Regarding Trump being the only or best Republican choice for president

This editor does not think Trump is the best Republican choice for president or even the best populist choice if they want to see change that is sustainable. Here are some reasons:

Some missing trophies

Trump talks a good game to the fans, did some things we hired him to do as President, let others slide or was overwhelmed by  them.

Now his biggest fans will always maintain that it is always someone else’s fault. We are only modest fans, because we see Trump as not that great at reading or bringing along the opposition necessary for most policies to see fruition.  We are not talking about him compromising, rather his ability to make the Democrats do so.

In four years Trump did not finish the wall (he was willing to use all manner of other EOs) yet if he could not make the case that it was a national emergency even in 2019 to proceed with all deliberate speed then he is a pretty weak communicator, one who cannot reach beyond the choir.

Hillary is still walking around and she is as dirty as Biden. No investigation. That after how  many rallies with people chanting LOCK HER UP.  Trump played that to the hilt, who can deny it?

Obamacare is still in place, Trump’s improvement on the situation minor.

Trump’s opposition to seriously needed social security reforms are irresponsible and portend more deficit than even Biden could accomplish in four years.

Trump elicited little politically in his readiness to sign deficit burdening spending bills.

He is not as beloved as he seems to think — there is the 2022 election fiasco.

He is actually a RINO. He basically appoints the RNC Chair but will have nothing to do with its processes. He will not pledge to support the nominee of the party yet he wants its nomination so badly and somehow expects its complete loyalty when he will not give it in return. He won’t debate, and so cannot expect Biden to debate (again) giving up that juxtaposition for its full worth.

Besides dissing the party that provides the primaries he covets, he must think his little bon mots will devastate his challengers and yet he and his uber-supporters go into high dudgeon when one or more of his competitors for the nomination criticize his  governmental administrative abilities, his tendency to distraction and his failures.

Many claim Trump has the experience and heart necessary to win but the one that we favor has more executive experience, legislative experience, veteran experience (Trump could not be bothered as it would have delayed his real-estate career and date nights) and who has thus served the country longer — indeed MAGA years before Trump when he was still singing Hillary’s praises and supporting Romney-Ryan.

Trump’s blowhardiness is so ingrained that he refuses to realize if you realistically can’t do something don’t say you will do so as that just becomes the political BS like so many others issue. Such extravagant promises are the theater of professional wrestling not responsible politics.

Trump’s current demeanor is such that, should he win, everything he does to clean things up will be handicapped by his aura of vendetta.

Further, I am tired of his bluster and drama and stupid name calling which is such that it has produced a woman problem, not on issues but his personna.

Trump was not a great administrator, was easily distracted and is as likely now just to surround himself with a different set of flatterers.

My greatest complaint, the aforementioned being comparative picadillos, is Trump’s  total lack of contriteness over his part in inflicting on this country, indeed the world, the warped process and results of mRNA non-vaccine which only thoroughly immunized while super-funding Big Pharma. The mRNA concoction is a novel genetic manipulation unlike any true vaccine, largely untested in a dependable way, pushed en mass Trump was OK with using the population as a whole as lab mice — and what could possibly go wrong.

NOW with a plethora of peer reviewed reports of its iatragenic effects many long-term it is actually the most deadly vaccine ever. And yet candidate Trump still wants credit for its development and promotion and never mind that his two weeks of shutdown to include closing schools was a precursor for generational disaster ( perhaps no more extravagant a statement than those Trump makes about his claimed success).

Now all this said I believe Trump could win but it is mostly because of the horrible Democrat candidate(s), Biden’s performance, policy, and the radical nature of  his supporters and his general ickiness. But I want the smoothest sailing in the general. Trump only engages by throwing epithets not debating. Trump’s refusal to pledge to support the nominee other than himself, the judgement of the people whose nomination he covets,  is disloyal and disqualifying for the Republican Party nomination.

Truth is Trump was never an outsider to the political game. He played it his entire adult life in New York and everywhere he had to navigate local state and national politics and politicians  to build his hotels. Who thinks he was unaware of jealousies, corruption, treachery, “access” (payoffs), lawfare, everything he has run into as President (some of which he practiced for crying out loud)?  

He was not naive or an immature player but he has and continues to have a penchant for requiring flattery and loving celebrity, to his and our detriment.

We are all sinners and every politician has baggage but some gondolas are not the easiest for us schlubs to schlep.

