I’m from the government and I am here to ask you a few questions

  • I’m from the government and I am just trying to help . . . the  sales pitch of  scoundrels.
  • What comes next . . . have you taken your birth-control today?

So we received a couple of responses regarding “what will you say when the COVID NAZIS come knocking” which we will incorporate into another post after a few more come in. We would like to expand the request to include what questions you might like to ask them?? 

“Have you taken your birth-control today . . . I am here to record your submission to the Party . . . and “offer” you what you need”

One thing that struck us in  reading about revulsion towards Biden’s door-to-door Vaccine Nazis is that the implication of the feds going around surveying, inducing, taking names and reporting is reminiscent of  the Chi-Com’s birth-control police.  The  Chi-coms had  “Karens”  (in Chinese perhaps the Qinglings or the Wang fangs) who went around policing fertility for the good of the people don’t-you-know. This link from congressional testimony 23 years ago describes the Nuremberg scale atrocity that is still going on especially directed at “program resistant” ethnic groups.


AlsoChina forces birth control on Muslim Uighurs to suppress population … camouflage came knocking at her door anyway. … a motor-tricycle after school at the Unity New Village in Hotan, in western …

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If or when the Vaccine Nazis knock at your door

What will you say?  Biden’s people may be coming at least to select neighborhoods around the country, knocking on your door, asking supposed public health questions related to whether or not you have or intend to “get the jab”.

This exercise is not essentially about arguing for or against supposedly being immunized against COVID 19 a.k.a. Wuhan virus.  Many of our readers have received the vaccine and we are not arguing all medical decisions (age and other conditions) related to doing so. This is about the appropriateness of the strange government agents doing so. One set of people, those who have received the shot may have one demeanor regarding the questions,  those who have not, perhaps another.   Send us your anonymous proposed response(s) and we will consolidate them with our own response possibilities in a coming post.  This could be fun.  Nothing “martial” please, other than meant in fun.


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Sing along, NFL fans!

NO JOKE! (As Joey would say): At NFL Games this season each game will feature the Black National Anthem.

Between ‘honoring’ the LGBTQ+ folks with helmet decals and end zone  messages, and the ‘Black lives Matter’  movement, apparently, football fans can only hope there might be some football played on ‘any given Sunday’.

I’m wondering…will the USA National Anthem be played at NFL games this year, at all?

Will the Commissioner ask Colin Kaepernick’s permission to have ‘both’ anthems played at games (you know what Colin will say)? Will players take a knee for the USA anthem, but not for “Lift Every Voice…”?

Somebody will have to let me know the answers to these questions…because I won’t be watching.

Oh yeah…and then there’s women’s soccer. Will Meghan Rapinoe lead the audience at every game in singing the “Internationale”?     dlh

NFL Fans Will Hear the “Black National Anthem at Every Game…(Don’t even think about not standing!?)

The NFL has announced it will play the Black National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” before each game in the 2021-22 season as part of a $250 million investment towards social justice.“We, the National Football League, believe Black lives matter,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a video released last June addressing racial injustice. “Without Black players, there would be no National Football League, and the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of Black players coaches, fans and staff.” (And, without the NFL, there’d be no multi-millionaire Black players)

“We, the National Football League, believe Black lives matter,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in a video released last June addressing racial injustice. “Without Black players, there would be no National Football League, and the protests around the country are emblematic of the centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of Black players coaches, fans and staff.”

(“…centuries of silence, inequality and oppression of Black players, coaches, fans, and staff.”?????????????? The highest paid QB’s in the 2021 NFL are Patrick Mahomes ($47 Million annual), mixed race, Dak Prescott ($42M), Black, and Russell Wilson ($35 M), Black. Oh the Oppression!


Last August, Goodell also appeared on Emmanuel Acho’s Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man YouTube show, addressing the league’s handling of kneeling and other peaceful protests against racism:

In Honor of Black Lives Matter 

The league taking the oppurtunity (sic) to play “Lift every voice and sing” (the black national anthem) is sweet. It’s a great way to honor those who started this movement year and years ago.

Related reading: Leave the Plantation

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Local “Bix 7” race — what are the rules regarding sex categorization of race finishers?

