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The Sun Is Up To Its Old Tricks

Our site highlights alleged global warming and energy matters because of the unwarranted social and cultural controls the left is trying to impart using them as scare tactics. We provide arguments to Republicans to counter them. Alan Caruba has another … Continue reading

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The Puzzling Border Situation

The following was sent to us in and e-mail from DP.  It raises very pertinent questions about the border situation. Puzzle One: Imagine you are a 6 year old child.  You are on your own without adults. You are asked … Continue reading

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Are Rovians Trying to Throw the 2014 Election?

Definition – Rovians –  Karl Rove acolytes.  Provocative title?  Yes . . .  and now that we have your attention please read on. Craig Robinson, Editor of The Iowa Republican (TIR) posted  a worrisome article yesterday:    Polls Show a … Continue reading

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Fantasy or reality…who can tell with this president?

Hey, let’s be fair, Obama has a strategy! . . . It’s just that you can’t have strategies for everything all at the same time. While this is not a verbatim quote, we are pretty sure this is what Obama … Continue reading

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Scott County Democrats Rejected QC Times Bait to be Irrelevant

Scott County Republican leadership strives to please QC Times  There we were double checking the Scott County Democrats Party Website (SCDP)  to see who our Republican candidates would be up against. By the way they actually list all of their … Continue reading


Vets Sit on Hands for Obama Speach

Alexa Coombs writing in Political Insider not only relates the reception Obama received at the American Legion National Convention yesterday, she provides succinct  rebuttal to statements made by Obama combined with links to back it up.  This is definitely a … Continue reading

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Scott County Republican Website Keeping Candidates Secret

Consider that you read about the full panoply of Republican candidates on the Scott County ballot here first. The Scott County Republican Party (SCRP) Website, Home Page, News Page, Candidates Page, Blog Link, have not listed the Republican candidates qualifying … Continue reading


ISIS is as ISIS Does

Is there some dementia going on at the Pentagon…or is it just more of the Obama administration confusion, obfuscation, and intimidation of anyone who communicates truth rather than the Obama party line? Here is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on … Continue reading

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TEA Party Demise — Merely Karl Rove’s Wishful Thinking

Tea Party candidates have not been vanquished by the Karl Roves of the Republican Establishment and their Chamber of Commerce keepers.  First of all there were some impressive victories, but beyond them, TEA Party candidates who were defeated in primaries … Continue reading

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QC Times Likes to Ignore What It Likes To Ignore

NBC and ABC Ignore Obama Admin. Broke Law With Bergdahl Exchange; CBS Gives It 24 Seconds. Story was posted on AP wire services, but QC Times ignores it. Media Reseach Center, by Kyle Drennen   8/22/2014 After Thursday´s network evening newscasts … Continue reading

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