Keep the faith – it isn’t over until it is over (and “over” has a lot of permutations)

  • Giuliani lays out strategy which includes state legislatures
  • The American Republic as defined by a Constitution is not history yet
  • All Republican led states should join in the battle

Some very bad decisions by Republicans everywhere helped create this mess, they rolled over, they compromised integrity, they took the easy way and this integrity fiasco is what we got. There is significant fraud in every state.  Look at the closeness of the vote in the Iowa Second CD where Republican Miller-Meeks is ahead by only SIX votes, a flip of that seat. Who thinks there was not sufficient fraud by Democrats just in this county to make the race so close? 

So no we do no have a lot of faith in Republican run legislatures but establishing a history other than capitulation is critical, and maybe half of the key ones will stand up and be counted for history.  They can wrap themselves in glory or ignominy.  But all Republican legislatures and state parties should be vociferous in support of Trump and the battleground legislatures doing the right thing. Fraud in one state disenfranchise every state when it comes to federal office. All Republican states/ parties should put together their own lawsuit and more.

Two videos, (transcript not available) of Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani being frank about their approach, one different from Sidney Powell. Below that, an inspiration and a kick in the pants article. We also append some links to articles detailing the fraud in this election.

Jeff Davis writing at Townhall

Our Collective Will Is Vital Right Now

In recent articles, I discussed the importance of keeping the faith, standing strong, and showing our support for free and fair elections. Exactly why all this is vital represents much more than platitudes: Five of the six remaining swing states, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia each have state legislators with Republicans in the majority. 

State Legislators Rule 

Based on the Constitution, the state legislators have the power to direct election proceedings in their respective states. Judges cannot make rulings that upend the legislators. Governor, secretaries of state, and board of election executive directors likewise cannot.

Since five of the six remaining states have Republican legislator majorities, and while legal scholars might disagree, these five can protect the integrity of their state’s election procedures in the face of massive fraud. State legislators can do much to influence their constituents and summon the will of the people to help ensure that the rightful candidate receives the electoral votes from their state.

Regardless of what happens in court to the lawsuits brought by the Trump legal team, whether judges respond yea or nay, play political games, are intimidated by the Left, or have been bought off, we have a tremendous opportunity to give Donald Trump his deserved second term. How so?

No one outside of the legislature can issue an edict, a ruling, a judgment, an executive order, a resolution, or what have you, to overturn voting procedures put in place by their state’s legislature. And, each of the republican-dominated legislatures can rally their voters to make themselves heard.

The Law is the Law

The legislative body controls the voting process. After the Pennsylvania hearing on fraud, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the existing results will stand and be certified. The will of the people, however, including the Republican legislators – who are in the majority – were exposed to a preponderance of detailed testimony about Democrat election and voter fraud. And, they have it in their power to highlight the election fraud to the point where the Supreme Court justices will have to notice, as if they haven’t already!

Likewise, in each of the other states, the Trump legal team will hold rallies, such as the one in Arizona on Monday. Republican legislators in Arizona will encounter the detailed testimony, given by eyewitnesses, who have submitted sworn affidavits under the penalty of perjury. Such legislators in attendance and all others will be provided with exceedingly clear accounts about the election fraud and vote fraud theft that took place.

Our Part

Here is where you and I enter the picture. We must continue to talk up the fact that the election was stolen: We need to write to our representatives, or call, or visit. We should send letters to the editors of respective newspapers. In short, we need to make a loud and long joyful noise. In doing so, we can change the tide and ultimately convince those in authority to do what is right.

Even with the Republican state legislative majorities, some undoubtedly are RINOs and some might vacillate. Some don’t want to upset the apple cart, while others might fear repercussions. Some are just dense – stupidity happens.

As the hearings unfold in each of the swing states, added to our collective voices, the results can be promising. This is our mission; what we are here to do. We intend to keep Joe Biden out of the White House and to save this country. This is among the most important ventures in the history of our nation. We have to re-install Donald Trump.

Eyes on the Prize

We must make a stand. Ignore mainstream media coverage that says Trump has no chance. Disregard conservatives who’ve bought into the facade. Abandon the search engines, particularly Google which does not offer a balanced set of hits on any search topics related to the fraud, even after five pages. Ignore all of the naysayers.

Most of the high-ranking Democrats likely know the truth. You certainly know the truth. Donald Trump knows the truth. Let’s ensure that all nine Supreme Court Justices know the truth, even Roberts, Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor. Let’s prevail.

Kurt Schlichter also writing at Townhall:

Liberals Want You Demoralized, So Don’t Be

Links to articles of note detailing the obvious fraud:  (Epoch Times)

Significant evidence of vote fraud was revealed through data analysis sponsored by The Voter Integrity Project by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society (a legal aid firm). The FBI has been in contact with the principals of the study for documentation regarding the sufficiency of fraud to flip states.

How voting machines are easily hacked

Pennsylvania Voting Curve Doesn’t Line up

Zuckerberg-Funded Group Comes Into Spotlight in Election-Related Court Cases  (this group was also active in Iowa, including the 2nd CD, and with the pathetic obliviousness and even support of Republican operatives).  Privately funded elections, what could go wrong!

Voting contracts in georgia warrant criminal investigation  

Amistad Project’s Kline: 2020 Election One of the Most Lawless in US History 

Joe Biden’s Path to the Presidency is Eroding With Each Revelation Of Massive Voter Fraud  

What We Must Believe to Believe Biden Won
We must accept a perfect storm of implausible anomalies and brazen irregularities.


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“Packing the Court”

“Packing the Court”

Pope Francis, the Roman Catholic Church’s first Marxist Pontiff, has learned well from America’s ‘progressives’.

As the Democrat-dominated (if it so becomes) U.S. Senate has promised, Francis has “packed the (Vatican) “Court” which will elect the next Pope:

“With Saturday’s new cardinals, Francis has named 73 of the 128 voting-age cardinals, compared with 39 named by Pope Benedict XVI and 16 by St. John Paul II. While the outcome of a future conclave can never be predicted, it’s not a stretch to suggest that a hefty majority of today’s electors presumably share the pastoral and doctrinal attitudes of the pope who named them.” (Fox News, 11/28))

That’s right! Francis presumes that the Cardinals he has chosen to elevate to their lofty posts share the anti-capitalism, anti-America, anti-‘climate change’ enthusiasm, and radical “social justice” ideas he has, and does not attempt to conceal. He assumes they will thus elect a like-minded successor to his Papacy.