When it was announced that Laurel Hubbard, a male athlete who identifies as female, was selected to represent New Zealand on the women’s weightlifting team in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, it was considered by some to be a victory for the transgender movement and “the power of inclusion.” Others consider it unfair to both the sport and the athletes.

Anna Vanbellinghen, a female weightlifter from Belgium who hoped to qualify in the same event as Hubbard, made it clear that she “fully supports the transgender community.” However, she correctly pointed out that steroids—which give athletes unfair advantages—can have retained benefits even years after their use.

“So why is it still a question whether two decades, from puberty to the age of 35, with the hormonal system of a man also would give an advantage [in competing against women]?” she asked in a recent interview.

The International Olympic Committee ruled in 2015 that transgender athletes “who transition from male to female are eligible to compete in the female category” so long as their testosterone level has been below a certain threshold for at least 12 months.

At least two recent peer-reviewed studies challenge this rule. One published in the journal Sports Medicine found “the muscular advantage enjoyed by transgender women [men on estrogen] is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed” for 12 months. A second review article found the male strength advantage to remain even after three years of testosterone suppression.

Even if the strength advantage could be eliminated, however, to reduce the definition of female human being to having a certain level of testosterone in your body for a certain amount of time completely ignores the scientific reality that genetics—not testosterone—is at the root of all that makes the two sexes different.

When males are allowed to compete in athletic leagues designed for females, they deprive female athletes of the opportunity to safe and fair participation in sports. As Vanbellinghen said, “Life-changing opportunities are missed for some athletes—medals and Olympic qualifications—and we are powerless.”

She is not alone. Female sports at all levels have been infiltrated by the transgender ideology. Here are just a few examples of how females have been harmed when forced to compete against males:

In track and field, male high school runner CeCe Telfer won three titles in the Northeast-10 Championships for women’s track, and received the “most outstanding track athlete” award.

In softball, male player Pat (Patrick) Cordova-Goff took one of 15 spots on his California high school women’s varsity softball team.

In basketball, a 50-year-old, 6-foot-8-inch, 230-pound man, Gabrielle (Robert) Ludwig, led the Mission College women’s basketball team to a national championship with the most rebounds.

In mixed martial arts, male fighter Fallon Fox shattered female fighter Tamikka Brents’ eye socket and gave her a concussion. Brents said she “never felt so overpowered in her life.”

In Connecticut’s state track and field championships, two male high school runners, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, took first and second place in multiple events, beating out top high school girls from across the state. Yearwood was named Connecticut’s “athlete of the year.”

The simple truth is that males outperform females in regard to speed and strength due to inborn genetics and sex hormones. This has consistently been proven by long-term research on elite athletes when matched for training.

The sex hormone testosterone plays an important role in regulating bone mass, fat distribution, muscle mass, strength, and the production of red blood cells leading to higher circulating hemoglobin. This is particularly true during puberty.

After puberty, male circulating testosterone concentrations are 15 times greater than those of females at any age. The result is a clear male advantage in regard to muscle mass, strength and circulating hemoglobin levels even after adjusting for sex differences in height and weight.

Athletic differences are also due to genetics. Studies have identified more than 3,000 genes that are differentially expressed in male and female skeletal muscle. Obvious bone differences due to a combination of genetics and hormones even exist at birth; the average male is heavier and taller than the average female and this advantage continues, when controlled for stage of puberty, throughout life.

Genetics is why a male who self-identifies as female remains male, and giving estrogen to a male does not transform him into a female.

While it is true that a male using estrogen will lose muscle strength and impair other aspects of his physiology, he does not alter his genetics; he remains male at the cellular level in all body systems.

Similarly, a female who self-identifies as male remains female, and giving her testosterone does not transform her into a male. In terms of genetics, she remains female at the cellular level.

These inherent sex-based differences also mean that females are at higher risk of athletic injuries. For instance, stress fractures involving the long bones of the legs in runners are more frequent in females. Male athletes are far less susceptible due to their larger and denser bones.

Taken together, these discrepancies render females, on average, unable to compete effectively against males in power-based or endurance-based sports.

Science and common sense agree. When males are allowed to compete in athletic leagues designed for females, they deprive girls and women of the opportunity to safe and fair participation in sports.

