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First an overdue goodby from earlier this week and then some thematic items relevant to the Virginia Second Amendment march on Monday





















































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Cruising the Web . . . don’t even try to understand . . .

So before politics gets you too worked up, let us know if this helps:

Now back to trying to understand

Our dlh has warned repeatedly of the risk of putting too much faith in the Republican Senate as a whole protecting Trump from the House impeachment sham. This article at the Daily Caller reports on concerns of Senator Rand Paul. While witness game-playing by Trump’s detractors (Democrat and Republican) may not stop his exoneration it could be an attempt to inflict as much  unrequited damage as possible.

The pound of flesh people have already had their turn, the defense ought to have any and all witnesses it wants to call. Deals ought not be between senators when someone else’s honor is at stake.

V’PAC encourages readers to assume nothing and go beyond your state’s U.S. Senators and contact others as well, particularly the usual suspects, telling them to protect the presidency from political witch hunts, protect the separation of powers, stop the good-old-boy politics and allow Trump’s defense it’s fullest desired hearing. (excerpt below, bold our emphasis)

Rand Paul Fears Republicans Won’t Let Trump ‘Choose His Witnesses’ In Impeachment Trial 

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said he’s worried that his fellow Republican senators will block testimonies from the witnesses President Donald Trump wants called in his impeachment trial, Paul told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday.

Trump previously said he wants Hunter Biden, Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff, and the whistleblower to testify if the Senate allows witnesses during the impeachment trial.

“Here’s the thing is, fair is fair, and if they’re going to put the president through this, they’re going to have to have witnesses on both sides,” Paul told Hannity.

“But I’ll tell you what my fear is, is that some Republicans are going to vote for witnesses, we’ll get those — the ones the Democrats want — and then when we have the votes on bringing witnesses or letting the president choose his witnesses, I think those will fail — not only because of those Republicans, but because a whole variety of Republicans may not allow the whistleblower, may not allow Biden for one reason or another, because they served with him,” Paul continued.

“But if it turns out, and the Republican base sees that this looks like only Democrat witnesses, and no presidential witnesses, I guarantee that the Republican base will punish those people who set up that scenario,” the Kentucky senator added.   . . .

And from the facepalm/what-the-heck-is-going-on department (also via the Daily Caller):

Top Military Media Outlet Puts A 28-Year-Old Who’s Touted Her Hatred For Trump In Charge 

Reading the article :

After interning for several Democrats, graduating Hofstra University in 2014, and contemplating art school, Sarah Sicard wrote for a marijuana publication called the “Bluntness,” served as communications director for a New York city council member, and worked in corporate PR, according to her resume and online bios.

As of Jan. 10, she occupies the top editorial position of the Army Times, which has been published since 1940 and is one of the preeminent publications for military men and veterans.  . . .

Included in the report by Luke Rosiak were some of her ignorant tweets demonstrating her lack of qualifications.  Nevertheless the publisher defended the choice ~~ because of her years of experience ~~ (she apparently wrote for 2 years for a different publication dealing with military matters).  But seriously, she is 28. We have shoes older than her. Doesn’t Army Times have some writers that have been on board for a couple of years?   A graduate of notorious liberal schools, a Trump hating Democrat, illogical in her Twitter analysis of events . The report mentions her expressed  SADness because she lost Twitter followers after her tirades. The same sadness should befall Army Times for this move.  Any current subscribers out there? What say you?

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Republicans: Count your chickens . . .

You can bet Trump haters are working these and others feverishly

You know the old saying: “don’t count your chickens . . .”  well the safe strategy for Republicans trying to protect Trump from the impeachment charade is to realize you are dealing with bird-brained chickens, proverbially as well. There is no Republican senator that need not receive calls in support of acquitting President Trump of the trumped up charges against him. The usual suspects ought to receive communications from around the country. See our link to legislators always available on our page bar above.

Pelosi’s Blunder: How The House Destroyed Its Own Case For Impeachment




However bumbling the pathetic Speaker of the House is, Professor Turley seems to not be willing to take into account such nefarious “Republican” solons as the nasally-challenged and wholly undependable Susan Collins, the most treacherous fake in either political party, “Mittens” Romney, the ‘vicious’ Lisa Murkowski, and the predictably unpredictable Mike Lee.

Their supporting cast, which sometimes includes Rand Paul, Ben Sasse, and a few others, however, have the capacity to make even the sad old “Fancy Nancy” seem coherent, if not sane, once in awhile.