Upon his election as leader of 2 billion Catholics world-wide, Pope Francis (Mario Bergoglio of Argentina) billed himself as an extraordinarily “humble” man.

As “Il Papa”, he has proven to be anything but…he proudly proclaims, globally, his anti-capitalist, pro-Marxist beliefs, and constantly interjects himself into the affairs of sovereign nations, especially the United States…as in inviting the NBA players to the Vatican in order to “learn about the “Black lives Matter” movement and the players’ techniques for promoting “social justice” aims.

Francis is very keen, also, about his relations with Communist China, having just renewed an ‘agreement’ with Xi JinPing, to ‘share the authority’ for naming Catholic Bishops in that country ( Catholic Bishops are thus ‘acceptable’ to the Chinese Communist Party; to our knowledge, the Pope does not share that responsibility with any other nation or ideology).


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Another day, another DOJ ‘investigation

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Justice Department’s top election crimes prosecutor resigned . . .

In the mean time Sidney Powell and members of the Trump legal team progress in their efforts to prevent battleground states from certifying results of the presidential election until a full investigation of possible election criminality is complete. Many Americans are aware that the Justice Department is also allegedly involved. It is “examining allegations of voting irregularities”…to the apparent chagrin, of course, of “progressives” and Biden supporters everywhere including, of course, the folks at CNN.

Yet, as we found out, surprise, even some members of Barr’s own Justice department do not approve of an ‘examination’ of possible voting irregularities in the recent election.

Personally, however, I don’t believe that Biden, his supporters, or the folks at CNN have anything to be concerned about as far as Mr. Barr is concerned. If this “examination’ is like other ‘highest’ profile ‘investigations’ by his dept., we have probably heard about everything that is likely to result from here on.

The only thing lacking in this “examination” so far is for Mr. Barr to name a crack investigator with impeccable credentials and a fierce reputation for getting bad guys, to do an investigation in the greatest depth ever done, suggest that there may have been awful things afoot in the recent election, and if the evidence shows it, “justice will be done!”

And…with that as the last word the American public hears of it, Barr’s work is done.

Unless lightening strikes, not just thunder, there will be nothing from the DOJ and on January 20, Sleepy Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th president of the USA and William Barr will return to his cushy retirement.

As one would expect from CNN the story below is presented as biased as is possible.    dlh

Ed note unconfirmed report by NOQ which shres the sentiment expressed here of ~some ~ DOJ activity

CNN 11/10/20

The Justice Department’s top election crimes prosecutor resigned Monday in protest after Attorney General William Barr told federal prosecutors that they should examine allegations of voting irregularities before states move to certify results in the coming weeks.

Richard Pilger, director of the elections crimes branch in the Justice Department’s Public Integrity Section, told colleagues in an email that the attorney general was issuing “an important new policy abrogating the forty-year-old Non-Interference Policy for ballot fraud investigations in the period prior to elections becoming certified and uncontested.” Pilger also forwarded the memo to colleagues in his resignation letter.

Pilger will remain a prosecutor in the Justice unit that investigates public corruption. Barr’s densely worded memo had told prosecutors they could take investigative steps such as interviewing witnesses during a period that they would normally need permission from the elections crimes section. It’s not clear what practical effect the policy would have in an electionin which President Donald Trump trails President-elect Joe Biden by tens of thousands of votes in several key states.

Barr didn’t provide any indication that the Justice Department has come up with evidence to support Trump’s claim of massive fraud in last week’s election.

In his memo, Barr notes that while “most allegations of purported election misconduct are of such a scale that they would not impact the outcome of an election and, thus, investigation can appropriately be deferred, that is not always the case.”

Dominion investigation? A DOJ plane went to Toronto (Dominion HQ), then to Atlanta

Is Dominion Voting Systems, the company at the heart of the voter fraud allegations flying across the country, being investigated by the Department of Justice? We can’t know for sure, but an interesting tidbit of flight plan data may point to an investigation currently underway.

N721AL, a plane owned by the Department of Justice, flew from Manassas, VA, near Washington DC to Toronto, Canada, on November 15th. It left on November 18th. Then, the same plane took a quick trip down to Atlanta yesterday, staying for only an hour and ten minutes.

Toronto is where Dominion Voting Systems is headquartered. Atlanta is the epicenter of many of the problems Dominion has had with its voting systems allegedly being hacked to help Joe Biden “win” the presidency. Is it possible that Dominion is being investigated. A three-day trip to Toronto is conspicuous, as is a very short stop—likely to pick something up like a voting machine or hard drive—in Atlanta.

NOQ Report Political Commentator and Republican candidate in California Konstantinos Roditis noticed the flights and reported them on Twitter:

Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have included Dominion Voting Systems in lawsuits they’ve filed regarding voter fraud in Georgia and Michigan. President Trump’s lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has mentioned Dominion Voting Machines multiple times. Anecdotal reports of Dominion Voting Systems employees going into hiding and deleting their social media accounts seem to indicate the walls may be closing in on them.

Many of us keep asking, “Where’s the Department of Justice with all this voter fraud to investigate?” If these logs are what they appear to be, then perhaps there are pieces moving on the board flying under the radar.

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Looking for salvation in all the wrong places

Federal Appeals Court decision regarding Trump Pennsylvania vote process challenges

From the Epoch Times report by Jack Phillips


Campaign Lawyers Say It’s on to SCOTUS

“The U.S. Third Circuit of Appeals in Pennsylvania on Friday rejected President Donald Trump’s campaign appeal in their challenge of the state’s election results, a move that Trump’s lawyers said will allow them to expedite their lawsuits to the U.S. Supreme Court.”


The Pennsylvania Court clearly is; but if anyone thinks America’s salvation is at the Supreme Court, we think that they should probably “think again”.
We may have already also noted that, when the Left was so distraught over Amy Barrett’s confirmation for the High Court because it made the court 6-3 “conservative”, we were convinced rather that, SCOTUS had become, at best, 5-4 conservative….and, possibly, 5-4 liberal:

– Clearly Chief Justice Roberts will side with the Court’s liberals on any issue of major Importance to the Left, objective jurisprudence be damned; Also, we believe that Brett Kavanaugh is inclined to tread lightly for fear of stirring his confirmation critics on the Left. We believe that poor old Brett was so shaken by the apparent power and proven nastiness of Democrats on the far Left and the corrupt media that on a ‘push having come to shove’ issue like a ruling, however meritorious it might be, to make right the re-election of Donald Trump, ol’ Brett just don’t want to ‘face the demons’ again.     dlh


Epoch Times excerpt:

“The activist judicial machinery in Pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to present proof and the facts to the [Pennsylvania] state legislature,” Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani wrote in response.

