity of his great office. This is a widely held view, even among many who support the president for his policy successes and the well-conceived initiatives that are still in the balance, especially trade and other negotiations with China, and the attempted revival of nuclear non-proliferation in respect of Iran and North Korea.

The entirely admirable Peggy Noonan (Wall Street Journal and Fox News) seems to me illustrative of the best type of these people. She is effectively nonpartisan, extremely knowledgeable, and always very fair, and she wishes every U.S. president well and hopes that whoever is in that position does a good job for the country. Because she worked so closely with President Reagan, she may tend to measure presidents against him, and few in history can live up to his quality, as a man and as a leader. But there is nothing wrong with having high standards. It is clear from some of her columns that she finds the president’s bellicosity toward his opponents, and his tendency to be nasty and personal toward them, disappointing and unsuitable to a president.

In Trump’s defense, no president since Richard Nixon’s last days in office has been subjected to such malicious and widespread hostility as this one, and while most of the obloquy directed against Nixon was based on a minor felony compounded by some more-serious obstructions of consequent investigations, all imputations of possibly illegal wrongdoing by our current president have collapsed and been exposed as malicious or negligent abuse of power by sections of the Justice Department and the intelligence agencies. History is finally beginning to record that Richard Nixon was an outstanding president who was overwhelmed by the propagation of public hysteria over trivial matters in which there is no evidence that he did anything illegal. But there was an illegal source of the problem, and, as Nixon himself acknowledged, he badly mishandled the investigation.

Here is a transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s comments on his  show about Mr. Black’s remarks: (excerpted to limit some of Rush’s obiter dicta)

And there is a new addition to this group of people, and I have to tell you that I was surprised to see it. On this program over the course of several months now I have referenced positively and quoted extensively from someone I believe to be a brilliant man. That would be Conrad Black. Conrad Black, a former media mogul himself. He’s Canadian. He is a member of the British House of Lords. He’s known officially as Lord Black of Crossharbour.

He used to own a bunch of Canadian newspapers and newspapers in Israel. And he writes columns for National Review and American Greatness, those magazines, slash, websites. And he is one of the most astute people in understanding who Donald Trump is and why Donald Trump won. You’d have to look far and wide to find anybody else as confident as Conrad Black is that Donald Trump is going to win and win big in 2020.

He exudes confidence all the time that Trump’s opposition is gonna get theirs, the silent coup members are gonna be indicted. He believes that all of these wrongdoers, all of the people that have misused the system to try to get Trump are gonna get theirs and they’re gonna get payback, and it’s gonna be criminal and indictments and it’s gonna happen very near the 2020 election. He’s been resolute in this confidence that Trump is not gonna lose his base, that Trump is going to continue to triumph.

His confidence is rooted in the substance of Trump’s policies that are succeeding on economics and on trade and dealing with illegal immigration. So I was shocked, and I must say I was shocked, to see that over at National Review Conrad Black has written that Trump needs to tone it down, that Trump needs to become more presidential.

Let me quote to you from the Conrad Black piece. “If the president can become a bit more presidential, his reelection will be all but assured.” Now, up to now, ah, there may be a couple of exceptions, but Conrad Black has not  . . .noted Trump’s behavior as a problem for his reelection. He’s not thought that Trump was carrying unnecessary baggage. He’s mostly writes about how it is that Trump has been able to succeed. And he’s been shrewd and perceptive in explaining that.

But now he has backed off a little bit. “If the president can become a bit more presidential, his reelection will be all but assured.” Continuing, he writes, “This is the time for President Trump to deprive his enemies of the last weapon that could be employed against him that could cause him any harm: the largely false, but still troublesome, issue of his personality and routine behavior.

“It does the president no favors to pretend that there are not still a significant number of people who have an uneasy feeling that although his administration is in policy terms quite successful, and the president has faithfully tried to carry out most of what he promised –” It does him no favors to pretend that there are not people who believe he is still “too bombastic and evidently egocentric to maintain the dignity of his great office.”

