Californicating the country by keeping it in the family

Brown-Pelosi-Newsom-Getty four horses of the apocalypse.


We could maintain that just about every problem in the country and the states is the result of the characteristic dominant political power emanating from the major metropolises. One, San Forncisco, has particularly outsize influence.  As a group they are unvirtually all run by Democrats and produce inordinately Democrat victories via machine politics. Many of the ignoramuses in leadership emanate from their own school systems. Corruption breeds corruption.  Anyway here is an interesting graphic depiction of who runs Californica. Sent by TN the link fleshes out the connections. The pedigree of the publication TN refers us to is unassailable.

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RealClearPolitics summation of polls: DeSantis Is More Popular Than Any Other National Political Figure

  • “Popularity (net of favor/unfavor) matters if you do not want to bring out your opposition, generate all those soldiers willing to, shall we say, stretch mail-in ballots and the people willing to cooperate in it.

Now Donald Trump in the last day or two has been touting his lead in one poll over Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup, which is an improvement for Trump of late.  Trump does not mention that DeSantis leads Biden by one point in the same poll. The margin of error in the poll is supposedly three points so theoretically, if not necessarily likely, any of the following permutations are possible: Trump could be ahead of Biden by 9 (add 3 to Trump, subtract 3 from Biden) or Biden could be ahead of Trump by 3 (drop 3 for Trump, add 3 for Biden). There are other permutations including DeSantis leads all of them (add 3 to DeSantis and drop Trump 3 along with dropping Biden 3).

The following article  from the Daily Caller News Foundation,  refers to the “popularity” poll at RealClearPolitics.  Bold is our emphasis.

JARED WHITLEY: Ron DeSantis Is More Popular Than Any Other National Political Figure

Jared Whitley on January 28, 2023

There’s been a longstanding saying that “Democrats fall in love, while Republicans fall in line.” When picking presidential candidates, Democrats have historically sought someone who gives them goosebumps, while Republicans are happy to be good soldiers.

In 1996, Bob Dole was the Senate majority leader. In 2000, Bush was governor of the biggest red state. In 2008, John McCain was the guy who came in second in 2000. In 2012, Mitt Romney was the guy who came in second in 2008.

Trump flipped this standard for both sides. Republican primary voters fell in love with him in 2016, while Democrats fell in line for Joe Biden in 2020. Knowing they could slip him past the goalie in enough swing states, party puppet masters cracked the whip for Amtrak Joe, despite his zero real diversity points, inappropriate behavior toward women and girls, and championing causes they now consider haram.

Because of this paradigm shift, pundits will spend the next year speculating if either will lead their respective parties going into 2024. While there are plenty of questions to ask on both sides, one fact is irrefutable in American politics right now.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the only popular national public figure.

That’s according to the figures from our friends at Real Clear Politics, who present a daily composite of various polls to present a political leader’s net favorability ratings, subtracting their disapproval from their approval. This polling data gets more attention in the days leading up to an election, but popularity is still important to most people during the off-season.

Here’s how the numbers look as of January 25.

To repeat: favorability is important to most people. Regardless of what you think about Sen. McConnell, you have to admire his thick skin. He also gets that the only people he needs to win over live in Kentucky, and they love him: he won with 20 points over his opponent in 2020, flipping seven of the ten counties he lost in 2014.

DeSantis’s victory last year was just as impressive, winning with a 20 point landslide after a 0.4 point squeaker in 2018. When he started as governor, Florida was sending 13 Democrats to the House; now they’re only sending eight. The Sunshine governor is championing the right battles in the right ways, showcasing limousine liberals’ hypocrisy on immigration, fighting woke indoctrination, and offering asylum to Libs of TikTok after she was doxxed by left-wing terrorists.

And this is all working for DeSantis. The YouGov poll in mid-November gave him just a net +3 favorability while the most recent one gives him a net +15. PredictIt is favors DeSantis over both Biden and Trump, and Elon Musk pre-emptively endorsed him. Things seem so inevitable for DeSantis at this point that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has already started airing attack ads against him.

Newsom seems to think he’ll carry the Democrat flag next year. He might; it seems impossible that Biden will be mentally fit or even alive by then. If Harris’ unfavorability weren’t so high, Biden would have already been 25thAmendment-ed out of office.

