Part 4: If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The theft of the 2020 presidential election is the biggest political scandal in United States history because of the now widespread contemporary known facts of the steal, the journalistic corruption and blackout, the accessories after the fact judiciary, the willful and cowardly political class including so many Republicans.

The documentary 2000 Mules has exposed the steal of the 2020 presidential election. See here,  here,  here,  here, here, here and here. *

The evidence presented is convincing that the mechanism highlighted in the documentary was real and that an organized conspiracy — with an electoral college game plan that was the result of a network of orchestrations, either interstate or intrastate. We also believe there was casual unorganized but Democrat fostered cheating that was also impactful. The reason being it is so easy to do on a onesy twosy basis when absentee voting by mail presents so much opportunity.

There was the perfect manmade storm of covid hysteria to provide a virtual algae bloom of absentee ballot requests and actual ballots both laying around for exploitation. Democrats always exploit a crisis (and create one when none is available).

Force multipliers of illegal activity were also abundant — the Zuckerberg Money CTCL was a force multiplier in key states. You can review our posts about  the influence of Zuckerberg money through this link.

The dominant liberal media , the AP which feeds most daily newspapers, the usual culprits in broadcast and cable media including  Fox (radio and cable news) have with maniacal consistency and purpose addressed critics of  2020 election integrity as makers of bogus claims,  debunked claims,  false claims or that no significant fraud has been found . . .

We believe the timing  of the leak of the draft SCOTUS opinion overturning Roe v Wade made at the time of the release of the 2000 Mule documentary was likely to give the allies in the media of the 2020 theft something to talk about rather than appearing so totally oblivious.  To be sure there was and continues to be a succession of Biden blunders of which his allies desperately want to change the subject.  What better way to change the subject than to throw domestic allies a bone to ease their panic and give them something to foment about.

Knowing abortion blood lust is near and dear to Democrats while delusionally assuming the majority of America agrees with Roe’s original establishment of abortion on demand for any reason at any time of pregnancy removing any ability of legislatures to regulate they set out to change the subject, and to a degree it has worked. But the draft had been available to the perp  for weeks prior and so the draft could have been leaked either days earlier or later.   Others share our opinion.

The justified ridicule set forth below is from an email sent out to people concerned about election security.  It is from the Thomas Moore Society a pro-life legal defense firm also concerned with election integrity.  It makes complete sense if you have viewed the documentary 2000 Mules which by the way premieres for normal theatrical distribution today.

4.) Fact-checkers correct the 2000 Mules Record!  California fact-checkers have reviewed 2000 Mules and are correcting the record.  I have included a brief recap from the independent fact checkersI am so thankful to the independent fact checkers for correcting the record. 