If necessary to recount the antics of the named GOP bumblers, it would be a waste of posting space to go further. Any readers who are not acquainted with the likes of these characters haven’t been keeping up with the laughable impeachment “proceedings” of the past couple of months.

So, we’ll just leave it there.


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More from Quad Cities Chamber of Horrors (whores?)

  • Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, a.k.a Chamber of tax increases, boondoggles, special interest benefits, neglect of basics — 
  • Champions of the practice of concentrated gain and diffuse pain through obfuscation are at it again
  • Hold onto your wallets Quad Citians

Headline in today’s QC Times, frequent house organ of  QCCC trough feeders:

Quad-City leaders unveil plan to pursue regional funding authority

Annotations by V’PAC set apart in red. Meme not part of article.

Word is the truck was diverted from helping on a project in another city

Area leaders gathered Tuesday morning to begin lobbying for a regional authority that could offer a new way to manage and fund large projects that impact both Rock Island and Scott counties.

Paul Rumler, CEO and president of the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce, launched the effort to form the Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority from the Chamber’s Davenport offices. He was accompanied by local business leaders and politicians.

Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority” — presumptuous to say the least.  Authority with what portfolio? At this stage appears to be self-appointed authorities on self-interest

Rumler said the different sectors in the community — private, government and nonprofit — need to pull together “to make that difference and that’s why now is the right time … we need this next piece to take us to the next level.”

Inside the paragraph of hackneyed phrases from the Chamber PR handbook of same, they leave out what should be the dominant “sector” –  citizen taxpayers and their “peculiar” interests

“Oftentimes cities plan individually, organizations plan individually and what we’re trying to do is allow a mechanism to be created that we can start to plan and dream collectively and then to be able to bring the funds together to implement them. That I think is a game-changer for the Quad-Cities region,” he said.

More bureaucracy involvement is not a game changer, it is a bureaucratic enhancer. What makes it a good idea to plan with others of different jurisdictions and tax base with more bureaucracies to slow things down or require subservience of all to the one?

The Metro Authority would operate as a bi-state government authority, “allowing for clear regional collaboration, which will help achieve the goals outlined in Q2030,” a Chamber news release said. Q2030 is the Chamber’s regional community and economic development plan that seeks to have the Quad-Cities do more as one region, rather than five individual cities.

Metro authority” – there is that power aggrandizing word again contemplating unelected bureaucracies to exert control.  So the “Chamber” has a plan for us.  I don’t remember voting on it or the planners.

If approved, the authority would pursue outside funding revenues from federal and state grants, and private money. They also could bring forth a referendum for a new tax in Rock Island and Scott counties. 

from federal and state grants”  whooo,  for a minute there we thought it would not involve tax money, because we all know that money does not ultimately come from taxpayers, right?  — oh wait – next sentence puts us back on track to more taxation* in addition to conniving some of the money grabbed by politicians from some schmucks in Mason City or Topeka that won’t be used to benefit them. 

Its work would focus on six areas: riverfront development, including flood mitigation; regional planning and economic development; transportation and infrastructure; cultural and recreational amenities; education; and natural resources.

We don’t care what Rock Islander’s ,or the horses they have mounted, think about my city’s “riverfront development, including flood mitigation” .  Nor do we desire to have them “help” decide a favorite education program, or desire to perhaps veto my city’s transportation priorities or any of the other matters raised. If they want a say then move here and pay taxes here.  Seems like a good way though, for bankrupt Illinois to glom onto some Iowa tax dollars.

Some legislative work needs to occur before selecting board members from communities on both sides of the river. Identical bills would need to pass both states’ legislatures, get U.S. Congress approval and ultimately the signature of the U.S. President.

Makes it sound like a mere formality. But we will help lobby ~~ Mason City~~  area legislators that there is nothing in it for their constituents other than more taxes, or more pressure to never get the state off the tax and spend bandwagon, but there will be redirected tax outlays to other than their constituents. As for federal legislators  — regional coordinations are already required in the areas mentioned.

That happened years ago, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the lack of a voter referendum, because it was beginning with a local tax, meant the local governing body never materialized.

Really, go figure

Rumler said the difference between now and the previous effort is the community buy-in, pointing to Q2030, and that the effort is not starting out proposing a tax increase. That idea would only be pursued if the governing metro authority board were to take that before voters in Rock Island and Scott counties.