I feel Trump is a riskier choice in the general for those reasons and more and that he is an inferior administrator who will just pick a different group of flatterers for his entourage. Trump with all his distractions will not have as successful a term as an experienced  governor like DeSantis who is less encumbered. Everything Trump does will be considered revenge seeking because he has pretty-much telegraphed as much, creating such an aura about himself.

We may like the idea of revenge and rubbing the Dems face in it but who else cares is relevant if you want to defeat the Democrats.   

I understand the vociferous Trump-only support wanting some sort of in your face catharsis regarding all the wrongs visited on Trump. It is the “we will show you by nominating him again” emotion and the campaign then becomes one of having to defend Trump. 

It is just not all that great a convincing aura for the general election voter.

Let’s say Trump has 60 to 65% support of men (unfortunately not all likely voters) . He will need 40% plus support of women to allow for their greater voting percentage, Dems cheating etc. Trump has more of a visceral women problem not due to issues but to his personna, than DeSantis. I think DeSantis can achieve more of the women vote and hold onto men assuming Trumps men support is more engaged and philosophical than professional wrestling fans. That is the flavor of polls at this stage, it is more chest beating bruha than substantive serious thinking about the general and who will “govern” with the most effectiveness and least drama..

Who cares?  Anybody who wants to win the general — as a lot of people vote straight Democrat, and a lot of people do not like Trump.  I guess they care, however wrong or ill-informed they are,   but they vote.

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Whichever nominee RFK Jr hurts the most, he is no friend of libertarians, conservatives or small government

This article at The Federalist reports on polling in battleground states indicating that RFK Jr hurts Trump’s chances, should he be the nominee,  more than Biden.

Lifelong Climate Radical RFK Jr. Is No Friend Of The Right.

The article also reports on some of RFK’s policy positions that in our judgement set up  government run healthcare,  extreme job-killing environmental policies that hurt people, spending programs to even put Biden to shame  but warm Bernie Sanders’ heart, and a military posture and globalism that would make us vulnerable as a nationstate.

More on this in subsequent post or addenda to this one.

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With respect to Veteran’s Day

Here are two pointed memes thanks to TN, a veteran retired from the military, a third from him to which we append commentary followed by a pic of the only Republican presidential nomination candidate to wear the uniform.  We add still another one of a family member.  

Our thanks to all veterans and a pledge in compliance with the themes embedded in the memes to continue our work to oppose those who would destroy our country with egregious policies.

















First of all a President really does not have to check his watch, all time revolves around them, but when one does it a veterans memorial occasion at a solemn time, well that is atrocious.











Ron DeSantis was a Yale and then Harvard Law graduate who could have immediately benefited from a lucrative career. He joined the Navy using his acquired skills in service to the country. Our leading candidate after college was more interested in anything but.




My next oldest brother cutting the cake (oldest and youngest Marines present) appropriately at a tavern ceremony local to him, commemorating the birthday of the Marine Corps — Tun Tavern Philadelphia, Nov. 10, 1775




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Besides voting here, say a prayer for Ohio

Issue #1 which is on the ballot in Ohio is a pro-abortion attempt to legalize elective destruction of unborn members of the human family through the entire nine months of  pregnancy.  The proposal  is effectively unbound as it includes elastic language that would allow the abortionist to say that the abortion they perpetrate even after viability outside the womb, a medically elastic concept as well, is for the woman’s health.  What abortionist would not say that they think all pregnancies  are a threat to the mother’s well being, they make quick money leading women to believe babies are trash.

The wording would eliminate informed consent safeguards prior to an abortion and it would do away with parental consent or even notification  prior to an abortion on a minor. It would probably require that state taxpayer funds be used because the state funds other surgeries and pharmaceuticals, a warped “equity”.

You can read more about the ballot issue here.  It is too late other than to pray  that the people of Ohio are moved by God’s word — For You created my innermost parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139

Related reading: At Stake on Tuesday: Upending the Ohio State Constitution With Issue 1.

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2023 Municipal and School District Elections in Scott County

2023 Municipal and school district elections in Scott County

The worst politicians are elected by good people who do not vote

Party affiliation information is about the only consistent add-on we can transmit this election and that is thanks to some look-ups after a request to the Scott County Republican Party (SCRP).  See our rendering below. However they have not posted anything on their website at this writing. They do invite emails with any questions. We will have more comments on this phenomenon regarding so-called non-partisan elections in a later post.

