Like Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter, I don’t see any need to watch the debate either

Kurt Schlichter’s columns are always enjoyable and a favorite of mine to riff off of,  even with occasional disagreement.  Sometimes I get to claim “that’s also what I have been saying” (just rarely as biting).

There Is No Debate That the Debate Will Be an Ambush.

He offers reasoning as to why bother watching that I certainly agree with.  There is another reason in my head and heart — great irritation with Trump that the thing is happening prior to the Democrat convention. It is just plain stupid macho on his part.  I offered the following to Schlichter’s article in a comment therein:

Like Kurt I am not going to watch (live anyway) as I will be too keyed up (naturally by the way). Agreeing with every description Kurt makes about Biden and that the public sees it as well there was no reason for Trump to agree to this debate or the conditions PRIOR to the Democrat’s being locked in with Biden.

Biden shot off his mouth and started the debate thing or was induced by his most clever handlers to do so, handlers who want to be in a position as soon as possible to unhand him at the convention and prove to even Jill that the whole thing is untenable and go with a replacement however problematic. And if he comes off as somewhat sentient then dig in and do their damnedest to get him over the finish line again, probably emphasizing party vs party and not worry about a more timely debate. Into the basement he goes.

It is a Hail Mary scenario for them (though Mary will have nothing to do with it) and Trump was rope-a-doped into it. He could have said ~~ sure, I will debate all you want right after the conventions as is only appropriate. But no, Trump’s ego was such to engage emotion before brain. I guess 4D chess includes handing your opponent (the Democrat party after all ) the opportunity for a revised playing board and a substitute king.

Such is their best legal chance. It may not help at all or much at all but why give them a thread of a chance given how bad Biden is. When your (our) enemy is in the process of destroying their chances why give them a possible life-line? Why!

Addenda,  45 minutes prior to start of debate:  — if Biden is good enough to seem sentient on most questions probably as a result of maybe a few clues through the grapevine via CNN it will plausibly be played by the Dems as a real horserace. Trumps agreeing to debate given the helpful conditions for Biden was dumb in that scenario.

If Biden is a disaster, the Dems have a thread of a chance to at least improve on him with another candidate at the convention. Any excuse will do.  It will not discombobulate them as Trump may be thinking because the media will cover for the change as best they can and the Dems will re-up their vote Party game and vote against “dangerous” Trump.  Hell they might reconsider RFK Jr. Not a winning strategy but superior perhaps to staying with Joe as he deteriorates weekly.  Bad decision by Trump to debate prior to the conventions.

Interested readers are of course welcome to blog along with comments contemporaneously , anonymous comments enabled for tonight but no imbedded links.  I won’t be commenting until tomorrow.

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