“community buy-in, pointing to Q2030,”  Sorry did we miss a vote??  And somehow “The Chamber” thinks ordinary people are too stupid to know enablement when they see it. NEVER give these characters proximity to dip into your pocketbook especially adding an “authority” they will essentially control.

He said it was realistic to think the plan could pass the president’s desk by the end of 2021, but the hope is that it could be accomplished this year.

Boy these guys are presumptuous.  By the way, didn’t the U.S. Chamber oppose Trumps immigration reforms and tariff reforms? And their apparat — where were they on presidential preferences?  Probably not with Trump. Maybe they are angling for a new party in power, one conducive to more taxes, more bureaucracy, more “authority”.

Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms was among the attendees who weren’t involved in the previous effort. Being able to have more funding, and pursue projects as a region, could help each individual entity’s budget, he said.

Mayor, how does funding any Davenport flood mitigation help your city’s budget?

The new entity would “be able to tackle those big projects that can only be dreamed about and can now become reality,” he said.

Our dream is city councils composed of members who respond to their jurisdiction’s taxpayers, and are not hemmed in by the preferences of other cities nor what could be just as easily be , under such schemes  — AKA  “authorities” — limits to dreams in favor of others.  Oh, and we also dream of cities fixing the damn potholes on a timely basis.


*We look for Victory Enterprises to be heavily involved in support of a tax referendum, it is what they do for various Chambers and such. That’s the downside for the Chamber. On the upside, due to changes involving WOC talk radio, they won’t have Jim Fisher to likely contend with in mega-voicing opposition. Too bad for taxpayers on that, but hopefully an alternate venue will step up to insure local conservative talk radio presence, now largely excised here after changes at I-Heart media. See news reports here and here.

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Democrat candidates beclown themselves

  • It is not just Steyer, but that is who we will focus on in this report
  • Steyer plan a homing beacon and welcome mat for illegal immigration

Billionaire Tom Steyer finally made it into the Democrat presidential nomination debates last night in Des Moines. It was a buy-in as the guy has spent a hundred million dollars, almost all his own “donations” to his campaign, for months now trying to qualify for the debate stage. He finally eeked his way on stage.

From debate reports we read it was almost like he was not there, just like in the polls.  He had the least camera/question time live — so back to paid media for him. Seriously, after all that money spent and so little to show for it wouldn’t you think a smart guy would get the message?   Yes and Tom Steyer is not a very smart guy.

But Steyer is just one of the clowns running for the Democrat nomination. Triggered by a Breitbart report of Steyer’s position on what we “owe” illegal immigrants, because we found it almost unbelievable,  we went to the link Breitbart provided to Steyer’s campaign site and found his platform is every bit as preposterous as the Breitbart report indicates.

You must read the immigration platform for yourself, it is jaw dropping ridiculous in every aspect. Get briefed by the Breitbart article and then go to Steyer’s site and scan it in its entirety.  If you like clownishness you will have found the right place.

Tom Steyer: Americans Must Provide Cheap Housing to Illegal Immigrants 

A Steyer administration … [will] provide a safe platform for immigrants to share their culture and celebrate their heritage, foster opportunities for public service that support new Americans, and coordinate with Federal agencies and the private sector in order to build workforce training and fellowship opportunities for immigrants with professional qualifications from their home nation to help them leverage their specialized skills in the American marketplace.

Ensure that immigrants have the opportunities to help themselves and their communities thrive. A Steyer Administration will also ensure that all undocumented communities have access to affordable and safe housing and healthcare, including access to his public option plan. Taxpayers will be eligible for healthcare tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. Tom will extend Pell Grants and Federal student loans to students on DACA.

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Bring it, Bernie Bro

  • Patriots hear this stuff and be all like “well bring it tough guy”

The latest undercover reportage from Project Veritas (no connection) reveals the sentiment of what we believe many leftist activists and campaign employees attached to the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign hold to. Some, like this Kyle Jerk Jurek (see video) are probably straight oughta ANTIFA. We suspect Bernie will quickly fire him but we doubt he can root out his compatriots without denuding his campaign. His competitors are so far left that only the most extreme gravitate to Bernie’s campaign. We suspect Project Veritas has more to document that Jurek is not alone, and maybe that his ilk is present in other campaigns.

One thing to watch over the next few days is the reporting of this matter by the dominate liberal press. Locally will the QCTimes provide several days running of front page articles, even headlines reporting on the revelations and conservative response?