While pundits speculate between DeSantis or Trump, the more interesting question to pose is who Democrats will pick. In 2008, the decision between Clinton and Obama forced them to answer the question “Are we sexist or racist?” – the question is much more complicated now.

Democrats’ favorite for 2024 appears to be Pete Buttigieg, whose only accomplishments are being gay and photogenic. That might not be enough for their Big Tent, and we can all hope for a long, drawn-out, painful primary battle among them. If an incompetent secretary of transportation manages to come out on top, he won’t stand a chance after four years of so-called progressive mismanagement of our economy and foreign policy.

Trump’s accomplishments on those fronts should have made him a shoe-in for re-election – a roaring stock market, record low unemployment, four Middle East peace deals, crushing ISIS rather than surrendering to the Taliban, not starting World War III with a cult-like energy policy, etc. Alas that just didn’t matter to many people, as we’ve discussed before: modern elections are popularity contests, not job interviews.

The Trump presidency gave the country (and the world) a wake-up call it needed. But as the sunshine from DeSantis’ star continues to rise in 2024, let’s remember that good soldiers can also have goosebumps.

Jared Whitley is a longtime D.C. and Utah politico and award-winning political writer, having worked in the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch, the Bush White House and the defense industry. He has an MBA from Hult International Business School in Dubai.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller News Foundation.

All content created by the Daily Caller News Foundation, an independent and nonpartisan newswire service, is available without charge to any legitimate news publisher that can provide a large audience. All republished articles must include our logo, our reporter’s byline and their DCNF affiliation. For any questions about our guidelines or partnering with us, please contact

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RNC election today – how much difference will it make?

It seems Rona McDaniels desire to cling to the position is fueled by not wanting to involuntarily retire (or be forced out) and consequently viewed as a failure by accepting or being painted as unable to produce victories. And it is a good gig, having doubled the salary we are told. Except she didn’t produce victories as her critics contend.

We thought her selection was a questionable choice in the first place but then what were the alternatives — are they still around?  If McDaniels had done a lot of great things, that are obviously correct, then the Party should be in good stead – or does McDaniels and the RNC state representatives really believe success is dependent on her personage?  If that is the case they are pretty pathetic themselves.

Our nod goes to Harmeet Dhillon but we recognize “change” is not always what it is cracked up to be. One thing we think misses the boat and this relates to the two main contenders but especially the commentaries weighing in so authoritatively — is the presumption that the RNC is only about nuts and bolts as if the platform is irrelevant.  The RNC ought to be attacking Democrats for their policies vociferously and authoritatively because of the cascading effect down to anybody who identifies as Republican where resources are scant.

Any sentiment for Mike Lindel as a possibility collapsed when he exposed himself as willing to be a shill for Trump.  His shot at DeSantis’ election win is unseemly for a candidate to the RNC position when around the country many many Republican candidates outperformed expectations (or Democrats collapsed).  It cannot be justified as a claim to being all about election integrity as the authentic battles on those fronts, however much supported by Lindell, were initiated in-state from troops on the ground providing credible exposes — whistleblowers with receipts sufficient to change the outcome of elections and reflecting a steal.  None of that exists to challenge DeSantis victory.  We say BS to Mike on that.

Here are links to three articles, pro-Rona McDaniels, pro- Harmeet Dhillon and one somewhat more analytical however leaning Dhillo

The GOP’s Worst-Case Scenario

I Told You So

Who Shall Lead?

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Vote early by mail push will not overcome weak messaging or grow the Republican Party

Herein we refer to an article in The Federalist, an outstanding source for conservative commentary. They used the same picture of the comely Kari Lake, so far cheated out of her bid for governor of Arizona, to adorn an article calling for Republicans to emphasize early vote by mail and ballot harvesting. We find it ironic given that much of the cheating in Arizona revolved around things like hundreds of thousands of mail in votes without a chain of custody and tens of thousands of votes counted without signature verification (a notoriously unreliable process that is not an issue with in-person voting.)* Side note: Kari Lake is a Quad Cities native and educated in Iowa. She began her media career at Davenport’s KWQC the heritage of which is WOC where one Ronald Reagan got his start –  see excerpt below our article.** Like Reagan, Lake is a poster child for strong clear messaging which we see as key to victory sans Democrat cheating mechanisms.