Let me translate this. When he says it does the president no favors to pretend that there are still not — look, it doesn’t do anybody any good to deny that there are a lot of people out there who think Trump is still too bombastic and egocentric and is not maintaining the dignity of the office.

He said: “This is a widely held view, even among many who support the president for his policy successes and the well-conceived initiatives that are still in the balance, especially trade and other negotiations with China, and the attempted revival of nuclear non-proliferation in respect of Iran and North Korea.”

And then really floored me when he suggested that Peggy Noonan could maybe be brought back into the fold into supporting Trump if he would just be nicer. That Peggy doesn’t like the fighting, Peggy doesn’t like the confrontation, Peggy doesn’t like all this constant rabble-rousing, and if Trump would just dial down the bellicosity toward his opponents and his tendency to be nasty and personal, that maybe people like Peggy Noonan would come back.

I was stunned when I saw this. Conrad Black knows as well as anybody that this is the reason Trump got elected! Do any of you — maybe we should throw this open, ’cause I’ll bet you I know, but I’m not gonna pre-characterize what I think the response here I would get is. I’m sure there are some people, we’ve had some women call, “I love Trump, oh, my God. Oh, my God. Just stop tweeting, stop the tweets.” (bold face ours)

We had a whole segment on it or two earlier this week. But the idea that Trump would greatly enhance his already likely reelection by changing who he is, of all the people that I thought would join this chorus, Conrad Black I would not put on that list.

Now, I can imagine what’s happened here given the names of people he mentions in his piece. I’m sure he writes these universally, intriguingly, masterfully created pieces of support for Trump, and I’m sure some of these people in the salons of New York and the salons of Boston where the elites hang out, where the people who really make the country run, I’m sure they are getting hold of Conrad, “What are you doing? Do you not realize what an insult this guy is to people like us?” And Conrad’s fully capable of harboring these thoughts himself, too, but I can’t help but think there has been some outside influence.

So let me just put it to you this way. If Trump were to all of a sudden become more “presidential” in the way these people define it — if Trump were to stop tweeting, to stop being critical of the media, to stop calling them fake news, to start conducting real press conferences again like it’s always been done — would that make you feel better? Would that make you feel more enthused? Would that make you say, “All right! All right! I knew Trump could do it. I knew he could do it. I feel better.”

Is that how you would react to it? I’m just putting the thought out there. In other words (impression), “Donald Trump needs to become more like everybody else in Washington. Politicians are politicians. Presidents are presidents. There’s a code. There’s a standard. There is a behavior that is accepted, and there hasn’t been any exception to it except for Trump, and it’s time that he conformed to it! It’s time that Trump became the emblematic Washington politician.” A lot of people getting nervous about this out there.

A lot of people… You can’t find anybody… You can’t find anybody in the circle of elites any more pro-Donald Trump than Conrad Black. You would have to look long and hard to find anybody in that group of people who knows Donald Trump like Conrad Black knows Trump. Most of them have no idea about Trump. They live and breathe all of these preconceived notions. They haven’t taken the time — like the Democrats and the Democrats in the media haven’t taken the time — to really understand Trump or the people that support him and voted for him.

But Conrad has. Conrad knows, knows exactly why Trump is succeeding. Let me put this another way: Is it important? Does Trump not to win back people like Peggy Noonan and others in the conservative commentariat who have become Never Trumpers? Does Trump need to focus on the Never Trumpers and bring them back in the fold — and can he?*

Peggy Noonan’s latest column — note the title and lede to it. 

Everyone Knows the Truth About Politics
The Democrats are scrambling, Trump is a screwball and the sane center is getting ignored.

