Sheesh: RFK Jr says “Trump Greatest Debater in Modern History.”

Article at Red State:  Note that RFK Jr predicts there will not be a single question about COVID basically because  both Biden and Trump are vulnerable and they and CNN were cheerleaders for mRNA jabs, (Trump continually taking credit for arranging for their mass manufacture and distribution).

What, me worry?

Note also that we are not saying Red State is endorsing RFK’s statement, indeed the picture they chose to include seems to indicate some incredulity showing Trump in a less than erudite pose. Our caption not in the original.

One of the commenters using the handle etba_ss had a pithy response (excerpt):

RFK needs to lay off the crack pipe. Trump couldn’t even beat 2020 Biden in a debate and he’s the greatest in modern history? Ever hear of Ronald Reagan, who won the debate with Mondale with the first question.

And Trump didn’t run through 2016 one by one. He won by being the focus on the stage against 10 others. And besides that, in the NH debate, Cruz with assistance from Rubio, actually beat Trump’s ass. They beat him so bad he quit and wouldn’t do any more debates, skipping them to do a military “fundraiser”, which is called punking out. And he was far from a certainty at that point, winning 1 state with Cruz winning 1 and had about 30% support.  . . .

Yours truly also piped in:

I will be voting for Trump because Biden and the Dem leadership are so evil and Trump has some commendable qualities (ethos) a decent perception of the pathos of the voters (or where to be on issues to obtain votes) but on so much he is light on the logos. His alleged persuasiveness is often circular and presumptive. Biden is of course subterranean on all three aspects of classical rhetorical skill. Both are quite capable of devolving to shouting and or hurling epithets.

Saying Trump is the ‘greatest debater in Modern History’ is incredible on its face and wholly ignorant of the subject. My G*d what does Jr think constitutes modern history, the last few weeks? If Trump is so good why did he refuse to debate his Republican challengers, a collegial thing to do?  Is it because Trump is not all that collegial, unless he perceives everyone in the room adores him? Trump is more than a bit narcissistic, not as much as Biden however. Some amount helps one get through the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune along with having a lot of EFF U money at one’s disposal.

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