We offer anecdotes about select races. Any reflections readers might supply about the candidates in the comment section are welcome.

The Quad City Times and KWQC have done a number of articles or interviews on these races. Typically they are largely just transmittals of indistinct or vague talking points. However in some cases you can exercise some code reading to garner some distinctions. We would recommend such research although party affiliation should be a key factor. Readers can go to those sites and search topic such as “Davenport School Board Election’ or the names you are particularly interested in.

In many cases the local races are unopposed. The information we have from Scott Republican HQ did not include those. We hoped to be able to transmit as it may indicate whether that person deserves your affirmation, opposed or not. Again, if readers have any anecdotal information or recommendations it is an open forum in the comment section.

Party affiliation is a fair proxy although we realize it is not definitive only nominal especially as regards some Republicans. Such is true perhaps more so at these “non-partisan” local levels as party primaries tend to weed out or at least identify the wheat and the chaff.

However party affiliation does offer a generally effective presumption of superiority over Democrats — in other words no Democrat deserves our vote but some Republicans definitely need to be primaried. It is also true that local races can attract so-called traditional or nominal Democrats that may have a looser connection to the actual rotten nature of that party under its current control. Nevertheless their poor judgement or obliviousness is an issue.

Candidate contact information can be found at:

So here is what we have:

Not all community races are listed. Not all ward/ city council seats are up for election due to staggered terms.  Candidates with Republican registrations according to a recent look-up are listed first. As for unknown registrations and to flesh out any of this we recommend readers go to the candidate information listing at the Scott County Recorder website and using that contact information contact the candidate for information regarding their policy views.

Bettendorf CSD – School Board At Large – Vote for no more than 4

Registered Republicans: Paul Castro, Kevin Freking, Patrick Larkin (R), Ryan McGivern

No party affiliation: Rebecca Eastman

Registered Democrats: Erin Bannerman, Joanna Doerder, Mindy Smith-Pace

City of Bettendorf – Mayor

Bob Gallagher (R) – unopposed

City of Bettendorf – Council At Large

Frank Baden – unopposed

City of Bettendorf  – Council Ward 1

Jerry Sechser – unopposed

City of Bettendorf – Council Ward 3. Vote for 1

Republican registration: Andrew Sichling

Democrat registration: Gregory Jager

City of Bettendorf – Council Ward 5 Vote for 1

Nick Palczynski –  unopposed

City of Blue Grass Council – Vote for 3

Republican registration: Timothy J Brandenburg

Unknown registration (call and find out) : Robert W Blok, Schuyler Dean Bowman Jr

City of Blue Grass Mayor Vote for 1

Bradley Schutte – unopposed

City of Buffalo – Mayor – vote for 1

Unknown registration – call and find out) Sally A Rodriguez, Dave Stickrod, Tony Follis

City of Buffalo Council – Vote for 2 

Registered Republicans (2019 look-up) Ted Teel,  Joe Buffington

Unkown registration – (call and find out) Brian Briggs, Trent Adams, Art Bartleson, Dusty Chaplin, Sean Roman

City of Buffalo – Council (to fill a vacancy) vote for 1 

Unknown registration — call and find out: Rachel Teel-Vanderpool, Jesse Leonard

City of Davenport – Mayor – Vote for 1 

Registered Democrats: Mike Matson, Ken Croken

Both claim competence (surprise0 and that they will make the city run smooth or something.  Yet Davenport has a weak mayoral system with the mayor only voting in the case of a tie on the council. Administrative duties are delegated with inordinate power in our judgement vested in the bureaucracy. City street construction is an atrocity of delays inflicted on motorists. The recent scandal involving city inspections remains a huge potential liability cost to the city.  Shutting down the city due to BLM protestors was a capitulation to thugs.

The city council is mostly responsible and a majority is Democrat in registration which indicates a predictable policy affinity and or competence on a variety of matters including correctives.  Supposed budget surpluses are the result of state and county policies, largely Republican,  limiting municipal excesses  while creating a more favorable climate for business and industry.  Illinois flight, (Democrat run), is also a factor. Matson is no effective champion of anything and a lot of problems exist on his watch.   What uber liberal hack Croken would champion is  not a happy thought. Hold your nose, use your best judgement. While not an endorsement of Matson , Croken is likely to be an aggressive liberal based on who supports him, gives to him and who he has supported.

