On what planet 6-3 SCOTUS?

Find it interesting that both progressive and conservative media insist on reporting that if Barrett confirmed SCOTUS will be 6-3 Conservative! Absurd!

With ACB Court will be 5-4, if that. Roberts is certainly no conservative… at least not when it counts.      dlh

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World Leader Pope is all “Do as I say not as I do” when it comes to masks

What else can we say about the Pope and his hypocrisy about civil authority and wearing masks

  • Fine for thee not for me?
  • When in Rome . . . don’t do as the Romans are required to do?
  • Has he been pranking us all along?

Below is a collection of pictures of Pope Francis from recent weeks, certainly long after mask wearing became all the rage. We note his, shall we say, lack of compliance. To be sure many of his enthusiastic devotees do not seem to take it seriously or comply in the most useless of ways, but so it goes.  It made us wonder if Scott County infectious disease health authority Dr Louis Katz would have the Pope arrested for an assault on his  person were he to be approached by the Pope as so many in the pictures have been?

Breitbart and Daily Mail and other photos of the “killer Pope” *

Vatican City State makes masks compulsory outdoors

Pope Francis was photographed wearing a face covering for the first time when he arrived for his general audience Sept. 9. But he took the mask off as soon as he stepped outside the car that dropped him off.

* Here is a video of Dr Katz  referred to above and an excerpt of his testimony to Scott County Supervisors July 8th. Quoting him”as far as I’m concerned failure to wear a mask is assault (where social distancing is difficult)”   We also note that the infectious disease mask expert touched his mask eight times in this short video.

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Biden and Francis – Two Men of the Cloth

However one might feel about George Neumayer, this column is accurate in every detail; are Catholics paying attention? Bold our emphasis for the main points.


In courting Catholic voters, Joe Biden never fails to mention his friendliness with Pope Francis. He boasts that he knows him “as well as anybody” and that they share the same spin on “social justice.” “We need to create a culture which, as Pope Francis reminds us, cannot just be based on the worship of money,” Biden has said. “We cannot accept a nation in which billionaires compete as to the size of their super-yachts.”

Biden’s ruminations on wealth haven’t stopped him from chasing it. He is now a multimillionaire. As his bank account expands, so do his thoughts on the dangers of “income inequity.” His tax policy is straightforwardly socialist, based not on the legitimate needs of government but on wealth redistribution: “And the fact of the matter is, there is plenty — plenty! — of money to go around.”

In Pope Francis, whose musings run along the same course, Biden finds an ideological ally. Indeed, the pope’s latest encyclical on fraternity, Fratelli Tutti, reads like one of Biden’s campaign speeches. Published on the eve of the American election, the encyclical is a compendium of the pope’s greatest liberal hits: climate change alarmism, calls for open borders, opposition to the death penalty and even life sentences, the promotion of “international institutions” and pacifism, the demotion of “populism” and any notion of “just war,” and plenty of capitalism bashing and religious relativism. All of it should set Biden’s heart aflutter.PThe pope’s reduction of Catholicism to liberal politics with a dash of holy water on top gives Biden an out whenever his baldly anti-Catholic positions come under scrutiny. He can portray himself as a “Pope Francis Catholic” whose disagreements with Church teaching are mere trifles. Unlike Obama and Hillary Clinton, who supported the death penalty, Biden opposes it and holds up that opposition as proof of his Catholicism. In truth, it derives from his liberalism and his need to pander to the ACLU left.

Should he win, he will preside over the most anti-Catholic presidency ever. Picking up where Obama left off, he will resume harassment of the Little Sisters of the Poor, force Christians to pay for the contraceptives and abortions of their employees, court-martial orthodox chaplains, and generally use the power of the federal government to discriminate against anyone who objects to the immoral positions of the Democratic Party. One would think this looming showdown might concern the pope. But it doesn’t. The bishops most aligned with him have rationalized support for Biden, saying the “single issue” of abortion shouldn’t determine Catholic votes. Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark, an intimate of Pope Francis, has indicated that he plans to vote for Biden.

Treating friends as enemies and enemies as friends is one of the hallmarks of Francis Church, which shunned Trump even as he recovered religious freedom for Catholics. Biden, if he wins, will suffer no such shunning, even as he crushes their liberty.