*”The entirely admirable Peggy Noonan… illustrative of the best type of these people*. Not to repeat what we have often described as the Peggy Noonan so accurately reflected in her columns, we do wish to note that we believe that Black could not be further off in his characterization of “Miss Peggy”. As we refer to her, she is perhaps most famous as a speechwriter for the G H W Bush campaign and as the one who “helped” Bush’s reelection effort so greatly (not) by giving him the line, “Read my lips…no new taxes!”

Peggy has written very little even part-way favorable about a GOP president since, including GHW’s son, GW. We’ve always thought that Peggy had always convinced herself that she played a much bigger role in Ronald Reagan’s administration than she actually did. Consequently she seemed to us to be quite resentful of GW Bush when he failed to bring her into his administration, obviously not recognizing her ‘gargantuan’ talents. “Entirely admirable”? We don’t think so.   DLH

One can wonder that perhaps Lord Black had not read Miss Peggy’s latest prior to finalizing his own.  Reading hers one sees only the “woke” presumptiveness of someone who has no accurate idea of what attracted people to Trump, keeps them loyal and is engendering more to the fold.  Noonan’s field of contacts who she interprets for us as “everyone” and the “sane center” does not extend beyond a few blocks from her New York apartment. The whole column reads like a reference to “everyone who is anyone” snideness and utter contempt for Trump.

Read the column if you subscribe or can get by the pay wall, we may find the stomach to deal more with what Ms Noonan thinks she knows about what everyone knows and Conrad Black’s paean to her ilk.  R Mall

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China to exempt pork and soybeans from their tariffs

  • It seems they need the pork and soybeans
  • Bad news for Democrats counting on their philosophical brothers resiliency
  • Dems really don’t want to see even the potential for Trump winning on trade
  • Dems no doubt asking “Why couldn’t they have waited for 14 months”, starving people never inhibited their policies before, and it won’t inhibit ours.”

 LA Times:   China adds soybeans, pork to tariff exemptions before U.S. talks   (excerpt)

The Chinese government is growing increasingly concerned about soaring prices and their potential to mar celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China’s founding on Oct. 1. China is hoping to import 2 million tons for the year, some of which would be added to state reserves, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

China bought about a million tons of pork so far this year, of which 87,771 tons were from the U.S., according to Chinese customs data. Even if purchases tripled, imports would only make up about 6.6% of domestic supply, Citigroup Inc. said in a report on Thursday. The world’s biggest consumer of pork accounted for about half of global demand last year, while it produced about 54 million tons, Citigroup said.

More imports are only going to go part of the way to address shortages. The country is likely to see a 10-million-ton pork deficit this year, more than the roughly 8 million tons in annual global trade, according to Vice Premier Hu Chunhua. That means the country will need to fill the gap by itself, he said.

Now we may have written a few times calling on all concerned about trade deficits and cheating China, to give Trump the support to hold fast. But an element in this state, centered in certain ag association lobbyists, are not seriously concerned about the nation’s trade deficits with China or their thievery or threatening hegemony, as much as they are concerned with the smoothness of their own China deals and damn manufacturing here, and damn intellectual property because they consider their industry above it all.

The economics are clear – Trump USA holds the best hand to, with determination, obtain  much better results with China on matters of trade and intellectual property and currency manipulations than we ever insisted on before, benefits resounding to all business sectors here and increasing our national security.  Just criticizing China or asking them to play nice has not worked. Generating a successful tide toward honest freer trade has necessitated using the club of responsive tariffs used against us to make bad actors sit up and take notice and honestly negotiate. It is a process necessary in this world particularly with the likes of China and it can lead to freer trade that will raise all boats helping the world economy.

And the truth is as far as the ag sector, markets for ag products will stabilize world-wide no matter what unless people stop eating.  It is a world market not just a China market. Patience farmers, tell your association spokesholes to show prudence in their advocacy as you do in your business decisions. Keep your eye on the big picture and this country will continue to help you toward a new normalcy of freer trade benefiting all.