City of Davenport – At-Large- Vote for no more than 2

Republican registration: Kyle Gripp. — We suggest a bullet vote for him only

Democrat registration: Jazmin Newton, La Canna L Dixon

City of Davenport – First Ward

Rick Dunn – unopposed

City of Davenport – Second Ward – Vote for 1

Republican registration – Tim Dunn

Democrat registration – Judith Lee

City of Davenport – Third Ward – Vote for 1

Democrat registration – Paul Vasquez, Marion Meginnes

City of Davenport – Fourth  Ward – Vote for 1

Democrat registration – Jade Burkholder

No party affiliation: Robby Ortiz (hard Dem orientation)

City of Davenport – Fifth  Ward – Vote for 1

Tim Kelly unopposed (call and find out)

City of Davenport – Sixth Ward – Vote for 1

Republican registration (2019) Ben Jobgen – unopposed

City of Davenport – Seventh Ward

Republican registration Scott Ryder

Democrat registration: Mhisho Lynch

City of Davenport – Eighth Ward – Vote for 1

Republican registration: Paul J Reinartz Jr

Unknown registration: James  Woods

Davenport CSD – School Board At Large – Vote for 4 (bullet voting can be advisable)

Republican registration – Kent Paustian, Andrew Kaufman

Democrat registration –  Daniel Gosa, Karen Kline-Jerome, Connie King, Linda Hayes

No party affiliation – Karen Kline-Jerome, has voted in Democrat primaries

Davenport CSD – School Board At Large (to fill a vacancy) – Vote for 1

W Kent Barnds – unopposed

North Scott CSD – School Board At Large – Vote for no more than 4

Republican registration – Joni Dittmer, John Maxwell, Carrie Keppy, Stephanie Eckhardt

No party affiliation – Molly Bergfeld –  has voted in Democrat primaries

Pleasant Valley CSD – various districts –  vote for one in each respective district for your particular ballot

Republican registration – Amy E McCabe, Peter E. Olsen, F Danny Amaya

Democrat registration – Nikhil Wagle

No party registration- Adrienne Wheeler (has voted in republican primary), Jameson Smith, — Molly Brockman (has voted in Democrat primaries)

Regarding the cities or school districts of Bennet, Cal-Wheat, Dixon, Donahue, Durant, Eldridge, LeClaire (see special note) Long Grove, Maysville, McCausland, New Liberty, Panorama Park, Princeton, Riverdale, Walcott, Eastern Iowa Community College District (EICC) we encourage you to visit the Scott County Auditor website –  go to the candidate information listing and using that contact information contact the candidate for information regarding their policy views.


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We have a Speaker, God save this Speaker

The Gang of 7 may have saved the Republican party

Mike Johnson of Louisiana has been voted in as Speaker of the House after about three weeks of the House being able to do very little (read that carefully).  As Goetz the leader of the “Gang of 7”  who deposed McCarthy after his broken promises said, (paraphrasing) ~~ the few actual legislative days missed would often taken up naming post offices.

Critics of the 7 said they stepped on a rake. Turns out it was a handy tool grab to get some things cleaned up

The handful of extraordinary RINOs (as compared to the many dozens of louts and rank-and-file Republican weasels including Iowa’s delegation) who complained the loudest about how bad deposing McCarthy made the body look (with absolutely no self awareness) all while they drug out the process of replacement, got their pound of flesh by not approving earlier consensus replacements emanating from the caucus.  But it appears that pound did not come from the “gang of 7” — rather they ripped it from their own sensitive hides as now they have perhaps a more culturally conservative Speaker than we otherwise could anticipate. The Gang of 7 may have saved conservatism in the Republican party.*

Read about Speaker Mike Johnson here: Five Quick Things: Has Mike Johnson Broken the Left Already?    They may well be the GOAT and not in the old usage of the term.

Some days ago, prior to Johnson’s selection, we responded to an article decrying the gang of 7 as having no plan and stepping on a rake.  It seems now the rake is a harvester that has been brought to hand.

House Republicans and a Field of Rakes

We responded at the time, (verb tense changed here):

The degree of anxiety by some over not having a Speaker is overwrought at this stage. One wonders: are they fearful some line might be crossed? What is the line that is in danger of being breached? It must be invisible as they express no concern that McCarthy was capable of and did compromise us to fiscal oblivion, broke promises, manipulated key matters in secret.