    • Claim #1: 2000 Mules alleges that ballot mules were identified that went near a dropbox ten times, and a nonprofit 5 times.  This could be evidence of mules picking up fraudulent ballots from the left-wing non-profit and delivering the fraudulent ballots to dropboxes.  However, independent fact checkers note that GPS data in 2022 isn’t as reliable as one may think.  Although it is used by Google, Facebook, Apple, and every third party app you use.  The independent fact checkers found that we don’t know that a mule was picking up fraudulent ballots from a non-profit and delivering them to drop boxes.  The independent fact checkers note that there could be a perfectly legitimate reason to visit drop boxes over ten times in the middle of the night.  It notes that cab drivers and election officials would have perfectly good reasons to go from non-profits to dropboxes repeatedly.
    • Claim #2:  FOIAed surveillance footage shows ballot traffickers submitting multiple ballots into drop boxes.  However, brilliant independent fact checkers note that there is no proof that the mules on camera are the same mules seen in the GPS data.  
    • Claim #3: : 2000 Mules shows video surveillance of mules stuffing a ballot box with multiple ballots, in violation of the law.  However, independent fact checkers note the story of Larry Campbell, a man not seen in the documentary who claims he submitted six ballots into a dropbox on behalf of his wife and four adult children in Michigan.  Independent fact checker Tim Griffin found this confusing as Michigan Code Section 168.764 does allow immediate family members to do what Larry Campbell did, but it was nonetheless illegal in Georgia, where the documentary shows footage from.
    • Claim #4: 2000 Mules discusses 1,000+ potential paid mules based off of GPS data in Philadelphia.  However, independent fact checkers have debunked this claim saying that independent fact checkers have not yet seen the evidence.  Independent fact checkers also rely on the statement of democrat state Senator Sharif Street, a Philadelphia democrat re-elected in 2020 through the use of these drop boxes, in the city of Philadelphia, who claims that he spent much time around drop boxes and nonprofits but didn’t harvest ballots, and therefore the data is flawed.
    • Claim #5: 2000 Mules matched some of the ballot traffickers’ phones to those who were at the BLM and Antifa riots during the summer of 2020, meaning that these could be trusted provocateurs of the left engaged in an illegal RICO case.  However, independent fact checkers found the claim false, and that while the same people could have been near the drop boxes during election season, and at the summer riots, it didn’t mean that these actors were leftist agitators.  It notes that police and firefighters were present at the summer BLM rallies.  Thus, the cell phone signals of the ballot traffickers could have been the same police and firefighters from other states, popping up in election season near drop boxes in faraway states.  Maybe the police officers and firefighters took election season vacations to travel out-of-state to work second jobs at ballot traffickers.
    • Claim #6: the mules in videos were wearing surgical gloves to prevent their fingerprints from being on the ballots, as they were engaged in an illegal act.  However, independent fact checkers found the claim false and indicated that the mules were likely wearing the gloves to stop the spread of COVID-19, and to keep warm during the winter months.
    • Claim #7: the mules took photos of their collection of ballots at the drop box in order to send to their employer and be paid.  However, independent fact checkers found this to be a false claim as many voters take pictures of their singular ballot envelope prior to inserting it into the drop box.
    • Claim #8: the mules in swing states may have swung the election for Trump through the number of ballots trafficked.  However, independent fact checkers found this claim to be false.  Iowa College of Law professor Derek Muller, who graduated law school the year I went into law school, believes a ballot trafficking scheme is unlikely.
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Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it

Because, in spite of the chicken littles, we can’t. Weather gunna weather whether we like it or not.  Consider this recent post explaining historic observations. But first a couple of asides.

First we believe that much of the statistics indicating trends are bogus because of the undependability of the measuring, the guess work required and the biased or weak modeling.  Claims regarding what the average temperature was centuries ago and then building graphs from that as if they are unassailable is hokum.  

Regarding the pretense of climate alarmists that think man is largely responsible for major trends (as if they would not happen but for man). If man is responsible for a degree or two Celsius of warming, over many decades, particularly as a result of CO2, I say good. That is better than cooling,  warmth is easier to deal with than cold and can increase crop yields particularly if CO2 is actually significantly increased. Easier and ‘significantly’ are the watch words.

To be sure man can alter localized environments, fail to anticipate droughts with stupid policies, cause actual pollution, devastate the land in various ways but the earth has a remarkable ability to cope and compensate and recondition built in as far as the effects of the  indigenous to this planet. As suggested in this article our celestial place has more to do with climate change than anything.

Extreme Weather During the Maunder Minimum


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Out of the mouthes of babes and a Jesuitical solution,

From dlh:

“The nationwide shortage of baby formula that has sent mothers desperately rushing from store to store has evaded one lucky group: illegal immigrants detained by Border Patrol.

“According to videos posted by a Florida lawmaker, the Biden administration has been shipping “pallets” of baby formula to migrant holding facilities.

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” said Republican Rep. Kat Cammack in one of two online postings yesterday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula,” she added, holding a photo of empty shelves where the formula would be.”

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….“JESUITS AND SLAVERY DESCENDANTS BID FOR RACIAL HEALING AT GEORGETOWN U. …”

Rather than “cash reparations”, the Jesuits should ‘pay for their grievous sins of previous centuries’, BY RELINQUISHING all ties to Georgetown Univ..

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Food security not climate boondoggles

There are two green movements, the earth one and the money one, and in Iowa the latter uses the former with abandon

Keep this in mind every time you go grocery shopping and buy gas

Where is the humanity in calling for more ethanol being marketed for use in cars at a time of cyclical weather issues abroad and other food security issues?

