With resistance to hysteria among the political class collapsing, a timely cure for Wuhan flu would be nice

  • The most aggressive complication to Wuhan is hysteria
  • Reports of cures — we ask why would they not kill any/most types of  virus? Research continues

These items came to us today via the unfortunately named  selective news aggregator Blabber Buz Reports which forwards  legitimate sourced news:  

Breakthrough French Study: ‘100%’ Of Coronavirus Patients Cured With Our Treatment

Sourced to interview on Fox News and Political Insider

Breakthrough French Study: ‘100%’ Of Coronavirus Patients Cured With Our Treatment

Gregory Rigano, an advisor to the Stanford University School of Medicine, claimed on Wednesday that a French researcher who is well respected in his field had tested a hopeful cure for coronavirus.

‘100% of patients treated… were virologically cured’

“Full peer-reviewed study has been released by Didier Raoult MD, PhD. After 6 days 100% of patients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin were virologically cured,” Rigano tweeted.

Rigano followed up with an appearance on Fox News Wednesday, where he said (emphasis added), “And I’m here to report that as of this morning, about 5:00 this morning, a well-controlled peer-reviewed study carried out by the most eminent infectious disease specialist in the world—Didier Raoult, MD, PhD—out of the south of France, in which he enrolled 40 patients, again, a well-controlled peer review study, that showed a 100 percent cure rate against coronavirus.”

“The study was released this morning on my Twitter account, @Riganoesq as well as our most recent website, @covidtrial.io” Rigano continued. “The study was recently accepted to the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents by Elsevier.”

“In fact to be able to cure a virus was said to be mathematically impossible, and the first company that did it was a small biotech called Pharmacet that was acquired by Gilead Sciences in a cure for hepatitis C. What we’re here to announce is a second cure to a virus of all time,” Rigano added,`

Study in Australia

V’PAC note: This one seems shakier as we can kill any virus in a test tube with a drop of bleach.

In addition to this promising news, The Daily Wire reported Monday that an Australian team had announced they believe to have found a cure for coronavirus.

“According to infectious disease experts at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, they may have found a treatment that could possibly eliminate the coronavirus,” reported The Daily Wire.

“University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research director Professor David Paterson told news.com.au today they have seen two drugs used to treat other conditions wipe out the virus in test tubes,’ News.com.aureported Monday.”

French Peer-Reviewed Study: Our Treatment Cured 100% Of Coronavirus Patients https://t.co/yuJELmwOpJpic.twitter.com/GFiE4mxDnL

— The Daily Wire (@realDailyWire) March 19, 2020

“The two medications Paterson referred to are Chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug, and HIV-suppressing combination lopinavir/ritonavir,” the report continued.

“Paterson told the outlet that it seemed reasonable to call the drugs ‘a treatment or a cure … It’s a potentially effective treatment. Patients would end up with no viable coronavirus in their system at all after the end of therapy.”

Obviously these reports are promising given what the U.S. and the world are going through thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic. Stay tuned.  . . .

Hopefully this will signal a return to normality. https://t.co/L4ENpNX94f

— Graeme Hall (@GraemeNZ01) March 19, 2020

We heartily agree with the following:

Blabber Buzz sourced this article from Breitbart

GOP Rep. Palmer: Trump’s Early Acts Lessened Coronavirus Impact — Calls to Incentivize U.S. Businesses to Diversify Supply Chains

Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL), the chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, argued when the time is right, the U.S.

government should explore ways not to be as reliant on countries in the other hemisphere for manufacturing.

Palmer offered those remarks during an interview that aired on Huntsville, AL’s WVNN, noting it was not just pharmaceuticals threatened by China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic but other essential elements required to make American technology function.

“I’ve been saying for a long time that we are putting ourselves in serious jeopardy by having a single-source supply chain in one country,” Palmer said.

“And I would say that if it were any other country, particularly China. I mean, most of these flu-type viruses come out of China. From my perspective, it was just a matter of time before something came out like this. But the other thing is China is not our friend.”

“It’s not just the pharmaceutical supply chain that has been fully exposed and putting things in jeopardy,” he continued.

“It’s things like rare earth metals that are necessary for your smartphone and your computers — even the avionics on our fighter jets. China is the only place to get them. I started talking about this a while back, probably two or three years ago and was particularly focused on the rare earth metals and things like that. But also in the last few weeks, I started pitching the idea that we need incentivize businesses to diversify their supply chain.”

Ideally, the Alabama Republican argued the supply chain would exist in countries with which the United States was aligned.

I would prefer they bring it back to the U.S., or at least the Western Hemisphere — to countries that are our ally. I think that’s what you’re going to see — some accelerated plan for giving accelerated depreciation tax credits to help move these supply chains back to this country,” Palmer added.

Palmer was not critical of Trump’s response to date on the coronavirus but instead complimentary. According to Palmer, had Trump not taken an aggressive tack toward China, the United States might be worse off in dealing with coronavirus.