From faithless bishops come faithless pols, who find common cause not only in the promotion of leftism but also in the persecution of the orthodox. Just as Biden calls Catholic opponents of the LGBTQ agenda the “dregs of society,” so Pope Francis dismisses them as “rigid.” Just as Biden endorses China’s repressive population control policies — he “fully understands” them — so the pope tells Catholics not to procreate “like rabbits.”

In persecuting the orthodox, Biden will do the liberal bishops work for them, targeting the very Catholics they find deplorable too. What do they care if he re-imposes Obama’s contraceptive mandate? They don’t support the Church’s teaching on contraception anyways. We may hear a few quibbles from them on abortion, but they will sound faint next to their excitement over Biden’s green new deal, open borders, and redistributionism.

Corks of champagne will pop in Vatican offices if Biden wins. Recall the cozy relationship between Obama’s White House and Francis’ Vatican. Together they snowed Catholics by treating political issues as religious and religious issues as political. Gina McCarthy, Obama’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency, received red-carpet treatment at the Vatican. While Vatican officials gave her a tour of the Holy See’s solar panels and the Sistine Chapel’s air filtration system, she burbled about the pope’s power to “de-politicize” climate change activism: “Everybody is just looking for the pope to continue to make signals that this is an issue that is important to the Catholic Church and should be important to all of us.”

Gird yourself for similar charades under a Biden administration. From the same secularists who renounce “religion in politics” will come praise of a pope who inserts liberal politics into religion.

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Two Scenarios

People Do Not Have The Right To Know What I Would Do As President!…really?

Two scenarios:

One actually happened, the other didn’t. The one that happened received no criticism from the liberal media; the other, which didn’t happen likely would have created a media firestorm and negative reaction to it and the person who was posed to have said it would have dominated news coverage until election day.

Can you guess which was which?

Reporter: “President Trump, if you are reelected and the Barr-Durham investigation reveals that former President Obama was responsible for it and the undermining of your presidency, will you seek to have President Obama prosecuted?”

“Well, that’s a great question and I know why you asked it. But if I answered that question that’s all the news media would talk about.”

“Well Mr. President, don’t the people have a right to know?”

No. They don’t!, Trump answered.

Reporter: “Sir, I’ve got to ask you about packing the courts and I know you said yesterday you aren’t going to answer the question until after the election, but this is the number one thing that I’ve been asking about from viewers in the past couple of days,”

“Well, you’ve been asked by the viewers who are probably Republicans who don’t want me continuing to talk about what they’re doing to the court right now,” Biden responded.

“Well sir, don’t the voters deserve to know—” the reporter pressed.

“No, they don’t,” Biden responded.


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Obamagate: Barr and Durham part of deep state filibuster roadshow?

  • Watergate was the comparative Keystone Cops stuff of underlings
  • Nixon didn’t know
  • Obama and Biden knew
  • The when , the where, the why and most of the who are known
  • If Barr is not going to step up to the bar he should be “Dis-Barred” of this responsibility

The crimes of Obamagate (Russian hoax) were for the purpose of lying to and defrauding the people of the truth in order to stop Trump or handicap his administration. The actions of the deep-state  — Hillary — Obama — Biden was a fraud against the people which is properly termed a political crime. It certainly injured the candidate Trump and his supporters. Elements of the crime and conspiracy are known and actionable now. There is no need to wait for the full panoply of crime and conspiracy rabbit holes anymore than insisting that all the elements of organized crime or other illegal syndicates must be unraveled prior to indictments.

Understandable perhaps that we would call attention to our own prescience, but we feel that it is worthwhile to note that possibly where we are today on the verge of the most important election in US history, was pretty much predicted in May of 2019 by us when, at that time, there were no pundits or political reporters who appeared to be ‘yet onto the game’.

Our skepticism in Barr ‘consulting’ with the three stooges
Anyone else skeptical – you read it here first Trump Gives Barr Authority to Declassify Information About Russia Probe’s Origins The order comes as Trump tells his own team not to comply with multiple probes focused on him “Mr. Barr in his review is working closely with Central Intelligence Agency…
May 24, 2019

Similar post:

Is This The “Game Changer”?
Don’t Get Your Hopes Up…

New Information on Why Durham Report Won’t Be Released Before Election Day

“U.S. Attorney John Durham reportedly will not release a report on the findings of his criminal investigation into the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence into the Trump campaign in 2016.”

Is this bullshit, or what?

I may have so indicated before, but I have lost complete confidence in Bill Barr.