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The American people can always depend on Chief Justice Roberts to be completely undependable

SO MUCH FOR “CALLING BALLS AND STRIKES” (But then, this IS a CNN report) DLH (image not in original)

Exclusive: How John Roberts killed the census citizenship question 

For the most part, Roberts’ opinion in the census case laid out why Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had significant latitude to add a new question. He was joined by his four conservative brethren on that point. But then the chief justice swerved, and joined by the four liberal justices, said Ross’ justification for the citizenship question, tied to enforcing the Voting Rights Act, was contrived.

After the justices heard arguments in late April, Roberts was ready to rule for Ross and the administration. But sometime in the weeks that followed, sources said, Roberts began to waver. He began to believe that Ross’ rationale for the citizenship question had been invented, and that, despite the deference he would normally give an executive branch official, Ross’ claim had to matter in the court’s final judgment, which Roberts announced on June 27.

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Something to ask Fauxcahontas

  • Maybe she should have went for I was born a poor black child

As readers are well aware Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren used to dance around claiming American Indian heritage — no doubt  to imply she or her family had direct experience of white-man’s evil ways and the legacy of discrimination.  She even used the claim as part of her application processes to teach at Harvard and her Texas Bar registration.

Eventually succumbing to challenges to prove her heritage, she was found out to be not telling the truth. She has no American Indian heritage.

Now according to another Breitbart revelation “Fauxcahontas” Warren  is a direct descendant of an Indian Fighter who served with Andrew Jackson. Jackson was another  Democrat and one much hated by the  “indigenous” Americans for his ruthlessness and not to mention his Trail of Tears policy   So we have a couple of questions we hope will be asked of her by the moderator or others at the Democrat Chautauqua pow wow debate tonight.

1) Have you petitioned, for the record, to have your Texas Bar license records corrected?

2) How is your decades long claim to American Indian heritage and any affirmative action or political benefit it entailed, now, after revelations of your Indian fighter heritage (think Trail of Tears) not the same as a descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest claiming slave blood for political or other affirmative action benefit?  Just ask’n.

Hi.  My name is Nathan Bedford Forest the Fifth and I was born a poor Black child

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Daesh on Qanus handed their ass

  • Unfortunate name for an island to seek refuge on
  • Wherever their head was, it is no longer there
  • If the Taliban is watching – their sh*t is weak

The US Air Force with the cooperation of other OIS (Operation Inherent Resolve) coalition members pretty much sunk an island stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) the acronym for a recapitulated Islamic terror organization. The attack took place on September 10th.

Yesterday Trump put the Taliban on notice. They could have had a peace process, now, if they make any more terror efforts against us, or innocent civilians anywhere, well — Trump’s coming and Hell’s coming with him

If it was an Army operation, soldiers would say HOOAH! ; if Marine, OORAH ! But we were at a loss as to what Air Force members say.  We researched it a little online and got various answers — BOOYAH, ZOOMIE and from wag sources — MEOW and YIPPEE. Additional intel appreciated.

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Islam’s ecumenism and the Fool in the Vatican

  • Two articles we noticed today,  this anniversary of a religious driven attack on America that killed thousands
  • Question for Pope Francis: If God will’s other religions he must will schism in His church??

Now personally I think ecumenism understood as either the inter-Christian denomination kind focused on unity where there can be, or more broadly the movement that promotes worldwide cooperation among all religions is fine, as long as truth and Biblical faith are not compromised. But there is a Pope out there saying that The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, . .

In the document signed by Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar where that phraseology appears “pluralism” is not defined or what the hell the two intend the statement to mean. It is in the context of  a paragraph referring to “freedom”. However, generally the word  pluralism is taken to refer to a variety of religions, — so does the statement pertain to Hinduism, Pantheism, Animism, . . . atheism . . . or what have you? It would seem to without needed clarification.

