What changes should the GOP push on the FBI

  • Break up the functions, overall reduced scope, new leadership and recourse for wrongdoing
  • The heritage of politicization is appalling for a free country

The evidence is mounting – the top echelon is corrupt and the rank and file are sullied by the association. Many of them are lawyers, that more of the rank and file of all specialties have not gotten together to blow the whistle and demand change (some have) creates a no-confidence climate about the institution.

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Judge Won’t Unseal The Mar-a-Lago Affidavit, But It’s A Safe Bet The FBI Followed Its Depraved FISA Court M.O.  The Federalist

Newsweek Sources Claim FBI Raid Was Cover for DOJ to Retrieve Russiagate Evidence Held by Donald Trump – The Last Refuge

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Stop obliteration of vote records including fraud evidence

  • Research is laborious, no need to destroy records

E-Mail Iowa SOS Pate to encourage/insure Iowa hard records and data be kept for at least ten years.  Communicate the same to Iowa GOP leader Kaufman and also Iowa Governors office to put Pate on notice. Encourage GOP AG candidate Brenna Bird to speak out.

Many states (including Iowa?) to begin destroying election records and data – This from AVA via DH

5.) Louisiana SOS retains 2020 Election Records. As we approach the end of 22 months since the 2020 election, many states will begin deleting certain records under federal law. Louisiana is leading the way in asking that records be retained in the most uncertain election of our lifetime.


Why? Well because the information posted in our previous post needs to be investigated:

We link you decide — was Iowa’s election secure?

And because of the information in this article by Emerald Robinson:

There’s So Much Election Fraud Evidence It’s Hard To Keep Up!
Here are eight articles from yours truly summarizing all the fraud

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QC Times to give up office space for Afghan refugees

This cheap QC Times article seems a shaming exercise rather than lament of the real reasons for an overburdened immigration situation (link below). It was forwarded to us by TN with his description: “Biden success story”. However sardonic the use of “success” his sentiment that Biden owns the problems associated with the Afghan refugee situation is true. Biden bungled the withdrawal of American forces causing far more Afghans to be refugees.  Further, every problem associated with resettlement of Afghan refuges into low-cost housing, providing food, medical care, job placement are greatly exacerbated by Biden and the Left’s virtual open boarders immigration policy. One competes with the other

The full QC Times article by Alma Gaul is available through the link.  The report revolves around the local branch of the charity World Relief’s efforts to resettle Afghan refugees. Below are some pull quotes from the article that elicited our questions and comments.

300+ Afghans settle in Quad-Cities after the Taliban took over

So resident Biden creates a situation causing thousands of Afghans to leave in a panic for fear for their lives under the Taliban — but World Relief (hereinafter WR) spokespersons have no comment or are neutral on that?   Has WR at any time been critical of the catastrophic abandonment of Afghanistan, to the same degree as they lament and criticize  processes and availabilities here? Do they have any realization of the problems caused by open borders, disorderly emigration/immigration that more than aggravates the problems they lament in the article?

Here are some gems (set here in bold italics) that appear towards the end of the lengthy article, V’pac annotations follow:

Some properties owned by out-of-area companies said they wouldn’t rent to the Afghans because they couldn’t pass a credit check. “They come from a war zone!” Fontaine said. “We saw that as a sign of blatant racism.”

The BS racism comment is the most egregious part but one must ask given the tone if they consider charity and or risk taking something to be expropriated against their will from landlords? Credit checks are important to limit risk.  Now the WR  principles (not the volunteers) quoted activities are referred to as charitable, yet as also revealed in the article those WR principles are paid for their work. Note this:

The agency hired more staff, which had dwindled to fewer than 15 during the Trump Administration when the number of refugees and immigrants accepted into the country dropped so low that there was little work to do.