I had been impressed by his intelligence, his apparent commitment, his apparent courage…but I’ve become convinced the “apparent”s are totally misleading and the “intelligent” part may not be true either.

He came into the job proclaiming that the wrongdoing associated with the “Russia investigation” was obvious, and the ensuing attempt to overturn the election and undermine the Trump administration were also more than just suspicious.

And, by damn, he was going to get to the bottom of it…and “damn the torpedoes”!

And to demonstrate his commitment and courage, he appointed the ‘greatest investigator in the civilized world’ to prove it and insure that ‘justice was done’! Yessir!

AG Barr was unphased at Democrat attempts to keep him from making known to the American people how bad and how high in the US government the crimes and wrongdoing reached:

“Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL) tried to pressure Barr during a congressional hearing in July to commit to not releasing any results from the Durham investigation before the election, which Barr refused to do.”

The rest is about to become history. The “intelligent” Barr seems oblivious to the obvious facts that include:

1) If all of the criminal, treasonous actions of former President Obama and VP Biden (of which evidence without question exists), if properly revealed and reported to the American people prior to the election, would indeed persuade the electorate that no Democrat should get near the exclusive levers of governmental power in 2017, and Joe Biden is more worthy of imprisonment than inauguration!

2) If not revealed and, consequently, Donald Trump is not reelected, there is no reasonably informed person in the world who does not believe that the results of Barr’s “investigation”, if any, would never be seen! (Is Mr. Barr among those “not reasonably informed”? or is he “not intelligent” as he seemed?, or, is he just a fraudulent Deep State stooge who fooled us all, for awhile?)

Put me down as disgusted with Barr as the President is!            dlh

Systemically disgusted…. More from the latest notifications about the investigation

“Attorney General Bill Barr has begun telling top Republicans that the Justice Department’s sweeping review into the origins of the Russia investigation will not be released before the election,” Axios reported. “Barr has made clear that they should not expect any further indictments or a comprehensive report before Nov. 3.”

Barr is reportedly telling officials that Durham is taking the investigation “extremely seriously” and is focused on winning criminal prosecutions.

“According to one of the sources briefed on the conversations Barr said Durham is working in a deliberate and calculated fashion, and they need to be patient,” Axios continued. “The general sense of the talks, the source says, is that Durham is not preoccupied with completing his probe by a certain deadline for political purposes.”

President Donald Trump has increasingly become frustrated with the pace of the investigation, which has been hampered by the pandemic.

Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL) tried to pressure Barr during a congressional hearing in July to commit to not releasing any results from the Durham investigation before the election, which Barr refused to do.


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TN forwarded this Twitter commentary from the people at Conservative Treehouse / Last Refuge.  Our brief comment follows.











Conservative Tree House  has helpfully dug into/exposed/highlighted much regarding the  deep state conspiracy to get/undermine/replace Trump. Comments to their post run the gamot of support disappointment and worse toward Barr and the system. Barr may be up against intricacies that (without more information) we cannot fathom. Nevertheless we hope and pray that he fully realizes he has nothing to lose, that the full truth is important, and that there have been courageous people before him to take inspiration from.


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  • Never let a crisis go to waste!
  • Make one/aggravate one if you can’t find one
  • Fonda: Exposing what the left is about since the 60’s

Jane Fonda, Known For Fraternizing With Enemy Troops,
On COVID: ‘God’s Gift To The Left’

The Washington Free Beacon reported, “Fonda appeared alongside vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris and the Biden campaign in a virtual event in

In a video posted online, Fonda said, “We are people who can help determine which way humanity goes. What a great gift, what a tremendous opportunity, we’re just so lucky, we just have to use it with every ounce of intelligence and courage and wherewithal we have.”

“I just think COVID is God’s gift to the Left,” Fonda continued. “[Inaudible] terrible thing to say. I mean, I think it was a very difficult thing to send down to us, but it has ripped the band-aid off who [Trump] is and what he stands for and what is being done to average people and working people in this country.”

Fonda added, “We can see it now, people who couldn’t see it before, you know, they see it now and we have a chance to harness that anger.”