The Daily Signal publishes a variety of perspectives. Nothing written here is to be construed as representing the views of The Heritage Foundation.

Have an opinion about this article? To sound off, please email letters@DailySignal.com and we’ll consider publishing your edited remarks in our regular “We Hear You” feature. Remember to include the URL or headline of the article plus your name and town and/or state.

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Corruption at the FBI and DOJ wide and deep

If people thought we were being cranks, sensational, click baiters, whatever regarding our expressed disdain for the federal law enforcement elements of the swamp spearheaded under our DLH’s byline   . . .  well our betters in the conservative commentariat have taken up the cause:

The FBI Further Proves It’s an Irredeemable Dumpster Fire of Corruption.

Federal Prosecutors “Paused” Hunter Biden Investigation to Avoid Campaign Issue for The Big Guy.

It Sure Looks Like the FBI Basically Orchestrated the Gretchen Whitmer ‘Kidnapping’ Plot

There are also a number of reports indicating that the FBI may have been an agitator even coconspirator in a false flag sort of operation focused on January 6th, not to prevent anything but to perhaps create a story to denigrate Trump support.

And saying what must be said, Kurt Schlichter

Are There Any Good Apples at the FBI?

We also see Schlichter’s commentary as a challenge to be risen to,  hopefully such as exceptions exist (and they do) that they become more vocal, it is their associations that history rightly must judge, their children and grandchildren.

But alas these articles were five years ago, and what has really happened?? Barr for one, as it turns out another creature of The Swamp

Rebellion Brewing at the FBI: Agency in Turmoil over Comey Corruption!

FBI agents are ready to revolt over the cozy Clinton probe.


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Two quick meme’s for the day, more to come

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Trump’s bad personnel choices made bad personnel choices

  • Barr’s choice of John Durham
  • Justice parlayed, justice delayed, justice denied

Two articles of note: The Epoch Tmes” is behind a paywall but excerpt says it all

“Barr’s Mistaken Choice”



“It is difficult to understand how Attorney General William Barr could sit and watch the Schiff/Nadler clown show play out in the Senate, knowing that his DoJ was in possession of material that proved what an utter sham the whole business was.”

(doesn’t mention his appointment of John Durham…apparently intended to make the American people believe that a ‘serious’ investigation of corruption at the top levels of government led by Democrats was being conducted.)

Speaking of whom Nunes still optimistic:


Durham Probe Will Land People in Jail: Nunes.

Keep hoping, Devin. We’re with you; however, we are not optimistic that Mr. Durham is anything more than another Washington, D.C. phony. He’s gotten himself a pretty cushy gig that keeps on paying for an investigation keeps going toward NOWHERE! dlh

The ongoing probe into the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of former President Donald Trump and related matters will lead to people going to jail, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) asserted this week.

“I’m still positive, and I guess I have to be, that people are going to go to jail, and they are going to be prosecuted for the Russia grand fiasco and the Russia hoax,” Nunes said on the Sara Carter Show podcast.

“Maybe I’m a little Pollyanna, but I just have to have faith ultimately that there was a special counsel created, Durham does have the power, we are fully expecting him—it may not be as broad as we want it to be,” Nunes added later. “But look, there are some major …

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Went to a gay, social justice rally… and a football game broke out ??

But, but…what will the LGBTQ+ “community” say? Won’t the ‘social justice’ campaign crowd out the NFL’s “Gay support” campaign?

The Big question is, “will the NFL provide any time or opportunity for the players to play football?

And, Will there be separate seating sections for those “spectators who attend games for the festivities associated with their particular “cause”?

(Can’t help wondering why any football fan would buy a pricey ticket to attend a gay, social justice rally, hoping that a football game breaks out!).     dlh

REPORT: The NFL Will Have More Social Justice Messaging During The 2021 Season.

The NFL reportedly plans on ramping up social justice messaging during the upcoming season.

According to Front Office Sports, the league “will introduce more social justice messaging on fields and player helmets during the upcoming 2021 season, following up on initial efforts from 2020.”

Furthermore, the NFL plans on playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which some view as the black national anthem, during major games, according to the same report. No knee-taking permitted?