“The fact that the president took on China the way he did early on — people construed that as a trade war,” Palmer added.

“Really, what it was doing was confronting China’s long-term ambitions to become the dominant superpower in the world. And that’s why they were spending all this money in the Belt and Road Initiative, doing all this infrastructure in these countries. Italy, by the way, was the first European Union country to sign on with China in letting China build out their infrastructure. And they refused to shut off travel in and out of China — and now they’re a dumpster fire over there with the virus. The president took on China, and as a result of him cracking down on the trade issue, a lot of companies had already transitioned away from China.”

“I think this could have been a lot worse than it is going to be because of that,” he continued.

“And I know for a fact that the president was engaged on the coronavirus early because as part of Republican leadership — we had lunch with on January 27 at the White House. And he had been on the phone with [Chinese President] Xi Jinping, and Xi Jinping assured him they had the virus under control. And then the president had wanted to send some of our folks in from the CDC. Xi Jinping wouldn’t allow that. It was just a few days later the president banned travel into and out of China. I think he got a tremendous amount of criticism, was called a racist and xenophobes. He did exactly the right thing, and I think again there it lessened the impact this could have been.”

This article was sourced by Blabber Buzz from Political Insider and NY Post

Over 99% of coronavirus patients in Italy who died had other health problems  

More than 99% of coronavirus patients who died in Italy suffered from other, pre-existing health issues, according to a study by the country’s health officials.

The new research from the National Institutes of Health released Tuesday evaluated 355 of the country’s fatalities and found that only three patients had no prior medical conditions.

Nearly half the COVID-19 victims suffered from at least one of the following conditions: high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

More than 75% reported high blood pressure, while 35% had diabetes and 33% had heart disease, according to the study.

The average age of the victims was 79.5, and the number of deaths in the country surpassed 2,500 this week.

Italy has seen double the rate of coronavirus fatalities compared to the rest of the world.
Related Video

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Questions and other perspectives on Wuhan Coronavirus / COVID-19 policies

  • References and related reading will be added to this post later today

A report we read recently is that our country has had 20,000 deaths due to flu (other than COVID 19) this season already. It is not unusual for it to range much higher. Where are the leading media’s perspective reports on that? Is Wuhan coronavirus an add-on to that or ultimately just a different source to what is a typical range of rates, deaths from pneumonia and the like, no matter the viral agent?

The death rate often quoted as regards COVID 19/Wuhan coronavirus will likely go down as it is based on known infections. More testing and the denominator will increase likely reducing the statistical percentage rate.

Other statistically ameliorating factors relate to the gee wiz about how long “COVID 19” can live on surfaces. With all the studies of flu and colds over the years, searching for cures and vaccines, the estimates of how long are a range with greatly decreasing efficacy of the virus with passing minutes.

In all cases viruses of all sorts live longer on non-porous surfaces. Cloth and fabrics and paper leach away their membrane coatings and they die quicker.

However the norovirus, (which is not a coronavirus which are comparatively fragile) cna live for days on non-porous surfaces.  The bird flu virus measuring at the outside in days has a comparatively longer efficacy as is said of the COVID 19. But there was not near the panic in those outbreaks. Type A influenza is said to live up to two days. These estimates, including as regards “days” for COVID 19 are at the extremes but that is what gets bandied about. The more mucus surrounding it the likely longer any version will live.

But no matter the virus those in occasional close proximity to fragile people should wear a precautionary paper mask at first sign of respiratory factors of any sort and personnel dealing with the medically fragile should do so at all times automatically during cold and flu season or outbreaks. Simple paper masks are effective against transmittal. In these times as an alternative to shutting down, food personnel should wear a mask as a matter of course as well, we make them wear hairnets! This seems far less disruptive than essentially martial law shutdowns we are seeing being implemented today.

Again, the efficacy of the virus falls rapidly after being released. The “common” cold virus which is another coronavirus seems to live but a few hours on a non-porous surface. Long enough to infect the room full of people who incubate it and become a serious danger to anyone medically compromised, and yet the world survives. The idea is simple: spew no sputum.

Public venues should have a substitute emergency health regime in order to stay open during outbreaks rather than forced closure. That would include wipe down surfaces with a proper disinfectant multiple times daily for quick kill. If public accommodation places of business would do this with increased rigor, thoroughly, to some sort of ISO standard, and personnel wear masks preparing and serving food, businesses should not be required to close.

What about closing schools? Reports commonly indicate that while any human being can be an incubator/transmitter for a period of time, children are not as likely to succumb to the disease or only to a mild extent. We know their hygiene practices are perhaps non-existent at the younger levels and they are in close proximity. It is said that closings are to prevent the children from incubating and carrying the virus to vulnerable people directly, secondarily, tertiary, however. But such transmittals are a factor for any virus outbreak including colds and other flu types. The fragile are just as susceptible to death-dealing complications from colds and other flu viruses.