Where are the real concerns for the planet and people in pushing for dependence on undependable wind energy instead of developing one or two nuclear powered generating stations in this state which would be enough to eliminate all the godawful bird killing, pollution causing (rare earth using, cropland destroying, noise creating, non-recyclable) undependable eyesores that are actual assaults on the environment and instead, you know, reliably warm and cool homes and power business and real industry instead of boondoggle “industry”. 

Is that too much to ask from political leadership

We read recently that 50% of Iowa’s corn acreage now goes to ethanol production, most of which goes to blend with gasoline. Over one half of Iowa’s total cropland is planted in corn. So then about a quarter of the cropland goes to your car instead of to reduce food prices here or threats of famine at a time when food security is a real issue.

There is also the matter that ethanol does not keep your gas cheaper because it does not actually extend your cars mileage as it results in at least 3% less mpg and you pay for the lesser per gallon cost seen at the pump with that reduced mileage and the tax dollars used to benefit the industry including .less taxes for E15 blended gasoline.

Now environmentalists are becoming more aware that it takes a lot of water and energy to produce ethanol and are not so sure of its net benefits. Indeed a big reason for the push for CO2 pipe line across Iowa is to take the CO2 produced  by ethanol production (remember CO2 bad) and move it elsewhere for burying.  Maybe some more environmental earth first types will realize the absurdity of that.

Green (the money kind) is behind both of them — ethanol marketing mandates and the latest boondoggle pipeline mandates (eminent domain).

It is almost like politicians with dollar signs in their eyes glom on to a cause –“green” energy, — make even the alleged solution untenable, indeed counterproductive by their own standards, and then offer a solution enforced by law under eminent domain, and pretend they are helping.

Now CO2 is good for crops, it is what they consume for energy, in turn producing oxygen which we breath, and then we in turn produce CO2 which the crops like.  It is a good plan given that CO2 is minor part of the atmosphere but essential to our existence.

Now the green movement is largely coming around to the realization that all that corn for ethanol is not such a good thing however wrong they are about the causes of climate cycles. But that has not stopped Iowa political leadership Republican and Democrat from fostering more and more boondoggles under the guise of green in order to get the shade of green they really like. As long as they are on the take, would that is be from something that actually helps humanity. Nuclear energy for one.

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Part 3: If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The kraken referred to is of course evidence of the theft of 2020 election exposed in the documentary film 2000 Mules which premiered Monday May 2nd. A synopsis,  people and organizations that made the documentary are set forth in this link.

I watched the documentary in a movie theater that was full except for some neck-bender seats way up front, probably a couple hundred people for the first showing, no doubt there from their attention to conservative web sites and social media NOT any references from dominant liberal papers, broadcast and cable TV including FOX Network because there wasn’t any from those sources who constantly issue the chant  “no evidence” and “false claim” whenever Trump or a supporter even questions the integrity of the 2020 election.

The mechanism of the theft as set forth in the documentary, in a nutshell, was of an organized effort to violate election laws in key states first using mass blanketing of absentee ballots, requested or not,  then using ballot harvesting, non-statutory third party collecting and handling intermediaries (in my estimation increasing the possibility of forging absentee ballots) and then organizing individuals with no relation to the voters to distribute the voted ballots to absentee ballot drop boxes, an illegal activity in the key electoral states studied.

The steal was verified by the use of commercially available cell-phone ping data and FOC demands for public surveillance camera video. All is explained by the 2000 Mules producers.

The documentary presents evidence that the dominant Trump hating press says at every turn does not exist.  Indeed “the kraken”  has now been released for objective analysis.  The producers are making available the data they used to challenge deniers to see for themselves.   That is transparency and objectivity which was characteristically not present in the key swing states under review (even when run by incompetent and CYA Republicans .

Of course in knee-jerk fashion the deniers are twisting themselves into pretzels to imagine and posit excuses for the association of the same people making multiple visits to certain non-profits and then multiple visits to ballot dropboxes with multiple ballots (as seen on camera).  The excuses range from  ~~ well they were just helping out family members (apparently the mules have multiple families) ~~ to just people who transit the routes identified routinely and innocently (except the pattern of their identifiable cell phone geolocations began and ended consistent with the election.