There have been a spate of articles in conservative media about how Republicans have ~~ missed the boat . . . need to get on the band wagon . . .  need to get their act together and do what Democrats do — promote vote by mail (and ballot harvesting where legal).  Gee wiz statistics are dropped about lost election margins meant to imply that Republicans would have won these particular races only by more and earlier vote by mail and harvesting regimes.

Such claims as regards Republicans are overwrought at best (in our humble but not inexperienced judgement) and we would counter that if changes are to be made a  winning margin would be larger had the party and the candidates engaged in better and more aggressive messaging earlier on. As regards the clamor “we must do what Democrats do” we say: OK, how about aggressive law-fare pre-election.

Some of the critics of current RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel use her supposed lack of emphasis on vote by mail as an indictment of her performance as RNC Chair. Never mind that Trump, the titular head of the Party conveyed a message of not being a fan of vote by mail because of the fraud so easy to perpetrate and perpetuate. Nevertheless McDaniels now seems to be all for it, promising to do more. McDaniels is lack luster at best and needs to take her leave but it should be understood that state parties have resources and can emphasize vote by mail if  they wish. We do not think that is the solution but don’t blame McDaniel for not doing more.

McDaniel’s most active opponent Harmeet Dhillon has made ~~we must do vote by mail programs like Democrats~~ practically a rallying cry in her effort to replace McDaniels. It is a siren call of churning expense and an appeal for a bad government, inherently fraud enabling process.

An article fairly presenting the case for more early vote-by-mail efforts appeared in The Federalist,  written by Scott Presser.  We commend it to you to set up our comments. Republicans, It’s Time To Get Our Act Together On Early And Mail-In Voting.

I listened to Presler when he appeared at a Bettendorf campaign event for former congressman Bobby Schilling in which Presler’s presentation concentrated on his program of earned media and messaging by example – seeking good press for Republicans by doing clean-up work in Democrat run cities, embarrassing the political leadership in those cities and beyond. I thought it was an effective effort. However his analysis of recent electoral losses and branching out to remedy it I find off the mark.  He should stick to messaging innovations.  Read it first for context to my view set forth below which is a revised /embellished version of a comment I posted to the Presler piece appearing in The Federalist.

The vote early by mail push will not overcome weak messaging or grow the Republican Party

The GOP failed to tip more people over the edge in key states — because they were too slow and did not engage the enemy by inoculating the voting populous months before voting started. And that is a messaging problem. For example the GOP was weak on right to life messaging and let Democrats beat up on them when POWERFUL responses were and are available. They were afraid to respond and Democrats smelled fear and blood in Blue state environs. For the most part the Republican apparat sucked their thumb (but that was not true of many of the conservative winners). Abortion was not near the factor Democrats hoped it would be but it managed to panic a number of Republicans and cause Trump to falsely claim right to life groups were stupid in the way they handled the matter.  More on that in another post.

Beyond that the Republican Party apparatus failed to call out Democrats aggressively on a plethora of issues early on, failing to justifiably enhance unease and motivate the mushy middle with the facts and logical implications of Democrat policies.

Republicans failed to defend the culture adequately which had they been more aggressive  would have make inroads into the Democrats’ vote base at least by de-motivating them to vote and even motivating them to vote Republican albeit in the vaunted but arguable privacy of voting by mail. Disregard for now that voting by mail is the most insecure inherently fraud-prone voting mechanism that hardly any civilized democracy has adopted other than the U.S.

Early voting by mail weeks before the election is the process the Democrats need to get their votes out because so many are disengaged and vote by mail is by design loose and  fraud prone. Things they consider features.

For the GOP there is arguably a danger if not already an over reliance on the GOTV mantra as it is not cheap in practice and because competition for resources to expand the pie of republican sentiment. Of course some amount GOTV effort is part and parcel with winning but it is a mistake to think of it as the be all and end all. It is fine to make people aware of voting options but every dollar spent on a narrow function (people do know how to vote) which in practice as laid out by the election mechanics gurus is devoid of motivation and quickly wears out, becoming irritating and dismissible.  That is because it TYPICALLY involves repeated hectoring of even solid dependable Republicans because  gold stars are handed out to paid functionaries for turning out people who would vote anyway. The utility is deeply questionable.