Really, the term “dwindled” is used.  If that is a lament by WR then that would imply that these folks are in the business of resettlement, not all that interested in policies that compete with their relief business. The implication of the attitudes expressed by WR in the article is that it is appropriate to pay staff but landlords are not to be reliably paid or are to absorb costs and somehow make their mortgage payments.

As regards the racism charge — are they seriously suggesting that the “out of area companies” (gee I wonder if they are Chinese) would/should lend to a White, an Asian, a Black, a Whomever no matter their credit status until they have a work record or income source? In the case of refugees I thought that was WR’s charitable function — to sustain such individuals until such time as they can be independent? Why doesn’t WR guarantee the rent — oh silly us they want the landlord to regardless of the rents they pay in the form of mortgages on the rental property they own . We suspect your typical “out of area company” really does not care who they rent to as long as they get paid.

The article goes on: (Fontaine is the local WR spokesperson)

In another instance, an apartment Fontaine was told was move-in ready clearly was not.
“I walked in and there was a dead bird. There was a dead mouse. There was poop (human) all over the bathroom. I was gagging. We had signed a lease; we took the word of the landlord. We cleaned it up and put a family in there.”

Now that indicates real competence by the WR people We had signed a lease; we took the word of the landlord.

As a pest control technician not very long ago I witnessed a number of rent-subsided apartments with appalling filth (by no means all). I don’t think the landlords caused it. There was no racial pattern to the filth although certain cultures might learn to understand the attraction of open cooking pot oils permeating rooms as an attraction to cockroaches. In servicing properties after move-outs it was clear that some were more like abandonments with windows left open and torn screens – so a bird can get in and not find its way out. The landlord likely did not do that, want that, nor find out about it until reported — perhaps for days or longer. Who left it that way? Was it a former WR client or a personality that the welfare state helps make?

Landlords are not welfare charities and should not be presumed to be. If tolerating filth is a pattern with that owner — the article does not say if WR reported the situation to the health bureaucracy nor whether the particular abode was owned locally — why are they signing leases to a particular abode sight unseen?!

Fontaine said she sensed the landlord thought the unit was good enough for a nonprofit organization.

That WR volunteers cleaned it up is commendable but objectively one can ask if that does not enable what they decry?

Our comments are not intended to disparage refugees or the appropriateness of such status to particular Afghanies but the obliviousness (or purposefulness) of a system (including nonprofits and government policies and agencies) toward open borders — a situation which breeds pressures on housing– producing, fostering, or enabling but often leaving the worst conditions for needy refugees “in competition with” willful illegal immigrants.

Yes we can do better and Trump’s policies were better.

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Afghanistan and the Collapse of Normals’ Faith in the System.

Afghanistan: Biden’s Most-Telling ‘Illusion’.

Desperate To Save His Family, One Former U.S. Combat Interpreter Makes Dire Return To A Fallen Afghanistan

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Mar-a-Lago Raid — an Intolerable Act

Democrats cannot be tolerated with your vote

Reading various commentators on the law and politics of the Biden “Justice” Department decision to have FBI agents goons (from Washington DC) raid President Trump’s residence in search of a few boxes of archives over which there was dispute as to whether he had them, whether they were “classified”, whether he had a right to have them in possession if he did,  and other points of contention — all matters that should have been settled in the course of negotiation, legal motions, appeal, notice, etc. or ignored, all which would have been afforded a Democrat  —  is chilling.

The raid  was intended as a pure act of intimidation with political purpose, and intolerable on that basis. It was also a display of weakness, the fear of Trump as a candidate and likely resuming the presidency (given the tenor of the country other Republicans could likely assume the presidency but that is a discussion for another post). The British King and Parliament tried to intimidate Massachusetts and any similarly minded subject colonies, in the 1770s . . .  to show us who was boss.  Their effort became known as the Intolerable Acts. The Mar-a-Lago raid is an intolerable act that was not just intended to intimidate Trump but to intimidate the political climate nationwide toward subservience to Democrat policies.  It was just as much about us.