The coverup includes assertions that signature verification would have caught any fraud in filling absentee ballots, except that the process was either not required, hugely ineffective and my bet, simply not done. If  the fraud enablers actually believed that was done then they would stand shoulders to shoulder with True the Vote and demand that the absentee ballots be certified focused on signature verification.

The pattern other than as denied by the guilty and the obtuse is clear. the pedigree of the perps is clear.  The election was stolen.

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Part 2 — If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist?

The specific timing of the leak of the SCOTUS draft and the extent of the coverage and fulmination by the usual suspects

The subversive irresponsible anarchist punk who released the draft undermining the SCOTUS processes for partisan political ends had the draft for weeks.  Releasing it was the back pocket tool that might have been held somewhat longer or released earlier to any particular end. No doubt the purpose was to grab the media attention increasingly forlorn over the Biden Residency’s many problems with something they and the shock troops would relate to wholeheartedly  —  the unfettered killing of unborn babies as a personal autonomy right. Gaia forbid that the inconvenient might cast their shadow on gaia countenance.

Actually the pro-choicers are so obviously not big on personal autonomy in so many areas of society that that is just a useful cover. The abortion license is really about insuring dead babies without taking away the opiate of sex.  You see no one is apparently aware of conception control  and that instinctually a certain sex act at least portends or imitates the possibility of reproduction (otherwise how did mankind ever reproduce). The abortion license is about pounding home that people are expendable and that we are here not as children of God but as servants of the state o be well husbanded by Big Brother.

If you celebrate abortion you celebrate not having human autonomy apply to every human being and by inference the interchangeability of humans (no one is a unique biological entity) or regardless that those entities are expendable.  Oh, and to make sacramental the rebellion against God.

Suffice it to say abortion is the third rail, actually the first and second rail as well of the Democrat party activists. There are exceptions, but just not a lot, and the exceptions are just tools. Unfettered abortion motivates and steers the Party movers and shakers with a blood lust.  And so they believe that anything that inhibits this rotten to the core belief will be equally received by the minions they have strived to indoctrinate. And so that is why they believe in the power of the abortion issue and why they think it a trump card and that it will overwhelming motivate people to their side.  They are wrong but they are feeling kind of desperate.

OK enough traditional philosophy and our critique that what the current sophists really want is no babies and dead babies.More in Part 3.

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If a kraken is released and no one is allowed to hear about it does it exist? Part 1

More about the timing of the SCOTUS leak.

The Biden Residency has been a disaster for the country and may be shaping up to be a disaster for many Democrats.  The first part is by design. But the actual movers and shakers pushing the apparatchiks (bureaucrats and lesser elected officials) are not all that concerned about some sinecures for their underlings as long as they have enough political power to sustain what they have wrought. The Big Picture.

If the disaster is severe enough, in their judgement people may “overreact” throwing their people out after one   political election or even two — but the angry voters will come back to the fold because what “progressives” have wrought is to a great extent unrecoverable. Or so their thought process goes.  In other words~~ whudda ya gunna do about it ~~. Their work is largely sustainable after 2022 as long as they can sustain a filibuster or a veto..

If their destructive work is achieved in due time people will respond to whatever big government elixir they offer later, the solution to the problems they caused, as long as they control the message about themselves and their enemies (proponents of freedom).

Theirs is a very cynical view of  the body politic and of course they do not think much of the American people. They really don’t like people at all except as servants to the glory of the state. To be sure the element in charge of the left, pushing the buttons and pulling the strings need to control the message as best they can. Any attack on their legitimacy must be quashed.   Readers probably get where I am going but more later.

We have more hope (not necessarily great confidence) that the Bidenasties  can be repudiated.


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Possible Roe / Doe reversal eclipses news of proof of the theft of the presidency

The wailing and gnashing of teeth is right on cue and of course the media is spinning the news to spin up the pro-abortion outrage. They are breathlessly implying the gist of the leaked  draft opinion is that abortion is to be made illegal by the Supreme Court. In reports I heard on the radio the while describing the draft as “overturning Roe V Wade” the sequence was not that the result is to turn the matter over to the states where it was before but into bombastic calumny bleated by Schumer and others damning the Supreme Court members .  Never mind that the draft decision would not stop one abortion.