Pushing early vote by mail with harvesting creates an aura favorable to Dems and will never be gotten rid as the apparat comes to see it as their bread and butter. That predictable human nature feature belies the argument often presented in favor of adopting Democrat tactics to win on the theory that once in power Republicans will then end such bad-government practices.

Hectoring people to vote early is key to nothing, it is inefficiently trading what would be timely votes for early votes to earn some paid apparatchiks some gold stars that so marginally increases total votes if at all but at the expense of creating a larger juggernaut of enthusiasm to vote to save the country from Democrats.

Seriously, who thinks the shortfall in Pennsylvania was people not knowing how or when to vote vs the de-motivational OZ and his messaging early on?  His tally may have been brought over with expensive herculean effort but I would look at the messaging and candidate first which had they been up to the task might have overwhelmed the Democrats.

Performance by Republican elected officials and strong electoral messaging, targeted as necessary, policies defended not mealy-mouthed, — done early — in order to try to own the airwaves in the spring and fall will move more votes the Republican way than wasteful so called “banking” of votes – a concept the defense of which is ridiculous and a lie in practice.

The reason it is a lie is that even if the contact list management was good, and it is not and cannot be made timely, NO household is free from the expensive hectoring as long as one in the household chooses to vote the most secure way, in person. And it won’t stop even then as issue groups get into the act as well (thankfully they are the prime motivators for Republicans on the message front even though the platform is conservative, often aligning with them, go figure). It is simply a lie to say if you vote early you won’t be contacted again.

These vote early efforts have already reached the point of diminishing returns even for Democrats which is why they have to use fraud to enhance them. But good messaging and candidates not evasive not compromised fifteen ways by the Chamber of Commerce does not wear out and makes a bigger Republican “pie” which  will vote and will beat the Dems as long as there is anti-fraud diligence (including law-fare as mentioned).

How have they reached diminishing returns? Because less than 1% of calls are answered and most of those answered get hangups or are incomplete. Direct mail effectiveness depends on how good it is and how much is devoted to motivational messaging as opposed to attention span robbing factors inherent in vote-by-mail hectoring instructions . . . not to mention the cost of multiple mailings devoted to comparatively complicated mail balloting instructions, bulk absentee ballot requests, etc.

Again, it is fine to mention options but such messaging is inherently not motivational and inevitably becomes functionary wastefulness as the consultants and venders selling services get into the act.

Door knocking — is good for a variety of reasons — but when excessively devoted to mechanisms of voting is very time-consuming and consequently very expensive (real world — it is not done that much by volunteers when it comes to GOTV efforts). Even the most favorable window for door-knocking (supper-time) might on a good day get one third answered, perhaps the key person not home and is often given short shrift at the door as well. In my experience too many of the early vote hectoring communications and communicators come off as bum’s rush creeps importuning solid Republicans to vote early.

Here are our recommendations for a more successful win column for Republicans:

  • Inspiring candidates with assertive messaging, and regardless of them, strong Party messaging
  • Messaging started in earnest much earlier to inoculate.  Such efforts serve to as best we can hope “inspire” Democrats to vote Republican.
  • Aggressive anti-fraud programs and law-fare
  • Information on where to vote and simple instructions on options with an emphasis on voting in person even if at early voting satellite centers as available, de-emphasizing early insecure voting by mail for the anti-good -government process it is
  • Instill in people that  “voting before debates are concluded” is not all that civic minded or smart.
  • If vote-by-mail is ever going to be as secure as in person voting,  absentee ballots should be notarized – appearing in person with your vote and a voter ID check is the equivalent of that — why should vote -by mail people be given a pass?  The disabled can be visited by judges as was done in the past.
  • Signature verification of absentee voters is a largely a joke which is why the point above is important
  • Absentee votes should all be hand counted as a mater of course – machine feeding of documents handled multiple times is error prone (witness recent Scott County elections)
  • There are more possibilities and we invite such commentary.