The swamp hopes and has has no doubt already wired the process of trying to exercise lawfare   which includes as a punishment of the records act pretext that conviction prevents one from holding federal office. The big problem with that is it likely unconstitutional as regards the presidency.  The Constitution sets the requirement for the president not Congress which cannot make further restrictions on its own.

This intolerable act was not just intended to intimidate Trump but any subsequent Republican office holder. All Democrats ought to be held accountable for being associated with a regime that looks at policy enforcement this way.  No Democrat deserves your vote in November and the way to root them out is not likely to involve third parties at this time.

Collection of informative links to follow.

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We link you decide — was Iowa’s election secure?

  • Election expert refers to Iowa Secretary of State as a “doofus”
  • We know that SOS Pate encouraged Zuckerbergs partisan get out the vote effort  to auditors.
  • At its most innocent that is an incredible level of doofusness
  • Pate’s emphasis on voting early and mail in voting during his tenure created a playground for fraud
  • At its most innocent that is facilitating cheaters
  • Look for documentary “Selection Code” August 21

View a two part presentation about vote fraud and or vulnerabilities  in Iowa (and other states).  From Iowacanvassing.com Thanks to DH for the forward.

Over the last 18 months, Dr. Douglas Frank, a renowned scientist and physicist and a 40-year modeler of elections, has been in 42 states. On July 27th, 11 days ago, Dr. Frank was in Iowa for the first time to talk about “What Happened in Iowa,” explaining the massive evidence of fraud and how Iowa’s 2020 election was stolen through each of our 99 counties, and what we, the citizens, can do to get our country back.

This event in Independence, Iowa, was sponsored by the Iowa Canvassing grassroots volunteers, see www.iowacanvassing.com for more information about them. (Their) GiveSendGo account can be found at https://www.givesendgo.com/G3BP1.

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Closet stories in the news about Republicans

  • Jim Leach out of the closet
  • Dick Cheney does a Biden impersonation in a closet
  • Liz Cheney dreams of a walk-in closet


This was a pretty big yawner even here, the long -time official hometown of 30 year Iowa “Republican” congressman Jim Leach. This guy has been dressing the part of a Democrat for years and has now officially transitioned.  We called for his persona non grata status at Republican events years ago and his home county Republicans in convention agreed. *.  Everyone is happier now that he has come out of the closet and that he can still rock the tweeds just like Hillary.

Dick Cheney  in a crotchety voice says “there has never been a greater threat to our republic than Donald Trump”. This is more senile than Joe Brandon Biden.  It does not even register on the Allen Cognition Scale. If not that then he must be possessed, like his daughter,  or maybe this was just an episode of The Simpson’s featuring Mr. Burns.

Meanwhile Liz Cheney is trying to entice Democrats to vote for her in the primary to teach Trump supporters a lesson and save the Republic or something. It is delusional but heck with all that out of state money to spend . .  .  Trump derangement syndrome is really something to behold. I would say the ad will lose her more Republicans (from the smallish group that will vote for her in Wyoming) than it will gain her in the target Democrats she is hoping for.  We are thinking her primary election night get together could be held in a walk-in closet, that is if she deigns to be in Wyoming for the event. We are not here to trash every Bush/Cheney policy but he and his daughter have revealed a despicable side.

*Resolution passed at the Scott County Republican Party Convention (item 13.9 as amended) in 2012 after Leach endorsed Obama.

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Pelosi trip to Taiwan mostly about her

  • Which also means phony political theater to pretend (some) Democrats are really really tough with Red China
  • Resident Joe’s State Department didn’t want her to go, they preferred abject prostration
  • But once announced / revealed she had to go through with it, but all the better for her theater
  • And all the better for a timely excuse for muscle flexing by Xi Jinping

Real support for the Free Chinese and standing up to Communist China would be more than a layover in Taipei.  We recommend this commentary by John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist:

If Nancy Pelosi Cared About Confronting China She’d Do More Than Stage Political Theater

Related reading and graphic here.