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Smoking Cannon — Obama Biden Directly Involved in Russia Collusion Hoax, Impeachment Coup

  • October Surprise – what should be earth-shaking political news the media is sand-bagging
  • Durham still cogitating charges even though he had all the information he needed
  • Insiders may have turned, but if Durham wants to turn more, charge the bastards
  • Haspel  — London CIA Bureau Chief  where and when key “Russia Collusion” plot elements hatched

Endless critiques of Trump not wearing a mask, crickets about the greatest scandal in American political history pointing to Obama et al

Silly me! I thought this was ‘earthshaking news’!!

Watching Fox News (Neil Cavuto at the moment) and their ‘big coverage’ stories are about Wednesday’s debate between Pence and Harris, and Biden’s “Gettysburg Address”.

Talk about what would be, should be…THE “October Surprise”…this ties Obama and his top people (including Biden) directly to the entire Trump-Russia Collusion-impeachment hoax…the worst COUP attempt in US history!!!

And now…Back to the big ‘breaking news story’: Biden’s comments in Pennsylvania. Sheesh        dlh

“Unclear”? !!!

DNI declassifies Brennan notes, CIA memo on Hillary Clinton ‘stirring up’ scandal between Trump, Russia

A source said Brennan’s handwritten notes were taken after briefing Obama on the matter
“Attorney General Bill Barr last year appointed U.S. Attorney of Connecticut John Durham to investigate the origins of the FBI’s Russia probe shortly after special counsel Robert Mueller completed his years-long investigation into whether the campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the 2016 presidential election.

“It is unclear whether this information will be considered part of Durham’s investigation.”
EXCLUSIVE: Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News has learned.

Ratcliffe declassified Brennan’s handwritten notes – which were taken after he briefed Obama on the intelligence the CIA received – and a CIA memo, which revealed that officials referred the matter to the FBI for potential investigative action.

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence transmitted the declassified documents to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Tuesday afternoon.

For more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dni-brennan-notes-cia-memo-clinton
Reply Reply All Forward

Back in May (24th) 2019 Veritas dlh made this call:

We suggest that these three folks, Coats, Haspel, and Wray are anything but reliable administration supporters. To expect that they will give Barr full cooperation to declassify documents that might reflect very negatively on the integrity and competence of their own respective agencies seems quite a stretch to us. Especially given that , at least, the FBI has aggressively resisted turning over documents requested by congressional committees which would have answered many of the questions the Attorney General is asking.

Further, it must be noted that Ms. Haspel is a long-serving employee of her agency, the CIA. While that’s all good, we recall that John Brennan, the former CIA Director and one who is thought to have been very much involved in the alleged attempt to undermine President Trump and his administration strongly endorsed Haspel’s nomination to head the agency as his successor! (It is also thought by many that the CIA is heavily staffed with and influenced by “deep state” operatives…that is, some of its ‘long-serving employees’.)

At The Federalist:

According to Sean Davis, co-founder of the Federalist, Trump’s CIA Director Gina Haspel is personally blocking the declassification of documents that would detail the corrupt actions of some of the most senior members of the intelligence community during the 2016 election.

This should be no surprise to anyone because, as I detailed in July of last year, Haspel is John Brennan’s acolyte and protégé. Her allegiance is to Brennan and the intelligence community, not to the truth. In “Worse Than Watergate,” parts 1 and 2, I demonstrated how “Crossfire Hurricane” (and its offshoots such as “Crossfire Razor,” the Flynn investigation) were the worst examples of abuses of power by federal officials in the history of our nation.

As a couple of those articles point out, Brennan gave Haspel one of the choicest jobs in the CIA by making her London station chief, a job in which she served from 2016–17. That was the period in which the overseas parts of the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation were run out of the CIA station in London. That could not have happened without Haspel’s knowledge. Far more likely is that she personally directed “Crossfire Hurricane” from London for Brennan.

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Davis’s report is correct and that Haspel is blocking the declassification of a pile of documents that would prove the corrupt involvement of herself and others up to and including Obama. Last year, Trump signed an executive order enabling Attorney General Barr to declassify anything he wanted to in pursuit of his investigation into the misconduct of the FBI and the intelligence agencies in 2016–17.

If Davis is correct, the easy answer to the problem is for Barr to intervene immediately, obtain whatever Haspel is holding back, and — if he determines the information contained in them is relevant or is likely to produce relevant evidence — give them to his investigator, U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Giving the documents to Durham would not require them to be declassified and published, but they should be. We are long past the time when the public should have found out just who were the knowing co-conspirators with Putin’s government who enabled Putin’s intelligence operation against the U.S. election and our government to succeed.