*Kari Lake files devastating lawsuit detailing massive failures on election day in Maricopa County

Kari Lake early life and education:

Lake was born in 1969, in Rock Island, Illinois,  . . . She is the youngest of nine children.[12]

Lake grew up in Iowa.[13] She graduated from North Scott Senior High School in Eldridge, Iowa,[14][15] and then received a Bachelor of Arts in communications and journalism from the University of Iowa.[13]

Media career
In May 1991, Lake began working at KWQC-TV in Davenport, Iowa, as an intern while attending the University of Iowa.[16] She later became production assistant before joining WHBF-TV in Rock Island, Illinois, to be a daily reporter and weekend weathercaster in 1992.[16] In August 1994, Lake was hired by KPNX in Phoenix, Arizona, to be the weekend weather anchor.[17] She later became evening anchor at KPNX before relocating to work for WNYT in Albany, New York, in the summer of 1998, when she replaced Chris Kapostasy.[18][19][20]

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Klain’s departure and the Biden document crime problem

Klain’s Leaving of the Bunker

Ron Klain, Biden’s Chief of Staff is said to be departing the job soon. He is of course the brains behind so much of the situation the country is in right now.  Biden is evil but not very smart and has no attention span.  The coordination of so much economic  and cultural destruction requires staff and Party.

There have been a number of articles surmising that Klain’s departure is wrapped up in the growing scandal over the revelation of Biden having classified documents that he was not authorized to have at the time he took them and that he kept them for years in inadequately secured at best multiple locations. That might be downplayed if it were not the case that Democrats were intent on making an indictable offense out of  Trump having classified documents in a secure set up, documents he de facto legally authorized to himself. Here is one such article at RedState:

REPORT: Ron Klain to Resign Over Biden Classified Docs Scandal

My initial take was: If this is supposed to be “we’ll give you Klain if you leave us alone” well how ridiculous. Klain had absolutely nothing to do with Biteme’s document problem other than maybe helping keep a lid on it. So if he helped keep it out of the election (to his credit in the left’s warped way of thinking) it must be that his running things has been a disaster and certain of Joe’s people people realize it even though they are as responsible. They want Klain out as a scapegoat – the public can assign whatever reason they want. You can’t punish a prince so you have a whipping boy.

But what of Biden/Klien policies does Biden not like?? I mean are they Biden policies or not? We know they are largely disasters in essence but is Klain the only evil sentient person in the regime?  The Biden/ Klain decisions cannot be recovered from soon. I think it more that Klain knows that and the implications of the document scandal and what is coming down the pike and he does not want to be around. Otherwise the power he held would be too addicting to leave.

I will expand a bit more on this but here are some more takes from various commentaries about the situation.  Readers will no doubt recognize that much of what is surmised in the commentaries are not mutually exclusive, various possibilities could be operating somewhat independently and reinforcing one another.

From Nic Arama at RedState:

Yikes: Here’s a New Pic of How ‘Seriously’ Joe Biden Takes Important Docs at His House

One of the things that has been most concerning about Biden’s scandal is how many other people Biden might have exposed the documents to with his irresponsibility. Among the people who appear to have had access to the classified documents next to the Corvette in his garage was his son, Hunter Biden, who was having issues with drugs while he was living at the house, not to mention he had a lot of involvement with people connected to foreign governments. We reported how there are pictures of Hunter in Joe’s Corvette with his 12-year-old niece Natalie and another young girl.

Arama relies pictures and news posted in the NY Post and Washington Free Beacon for some of his commentary.  From the NYPost:

A box labeled “Important Doc’s + Photos” was left unsealed on a table ahead of a child’s birthday party in the Delaware home where the 80-year-old president has been discovered to have stashed sensitive government records, a photo from his son’s laptop, discovered by The Post Friday reveals.

Another image on the infamous laptop reveals that Hunter Biden apparently made more than 160 trips to the sprawling, lakeside house in just 52 days during the same time he was involved in controversial business dealings with a Chinese energy conglomerate — and while the home contained the discovered classified documents.

From Bonchie also at RedState first with a quote from Ted Cruz regarding Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of a special council to look into the document matter :

And he was forced to do it. He had no choice but appoint a special counsel, given the utter hypocrisy in going after Trump. And it was discovered that Biden had classified documents, not in one place, not in two places, not in three places, but four and five. He had ’em stuck by his Corvette, he had ’em stuck in a room by his garage, he had ’em in the Penn Center, he had them in the residence — you’ve got to wonder where Joe Biden didn’t have classified documents.