There is derision expressed at the 7 because “what is their plan . . . they had no plan”. Well apparently the plan of the critics of the 7 was passivity or support of McCarthy’s business as usual and secret, unexplained and unjustified deals. Their plan was McCarthy’s plan that they were not even in on.

Twenty-five years of continuing (irresponsible) resolutions is enough. Here is a plan — you break your word to someone without justification and the consequences we promised happen.

The result of the 7’s action (perhaps the plan) was to hopefully mature-up the caucus and force the rise of an actual not business as usual leader and to draft him or her. No doubt they had alternatives in mind but Identifying one at the outset would make it look like a coup which would risk comity, while enforcing an agreement among mature people should not and any Republican could offer themselves.

The 7 did not offer one of their own and even offered to resign from the caucus as a group in favor of a genuine conservative (Jordan) so that the pearl clutchers might not get the vapors in their presence, catch their breath and do the right thing for the Party and the country.

We can agree that someone needs to be in charge but as a change agent and McCarthy was not that.

We do not think for one moment that the RINO element and Iowa’s delegation was holding out for someone like Johnson.  They wanted McCarthy back or someone more like him.

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The Weasel Congress

The imbroglio within the Republican House caucus over the selection of a Speaker to replace the ousted McCarthy has generated a lot of disgust within and without over the fact he was deposed and concern about the operation of government in the mean time — regrettably more intense than generated by the operation of government under McCarthy. He was pretty much business as usual as far as our ongoing spending debacle.  McCarthy made commitments to members whose support he needed. He reneged, slow walked, whatever and was called to task after due patience. If he had shown more commitment he would still be Speaker.  The link below focused on the animosity within the Republican caucus engendered a lot of discussion at Townhall where it appeared.   We partook as set forth below the link.

Will This Trick Help House Republicans Finally Pick a Speaker?

(comment submitted by yours truly)

The larger embarrassment for the Republican caucus is not the current indecision over the speaker (a potentially defining process for the good) it is the ongoing perfidy by so many to promises of fiscal sanity in favor of logrolling which has been protected by McCarthy.

Many of those chagrinned, nay, outraged over McCarthy being deposed (over promises not kept), do not keep a promise a New York minute past the election. They apparently cannot relate to the concept of keeping a public commitment perhaps risking their own private commitments to business as usual. Even promises to the caucus are for rubes, the game being to get on board with the powers that be and keep them and yourself in power with accompanying emoluments and sinecures of course.

Too many who claim the gang of eight engaged in an irresponsible stunt — never mind that the eight actually kept a promise in response to McCarthy obviating, obfuscating his commitments to them and the better angels of the caucus, — engage in the the actual irresponsible stunt of making promises they have no intention of keeping. Their stunt is the ongoing game of promises to the rubes while protecting the logrolling.

The real clown show is what so many promise back home but do not support in Washington. The greater disgrace is that the Republicans are the majority in the House but have been weakly lead (Schumer has just as dicy a majority) and have not effectively used their constitutional status to control spending, and consequent policy, even with key issues in their platform that ought to cause capitulation by Democrats: The invasion at the border at this time in particular, but parental rights, cultural deterioration and more.

The head weasel in the weasel circus calculated he could get away with promises to the 8 and then weasel around them once in power and be the weasel too big to actually challenge. It is a weasel trick that usually works, even with so many weasels part of the group a.k.a. a “sneak,” a “boogle,” a “bark”, a “confusion.” or most aptly a “congress”.

Now weasels are territorial and only suffer “leadership” as they perceive convenient, and as long as they can enjoy the limelight of their ring in the circus. Which means keep the government largess flowing.

Hopefully not this time but it is shaping up such that it may still work for the weasel system even if with a McCarthy understudy. (And to think I actually thought McCarthy might become a loyal pet).
The real rediculousnees is McCarthy actually expecting support from some Democrats (rival weasel gang) to protect his leadership (crumb distribution).

Sure the above is a harsh analogy but no less so than that visited on the gang of eight by many of those sincere congressman intent on doing the peoples business (as usual).

In that regard the personally directed sarcasm intended in the letter from the Honorable Mr. McClintock of California to the 7 is deserving of scorn in response.