Durham’s investigation, still proceeding at a snail’s pace, would be another casualty of a Biden election. If Biden is elected, a new attorney general will cancel the Durham investigation immediately. Whatever crimes Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, John Brennan, Gina Haspel, Peter Strzok, and others committed will go unpublished and unpunished. You can take that to the bank.

Realeted reading:



At Real Clear Politics:



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Big Tech — monster bullies of the left

  • They monopolize communication, they fund the left,  they are of the left
  • Break them up AND remove as their immunity from lawsuits as they are not “neutral platforms” they are profit making businesses substantially involved in partisan politics
  • Useful analogies — bold our emphasis
  • Thanks to DK for the recommendation

At American Thinker Pamela Geller, a chronic victim of Big Tech censorship and prejudice, provides a compelling review of Allum Bokhari book:

Revealed: The Shocking Full Extent of Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives

Allum Bokhari, the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News, has performed an extraordinarily valuable service by giving us his new book #Deleted: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal the Election. While the social media giants’ efforts to suppress all dissent from their far-left, anti-American agenda have been going on for years, few people are aware of the full depth and breadth of this sinister initiative, or of how it is much more than just a bias toward the left, but a carefully planned and coordinated endeavor that, if left unchecked, will do nothing less than relegate our First Amendment right of freedom of speech to the dustbin of history.

In #Deleted, Allum Bokhari tells the whole shocking story. For those who don’t realize the implications of what is going on, he includes a Prologue entitled “The Typewriter That Talked Back” that is as amusing as it is disturbing, and that makes abundantly clear even to the most technically challenged among us what is really happening to our foremost and most important freedom, right under our noses. Bokhari paints a vivid picture of a 1968 in which a typewriter refuses to type, typing instead its own message: “We regret to inform you that your last letter violated our terms of service (Rule 32: Abusive & Offensive Content). We have suspended access to your typewriter for 24 hours.” Newsstands remove from sale magazines that third-party “fact-checkers” have deemed to be “fake news.” The Post Office returns your mail because you told a joke in a letter that a censor found offensive.

It’s all funny until you realize that all this is exactly what email providers and big tech censors are doing to Americans today, every day on the Internet. In the pre-Internet world of 1968, it would have been preposterous. Americans would not have accepted it. But it has all happened gradually, as we gave away our freedom by clicking our agreement to dense and unreadable Terms of Service that turned over our right to say what we believe to shadowy, anonymous guardians of acceptable opinion. Most Americans today are only dimly aware, at best, that it is happening at all, and those that are approach it with grim resignation. After all, what are you going to do? Start your own Facebook?

Having been one of the early targets of social media censorship on Facebook, YouTube et al, I have for many years advocated for anti-trust action against these bullying behemoths. Bokhari makes an airtight case in #Deleted for why such action is necessary.

In the runup to the 2020 elections, the social media giants mean to shut down whatever outlet or voice that helped elect President Trump, the greatest upset in left-wing history, in 2016.

And this has been going on for a long time. Bokhari details how Facebook, Twitter, Google and the rest depend upon Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) under the First Amendment, which provides them with immunity from lawsuits, thereby permitting these social media giants to engage in what is essentially U.S. government-sanctioned censorship (despite the fact that they are determined to destroy the President of the United States) and discriminatory business practices free from legal challenge.

In connection with all this, #Deleted’s Prologue is an extraordinary illustration of how far we have fallen, which Bokhari then details in the rest of the book. Would the American people (or the government) in any previous age have tolerated AT&T spying on our phone calls and then pulling our communication privileges if we expressed dissenting opinions? Yet as Bokhari shows, we are suffering much that and worse today.

Ma Bell was broken up by the government, albeit for different reasons. But it can and should be done: #Deleted makes an irrefutable case for how urgent it is that the big tech companies be broken up, before it is too late. The U.S. government has on many occasions used anti-trust laws to break up monopolies (and that is what Google, Facebook, Twitter et al essentially are). Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act highlights particular results deemed anticompetitive by nature and prohibits actions that “shall monopolize, or attempt to monopolize, or combine or conspire with any other person or persons, to monopolize any part of the trade or commerce among the several States, or with foreign nations.”

Couldn’t the same be applied to information? The United States government took down Standard Oil, Alcoa, Northern Securities, the American Tobacco Company and many others without nearly the power that Facebook, Twitter, or Google have.