Bonchie comments:

This really boils down to Biden’s criminality, even if it’s not prosecuted, complicating the DOJ’s pursuit of Donald Trump. For all the “it’s different” protestations from the press and their Democrat allies, it’s unlikely the American people will broadly see it that way. In fact, a new poll shows that a full 71 percent believe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents is “serious” or “somewhat serious.”

All the micro arguments in the world about Trump committing “obstruction” aren’t going to change the fact that Biden broke the plain letter of the law. The statute clearly says “gross negligence” and does not require intent. It’s also highly questionable at this point that any of what Biden did was an accident. One doesn’t typically “accidentally” take dozens of classified documents, move them multiple times, and scatter them around like confetti, including in a home office filing cabinet.

To prosecute Trump at this point but not Biden would actually help the former’s 2024 presidential bid. That it would also represent another public black eye for the DOJ is a given. As Cruz lays out, that is the real problem for the administration. Biden himself isn’t in any legal danger, but the White House’s attempts to weaponize the federal government to take down Trump may be.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving:

From yours truly at

There are different angles proffered in various conservative commentaries we monitor, all of them plausible. But my guess, because of the Biden crime clean-up operatives having started their secret investigation when they did, prior to the midterm election,  is they got a heads-up and they wanted to get ahead of it because of the whole hypocrisy thing given their grotesque calumny about Trump’s documents.

The immediate goal was to keep Biden’s actual offense under wraps ’til after the midterms and then slow-walk it.  They got this from a leak so they have to worry about more leaks and therefor they have to be in a position to say they were “taking it seriously” and “being transparent” in only reporting the matter many weeks after they started the “investigation” . The game plan being to turn it over to a presumably friendly process (calling a special council works).

The scenario then becomes “control the information flow”  and be in a position to claim “‘we can’t answer any of your questions because of the on-going investigation (they control).”  Most of their (non-binary) lackeys in the media will be compliant. They also  must do this because they have such awful empty-headed people to make their case before the public — Karine (as in Careen from stupid to stupider) Jean-Pierre with her childish yet simpleton appearance (and the smarts to go with it) and of course Joe Bite-Me (who knows what hostile gibberish will come out of his deteriorating reptilian brain).

Unfortunately their comments cannot help but be seen to be dissimulation because of DRATS! HUNTER”S LAPTOP — pictures of the garage — the time-line, etc. So WE ARE ****ED NOW (insert favorite expletives) becomes the hit and the bunker mentality sets in. Damn that Free Beacon, NYPost, Townhall, RedState and all the rest of the counter revolutionaries.

So Joe’s people say let them have Klain, he is the reason we are doing so poorly in so many areas such that we are unable to continue the grift. OR possibly Klain is abandoning ship knowing it will get worse but at a time when he can say “if they had only followed what I prepared for them things would be even more wonderful”. Either way Joe’s outside brains will try to spin the Klain departure as best they can but regardless that Klain did not scatter classified documents around Joe’s house, garage and various offices pre-White House residency or forget to pick-up Hunter’s laptop.

Maybe they will be forced to go light on their Trump accusations although they will try like hell to make distinctions to get them through the day. So I do not think it was originally a plot to get Biden out as in such circumstances the whole house of cards is impacted, as the Party is embarrassed. Though sane but evil elements want Biden out they could do less embarrassing things to make Biden’s reelection bid untenable. They would not pursue this angle at the expense of giving up the Trump attack angle BY DESIGN. This hand was somehow forced by situation(s) yet to be revealed.

Related reading:The NYT Reveals How the WH Thought They Could Cover Up Biden Docs Debacle


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WHO is one-world government

The reach of the rubric of ‘health” is all encompassing. The World Health Organizations proposals outlined in this communication sent to us by SF are essentially that of one-world government, and there is no escaping it. The WHO is allied with and encouraged by the World Economic Forum and the environmentalist movers and shakers. The author of the comments set forth here we have featured before,.  He is a Federal Senator from Australia who identifies as a liberal in the classic meaning we suspect.

Dear Susan,

If there has been one consistent theme of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that the “experts” have consistently been wrong.

Initially, the WHO failed to scrutinise China’s role in the outbreak. One can only wonder why?

Then, echoing the advice of the World Health Organisation, the experts were wrong about lockdowns, which dismantled economies and ended more lives than they saved.

