Scott County Republican Website Keeping Candidates Secret

Consider that you read about the full panoply of Republican candidates on the Scott County ballot here first.

The Scott County Republican Party (SCRP) Website, Home Page, News Page, Candidates Page, Blog Link, have not listed the Republican candidates qualifying for the general election ballot.  Voting begins in less than one month. We thought you might like to know who they are.  We have set them forth below this commentary and have posted them as well to what will be a recurring page in the interim between primary and general elections.

 It is difficult to verify as the SCRP Website does not have a site search feature nor a continuous page scroll,* but such as it is, we can find no reference to the individual post primary nominations for State Treasurer or Attorney General, Sam Clovis and Adam Gregg respectively.  Apparently they were not newsworthy for the Web page.

We mentioned in a previous post that the SCRP Website had no information regarding the post primary nomination for Scott County Recorder. Five days after the special nominating convention for Recorder there is a Facebook mention, as obscure as it is.

The portal to the community, the SCRP Website can go many days, weeks and even months without  any additions to News or the Home Page. Facebook entries, predominately a female medium of information exchange, frequently goes days without a new post. As a calendar it falls short as even the SCRP special convention was not mentioned. The Flicker link available on the Home page shows pictures going on two years old. The Twitter link is non-functioning albeit direct avenues may exist. Just don’t go to the SCRP Website to get Twitter information, if it is being updated.

Useful news links do not exist,  the information available might be too dangerous. Regardless as a serious tool to inform, inoculate, motivate, the SCRP Website seems more for “tools” than tool.

Oh, and the much talked about Web E-mail boxes for Scott County Central Committee members still does not exist.  Easy communication between committee members or an easily accessed avenue for committee members to hear from precinct constituents has been promised since May of 2013. Has the Democrat Congressman Bustos supporter in charge not turned over the keys or is SCRP leadership sitting on the matter?  In either case it is irresponsibly long overdue.

Alas, the Republican Party “high tech” catch-up (circa even inexpensive Web capabilities that are years old) continues.

Republican Candidates, November 2014 General Election
Scott County, Iowa Ballot  (Coextensive, conterminous, overlapping) Federal, Statewide, State Legislative, County-wide

U.S. Senate — Joni Ernst
910 N 6th St • Red Oak, IA 51566
Ph (712) 621-4931 •                                                                             Campaign Web/Email —

U.S. Congress — Mariannette Miller-Meeks
11674 – 90th St • Ottumwa, IA 52501
Ph (641) 683-7551 •                                                                            Campaign Web/Email —

Governor / Lt Governor — Terry E. Branstad  / Kim Reynolds
2300 Grand Av • Des Moines, IA 50312
Ph (515) 421-4570 •                                                            Campaign Web/Email —

Secretary of State — Paul D. Pate
6801 Bowman Ln NE • Cedar Rapids, IA 52402
Ph (319) 929-2777 •                                                                        Campaign Web/Email —

State Auditor — Mary Mosiman
3727 Pleasant View Rd • Ames, IA 50014
Ph (515) 203-0058 •                                                      Campaign Web/Email —

State Treasurer — Sam Clovis
PO Box 3835 Sioux City, IA 51102
Ph (712)-212-4711 Email:                                                                Campaign Web/Email —

Secretary of Agriculture — Bill Northey
2868 140th Street • Spirit Lake, IA 51360                                                                         Campaign Web/Email —

Attorney General  — Adam Gregg
8805 Chambery Blvd. Suite 300 • Johnston, IA   50131                                                                  Campaign Web/Email

State Senate District 45 – No Candidate


State Senate District 47 — Roby Smith
2036 E 48th Street • Davenport, IA 52807
(563) 386-0179 •                                                                                Campaign Web/Email

State Senate District 49 — Brian Schmidt
1499 – 235th Av • Delmar, IA 52037
(563) 249-2527 •                                                                    Campaign Web/Email


State Representative District 89 — No Candidate

State Representative District 90 — No Candidate


State Representative District 92Ross C. Paustian
389 W Parkview Dr • Walcott, IA 52773
(563) 284-6783 •                                                                  Campaign Web/Email –  (no Web found)

State Representative District 93 Mark A. Ross
4455 Amesbury Dr • Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 529-0322 •                                                             Campaign web/Email  (no Web found)

State Representative District 93 — Linda J. Miller
6766 Ridges Ct • Bettendorf, IA 52722
(563) 449-9956 •                                                                                 Campaign web/Email —

State Representative District 97 — Norlin Mommsen
2308 – 15th St Ct • DeWitt, IA 52742
(563) 357-9826 •                                                              Campaign Web/Email –  (no Web found)

County Supervisor (vote for 3) — William P. Cusack
22470 140th Av • Davenport, IA 52806
(563) 285-7654 •                                                                                       Campaign Web/Email –  (no Web found)

County Supervisor (vote for 3) — Carol Earnhardt
1738 E 43rd St • Davenport, IA 52807
(563) 355-8430 •                                                                      Campaign Web/Email –  (no Web found)

County Supervisor (vote for 3) Diane Holst
20012 – 240th St • Eldridge, IA 52748
(563) 505-3764 •                                                                                 Campaign web/Email —

County Treasurer — Bill Fennelly
1117 Garfield Ct • Davenport, IA 52804
(563) 391-2029 •                                                                              Campaign Web/Email –  (no Web found)

County Recorder — Mindy Ortiz Carpenter
xxx xxxx xxx t • Scott, IA 5280x
(xxx) xxx-xxxx •                                                                                    Campaign Web/Email –       (no Web found)

County Attorney — No Candidate

* our site contains a site oriented search feature using any word along with a Categories  search availability. Scrolling to the bottom of a page invites  an older /newer page selection opportunity. The very first post of this blog continues to be readily available. Links are provided to facilitate independent research and support conservative thought. We do not agree with all the content of linked to Web sites, but we are not afraid of it either. We have a comment feature available on every page.  Strangely It is goofy that the SCRP Web site only allows comments to be posted to their Early Voting page. Comment availability is not present on any other page of the web site so no doubt the powers that be meant to remove it their as well. Facebook is not a substitute for transmitting or displaying information or openness for many reasons including lack of universality, anonymity,  privacy and security complaints.

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