“On to SCOTUS!” they wrote, referring to the Supreme Court.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that the Trump campaign’s challenge doesn’t have merit, saying that “voters, not lawyers, choose the President. Ballots, not briefs, decide elections. The ballots here are governed by Pennsylvania election law.”

“No federal law requires poll watchers or specifies where they must live or how close they may stand when votes are counted. Nor does federal law govern whether to count ballots with minor state-law defects or let voters cure those defects. Those are all issues of state law, not ones that we can hear. And earlier lawsuits have rejected those claims,” wrote the three-judge panel (pdf).

The court also asserted that Trump’s legal team did not provide evidence of their claims of fraud.

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign asked the appeals court to review a lower court decision that rejected their request to amend their claims in another complaint. They also asked the court for an injunction to block Pennsylvania’s certification of its votes.

Trump’s lawsuit argued that mail-in ballots were handled separately in counties that leaned heavily Democratic, in contrast with counties that leaned Republican. Trump’s campaign also said that some GOP poll observers were blocked from watching vote-tabulation efforts and could not witness the process or, more importantly, contest any alleged fraud or irregularities. In a hearing this week in front of GOP state senators in Pennsylvania, several witnesses, including one in Philadelphia, said that election officials forced them to stand sometimes as much as 200 feet away from the vote-counting.

A district court judge on Nov. 21 dismissed the campaign’s lawsuit, ruling that the lawsuit had “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations.”

The Third Court in their Friday ruling rejected both requests, saying that they saw no evidence that vote counting was carried out improperly or fraudulently.

“The Campaign tries to repackage these state-law claims as unconstitutional discrimination. Yet its allegations are vague and conclusory,” the court found.

It also said that the remedy the campaign had asked for was “grossly disproportionate” to the challenge raised.

“Tossing out millions of mail-in ballots would be drastic and unprecedented, disenfranchising a huge swath of the electorate and upsetting all down-ballot races too,” the judges ruled.

Ellis and Giuliani have both previously stipulated that they want to take their lawsuits to the Supreme Court.

In their Pennsylvania hearing, both Ellis and Giuliani suggested to the GOP state senators that they should vote against certifying the results of the election in the Keystone State, which has 20 Electoral College votes. It came as numerous witnesses were called to speak in front of the officials, allegingsignificant irregularities and security lapses in various areas.

For example, Greg Stenstrom, who, besides being a poll watcher, said he’s an expert in security fraud, told the senators that they saw numerous violations, including how mail-in ballots were handled in Delaware County. In one situation, he said that data on USB cards were uploaded to voting machines by a warehouse supervisor without being observed by a poll watcher, which he said he saw happen at least 24 times.

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Michael Flynn pardon at the ‘New’ Fox… “here’s the story”… rather, they meant “here’s part of i”t

Not since he started running with the pack

Old Fox could be trusted

  • The old Fox turned a new leaf, but the new Fox is just more liberal pack journalism
  • The old Fox could be trusted around the truth, not so much any more
  • “We report” is now “we decide”

Oh those youngsters at FOX! A partial story is ‘better than none’, say ‘Krissie’ and ‘Leland’!

Here’s the story that those two “woke” youngsters at Fox News didn’t wish to take the time to inform viewers of.

Besides taking too much time from their earnest, busy reporting, the new ‘direction’ from Fox doesn’t permit a whole lot of context…or even honest reporting anymore. During the weekend, Kristen Fisher and Leland Vitter “reported” on President Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn. In putting some of their “context” to the story, these two reminded viewers that Michael Flynn “had pleaded guilty to LYING (yes, it’s true!!) to the FBI!”.

And there! you have the story…enough said …’moving on’, as Krissie and Leland might say, that’s ‘all you need to know’.

Except, there’s much more to the story, as most reasonably informed Americans are aware. And Kimberly Strassel at the Wall street Journal provides it…as good journalists normally do. If you didn’t know the Michael Flynn story here’s the part that Krissie and Leland didn’t have time to relate.

The WSJ also had a brief editorial on the Flynn pardon that, too, was informative, more informative than one will get from the “New Fox”.)          dlh

Kimberly Strassel commentary:

Justice for Michael Flynn 
Trump’s pardon for his onetime national security adviser rights a grievous wrong.

Chief Justice John Marshall once described the presidential pardon as “an act of grace.” In the case of Mike Flynn, Donald Trump’s pardon was something more. It was a requirement of justice.

Mr. Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday that he’d granted Mr. Flynn a full pardon. Liberals and the media are (as per their tedious usual) claiming the president stepped in to aid a corrupt crony. This has it exactly backward. The Flynn pardon was necessary—to correct a corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation, a rogue special counsel, an unprincipled federal judge, and an embarrassingly complicit media.

This story dripped out over years, so it took until recently to get a full accounting of the government’s Trump-by-proxy takedown of Mr. Flynn. A decorated veteran, Mr. Flynn advised the Trump campaign and in November 2016 was named national security adviser. The FBI had spent months monitoring him as part of its Russia-collusion fantasy, yet by Jan. 4, 2017, it had found nothing and moved to close its case.

In rushed Peter Strzok—the now-disgraced then-FBI agent—to keep the investigation open. The FBI had snooped on a Flynn call to the then-Russian ambassador to the U.S. This is perfectly legal; ask Joe Biden’s team, which is making such calls now. The FBI nonetheless debated a ludicrous Logan Act charge, before settling on a simpler course. As former FBI counterintelligence head Bill Priestap put it in handwritten notes, one FBI option was “to get [Mr. Flynn] to lie, so we can prosecute him or get him fired.”

The FBI didn’t need to interview the National Security Agency about his conversation; it had the transcript. Yet the bureau’s then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe sandbagged Mr. Flynn, arranging for him to meet with FBI agents without a lawyer. Former FBI Director Jim Comey later gloated over the setup. The FBI also chose not to provide Mr. Flynn a standard warning against lying, to keep him comfortable. Despite all this, the agents reported—according to government notes—that they “believe that F. believes that what he said was true.” He didn’t intentionally lie.