McClintock “sarcs” the virtue of the seven who offered to remove themselves from the caucus organizing body if the body were to come together and support Jordan (a potentially effective principled Speaker). Now I happen to think it was magnaomous effort to remove personal animosity from the matter. But not McClintock who is a conservative but a prickly sort.

McClintock is a former member of the Freedom Caucus who called for special prosecutor Robert Mueller to investigate President Donald Trump. And, according to a Wikipedia entry with links, “McClintock was the sole House Republican to cosponsor the Ending Qualified Immunity Act, which was proposed in response to the murder (sic) of George Floyd and resultant widespread protests. The act was introduced by Justin Amash and Ayanna Pressley and cosponsored by 62 House Democrats in addition to McClintock.”

Observing in kind, it was a nice bouquet to the men in blue who battle in the streets.

As others have observed, we have put up with progressives and centrists long enough who are enabled by business as usual Speakers because they have been business as usual Speakers. McCarthy was essentially that making behind the scenes deals. And how sincere is a McClintock as to spending retraint when he is all for empowering business as usual manipulators that continue the funding of Obamacare and all that is wrapped up in omnibus bills that business as usual Speakers allow in violation of their promises to fellow House mambers? Where is the scencerity again?

To use the rhetoric of the detractors of the gang of 7 the real process crime is the continued ritual garroting of the country with debt and woeful policies by continuing resolutions, with Biden bringing out the piano wire and which McCarthy and McClintock  do not stop if not facilitate.

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Davenport Municipal Primary Election TODAY

The City of Davenport municipal primary Election is this Tuesday October 10th. Polls are open from 7:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.  Voting is at your regular precinct voting place meaning there will not be a consolidation of voting locations.

Aldermanic positions where not more than two candidates announced, do not have primaries. For those that do, you vote for one, your best choice among the group running.  The two highest vote getters will be the contestants on the General Election ballot.  That election will be held November 7.  We intend to post party affiliations for all the races in Scott County relevant to the general Election at a later date.

Below are the names of the candidates running in the primary for Davenport municipal positions.  Their party affiliations are shown in parenthesis courtesy of JM.

(R)- Republican (D) Democrat  (O) no current party affiliation that is ballot eligible.

There is a regrettable dearth of Republicans in the primary and we note (not shown) already positioned for the general election. We recommend voting (R), when there is one, and when there is more than one, the links bellow might help you decide mayoral and aldermanic positions.

There is no identified Republican running in the mayoral primary.We note that some of the alderman candidates give more cogent responses to the KWQC  questionnaire than the mayoral candidates although most are trite or gobbledygook.

As to mayoral candidate and incumbent Mike Matson, he cannot claim to want the position again in order to claim the power to do good things and not avoid responsibility for what happened on his watch. Supposedly there is a budget surplus, great, but perhaps soon to be exhausted in legal awards stemming from any city responsibility for improper inspections facilitating injury and deaths in a building collapse in May.

And city residents and businesses are suffering from unconscionable slowness and disruption due to poorly planned street repair. The 53rd Street project is a showcase of  that.  Don’t start a project with all its disruptions until all the necessary components are well assured. And by the way, treat such a major thoroughfare as a rush project  —  if there is a rain day during the week – work Saturday. Issue contracts to companies willing to work.

Ken Croken offers nothing but bringing his blowhard personna to the city since no-one listens to him at the statehouse, even in his own caucus, which is why he already wants to leave. He is a doctrinaire liberal jerk,  He is Matson but with more vocabulary.

Yvonne Collins, thanks for your interest but you are a D (try reevaluating that) and also try alderman first. The same could be said for Westmoreland but at least he is not claiming to be a D.

Westmoreland has a background in car sales. By gosh it has come to that. Three clueless D’s with some bad to evil instincts as such vs  the car salesman who is registered not as a D, may be a Dem in essence, but shy of admitting it. But that is worst case.  The others are worst case. I think I will go with him and his possible modicum of discretion given the known qualities of  D’s.  And I just cannot vote D.