The degree will depend  on how much they want to do a number on Bernie, but we doubt it will approach the  extent of what they do to isolated campaign embarrassments of Republican candidates. Screwballs happen in campaigns but will Bernie get the Bobbie Schilling treatment?  More on that comparison in a coming post.

Here is the Project Veritas video followed by a link to the full report and excerpts from it.

#Expose2020 – PART 1: Bernie 2020 Field Organizer States “F***ing Cities Will Burn” if Trump Wins Re-Election; Calls for Violence, Mass Murder of Opposition, and “Reign of Terror” 

(Des Moines, IA) A Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Field Organizer, Kyle Jurek, was secretly recorded bragging about his extreme left-wing fringe views, calling for violence and death to those who oppose Sanders’ radical policies. Kyle Jurek, who works out of the Sanders campaign Iowa office, has been paid at least $9,775 since starting in his official campaign role. Project Veritas Action Fund’s undercover journalists secretly recorded Jurek’s statements for months; recording footage on multiple occasions where he lashes out against Sanders’ Democratic opposition, President Trump’s supporters, and others. The recordings give insight into the mentality of many Sanders staffers and what they truly believe. In the video, Jurek details his expectations for the 2020 Presidential election and emphatically states that cities will “burn” if President Trump wins re-election.

Kyle Jurek believes that Democrats who oppose Bernie Sanders are also enemies of the socialist revolutionary cause, not just conservatives and Trump supporters. In exchanges with PVA journalists, Jurek unloads:

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, f*cking Milwaukee will burn. It’ll start in Milwaukee and when police push back on that, then other cities will just f*cking (hand explosion).”

“The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f*cking beaten in Milwaukee. They’re gonna call up the National Guard for that sh*t. I promise you that.”

“I’m ready to throw down now. I don’t want to wait and have to wait for f*cking DNC…The billionaire class. The f*cking media, pundits. Walk into that MSNBC studios, drag those motherf*ckers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what in Cuba, what did they do to reactionaries? You want to fight against the revolution, you’re going to die for it, motherf*cker.”

By the way, we have no doubt about the ANTIFA like radicalization of Bernie Bros, their animus, but we do doubt that they will bring their animus to many conservative areas of the country in the event things do not go their way (and things will not go their way).  They will focus their “wrath” on big cities –Democrat strongholds — and destroy poor and working class sections of those cities. Far more likely their rampages will be tolerated.

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Don’t overestimate sense or sensibilities of RINOs and RICOs*

  • Our dlh votes no-confidence in 20 Republican Senators regarding  impeachment, especially without the benefit of Durham’s findings

It has always bothered me how certain everyone appears to be that President Trump would not be convicted in the Senate impeachment trial…no way!…nor removed from office.

Aside from my long held belief that absolutely nothing in life is 100% certain…much less so in politics…I believe there is some solid evidence that the Senate Impeachment trial could easily go ‘sideways’.

In an earlier V’pac piece, I listed a number of Republican senators who cannot be counted on to support President Trump in the clutch, despite apparent conventional wisdom.

This past week, a couple of them emerged, one unsurprisingly, the other only mildly surprisingly: Susan Collins came out in favor of a “fair trial”, with witnesses…especially it should b e assumed, ones that Democrats desperately want to testify. Mike Lee (R, UT) has aspired to snatch the title of ‘most moderate, non-partisan, Constitution-expert- ever-in -history’ from the grasp of Nebraska’s Ben Sasse…whom we identified early on as not just a possible ‘anti-Trump’ vote but a rather likely one.

Alaska’s Murkowski has always been on our ‘ugly list’…and came as close as any this past week in coming out for Trump’s conviction.

At any rate, our list of likely GOP senate voters for Trump’s conviction and removal can be found in V’pac archives.

More importantly at the moment, as far as we’re concerned is not the possibility of 20 GOP senate desertions but where the Barr-Durham- Horowitz ‘investigation/report” is going.

The Trump Impeachment Senate Trial will be underway this week, and AG Barr has indicated that the DOJ’s investigation into the illegalities of the previous administration will not be available until late summer. This huge ace-in-the-hole that will expose the widespread criminality and corruption which has attempted to prevent Trump from becoming president, and then subsequently to insure his presidency is completely hamstrung and his election overturned (by impeachment), will not be a factor in the outcome of the impeachment process.