Fast forward to Robert Mueller, who didn’t care. The FBI knew in January 2017 that its collusion investigation was a bust; it confirmed the Steele dossier was a fabrication. So Mr. Comey engineered a special counsel to salvage the FBI’s reputation by ginning up unrelated “crimes.” Mr. Mueller dredged up the Flynn interview and threatened to prosecute the former national security adviser’s son unless Mr. Flynn pleaded guilty to lying. Facing bankruptcy, Mr. Flynn succumbed to this naked abuse of power.

Hope came with a new lawyer and Attorney General William Barr’s 2020 decision to review the case. But even as the executive branch moved to right its wrongs, a federal judge took up the persecutorial torch. In May the Justice Department moved to drop its case, presenting Judge Emmet Sullivan with veteran prosecutor Jeffrey Jensen’s assessment that the FBI never had a legitimate purpose in interviewing Mr. Flynn, that he should never have been prosecuted. The department also presented papers documenting the FBI’s shocking behavior.

The Justice Department, not judges, makes the call on whom to prosecute. Yet Judge Sullivan refused to accept the withdrawal, instead indulging his politics and his inner petty tyrant. He went so far as to appoint a fellow conspiracy theorist, retired Judge John Gleeson, to spout evidence-free claims that prosecutors were giving special treatment to Mr. Flynn. Judge Sullivan’s behavior was so outrageous that a federal appeals panel in June ordered him to dismiss the case. The full appellate court in August agreed to let him hold a hearing while warning him to get his act together.

Judge Sullivan held his hearing in September but by this week had yet to rule. Mr. Trump might have waited, in hope that Judge Sullivan would feel mounting pressure to regain some credibility by dismissing. Then again, there was every reason to believe the judge would string this out beyond Jan. 20. He’s made clear all along he wants Mr. Flynn subject to an avenging Biden Justice Department. Not because Mr. Flynn broke the law, but because Mr. Flynn is a stand-in for a president the judicial, prosecutorial and media elites despise.

That’s the sad reality of the Flynn mess. In a better world, the Flynn case would have been dismissed with prejudice, an on-the-record censure of appalling FBI and Justice Department behavior. But that’s why the judge refused to do it. It had nothing to do with guilt or innocence—but rather reputation. We remain in the last gasps of Never Trump world, where people of power told themselves it was OK to break rules, norms, standards—even the law—in their quest to take the president down. To dismiss the Flynn case would have been to acknowledge that this behavior was wrong. And that would have been too painful, too embarrassing, too galling for the haters.

So it was left to the White House to make this right, to take a wrecking ball to a rigged system. Mr. Trump acted correctly. And there could have been no more fitting, final rebuke to four years of drive-by shootings than to release the man the cabal claimed as its very first victim. Justice indeed, and on many levels.

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Trump got equally bad advice about Wray, Haspel, Coates, Rosenstein…

  • It was real tough to get decent people the first couple years of the Trump presidency
  • A ‘true” expert’s response to a pathetic General Mattis
  • At the end of this post a little note of ironic interest with a link about a heroic Marine Major General of yore not so enamored with protecting big-business interests as is “Lapdog” Mattis.

Who would have thought that this “heroic” American general, James  “Mad Dog” Mattis, hated Trump’s “America First” agenda? How about that! Would you prefer, General/Secretary ‘Mad Dog’  — an “America Last” agenda??

Naming Mattis Secretary of State was one of Trump’s worst personnel mistakes. When you’re surrounded by dishonest “Deep Staters” like the State Department, as Trump was, you get bad advice on people you’re supposed to be able to trust.   Excerpts from article below by Rowan Scarborough   of The Washington Times:                             dlh

Mattis failed to disclose role with global consultant tied to China in bombshell column 

A column this week by former Defense Secretary James N. Mattis that blasted President Trump‘s “America First” theme did not disclose that Mr. Mattis holds a senior position at the Cohen Group, a firm that dedicates itself to making business deals in China.

Mr. Trump‘s get-tough approach toward China — tariffs and prohibitions on Beijing‘s cyberproducts — is generally counter to the Cohen Group‘s objective of bringing Chinese and U.S. companies together in multimillion dollar deals.

The Cohen Group, founded by former Defense Secretary William Cohen and staffed by a number of former high-ranking government and military leaders, has two of its four overseas offices in China.Mr. Mattis’ Nov. 23 column was co-authored with three other national security experts, but it was his name that gave it weight in the news media. The article’s thoughts resemble the Obama administration‘s China approach. It could be a window into how presumptive President-elect Joseph R. Biden pulls back from Mr. Trump‘s hardline.

Mr. Mattis is identified in his column as a former defense secretary and fellow at the Hoover Institution, but not as a senior counselor at the Cohen Group global consulting firm in Washington.

In the column, Mr. Mattis rejects Secretary of State Mike Pompeo‘s campaign of rallying Asian countries against China‘s drive for dominance. Mr. Mattis does not mention China‘s declared economic war against U.S. ally Australia in retaliation for Canberra calling for an international investigation into the origins of the coronavirus.

China has yet to explain and document exactly how the pandemic began in Wuhan, where the virus was first discovered in 2019.

Mr. Mattis wrote, in a broad indictment of Mr. Trump‘s foreign policy: “Crucially, the United States should not press countries to choose outright between the two powers. A ‘with us or against us’ approach plays to China‘s advantage, because the economic prosperity of U.S. allies and partners hinges on strong trade and investment relationships with Beijing. Rather than treating countries as pawns in a great-power competition, a better approach would emphasize common codes of behavior and encourage states to publicly promulgate a vision for their country’s sovereign future and the types of partnerships they need to pursue it.

“It would also expand the cooperative space in which all countries supporting a rules-based order can work together to advance shared interests. Cooperation across different ideological systems is difficult but necessary, and there should be opportunities to cooperate with China in areas of overlapping interests, such as pandemic response, climate change and nuclear security.”

Mr. Mattis urged Mr. Biden to remove “America First” from all foreign policies.

The Cohen Group announced Mr. Mattis’ hiring in September 2019 as a “senior counselor,” calling him a “national treasure.” His photo is prominently featured on its home page. “China is a market of enormous opportunity and complexity,” the firm states. “The Cohen Group’s (TCG) China Practice has a solid record of success with professionals in offices in Beijing, Tianjin and Washington, D.C.    . . .