The dominant media has all along covered up the full extent of the abortion license in America under the legal regime created by Roe v Wade and the campion case issued the same day — Doe V Bolton which essentially made abortion legal until the moment of birth for reasons to include “family distress”. The truth is under Roe and Doe we have the most wide open abortion policy in the western world with the likes of China and North Korea our main rivals for the likes of  in utero infanticide. The media and the Democrats do not want to talk about that, or the profound implications of the illegal release of the draft, but to bombast falsities about what the draft implies.  You see the draft matter could have waited except they knew something was scheduled that they did not have an answer for — other than distraction.

I believe the cue for the criminal  release of the draft was to create and time  a story to supplant what ought to be the story world wide — the 2000 Mule expose establishing that the evidence is in, the Kraken has been released, there is sufficient proof beyond reasonable doubt that at least the 2020 Presidential election was stolen by Democrat sympathetic operatives through a variety of illegal activities. Wayne Allen Root writing today at Western Journal shares my belief.    More on this later today.

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Sobering post by Gary Bauer about overconfidence come November

The first part of this commentary by Gary Bauer writing at Campaign for Working Families is a timely caution to avoid being confident that Republicans have it in the bag come November 2022.   The worst thing to do would be to take for granted that a repudiation of Democrats is in the air (too often it is an echo chamber) and not encourage others to support Republican candidates in the general and work for those you can. Democrats lie cheat and steal, they have billionaire support and entrenched media and  they are super dedicated to big government with the CCP as a guiding light. Bold is our emphasis and a one or two of our comments offset.  We post three of today’s topical commentaries.  There are more insights available here.