I believe that it is not an impossibility that Trump could be convicted and removed from Office. And, if so, the whole dangerous, dirty, corrupt mess that existed throughout the Obama administration and the Trump presidency (by the ‘Deep State’) will go relatively unknown (or ‘unproven’) to the American people and the people and institutions involved will go unpunished and continue to thrive and ultimately destroy our nation!           dlh

*RICO = Republican iconoclasts-for-no good-reason, a.k.a. Media Whores (explains underlying motivation).  Any resemblance of the acronym to the better known law enforcement tool and nominee’s willingness to provide succor to Democrats on anything is purely intentional.     v’pac

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Indigenous Liz Warren would rather have terrorists succeed than credit Trump a victory

Cortney O’Brien at Townhall introduces comments by Dan Crenshaw responding to “she who speaks with forked-tongue” Our comments follow.

Crenshaw Answers Warren’s ‘Disingenuous’ Question About Soleimani 

Meanwhile, by Babylon Bee’s account, Speaker Pelosi is presented a gift courtesy Leader McConnell (via TN)

At a campaign rally last week in Dover, New Hampshire, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) told her audience that she couldn’t think of a good reason why President Trump ordered the recent deadly airstrike on Iranian terror leader Qasem Soleimani.

“Why not a month ago?” she asked. “Why not a month from now?”

She ventured a guess and concluded that it was pure politics.

“One of the questions I raised just right after this came out, does this have anything to do with the fact that Donald Trump is right on the eve of an impeachment hearing?” she asked.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) had a better answer.

“Okay Elizabeth Warren, I’ve got an answer for you,” Crenshaw said on Fox News. “The reason why now is that Soleimani just orchestrated an attack on our embassy, killed an American citizen, and we had very good intel from the CIA, from the DNI, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. They said it was the best intel they’ve ever seen. That there was an imminent attack coming within days.”

“So Elizabeth Warren, that is why,” he added for emphasis.

We know Warren didn’t miss the news about the attack on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Iran-backed militia members and supporters tried to force their way in to the compound last month, and it wasn’t until President Trump sent in reinforcements that the mob retreated.

But Warren isn’t the only Democrat pointing fingers at the president for Iran’s aggression . . .

We would then ask Sen. Warren if she would have preferred Trump waiting until after the next attack planned by Salmonella  Soleimani and why would her response be any different? Would she not accuse him of trying to change the subject from impeachment no matter when or what happens?

Indeed, Trump is such a horrible person that he is making the economy boom, creating less unemployment than any time in decades, solving trade imbalances with China, Mexico and others, winning at so much  . . . just to avoid people talking about the Democrat coup attempt through impeachment . . . all of which have increased his job performance ratings and lowered Democrats.   Trump is quite the dog wagger.

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Foxes to oversee hen-house security

  • FBI head Christopher Wray and FISA Court Judge Collyer are part of the problem —
  • Smell of more deep-state cover-up, protection, business as usual

That is the treatment FBI leadership gave Hillary and want for themselves, except neither entity is stupid. They are corrupt.

Under Christopher Wray’s administration, the FBI has assigned two different officials . . . each a major part of, or defender of, the whole Obama corrupt surveillance operation to handle the “response to the IG criticism” AND to “oversee the FBI’s remedies”.  Recall from a previous post here that the “remedies” Wray offers is ‘some training programs and ‘certificates’ agents can put on their office walls.

The Same ‘Dirty Cop’ Who Signed Fraudulent Carter Page FISA Warrant Did the FBI’s Response to the FISA Court !       (excerpt)

We reported over a month ago that the FISA Court was warned multiple times over the past few years about abuse and criminal actions by the Obama Administration.  These warnings were ignored until the latest actions after the DOJ’s devastating FISA Abuse report regarding the Carter Page FISA warrants.  What took so long

CORRUPT AS HELL! FBI Attorney Dana Boente Signed FBI Response to FISA Court Abuse – This Is Same Dirty Cop Who Signed Fraudulent Carter Page FISA Warrant!

This is appalling!

The FBI responded to the FISA Court’s request for information on what it will do to ensure FISA Warrants in the future are no longer fraudulent bags of garbage.

Based on who signed the FBI’s response, it’s clear that the FBI will do nothing to ensure the reliability and legality of FISA Warrant applications.

Jeff Dunetz reported at the Lidblog the following:

After the Horowitz report was issued, Judge Collyer, head of the FISA Court, ripped the FBI for the falsehoods used on applications to wiretap former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. The judge ordered the agency to go through their FISA warrants to find any other abnormalities and recommend solutions to prevent falsehoods from ever happening again, all by January 10th. But is Judge Collyer and the FISA court just as culpable as the FBI?  The court was provided multiple warnings since 2016 that the warrant application process, especially in the case of Carter Page.