If we are not free to speak and think in what is today’s Gutenberg press, then we could not be worse off. In #Deleted, Allum Bokhari has done us all a favor by opening our eyes to exactly how bad it is, and sketched out a way that free Americans can fight back to save our First Amendment rights. Now it is up to us to act.


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An Election of Dire Consequences Worldwide

  • Pope – tool or tool maker?
  • Cardinal Gerhard Müller sees this election for what it is about  — a new world order  (his important statement below)

Let the bunker be a commitment to spreading the truth

More than those of us at this humble blog site think somethings afoot, that this is no mean election . . . the controls and inhibitions in place with COVID-19 designed to inhibit working people . . . the Constitutional implications of that  (and now Justice Ginsberg’s passing) . . .  Trump and a conservative entourage being diagnosed with COVID (symptomatic and asymptomatic)  . . . the influence China exerts over the UN and American institutions . . . the biased social media censorship . . . the rioting being encouraged by political leadership . . .  MSM’s blatant hostility to Trump , to conservatives, to the truth,   . . . the incredible amount of money being pumped into our elections by billionaires to defeat Trump and conservatives . . . the nomination by the Democrats of a corrupt degenerating politician, a cipher on his own, a manipulable place holder, . . .  and most recently as remarked on by our dlh in the previous post – Pope Marxist’s latest encyclical…

But whatever opportunistic malevolence might be behind all this, they can be beaten as they are subject to exposing themselves to people of good will . . . hopefully enough and in time for this maniacal bunch to be “dis-elected”.

As regards Pope Francis, well the Church’s history is riddled with some very bad actors, but if Francis is the magisterium, as Biden claims to be the Democrat Party, well the Church and the Democrat party are in trouble, and may God’s grace protect this country from their personal error prone edicts.  In defense of the Church and God’s Word, may Bishops in the case of the Catholic Church find their tongues to correct this Pope through their magisterium responsibilities. They must choose what to preside over.  May Christendom in general rise to the occasion.

Speaking of speaking out, one more Cardinal (retired) has issued a warning about this election and it won’t make the Holy Father happy.  Pope Francis pretty much cashiered this guy after making him a Cardinal. Even Francis could not upset the apple cart (expectations) too much to start, cleaning house takes time.

LifeSiteNews report, more at Breitbart.   Bold emphasis ours

Vatican’s former doctrine chief: US election will decide if ‘democracy’ or ‘dictatorship’ leads world   

October 1, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Whether Donald Trump is re-elected or ousted as President of the United States will have a generational impact on whether America or China is the dominant power on the world stage, Cardinal Gerhard Müller told Breitbart News in an interview Thursday.

“The outcome of the U.S. election will determine whether the U.S. remains the leading power in the world — for freedom and democracy — or whether a communist dictatorship will assume that role for the global community,” said Müller, who is the former prefect of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. “The world is looking to America because this fateful election will determine the future of democracy and human rights for decades to come.”

“The rivalry between the U.S. and Communist China is not a sporting competition for the first or second place of superpowers,” he continued. “It is about the irreconcilable alternatives of democracy or dictatorship.”

From World War II to the Cold War, “the free world owes the American people the salvation of Western civilization, which has its foundation in the freedom and dignity of every person,” Müller said, but warned that this legacy is “now being challenged” by China. “Because the U.S. is the first power in the free world, it must also put a stop to the imperialist grip of a communist superpower that seeks world domination and allow the Chinese people and other oppressed peoples to enter the community and solidarity of free peoples.”

The cardinal also called on both the Catholic Church and rank-and-file Christians to heed the significance of the election, from the “truth of the absolute value of every individual person” and “freedom of religion” to the “deeper dimensions of what is at stake at this moment in world history, rather than offering a judgment based on subjective sensibilities and ideological preferences.”

“Three points are decisive in the upcoming elections,” Müller summarized. “First, the ‘yes’ to life against abortion, second, freedom of religion against the mainstreaming of gender ideology, and third, the mission of the United States to defend democracy and human rights against dictatorships.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden is campaigning on a plan to enshrine virtually-unlimited abortion into federal law at taxpayer expense. By contrast, Trump has worked to oppose federal funding of abortion and the abortion industry, including restoring and expanding the Mexico City Policy (which bars foreign aid to abortion groups), excluded organizations involved in abortion from family planning funds, and endorsed legislation to fully defund Planned Parenthood and ban late-term abortion.

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