We also don’t know how such a statement fits in the whole original sin concept of Christianity — did God will original sin ?? He willed our freedom our agency,  but that is not the same as willing pluralism or all manner of sequelae from free will. If so “allowing” something becomes “willing” something, and it is then a silly tautology that pretends to understand or reflect the mind of God.

So where am I going with this? Well I am sure that is not an infrequent question when I do a post. But reading the articles linked to here you might understand my wonderment as to whether Pope Francis has called out the Good Imam to see if he has used his teaching authority to implement  a new era of “good feelings” or the possibility of the Pope’s foolishness.   If a memo went out the Taliban apparently didn’t get it prior to their latest attack..

From Gary Bauer writing at Campaign for Working Families (excerpt)

All over the Western world, young people are lectured to respect Islam.  Fair enough.  We should be respectful of other faiths and views. 
But I am not aware of any educational effort in the Islamic world, not in Saudi Arabia or Somalia, Indonesia or Iran, aimed at teaching young Muslims to respect westerners and non-Muslims.  In fact, in many Muslim nations, they are taught Islamic supremacy and it comes in many forms, whether Sunni or Shiite. 

And think we are rough on the Pope? William Marshall writing at Townhall: (excerpts)

The Fool in the Vatican 

. . .

While he ventures into waters in which he has no expertise, like “man-made climate change,” he is making fundamental changes to Catholic doctrine where he presumably does have some expertise, that is sowing confusion and turmoil among tradition-minded Catholics.

One of Pope Francis’s most egregious moves was elevating a known homosexual pederast, former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, from the disgraced obscurity to which Pope Benedict had consigned him back to lofty heights within the Church, as one of Francis’s top advisors, despite Pope Francis being forewarned of McCarrick’s perversions. The mind reels. Eventually, thankfully, Pope Francis removed McCarrick following a public uproar and Cardinal McCarrick, now Mr. McCarrick, was finally defrocked.

Even Pope Francis’s comment, cited in the Journal article, on the potential of a schism within the Church caused by his changes (or confused thinking) evidences a cognitive incoherence that should make the entire College of Cardinals question whether this man is fit to lead the billion-member Church. He said, “There is always a schismatic option in the church,” but added that the “path of schism is not Christian.”

Huh?   . . .

One top-ranking Catholic prelate, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who served as Papal Nuncio (ambassador) to the United States from 2011 to 2016, was so incensed by his first-hand knowledge of Pope Francis covering up for Cardinal McCarrick’s crimes, and then elevating him despite his awareness of them, that he bravely wrote an extraordinary 11-page open letter blowing the whistle on Pope Francis that every Catholic should read. He called on Pope Francis to resign.

And Archbishop Vigano is not alone among the remarkable men who are questioning whether Pope Francis should continue in his holy office. The very estimable American Cardinal Raymond Burke, a conservative who was the chief of the Vatican supreme court until his removal by Pope Francis, has more subtly suggested that a removal or resignation of Pope Francis may be in order or, to use his word, “licit”, based upon Archbishop Vigano’s allegations.  . . .

Francis’s confounding policies and statements have so alarmed senior Church officials that four cardinals, with the support of Cardinal Burke, have petitioned Pope Francis with a letter asking for simple yes/no responses to five simple questions seeking clarity on Church doctrine. That’s a very serious matter.

I do not believe one should blindly follow a celebrity-obsessed man who finds time to lecture Americans about eliminating their borders, allowing illegal aliens to flout their laws and flood their country, all while he lives in a palace safely protected by the Swiss Guard. And as I wrote earlier this year in a column titled “The Silence of the Shepherd”, Pope Francis’s failure to speak out against the abhorrent comments of Virginia’s governor/physician in which he effectively advocated for infanticide, was a gross dereliction of duty.

I love the Church. I love its history, its majesty, its enormous contributions to human civilization, and its teachings, imperfect as I may be in following them. And it requires the finest of men to lead it. Where is Pope (now Saint) John Paul II when we most need him?

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