They were wrong about the efficacy of masks, the dangers of COVID-19 itself, and the safety and efficacy of the mandatory mRNA injections, which don’t prevent one from catching or transmitting the virus and are linked to adverse events including myocarditis and death.

Now, the World Health Assembly, the WHO’s decision-making body, is seeking to amend its International Health Regulations, which has 194 member states including Australia and create a new international “convention, agreement or other international instrument on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response”, the so-called “Pandemic Treaty”.

These proposed amendments together with the Pandemic Treaty would grant the WHO more power over any future “global health emergencies” it declares, including a future pandemic.

I recently voiced my concerns about the WHO and the decisions that are being made behind closed doors. You can watch that social media video here:

Some of the proposed amendments include:

  • Erasing the words “with full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” and replacing them with “based on the principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but appreciated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development.” (Your guess is as good as mine as to what that means).
  • Granting the WHO greater access to the personal and private data of citizens in its preparation for and response to a health emergency.
  • Potentially allowing the WHO to rely on undisclosed sources for information on health emergencies within member states and granting the WHO the authority to declare health emergencies without obtaining verification from the relevant member state.
  • Strengthening its ties to universities, government departments, and social media platforms to ensure that messaging which contradicts its perspective is censored. This even though much of what was deemed “misinformation and disinformation” by the WHO in 2020 is now accepted as fact.

The WHO has also suggested that it should be able to make recommendations to member states with respect to international travel, including the following:

  • “require proof of vaccination or other prophylaxis”
  • “require vaccination or other prophylaxis”
  • “place suspect persons under public health observation”
  • “implement quarantine or health measures for suspect persons”

These are sweeping, draconian proposals that, if implemented, could take us further down the totalitarian rabbit-hole.

These amendments are a power-grab, plain and simple. We must raise our collective voices on this issue, or suffer the fate of being ruled by unelected and unaccountable health “experts” with questionable ties to big pharma and foreign adverse interests such as the CCP.

Your sincerely,

Alex Antic
Liberal Senator for South Australia

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Comparing the treatment of Steve King and George Santos (and others)

What deference to truth and the people in Steve King’s Iowa congressional district did Kevin McCarthy show to Steve King?

Answer: None – because Steve King never lied, was forthcoming (a fault in political parlance) and his constituents were gas lighted – by the Republican establishment in Iowa

King’s Iowa constituency was denied effective representation by King’s removal from committees through  (according to King)  prevaricating Kevin McCarthy. 

Giving George Santos committee assignments — taking away Steve Kings — Kevin McCarthy is/was behind both.  Go figure. 

Rep. George Santos Gets Committee Assignments After All

We understand that there is apparently no operative law to deny liar George Santos from being sworn in.

Why Congress Can’t Refuse to Seat Santos.

But how does giving him committee assignments show any sense of political integrity? STOP LAUGHING!

As far as we know nothing stops his district’s GOP leaders from pursuing a recall or resignation . . . and at least making him persona non grata. People of substance in that district (not to be found in DC apparently) can use his case to establish themselves comparatively as the party of integrity (no party or candidate is perfect). The party in his district can win again.

Now we can agree with the biting truth and ridicule in the memes we set forth here but acting like Dems, lowering oneself to their level is not the way to gain loyalty, no-party voters, or in our more idealistic view sustainable power. We consider the pursuit of an aura of integrity politically advantageous and expedient. We know “what a concept”

Democrats demanding George Santos resign over resume lies are silent on Biden’s decades of lies.

Santos Can’t Touch the Democrats’ Duplicity.

New York Democrats introduce SANTOS Act to punish lawmakers who lie about background

Hell take them up on it.  The honest effect would be a  stupendous advantage for Republicans

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Big Brother’s DNA is all over Data Base and Surveillance Regimes

An article by Scott Morefield writing at Townhall drew our appreciation this morning.  Read his comments regarding the civil liberties dangers surrounding efforts to catch a serial killer.

The Idaho Suspect, DNA, And Why Ann Coulter Misses the Mark On Crime And Civil Liberty

We applaud Scott’s comments about the surveillance state and also as regards the inferences about the dangers of companies being required to or volunteering to treat your DNA like their property or the governments in submitting it to dragnet warrants.