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Manchin didn’t cave — he harvested

Two birdsBYRDS of a feather. The Morepork and Manchin (Joe Manchin on left). Plumage, eyes and beak similar, both now advocates of eating insects.*

Well we should have known — group shaming and trash talk by fellow Democrats was not  the reason for Manchin supposedly caving, nor was it the appeals to the big Demonrat grand social scheme in the inflationary Inflation Reduction Act  they have put forth.  It was the taste offers to gorge on pork. At Gateway Pundit quoting a Politio report:

Bill Gates and Other Radicals Pressed Joe Manchin to Vote for Biden’s Behemoth Climate Change Bill

Bill Gates was among those who lobbied U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin—a frequent key Democratic holdout—to support an economic package focusing on climate and health care, after more than a year of negotiations.

The push for the conservative Democrat to support what is now the Inflation Reduction Act—but was, until recently, the Build Back Better Act—included more than 20 leaders of clean energy manufacturing companies with plans to put down roots in Manchin’s West Virginia. They included Bill Gates, who owns a venture capital firm that has backed a battery start-up there, Politico reports.

Now we have been to West Virginia and seen the Byrd this and the Byrd that on roads and buildings — some of the many things named after the Robert Byrd political dynasty there. Manchin must have developed a little jealousy . . . or the pork thing is just a matter of his nature. The latter becomes more evident when you look closer at Manchin and notice the yellowish eyes. They are characteristic of a bird, an owl called the Morepork.*  Manchin must be related to  this yellow-eyed meat-eater (insects and rodents like the climate crazies at the UN and the WEF want us to eat) as grub loving, flighty and opportunistic as he is.  The attached photo is proof that if Manchin is not related to the Morepork he has adopted it as his mascot and inspiration (and perhaps it ought to be the state bird of West Virginia politics)*

*Who says the Morepork is not native to West Virginia.  They just call it something different — the Manchin.

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So it wasn’t Leahy who leaked Pelosi trip – it was Joey

  • We suppose Pelosi could come down with COVID and save the world from nuclear war . . .
  • We were right in our more serious moment but offered the wrong reason
  • Surely Gen. Miley would have soon enough

Says Tom Cotton it was the big guy leaker — (referring to Biden’s running off at the mouth not his other incontinence problem) 

In our post yesterday which included a little pasquinade about Democrats we certainly were not intending to start some sort of fake pee tape story  about “leaks” that would set the media into a frenzy — although our little farce had certain common apt elements — “leaks” and whores.

In our more serious part we were in the ballpark – Biden being responsible – but we were way to assuming that he had any strategy other than running off at the mouth.

Cottons revelations still points to the ever serious danger we are in with this Resident in the White House.  The article was posted after ours.

Tom Cotton Says Biden Leaked Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip to Beijing.

Cotton said it’s common knowledge on Capitol Hill that Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan were leaked to the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing by none other than President Joe Biden himself.   . . . 

We cannot back down in the face of these Chinese threats,” Cotton reiterated, saying if Biden “prevents Nancy Pelosi or any other member of Congress from traveling to Taiwan, it will create a major foreign policy crisis — imagine what it will signal to the Chinese Communists if they think they can threaten us into merely not traveling to Taiwan,” Cotton warned. “It might in fact incite them and tempt them to go for the jugular in Taiwan.”

Reading comments to the article at Townhall  there were some entertaining if dark ideas set forth as to who ought to make the trip.

One that we found ironic was to the effect that it wasn’t necessary for Biden to leak the matter — wouldn’t have CJCS General Milley

Not doubt the Dems are in a quandry as to how to play this latest shit-his-pants again moment by Resident Joe.  Do they try to turn it into a tough guy moment for their administration and issue some warnings and have China backdown – (probably for the price of us removing Navy ships from international waters, missiles from South Korea or something) all in service to reelection efforts as we suggested OR will Nancy simply catch COVID, cancel and have the matter blow over — as their media branch will surely help with.  One thing is for sure — we should be worried — Democrats have denigrated military readiness and given freedom’s adversaries all manner of reasons to doubt American will.