Dunetz reminded readers that the first warning the FISA Court had was in October of 2016 shortly before the 2016 election:

On October 24, 2016, NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers told Judge Collyer of the FISA court that there were significant issues with the way the NSA was complying with its minimization procedures.  This was three days after Judge Collyer approved the FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page.

Via another conservative site, “, a story by Sara Carter, a well-respected reporter, exposes another travesty by the Deep State, this by the FISA court:

Nunes: Defender Of Carter Page Surveillance Picked To Oversee FBI Reforms

Former Justice Department official David S. Kris was selected by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Friday to oversee the FBI’s reforms after Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz revealed serious malfeasance within the FBI as it illegally spied on short term Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

The twist, Kris, is an open critic of ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes’ investigation into FISA abuse and defended Chairman Adam Schiff, D-CA, in his now debunked report on the FBI’s investigation into President Donald Trump and Russia. He’s an apologist for the FBI and according to multiple sources familiar with Kris he’s exactly what current FBI Director Christopher Wray will want to sweep the bureau’s malfeasance under a rug.

“He’s not going to do anything because in the end Kris doesn’t believe there was anything wrong with what went on at the FBI,” said a former law enforcement official. “His selection by the FISC is how bureaucrats protect themselves and could care less about the American people or the Constitution.”

In reading these two stories one can only conclude that the “Deep State” is so pervasive that America’s entire federal law enforcement administration and court is totally corrupt.

The FBI certainly cannot be trusted and Christopher Wray is, in our opinion, the worst FBI Director in history, more dangerous even then J.Edgar Hoover!         dlh

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Chris – are we safer standing up to terrorists or not

Yahoo’s ‘go-to conservative’

And look, to a certain degree, I think the president has himself to blame, because who has been more critical and less sort of just trusting of the intelligence agencies than Donald Trump over the last three years?” Wallace asked. “So, you know, why shouldn’t we be skeptical too?”

That from Chris (‘Little Mike’) Wallace, the other son Mario Cuomo never had, and Yahoo’s favorite “Conservative” Newsman — for them, the right guy … at the wrong network.

Chris Wallace: Trump Has ‘Himself to Blame’ for Iran ‘Skepticism’  

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace doesn’t think President Donald Trump or anyone else in his administration should be surprised that Congress and the American people are not taking their claims about an “imminent” threat from Iran at face value.

Speaking to Fox News’ Bret Baier on Friday afternoon, Wallace said, “I think to a certain degree, the administration has itself to blame. Because right away the president and Mike Pompeo, when he was doing all five Sunday shows this last week, was saying ‘imminent, imminent, imminent.’” He said that “understandably” people want to know what “imminent” actually meant in this case.

As the host laid it out, Trump first said Gen. Qassem Soleimani was targeting an American embassy and is now claiming there were plots against four embassies. “I think if they had been a little more forthcoming right from the start, they might not have allowed this skepticism to build.”

“And look, to a certain degree, I think the president has himself to blame, because who has been more critical and less sort of just trusting of the intelligence agencies than Donald Trump over the last three years?” Wallace asked. “So, you know, why shouldn’t we be skeptical too?”

All of that being said, Wallace agreed with Baier that this entire episode has been a “political win” for Trump if the conflict with Iran does not escalate any further. “But we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” he said. “And if they strike again, whether it’s directly or through a proxy and you begin to see tensions ratchet up, then some people are going to say, are we really safer or not?”

Now, granted, we’re not fond of Chris Wallace. If unfamiliar with the names, but knowledgeable of each network’s ‘biases’, a viewer who watched him over the past year would surely think that “Little Mikey” was a CNN anchor.

And, when ‘Mikey’ opines that“understandably” people want to know what “imminent” actually meant in this case (that the threat to US embassies was likely to be fulfilled soon), and they are thus justified in being ‘skeptical’…then, who can blame the viewer to think he landed on the CNN channel and he’s hearing from a substitute host filling in for ‘Fredo’ Cuomo.

And, by the way, Mikey, “are we really safer* or not?” I would ask .”‘safer’…you mean than when Obama was president?”

And my answer would be, “Well, yeah!”          dlh

*Not to be confused with Morley Safer, Mike’s partner at CBS, and neither to be confused with savory

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