If there are 10 or 100 geneology database companies does the government get to blanket them all with warrants on the pretext of catching a killer? Everybody gets searched to find a lead or establish evidence? Then why shouldn’t every medical facility in a given area or nationwide be subject to the dragnet? And with all that information in hand who thinks the government won’t establish their own database? I mean after all if it saves one person or family from the serial killer killing again isn’t it worth it?

Truth is the most prolific killer is the state and one of their key tools is surveillance and secret information. Now they don’t always kill with guns they often don white coats and claim public health emergency or the greater good (in their jaundiced view). The view of Coulter and big-government types is ~~ we have this tool and we must use it ~~. It is their relentless logic and justification. It is also the logic of death of freedom by government.

Coulter has become a proponent of it. She has become afraid of shadows and willing to do anything to avoid them to be safe from them. How pathetic. Our advice to Coulter is to carry a gun if she is so afraid and leave the DNA of any actual murderous perp where they stand.

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“Platform Republican” appointed to replace Nebraska’s Sasse in U.S. Senate

Phrase “Platform Republican”  ought to be a rallying cry

Ben Sasse resigning from the U.S. Senate with his replacement being a conservative former governor is a good thing. As Senator “pain-in-the-Sasse” Sasse is such a prickly character he is better off in academia where his smarter-than-though pretense of intellectual superiority might have more cashe`.  Or not, but that is his and the University of Florida’s problem. In fairness Sasse had merits but when the opportunity arrises there is no need to be half-Sasse about his replacement.

This Daily Caller report yesterday about the two-year appointment of Ricketts of the four remaining in Sasse’s term (a new election for the remaining two years will be set) is fine as far as it goes but most non-Nebraskans are unaware as to what the appointment of former Governor Ricketts means ideologically. Nebraska has done worse than Sasse but now it has done better

Former Governor Appointed To Replace Sen. Ben Sasse

Not all Republicans are the same (witness retiring Sasse).  The two links below flesh out where Ricketrts can presumed to be. We took particular delight in hearing of Ricketts in a primary battle for governor establishing himself as a “Platform Republican” – which are consistently conservative around the country.  Ricketts stated positions and record as governor were consistent with that adopted moniker.

Ballotpedia — Pete Ricketts

Wikipedia – Pete Ricketts

We think the phrase Platform Republican properly invokes what ought to be a standard for Republicans seeking office, re-election.

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Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker for all the right reasons . . even though it was not his intention

The Twenty –  the rough number of Republican holdouts to the confirmation of Kevin McCarthy – a group that ought to go down in history as champions in the fight to restore the republic.

The Two-Hundred –– the rough number reflecting the bulk of the Republican Caucus who are oh so willing to rubber stamp McCarthy without condition in furtherance of business as usual in the House — pork laden bills in particular — shirking responsibility. Some of them are even complainers about The System but who exposed themselves as phonies by trying to avoid serious inducements to reform.

It took fifteen votes for Kevin McCarthy to agree to the needed reforms in House rules that he would have never acceded to if  The Twenty had not held fast. He could have had his coronation on day one of voting because he knew what The Twenty wanted which was supported by the sentiment of activist Republicans across the nation. He misjudged their perseverance.

After enough of The Twenty felt that  McCarthy had agreed to the package of needed reforms they gave their support to his quest for Speaker or withdrew their opposition.

We will see if the Two Hundred, bought and paid for by The System, vote for the rules McCarthy said he will support.  Maybe he has the power to implement them on his own but it remains to be seen if he will honor the commitment to The Twenty or try to subvert them*.

The Twenty* spoke truth to power using the power (leverage) they had to force reforms on the kicking and screaming louts who McCarthy had eating out of his hand, almost literally.  That would be The Two-hundred

The Twenty may be the saviors of The People’s House, decayed by years of Speakers using highhanded tactics to push through gargantuan spending authorizations, stifling debate, ignoring or corrupting rules, basically being dictators.

So it looks like maybe 10% of the Republican caucus ~~20 of ~~ 220 deserve respect for pursuing the right thing, the others not so much. If not closet Quislings in leftist occupied DC that The Two-Hundred are weaklings seems to fit. The Twenty are the Lions of the House. God bless them and give them wisdom and stamina to continue the fight.

*More on The Speaker in coming posts.

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