Led by Mr. Pompeo, the Trump administration unleashed a series of actions against China‘s drive to lead the world. It uses tariffs to rein in what it calls unfair trade practices and calls out China for the illegal theft of U.S. inventions and personal identities and for rampant spying in colleges, businesses and government.

The FBI says it opened numerous counter-intelligence probes into Chinese nationals. It estimates that China has broken into computer networks and stolen the personal information of half the American population.

The Trump administration shut down a Chinese consulate in Houston, calling it nothing more than an intelligence collection hub. Mr. Trump has blocked U.S. businesses from doing deals with Chinese companies supporting the People’s Liberation Army. It has called China‘s telecommunications giant Huawei a spying tool. He has required China‘s propaganda arms in the U.S. to register as foreign agents rather than continue operations as journalists.

Mr. Pompeo and congressional Republicans have accused China of covering up the coronavirus outbreak by telling the world initially that it was not contagious as travelers arrived in the U.S. and Europe where the virus went on to infect millions.

As vice president Mr. Biden was the Obama administration‘s point man on China while his son, Hunter, engaged in networking with Chinese billionaires. He eventually worked out multimillion-dollar deals for himself and uncle James Biden.

A Senate Republican report documented the flow of cash based on Treasury Department suspicious activity reports (SARS) filed by lending institutions because they suspected illegality such as money laundering.

In 2011, Mr. Biden delivered a speech in China as Hunter was making business contacts there, promising to integrate China into American life.

“In order to cement this robust partnership, we have to go beyond close ties between Washington and Beijing, which we’re working on every day, go beyond it to include all levels of government, go beyond it to include classrooms, and laboratories, authentic fields and boardrooms.”

Mr. Biden returned to China in 2013 with Hunter onboard Air Force 2.

Multilateral Dreamin’  By Angelo Codevilla at American Greatness
The foreign policy establishment’s vapidities veil a substantive void. Their competence is bounded strictly by their experience, which is of personal success and public failure.


“It is especially inappropriate for Mattis to cast aspersions on the shortcomings of “America First” regarding China since he bears so much responsibility for them. Together with his colleague H. R. McMaster as national security advisor, Mattis convinced PResident Trump to enter into his fraught, sad bromance with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un—a reversal of Trump’s initial intentions. These generals did this largely to satisfy domestic preferences of South Korea’s president, for whom relations with the North outweigh everything.

“This turned out to roil the main alliance that really matters to us: Japan. Moreover, Mattis as secretary of defense, oversaw the effective nullification of Trump’s America First commitment to missile defense against China and Russia. Trump notwithstanding, Mattis’s Defense Department produced a program the centerpiece of which is to continue the Nixon-era policy not to place any meaningful barrier to missiles from Russia or China reaching the United States. Why? This is foreign policy establishment theology. This is the stock in trade in which Mattis purveys, sometimes against what seems to be his judgment.”

Codevilla concludes: (bold our emphasis)

“What about the United States, Europe, Russia triangle? On the one hand, our establishment wants us to provoke the Russians. On the other hand, it knows that, were push to come to shove in the East, Germany especially would support us the way a rope supports a hanged man.

“No. The establishment’s vapidities veil a substantial void. Their competence is bounded strictly by their experience, which is of personal success and public failure. Thus they will speak authoritatively amongst themselves. But America no longer listens.

“The best comments on this genre may have come from, of all people, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). Though smitten by the foreign policy establishment’s externalities for some years, Rubio most recently tweeted: “I support American greatness, and I have no interest in returning to the ‘normal’ that left us dependent on China.”


Unlike James Mattis, there once was a more famous Marine who rebelled against being a “high class muscle man for Big Business“.  Arguably Mattis’ posting to The Cowen Group.

Maybe more actually mad than Mattis,  Smedley Butler who was a bit of a goofball, but nevertheless an aggressive Marine, at least did not retire to lapdog status to the Big Business /Deep State.

By the way he also did “business” in Tientsin (Tianjin)

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Facts plus strategy toward legal victory for Trump and America

There are a number of conservative commentators, and they are not all chronic Trump detractors, demanding “put up or shut up”, regarding voter fraud evidence promised by Team Trump.  RedState’s (Bonchie) and Tucker Carlson or that have assumed a Biden win (Guy Benson). We wonder how long they would take to pull together data, analysis, precedent, affidavits, and a legal strategy.  It has barely been three weeks.  Yes time is of the essences but according to the legal beagles on the case it has not expired. And detractors (we are all impatient) should ask themselves if they have been thoroughly accumulating and analyzing what is out there, perhaps starting with the data evidence which ought to be objectively verifiable.  They have budgets and contacts so they should have at it and report rather than throw rocks and innuendo at this stage.

The fact is a LOT has been “put up” and an outline of it is set forth in the British publication   by Kit Knightly.  This article is over a week old now but telling way back then.

By the way the bifurcation between Sidney Powell and the official Trump legal team of concern to many we hope can be understood as Team Civil/Constitutional claims ( the official team) and Team Criminal – Powell et al.  Team Criminal claims are not merely unfairness related, structurally or as applied, which is enough under equal protection aspects to the Constitution for Trump to yet become victorious.  Powell is implying acts of criminality.   The nature of the two tracks require concentrating on different aspects to the law with associated burdens. We do not know how Powell will proceed to get a hearing, but we pray she will or by feeding the other Team.  We suspect neither team wants to have to answer questions about the other’s approach, findings, etc and the bifurcation is useful.

Here is the article mentioned.  It is from an interesting publication and we suspect setting it forth here will wet your appetite for more from it by visiting it.

6 Factors Which Point to a Rigged Election

The mainstream media are quick to call the claim “baseless”, but there’s plenty of evidence for anyone willing to see it.

Kit Knightly

The US Election is still a burning issue almost two weeks after the people went to the polls, and though the race has been called for Biden by every mainstream media outlet in the world, the recounts are ongoing and irregularities manifest.

Trump’s legal team, and many in the alternate media, are claiming the election was rigged. With one voice the mainstream media – and the entire political establishment – denounce these claims as “baseless”, and scream there is “no evidence”.