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WHAT!? Democrat Joe Manchin to continue to enable Democrat efforts to kill the economy

  • It was a treacherous act by Schemer as well (link and excerpt below) but Republican McConnell et al complicit in other boondoggle — the CHIP bill.

In the tightly split Senate (as far as organizational power) Chuck Schemer has no power without ol’ Joe Machination. As we have insisted before, in today’s Washington all threats to Red West Virginia are enabled by Manchin because of his caucusing with Democrats to give them the potential to do their worst. He is not a savior he is an enabler.  He is the  family member who buys the alcoholic a smaller bottle of booze, repeatedly.

These comments are in response to the latest development regarding the negotiations between Chuck Schumer’s Schemer and Joe Manchin’s Machination’s  plan to further screw up the US economy.  Read the first link – it is breathless report on the bill as saving the planet.  The second one relates to how Manchin has redeemed himself and the third is what it took to get him back in the fold — nothing — just a stroke or two and a whisper from a buddy

‘Absolutely historic’: Senate budget deal would be biggest climate change action eve

Biden calls deal with Manchin ‘godsend’ for US families

Report on Reconciliation Confirms Joe Manchin Is a Pathetic Coward.

Joe Manchin has of course been enabling most of the worst from that demonic party from the first day he was elected to the Senate.  Now he has agreed to a spending and regulatory bill, a level that if it gets final approval they will live with until the next ratcheting  regulations and inflationary strangulation of the economy on the way to destroying it in service to the creation of the  Marxist utopia hellhole they envision.

It could be thwarted if Republicans in the Senate hold ranks and Arizona Democrat Sinema can find the cahones that Manchin has lost again. Maybe Sinema wants to tag in and play Manchin for the good of her state and the country. It is not likely but we can pray for vision. Perhaps the notion of Republicans holding ranks is more far-fetched. So passage of it given the Democrat Party’s must-do emphasis behind it going into the mid-terms seems likely.

The proposal is fraught with tax increases that if they raise revenue will do so at the expense of the private investment that is the engine of an efficient economy.  It is possessed of irresponsible inflationary spending (along with the tax increases) focused on environmental doctrine that will create more boondoggles and more energy vulnerability.

Here are some links explaining the effects of the bill.

Inflation Reduction Act Would Make Stagflation Worse

Congresswoman Warns ‘Inflation Reduction’ Spending Bill Will Worsen Recession

Manchin’s Spending Bill Shafts Coal Miners With Massive Tax Hike.

Dems’ New Spending Bill Imposes Methane Tax To Fund ‘Environmental Justice’ Programs

The Dems’ New Proposal Does Nothing To Lower Inflation

What Do The Facts Show? The Data Behind Manchin and Schumer’s “Inflation Reduction Act” Contradict The Name

Obliterating Benedict Biden’s Promise: “Inflation Reduction Act” Would Raise Taxes on EVERYONE Making Over $30K a Year


Horowitz: McConnell helps Dems pass $280 billion Big Tech corporate welfare bill. Schumer betrays him in return.

Few people in America were following the passage of the $280 billion handout for huge chip manufactures and the 5G industry, but the politics surrounding the bill, as well as the bill itself, perfectly exemplify the “uniparty” dynamic. To begin with, GOP leadership had no problem with this corporate welfare bill and worked together to craft it. However, McConnell promised to hold up the bill unless the Democrats committed to forgoing budget reconciliation, a process through which they can pass liberal priorities without the need for 60 votes. Well, McConnell and 17 other Republican senators eagerly provided the votes for the “chips-plus bill,” and Schumer responded by announcing his plans to pass budget reconciliation to remake our economy!     Full story at link.

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