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We ask, you decide

Clarice Feldmann touches on a range of important issues

Voters’ rights, Capitol Police, or, “Secret Police”, January 6 Abuses and Corruptions

As corrupt as our Courts and Judges and FBI are, does anybody else notice what is being done to American citizens whose only “offense” might be that they were in Washington D.C. on January 6?  Clarice delves into the matter with gusto but our comments are triggered especially by her analysis of Democrat schemes to make cheating at voting easy.

The Democratic Party and Its Elected senators and representatives are ‘hot’ about the the “Jim Crow-like” voting rights legislation GOP is supporting in various states, especially those pertaining to “Voter ID”. Requiring voters to verify who they are is considered by Democrats to be unfair, illegal, discriminatory, and just plain god-awful because many would-be Black voters either refuse to have any form of photo ID, or are too dumb to know where and how to get it!


How many “disadvantaged minorities”  cannot get hotel accommodations because they lack photo ID (or any form of personal identification)?; What do disadvantaged minorities do when they go to see a doctor and a Photo ID is required?

Turns out most agree with Republicans

Clarice notes, Just the News reported, “A strong, 62% majority of registered voters believe that Americans should have to provide photo identification when submitting a mail-in ballot, according to a new Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen.
“Just 23% of respondents said voters should not be required to include their photo ID with mail-in ballots.

“Responses in favor of a photo ID requirement include 78% of Republicans, 50% of Democrats, and 60% of independents. An equal number of white and Hispanic respondents favored the rule, as did 51% of black voters.”

The people behind resistance to voting security are not those allegedly harmed but the Democrat operatives who need laxity in order to insure winning elections.

Read more:


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. . . So we added some, for the cause of course, and with all the genuineness of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).   Besides, it is a useful segue into other Biden era personnel matters.

First, here is the basic story about ODNI at The New York Post

“Intelligence Agency Used Photo-shopped pics to illustrate their “successful” diversity efforts”

Now Americans should be shocked, and, alarmed, that our National Intelligence apparatus would use stupid tactics like this for purposes so frivolous to our national security (to illustrate their “diversity wokeness”). And, to do so so amateurishly is troubling as well.

We include the NYP photos for ease of reference related to our critique.

Here is what the ODNI put out for recruitment and public consumption.  They added a young lady in a wheelchair and a blind man with white cane and a seeing eye dog to a purchased photo. So pathetic —  not them but whoever came up with this.  One wonders what sort of superficial nincompoop they are trying to attract.

Below is the stock photo (complete with watermarks which are removed once you pay the royalty or use fee), as reported by the NYP, which the ODNI purchased instead of actually gathering a few of the office staff to demonstrate their diversity. If they were concerned about ID risk they might have  just put them in COVID masks, or better yet, just shit-canned such an obviously phony picture.

Here is the photo they worked from without the watermarks  –  all comely folks, youngish, just like the real world of government!!!

Now the only thing missing to illustrate the dept.’s “diversity/inclusion is…you guessed it…LGBTQ members!! We realize they might all be, but you get our point.   We decided that perhaps the one key group not recognizably included was perhaps those of the transgender persuasion. No one is more illustrative of a man in a woman’s attire than Biden’s Assistant Secretary of HHS, Richard Rachel Levine. So since the photo is all phonied up anyway we took it upon ourselves to impart him her as a representative image for still more inclusiveness.  We should think the ODNI appreciates the effort.

We think the Photoshop, as clumsy and obvious as it is, rivals the ODNI tech gurus own effort and by-golly is that much more inclusive.

But it was no easy task in another way.  Finding the right photo of Richard Rachel to do him her justice.  You can see that finding the best angle is difficult and knowing which hair day to use was near impossible, use the blonde, or the gray , the curly or the wavy, or pardon the expression, straight??

Apparently the government has no standard that would keep such an individual from their fold. Just the opposite, they invite them in, even “affirmatively action” them for nothing deeper than “diversity”.   This is a truly unbalanced person who has no concept of what being a woman is really like, the physicality, the physiology, the emotions . . .  Probably deeply narcissistic his warped thinking finds its way into policy at HHS and his previous posts.  God help us. Related reading:




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