This is incorrect. There is plenty of evidence, both circumstantial and direct, which breaks down into six basic categories:

    1. Precedent – It has happened before.
    2. Motive – Deep State/Military dislike of Trump’s policies is widely known.
    3. Foreknowledge – Establishment voices predicted this exact situation.
    4. Opportunity – The voting system is highly susceptible to fraud.
    5. Voting Irregularities – Known software “glitches” & irregularities in the reporting of the results.
    6. Cover-up – Dishonesty in the reporting of the situation.

1. Precedent

There is plenty of evidence that US elections have been rigged before.

Nobody is talking about it much, but US elections have been rigged before. Everyone is more than familiar with the 2000 election, which was called for Al Gore before Florida flipped to Bush and swung the election. The controversy over “hanging chads” and misplaced votes was all people talked about for weeks.

One noteworthy “error” with electronic voting machines, switched over 10000 votes from Gore to an obscure third-party candidate.

After weeks of legal battles, Gore eventually conceded. Within a year the “attacks” of 9/11 had happened, and the US was at war in Afghanistan and planning six more wars within 3 years.

More recently, it was revealed the DNC had gone out of its way to hand Hillary the presidential nomination over Sanders in 2016. Then in the 2020 primaries, despite embarrassingly lopsided losses in the first few primaries, Biden’s presidential campaign had a “miraculous turnaround”, thanks largely to irregularities in postal ballots in Ohio, Wisconsin and New Jersey.

This is evidence of precedent.

2. Motive

The US Deep State has clear and publicly known motives for wanting to remove Trump from office.

It is no secret that many members of the US’s political establishment oppose Trump and Trump’s policies. This includes neo-con warmongers and chiefs of the military and intelligence agencies.

“The Resistance”, billed as some voice of the progressive alternative, boasted former members of George Bush’s cabinet as members.

The most strident opposition to Trump was on foreign policy – most specifically in the Middle East. Trump was committed to withdrawing from Syria, in direct opposition to the “Assad Must Go” crowd at the Pentagon and State Dept.

Just last week it was revealed that Department of Defense actually lied to Trump about their troop numbers in Syria, claiming to have pulled out almost everyone whilst they actually kept their covert war going.

Conversely, Biden has always been firmly in the establishment camp on Syria, and many warmongers are already predicting that Biden will want to “restore some dignity” to the Syrian people.

The US Deep State has carried out coups all around the world, many of them bloody and violent, in order to maintain Imperial ambitions and keep wars-for-profit going. They have every motive to want to remove Trump and put Biden in his place.

This is evidence of motive.

3. Foreknowledge

Establishment voices have been predicting, and planning for, this exact situation for almost a year.

In January of this year – well before anyone could have predicted the effect the “pandemic” would have on the world – legal scholars were Wargaming the outcome of a disputed Presidential election based on postal ballots in Pennsylvania.

In August a group naming themselves the Transition Integrity Project published a document predicting a “disputed” election, that the counting would take much longer than usual and that it would not be certain who was President until January.

More generally, the outcome of the election was widely “predicted”, with multiple press outlets claiming there would be a “red mirage” and a “blue shift”. Meaning it would look like Trump would win, and then suddenly Biden would win at the last minute.

This is evidence of foreknowledge.

4. Opportunity

There is plenty of evidence that the US voting system is open to potential corruption.

Voting machines, for example, are owned and distributed by private companies. Many of which have political ties. An article in the Guardian, of all places, went into great detail about this just last year, when they were suggesting that Trump may have stolen the 2016 election.

Likewise, postal ballots are known to be susceptible to fraud. William Barr, the Attorney General, summed it up in a television interview in September, and written reports in 2007 and earlier this year, have gone into great detail about historical cases of postal vote fraud and possibilities of future occurrences.

This is evidence of opportunity.

5. Voting Irregularities

There are plenty of irregularities in the results which suggest the possibility of something strange going on.

The story of the election by the numbers doesn’t really make logical sense. The turnout is said to be 72%, the highest in 120 years, and the first over 60% for over 50 years.

In the process Joe Biden, we are told, shattered Barack Obama’s popular vote record by almost 10 million votes.

Joe Biden?

This Joe Biden?

…got more votes than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

Meanwhile Donald Trump increased his own popular vote by over 10 million, whilst increasing his vote share in almost every ethnic demographic, as well as with women and LGBT voters.

Making him the first incumbent president to increase his popular vote but still lose in over a century, and the only one since all 50 states were part of the union.

Even if you believe that narrative is possible, there’s more than enough evidence of voting irregularities to warrant at least questioning the result and investigating further.

In one Michigan county an error in the software configuration swung thousands of votes from Republican to Democrat and called a Congressional seat for the wrong party.

This error was only spotted because of the historically republican record of the county. In a more hotly disputed seat, this error could potentially never have been picked up.

Another Michigan county reported an error which switched 5,500 votes from Trump to Biden – a swing of 11,000 votes.

The software used in this county is used in 30 other states – including Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Pennsylvania, all of which were decided by less than 1% of the vote, and any two of which could swing the election to Trump.

In fact Dominion, the company which supplied the questionable voting software, was denied a contract by the state of Texas in 2019 when judges found there were “concerns” about “whether [it] is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation”.

A subsidiary of Dominion was kicked out of the Philippines for being too easy to hack.

This video clip appears to show CNN’s coverage switching over 19,000 votes from Trump to Biden in Pennsylvania.

The graphed results of both Michigan and Wisconsin show decidedly odd jumps in Biden’s vote.

The counting itself was also deeply suspect, with several states taking almost a week to count the last few percent of the vote, whilst managing to count over 90% of the vote on the first evening. In Wisconsin the National Guard were brought in to “transcribe” damaged ballots, whilst in Pennsylvania they were allowed to count postal votes with “no clear post mark”, fairly obviously

As Glen Greenwald wrote, the very fact the count was so arduous and complicated raises questions about the outcome.

6. The Cover-Up

The media are engaging in lies and censorship.

To state there is “no evidence” of election rigging is a lie. There is plenty of evidence. Every news outlet, channel and website is singing from the same hymn sheet on this – even Fox News, so often Trump’s supposed favourite channel.

Even before the election, as discussed above, all the mainstream media were running articles defending mail-in ballots, and claiming that they are not historically weak to voter fraud. This is totally untrue, as anyone who cared to research the topic would tell you.

In fact many countries have incredibly rigid controls on postal voting for exactly that reason.