The Biden Bump

I spent the weekend monitoring the news, and heard far too many GOP consultants and politicians talking about how they’re going to sweep everything this November.  As the campaign season goes, we’re still early in the first quarter, but they’re already spiking the football! 
Most Republican consultants and “leaders” predicted that the redistricting process was going to be a huge win that would by itself guarantee victory this November.  They were wrong
At best, the redistricting process may turn out to be a wash, or maybe a small gain.  And that’s only because of a totally unexpected victory from a liberal court in New York, and Gov. Ron DeSantis in Florida rejected his legislature’s plan and demanded something better.
My point is that conservatives can’t afford to take anything for granted.  Nothing is written in stone. 
Take the latest Washington Post poll, for example.  It shows Biden’s numbers are ticking up, which may be a delayed “war bounce.”  It also shows that the midterm elections are a tossup, with a slight advantage for the Democrats.
I know the Post’s polling tends to be flawed.  But five major polls released in the past two weeks show the November elections could go either way.
If Republicans want to win, they need to stop talking like political scientists.  Voters don’t care about historical trends.  Struggling families want answers.
They want to be able to pay their mortgage, send their kids to college, put gas in their car and food on the table.  They want to stop the nonsense in our schools and they want to secure our border. 
Conservative candidates and pundits need to stop talking “inside baseball” and start explaining their solutions!
CWF is working hard to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire.  Please help us elect more pro-family, pro-life America First conservatives!
Biden’s War
Peggy Noonan’s latest column is generating a lot of buzz in Washington.  She’s worried that Joe Biden’s irresponsible rhetoric could lead to a nuclear conflict.  The Russians certainly believe it is a distinct possibility.
If we’re going to the brink of war with Russia, potentially risking millions of lives, Joe Biden has an obligation to go on national television to explain why we’re sending another $33 billion to Ukraine. 
He should explain to the American people what our national interest is in securing Ukraine’s borders when he fails to secure our borders.
The Biden White House knows that it is perceived as being weak.  The debacle in Afghanistan, just seven months into his administration, may mark the beginning of the end of Biden’s presidency.  That’s when his poll numbers really collapsed and they’ve never recovered.
Now it appears as if Biden is trying to overcompensate for that weakness.  He’s calling for regime change in Russia, demanding Putin be removed from power.  Secretary of Defense Austin says our goal in Ukraine is to see Russia “weakened” militarily.  Speaker Nancy Pelosi says we’re committed to Ukraine “until the fight is done.” 
Are we?  When was that decided?  And by whom?
This is a very dangerous time.  The one thing most likely to save Democrats this November is transforming Joe Biden into a wartime commander-in-chief, causing the country to rally around him. 
There is a real risk that Democrats and their left-wing media allies will try to exploit the war in the weeks leading up to the election.  In other words, it’s not in the left’s interests for this war to end quickly, although everyone should be praying that it does. 
Peggy Noonan and I aren’t the only ones worried about the growing risks of the conflict spiraling out of control.  Liberal icon Noam Chomsky said recently that Donald Trump is the only Western statesman calling for negotiated peace talks.  Unfortunately, Trump is not the one setting U.S. or NATO policy right now.
Homeland Insecurity
Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas went on Fox News Sunday to address the growing scandal at the border and the controversy surrounding his new Disinformation Governance Board.  After his remarks, it’s clear his department should be called the “Department of Homeland Insecurity.”
Host Bret Baier repeatedly pressed Mayorkas as to what he was doing to stop illegal immigration and to deport illegal aliens.  Mayorkas answered, “It is the objective of the Biden Administration to make sure that we have safe, orderly, and legal pathways for individuals to be able to access our legal system.” 
In other words, border security is not a priority at all.  The priority is managing illegal immigration more efficiently.
On the disinformation board, Mayorkas said his department is addressing disinformation from Russia, China and Iran that is a threat to the homeland.   But what if I said our current leftist government is guilty of spreading disinformation?  Here are two examples. 
Our entire health bureaucracy promoted the lie that it was impossible for COVID to come out of the Wuhan lab.  Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins tried to suppress any discussion of the lab leak theory out of fear it would hurt their ability to work with communist China.  They went all out to discredit anyone in the scientific community who wanted the truth about the virus.
The second example is even more pernicious. 
Our enemies – Russia, China and Iran – are telling countries around the world that America is racist, founded on genocide and slavery.  But who is repeating this enemy propaganda? 
It’s not Fox News.  It’s not Newsmax or Breitbart.  It’s spread by Joe Biden.  It’s spread by the New York Times.  It’s spread by the big teachers’ unions, and virtually every history professor on every college campus. 
The prevailing view of the woke left is the same propaganda that our enemies are spreading.  That speaks volumes about today’s anti-American left.
Liberals are dropping ideological nuclear bombs on our own children, turning them against their own country, and helping our enemies undermine America.
Want To Kill A Baby?
Then visit Connecticut.  The Washington Post headline says it all:  “Connecticut Likely To Be Refuge For Abortion Patients.”
The story describes the pro-abortion state government promising to pass a law that guarantees abortions for women who live in the state now and for anyone who wants to visit for the purpose of killing a preborn baby. 


We would expect that a number of Blue states will compete to be abortion destinations should Roe V Wade be overturned in a way that the abortion issue is turned back to the states where it resided pre-Roe. We are not at all confident as to what the SCOTUS will do but clearly Demon run states are worried.

Sadly, Connecticut isn’t the only state trying to become “sanctuary state for abortion.”  Talk about misplaced liberal priorities!  Leftists will provide sanctuary to illegal aliens, but not the most innocent among us.
Conservative states try to entice businesses to come by promising lower taxes and less regulation.  Liberal states try to attract women to come by promising high rates of baby slaughter. 
America, sadly, has irreconcilable divisions.

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2000+ Mules maybe brought not just the presidential electoral vote maybe the popular vote and maybe the House

  • Not enough evidence in key states my ass
  • By rubber-stamping the election the Iowa Republican federal delegation hardly avoided a national crisis — without a fight they ushered in national financial ruin, an idiot-ocracy inviting world war, devastation of national sovereignty, nuclear Iran, a worldwide food crisis, inculcation and subsidy of moral degeneracy . . .
  • But don’t get upset, its not like the Dems are and will be in a rush to do their worst 
  • Its not like the Dems will still likely have the cat bird seat to protect many of their ill-gotten gains perhaps even past a 2024 presidential rout by Republicans on top of congressional wins in 2022.
  • There needs to be disgust conveyed to the weak hitters during the Republican primary hopefully supplanting the unchastened, but to be sure, regrouping to (for some cases) hold our collective noses and vote straight Republican in the general (nothing is worse than a Dem).
  • View the 2000 Mules documentary, challenge Republican apparat to take responsibility for any acquiescence.   More comments below:

Now I am not saying the new documentary put together by True The Vote and by Dinesh DeDouza, informed by whistle blowers and brave state legislators,  and all those responsible for the research and production going into the documentary 2000 Mules are saying the popular vote was stolen (portions certainly were). I have not seen the documentary as yet and I may have to wait until later in the week.  But all the pre-publicity indicates the presidency was essentially stolen through targeted states impacting the electoral college.

Read about the documentary here . . .  or various articles related to it vis web search. 

The reason we may have to wait a few days to see it is because local theaters are not confirming a showing.  They will have to be contacted later in the day as the producers/distributors have advised them not to pre-publicize because of the threat of disruption. (See links to articles).

BREAKING – showings at Davenport 53rd Street cinemas 7:00 PM TONIGHT and Wednesday This is a private screening event. You will not see 2000 Mules listed on the marquee and there will be no posters. Please do not challenge theater staff on lack of signage. This is how all private screening events are held. Cost online at the 2000 Mule site $20.00

So by some lights the supposed ministerial necessity of certifying an election with plain as day exhibitions of:  multiple states’ election laws being ignored, incredible absentee voting patterns, voter list and eligibility issues, courts failing to address the merits of claims, the phenomenal extent of electoral history anomalies, sworn testimony from observers, video evidence of chicanery  . . . trumps (pardon the usage) all.  Somehow The Framers thought it necessary to impart a ministerial task on to representatives turning them into functionaries that must sit back and rubber stamp a stolen election without recourse . . .  a Constitution self-destruct mechanism because that is what is going on.

So what has the ease with which the 2020 steal was certified cost the country . . . the world? Now here I want to emphasize my complaint is with so many who simply rolled over and declined to join the efforts of Cruz and Cotton and others to pursue constitutional means to examine the validity of the situation. A fair and thorough hearing. The honoring of the Constitutional right to petition the government for redress of grievances — a stolen election that is not preempted or circumvented by a dumb-ass interpretation of the Constitution imposing any ministerial obligation.

The tremendous damage of the rubber-stamping of Biden/ Harris crime family being installed includes: national financial ruin, an idiot-ocracy inviting world war, devastation of national sovereignty, nuclear Iran, a worldwide food crisis, inculcation and subsidy of moral degeneracy (we are all sinners but Dems want to glorify it) . . . tax support for abortion on demand expanding to infanticide . . . all predictable.

All this is of course mostly the cheaters fault but if good people see the likelihood of the national and cultural sabotage and do nothing to challenge the power grab at the time, well they owe us and future generations an intense effort to legally decertify the election and reset every policy implemented by the thieves, and oh yes send them to jail.

Otherwise, the way it stands today Republicans may well win the House and maybe even the Senate in 2022 but to a regrettable great extent to what avail?  Biden will still be president, impeachment and conviction will result in perhaps as bad or worse for two years. Even with a Republican Congress it is unfortunately likely that Republicans will not be in charge, the Dem pretender president and a veto sustaining number of Democrats in Congress can protect their damndest. Federally, the main hope is the 2024 presidential election in combination with a 2022 win JUST TO HOLD THE LINE. And so we pray.

But even then a roll-back might be prevented by RINOs in league with remaining Dems to sustain filibusters by Dems to protect their ill-gotten gains.  Desertification is the appropriate federal solution morally and we hope practically (even if new political ground).   To be sure Red States asserting themselves is absolutely essential to the Republic and may overarch some things but unfortunately impractically not others.

Anyway watch the documentary 2000 Mules.  We remain open to suggestions, corrections, better ideas to what we have opinionated here. We will publish comments to the contrary. But do keep in mind  it is Democrats who have long demonstrated they are unscrupulous, unethical, and election cheaters (surely 90% of election fraud is perpetrated by Democrats). They are not going to be embarrassed and resign. They must be set back.

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