City of Davenport
(Vote for no more than one)

Ken Croken (D)

Mike Matson (D)

Yvonne M Collins (D)

Brandon Westmoreland (O)

City of Davenport
2nd Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Judith Lee (D)

John Paustian (R)

Tim Dunn (R)

City of Davenport
3rd Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Paul T Vasquez (D)

Don Hesseltine (R)

Todd Allen Pirck (D)

Marion Meginnis  (D)

DeWayne L Simons. (R)

City of Davenport
4th Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

Jade Burkholder. (D)

Robby Ortiz. (O) but hard Dem

Caleb Arthur Shelbourn. (R)

City of Davenport
7th Ward Alderman
(Vote for no more than one)

William Pamperin.  (O)

Mhisho Lynch. (D)

Scott Ryder. (R)

Derek Cornette. (R)

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Goetz explains his action

Who thinks we are not better off with Jordan or Scalise as Speaker?

Trump should keep his butt and mouth (sarcastic people would insert “you are being redundant” here)  out of the matter.

The howls from the usual suspects including  elements of the conservative commentariat are pathetic

Rumble video of Goetz explaining the situation set forth below.    

Congressman Goetz of Florida led the effort of a small group of House conservatives to vacate the chair ousting McCarthy as Speaker of the House.  They comprised a swing group for the particular effort, who Democrats aligned with for reasons of their own distrust of McCarthy and or mischievous reasons.

The same conservative group due to similar dynamics was able to prevent McCarthy from being Speaker until he agreed to certain important concessions about the conduct of congress especially as regards spending bills and certain other policy matters. McCarthy recently blatantly violated terms agreed to as regards continuing resolution appropriations bills. The small group held together to call him to task.

McCarthy initially thought he had a deal with the devil Pelosi. He didn’t.  All voting Dems joined with the small group of Republicans to vote to vacate the chair and McCarthy was out. Goetz appearing on the Joe Pags Show gives further insight to the first ever successful action. So far armageddon has not occurred.

Why he did it


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The bandaid has been yanked – McCarthy is out as speaker – boil of business as usual exposed

  • Air allows the wound to heal quicker
  • Disregard the howls, the Republican wimps will get over it, soon to get back to their convenient version of “the people’s business”. 
  • It was not just one incident however one revelation ironically exposed by a   McCarthy supporter, shows McCarthy was a sniveling clinger – for the good of the country of course.

We can admit to some trepidation over the move to ‘vacate the chair’.  We feared it was a distraction without a lot of upside given the replacement might not be any more resolute on fighting Democrats.  That was our cynicism. And we accepted that McCarthy had a tough job given that the party split is so close ( but perhaps no harder than Schumer’s job over on the Senate). It appears now that McCarthy was even more cynical, having secretly bargained with Pelosi for her support, and then thinking he could trust her, to issue his “bring it” response to Goetz. If McCarthy had been successful it probably would have made the Goetz group’s threats discountable and put McCarthy beholden to Pelosi.

So the yank and fallout has exposed several things that are important for Republican health. These include that pretty much the same few Republicans, led by Goetz, who essentially put McCarthy in office (the deciding block) based on his commitments to them were serious, and McCarthy was not.

McCarthy went ahead and operated in the image of Speaker-as-conniver. Ultimately feeling that he was established enough to tell Goetz et al to kiss off.  But a report we first saw at RedState, after the ouster vote, indicating that Pelosi had special treatment – a convenient office given to her by McCarthy for her support on sustaining his speakership,  had been yanked by the interim Speaker (a McCarthy ally) when she joined with all the other Democrats and Goetz’s group to vacate the Speaker’s chair.  (Without that special office look for Pelosi to reconsider staying ion the House).

Commenters to that report bring the implications home:


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I had zero clue McCarthy had a deal going with Pelosi. But it explains why 24 hours ago he was strutting around challenging Gaetz to bring it on.

Well the worm turned pretty quickly there and I am going to have to reassess my understanding of the whole situation.

Seems perhaps that McCarthy was lying down in bed with snakes after all and making behind the scenes deals and those snakes just bit him on the @ss?

I understand compromise is an important part of politics. I also understand that selling out what you promised to your voters is unacceptable.

Notice McCarthy’s values that maintaining “governance” is more important than voter sentiment to cut spending.

That explains EVERYTHING. (I’ve heard most R politicians say the same thing. Quietly….)



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And there it is. I was ambivalent towards McCarthy getting removed until I read this
“According to McCarthy, as part of the passage of the recent 45-day clean continuing resolution, Pelosi had promised to not support Gaetz if a motion to vacate was filed.”

And that is all the proof I needed that he needed to go. This shows a clear lack of leadership and an understanding of were we are at right now. Yup removing him now was the right thing to do. He was a rube.

Well said by commenters at RedState

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