And then, after the election, social media companies and mainstream media outlets censor the President of the United States.

So, why are all the media telling the same lies? Why are people being denied a platform?

This is evidence of a cover-up.


Ask yourself:

    • If, in 2016, some voting software used in 30 states had flipped 5500 from Hillary to Trump, and later been revealed to be financially tied to the Republican party, would that have been “just a glitch”, or evidence of cheating?
    • If the Brexit referendum had swung violently to Leave after dumps of suspect postal ballots were permitted into the count by a judge who was a known Brexit supporter, would the media have kept quiet?
    • If, in Russia, the media denied a platform to the opposition to accuse Putin of voter fraud, would that be “responsible media practice”, or evidence of bias and censorship?

We don’t know exactly what happened, or how the election was result was controlled, but as of right now the specifics do not matter.

The point is there is plenty of evidence suggesting something happened, more than enough to warrant asking rational questions and expecting reasonable answers.

Every time the media ignores the evidence, or censors those seeking it, they only display further that there must be some fire behind all of this smoke.

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We Need Three Special Prosecutors

Would Democrats not appoint a special counsel to get to the bottom of Republican wrongdoing . . . if they otherwise would have to rely on Republicans to police themselves?

It is a silly question,–  in a heartbeat they would do so

Indeed Trump should do what Democrats have done –  hamstring an incoming rival’s administration, but unlike them, not with bogus charges and innuendo – but with a fearless pursuit of evidenced corruption. Real corruption deserves nothing less.

Extensive evidence and testimony indicates that the Bidens are hip deep in corruption, Joe, Joe’s brother, and Hunter .  Why on earth would Republicans not insure that justice is independently and vigorously pursued?  The Biden’s is where one Special Counsel is needed. There is another one necessary  — a second Special Prosecutor to seriously  and vigorously pursue all the crimes against Trump and the American people in what is now known as the Russia-gate Hoax.

On that score we’ve made this point over and over: Barr-Durham are as dirty or pathetic as the rest of the swamp.  They have to be gone around.

Congressman Davin Nunes has called for the second, (and we have no doubt would support the former as well).  The reason we believe one is necessary, is because if Biden(his people) were to be ensconced in power, they would be in a position to shut the effort down. . .  but a Special Counsel appointed and funded predating any of their assumption of power would have (ideally) necessary independence, whatever the electoral outcome.

We also need a third Special Prosecutor to pursue 2020 election fraud. The evidence for that including coordination as in conspiracy is also clear.

This article by Adam at InsideScoop reports Nunes comments:

Nunes: Appoint Special Counsel, I’m Not Seeing Indictments From Durham

“How many times do FBI Agents and Intelligence Agency leaders get to lie under oath without being prosecuted? “

(Oh, come now, Devin, you know. If they are Democrats, the answer is, “as many times as necessary.”         dlh)

Full article below

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-GA) is the latest to voice his concerns over the lack of follow-through on the Durham investigation.

He is now convinced there needs to be a Special Counsel appointed to investigate the criminal referrals sent by Congress and actions by Intelligence Agency officials that took place during and after the 2016 elections.

“Every day that ticks by it’s going to become an absolute necessity that a special counsel is appointed on the way out,” Nunes told Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Nunes also says it should be Attorney General William Barr that appoints the special counsel but he doesn’t know if that’s in the works or not. However, he’s worried that if Durham doesn’t come out with any referrals and Joe Biden takes office, they’ll shut it all down.

“Now that doesn’t mean that [President-elect Joe] Biden wouldn’t fire the special counsel but at least you’d have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because I’m not seeing the indictments that I should be seeing when you take into the account that I’ve made 14 criminal referrals involving dozens and dozens of people,”

Who could have predicted that?

The swamp is deep.

I’m not saying that Durham is a part of the swamp but I’m certainly not buying that it’s out of the question. After all, people ‘close to the investigation’ keep saying these things take time. It doesn’t, however, seem to take any time to prosecute someone close to the Trump administration with a case based wholly on rumors.
Barr has said, many times, that he believes the Obama administration spied on candidate and then President Trump. He’s also said the evidence he’s seen from the Durham investigation is “troubling”.

How many times do FBI Agents and Intelligence Agency leaders get to lie under oath without being prosecuted? Is that not a crime anymore? It seems to be for anyone associated with the Trump campaign, even if the interviewing agents don’t think it was a lie.

Ask Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Of course, Joe Biden could just fire the Special Counsel and likely get zero backlash from the media. And he probably would.

It’s becoming apparent that in order to have justice, it has to be applied by people who have nothing to do with the Department of Justice.

President Trump should pursue appointment of all three expeditiously.

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72 million want a redress of grievances

Akin to our earlier point influenced by others, “direct evidence” of fraud as in a smoking voter machine is not required to recognize and bring to justice a crime or other wrongdoing (read article below) . A preponderance of evidence — statistical — historic — buttressed by testimony is enough to make a justiciable claim of wrongdoing, unfairness, what have you. A criminal claim is one thing, and as the article below points out is not unreachable with existing circumstantial evidence but a claim of susceptibility, lack of transparency (lots of direct evidence on that) along with the other evidence ought to be enough to at least call for a new election, a civil / Constitutional claim.  That is better than accepting corruption or civil war is it not?    R Mall

By attorney Robert Kirk writing at American Thinker

There’s a case for Sidney Powell’s circumstantial evidence

There has been much speculation since Sunday as to why the Trump legal team would throw attorney Sidney Powell under the bus.   The suggestion has been made, not only by left-leaning media outlets, but also those formerly seen as trusted news sources, that Powell’s contention that the election was stolen largely through the manipulations of Dominion voting machines employed in battleground states are the ravings of a crazed conspiracy theorist

My opinion differs.  That opinion, likely shared by many of the 73 million voters who chose Trump, is informed not only by common sense and a regard for the truth, but also from my work as a prosecutor successfully trying scores of cases to judge and jury.

Ms. Powell’s summary of the facts, as presented at last Thursday’s press conference and as expounded upon during the past few days, is the kind and quality of substantial evidence, which, if presented to a jury, would easily result in a unanimous verdict by all twelve jurors, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the re-election of Donald J Trump was stolen through the use of the Dominion voting software systems installed in states throughout our country. 

For those who want a refresher on that evidence, I recommend Joe Hoft’s excellent article published Nov. 23 in Gateway Pundit where he summarizes not only our common-sense observations regarding the national enthusiasm for Donald Trump in comparison to Basement Joe, but also provides a litany of expert and statistical analyses, including that by MIT Ph.D. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai all converging on one inescapably reasonable conclusion: the election was stolen.

Some may argue that we have no “direct” evidence such as the data from the servers. The only evidence Trump has is “circumstantial” such as the opinions of the experts.

In my work as a prosecutor, many of my cases were won solely on “circumstantial evidence.”  A seminal rule of criminal law and one of which every juror in a criminal case is instructed informs the jury that “… Both direct and circumstantial evidence are acceptable types of evidence. … Neither is entitled to any greater weight than the other.” 

The jury is further informed that if you are presented with two interpretations of circumstantial evidence, one of which is reasonable and the other is unreasonable “… you must accept only reasonable conclusions and reject any that are unreasonable.” 

So, we saw with our own two eyes the massive enthusiasm for Trump during campaign after campaign with tens of thousands showing up at each of his stops at airports across the country. Trump during the last several days doing four and five stops a day as he crisscrossed America.   And we contrasted that with Ol’ Joe and the six or eight, or, at his few block-buster rallies, a few hundred who would show up.

And then on the night of the election.  Trump  ahead hundreds of thousands of votes and then the vote counting suddenly shut down in all the key swing states until, in the early morning hours, under cover of darkness tens and hundreds thousands of votes were found, most, and in some instances all, only cast for Biden.

And then we have the experts such as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai who have explained the statistical anomalies affirming what we know – the impossibility of that having happened in fact and in truth. Yes, there is only one reasonable explanation from the evidence.  The “election” of Joe Biden was “won” by fraud.  It doesn’t matter how many cute or cleaver media pontificates tell us otherwise or that there is no “evidence” to prove it.  We know by substantial evidence who won this election and who won it by a landslide.

So why did the Trump legal team throw Sidney Powell under the bus?  My theory is consistent with Sidney Powell’s character.  She is a courageous woman who is absolutely dedicated to the truth.  But Sidney Powell does not do politics. 

Everything was fine between Sidney and the Trump legal team until, a few days after the joint press conference, she gave an interview on Newsmax where she claimed that the governor of Georgia and the secretary of state (both Republicans, by the way) had conspired and received bribes to install the Dominion voting system in their state.   I can assume there were a few phone calls to the White House from individuals angry at the allegation.

I don’t know if those allegations are true but whether high ups in the Republican party received kickbacks or were complicit in installing the Dominion system is an issue far secondary to whether the cancer of the Dominion voting machines and its pernicious software will be ripped root and branch from the machinery of the American election process.   If Sidney Powell and the Trump team fail in that goal, then not only will Trump lose this election but so also We the People will have lost our Constitutional republic.

Robert Kirk, a retired Prosecutor, suffers from a rare malady that only afflicts a tiny percentage of his fellow Californians – common sense conservative thought. For more info or to contact go to:

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Pope dunks on NBA players











WILL THE ‘VICAR OF CHRIST’ INTRODUCE “BLACK LIVES MATTER” THEMES TO VATICAN? (One of the “initiatives NBA players introduced was to have “anti-racism’ slogans printed on their game jerseys.)


The League agreed that, “Players will have a list of 29 statements to choose from to put on the back of their jerseys … for the first four days of the league’s resumption in Orlando”, according to ESPN.

The list, as agreed upon by the league and the NBA Players Association, includes these messages: Black Lives Matter; Say Their Names; Vote; I Can’t Breathe; Justice; Peace; Equality; Freedom; Enough; Power to the People; Justice Now; Say Her Name; Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can); Liberation; See Us; Hear Us; Respect Us; Love Us; Listen; Listen to Us; Stand Up; Ally; Anti-Racist; I Am A Man; Speak Up; How Many More; Group Economics; Education Reform; and Mentor.Those players that choose to can still keep the messages after the first four days, but their last names will be added underneath.

WILL PRIESTS NOW HAVE ‘SOCIAL JUSTICE’ MESSAGES ON THE BACKS OF THEIR MASS VESTMENTS ?    (we surmise some Vatican approved examples — see below)     dlh

Here is the full report:


NBA players have recently avoided the White House. The Vatican is a different story.
Five players and representatives from the league had an unprecedented private audience with Pope Francis on Monday morning after the Catholic leader’s assistant initiated one to discuss the group’s racial injustice initiatives, according to

The NBA’s contingent included Kyle Korver, Sterling Brown, Jonathan Isaac, Anthony Tolliver and Marco Belinelli.

The NBA became the focal point of athletes’ responding to racial injustice after police shot Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin seven times. After video of the incident was released, the Bucks spearheaded a boycott of playoff games inside the NBA bubble. The postseason was put on hold for several days as players decided whether to cancel the season altogether or return to finish it out.

Players ultimately agreed to return after getting owners and NBA commissioner Adam Silver to agree to several league-sponsored initiatives toward racial equality. Pope Francis wanted to learn more about how the players brought attention to the issues.
One of the “initiatives included:
Players will have a list of 29 statements to choose from to put on the back of their jerseys in place of their names for the first four days of the league’s resumption in Orlando, ESPN’s The Undefeated reported Friday.

The list, as agreed upon by the league and the NBA Players Association, includes these messages: Black Lives Matter; Say Their Names; Vote; I Can’t Breathe; Justice; Peace; Equality; Freedom; Enough; Power to the People; Justice Now; Say Her Name; Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can); Liberation; See Us; Hear Us; Respect Us; Love Us; Listen; Listen to Us; Stand Up; Ally; Anti-Racist; I Am A Man; Speak Up; How Many More; Group Economics; Education Reform; and Mentor.

Though players are not obligated to have a message on their jerseys, according to the report, those that choose to can still keep it after the first four days, but their last names will be added underneath.

The Undefeated previously reported that players would not be using the names of men and women who have died in police custody or in racially motivated incidents, so as not to offend the families of a victim whose name wasn’t used.

Players have reportedly held meetings to discuss how to best use their platforms to address systemic racism and police brutality, in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, among others. The messages on jerseys are just one of the ways they plan to do so, according to reports.

POPES’ VESTMENT IDEAS ON DISPLAY: (Latin to English translator available at   but have some fun and try to figure them out first)


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