Are we to close schools every cold and flu season or switch the school year so that there is school in summer (non-flu-season) and vacation in winter (flu and cold season)? Would not the better less-disruptive solution (apart from the argument that what they are learning is largely corruptive or wasted time) be to concentrate on restrictions as regards the medically fragile who are really those who comprise the death rate and who we are rightly endeavoring to save? So if the kids do bring it home to the folks neither the folks nor the kids should be visiting the fragile during an outbreak untested or without transmittal protection.

The same arguments are used as regards bars, meetings, mass transit. In those venues, rather than shut-down orders, why not issue paper masks at every meeting room entrance, bar, mass transit vehicle to “flatten the curve” (see below) instead of shutting so many things down. You can make your own mask with a kerchief. Is it not better, short and long term, to clean up our act, add more vigor to hygiene disciplines in enclosed spaces of all types?

Regarding articles that refer to “flattening the curve” (death rates from epidemics are said to predictably follow a bell curve, either sharper initially or the rate not as sharp but extended over time). A compelling argument for “flatter” is perhaps to allow time for more coping mechanisms and vaccine development. What I am unsure of is whether flattening the curve actually decreases total deaths or extends the time frame somewhat but the same “curve” to be repeated in subsequent years or out breaks, not so with the sharper curve for the same disease. The flatter seems good but are not the mechanisms outlined above better — long-term to prevent outbreaks of all sorts, presuming we are not going to shut down the country every flu season?

The run on grocery stores is just ridiculous. Our food chain supply is predominately US and is not broken. People are buying bottled water, why! – there is no problem with our water supply! Paper products — if it is for increased hygiene around the house or to use as nose wipes that is understandable, but you can wash and reuse cloth for cleaning. A bit of bleach in water is an effective virus disinfectant agent and a gallon will last the duration for home use.

I do fault the dominate liberal media and Democrats as this matter is being weaponized by them to try to bash Trump and is useful to them to create hysteria toward acceptance of more government controls, to create hysteria rather than foster common sense. It is all likely overblown. However, neither position, the real danger or the comparative efficacy of solutions is provable.

However Republicans are going along with too little disclaimer to it all. I understand political expediency, but every extraordinary order has to be with education that there are alternatives that can prevent recurrences and not make us as vulnerable. Why not be clear that much of the response is political, unsure and that more freedom oriented policies ought to be the fallback. That the cure can be worse than the disease.

The pure libertarian ideal of a global economy in all matters should be devastated by this. We are not dealing with honest players elsewhere. Leading nation-states in order to protect their cultures must have essential industries. We should not be dependent on the likes of China for anything. A “war-footing” to the extent of domestic pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacture is appropriate now. However domestic freedoms should be guarded jealously as key to domestic tranquility and physical and emotional health.

References and related reading will be added to this post later today.  Regardless, due your own due diligence as regards your response to disease control.

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Not too late for politically incorrect Ides of March humor

And a little nostalgia for relief from the coronovirus nonsense

Speaking of the Ides of March, a group from one of our favorite nostalgic years:  CRANK UP VOLUME

Comments and factoids from the YouTube postings:

“Vehicle” peaked at No. 2 behind The Guess Who’s “American Woman/No Sugar Tonight” in 05/1970.


Lead singer Jim Peterik was only 19 years old when he recorded this! He sounds like a fat, bearded 40-something guy.


Thought it was Blood Sweat & Tears!


These are REAL horns you’re listening to. This song just MOVES….


50’s, 60′ and early 70’s , so many great bands. 50 yrs later this one still kicks!


“Vehicle”, by Chicago-land area band The Ides Of March, rapidly rose to # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1970. Written by lead vocal and guitarist Jim Peterik at the age of 18, the song is noted for its distinctive horn section riff that is still popular to this day. This and the choppy rhythm of the music is reminiscent of the band Blood, Sweat, and Tears whom The Ides of March were huge fans of. The idea and title for the song is based on a personal love story, and the opening lyrics come from anti-drug pamphlets distributed in schools at that time showing an undesirable type person cruising along the curb looking for easy targets with a caption that read “I’m the friendly stranger in the black sedan, won’t you hop inside my car?”. The next line of lyrics in the song came from a warning his mother used to give him about walking home from school. In all, Peterik said the song “was very tongue-in-cheek”.


“Blue-eyed soul. Grew up thinking the singer was a brother.”

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Viral humor (and wisdom) in memes

Making the rounds, thanks to HP Facebook page.  Warning! The George Carlin routine has very course language.

The actually has considerable merit



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Willard “Mittens” has all the good ideas

  • The Silk Stocking/Mink Mittens boy has a solution!
  • Willard would put a Grover in every hand!


Dammit! If I had good ideas like this I could be a US Senator. (I can not believe that I voted for this clown for president. Given the choice at the time, why did I even vote at all?)      dlh

Via The Washington Times

Sen. Romney proposes $1,000 handout for U.S. adults in coronavirus stimulus  

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney proposed Monday giving a $1,000 handout to every American adult in an attempt to help the U.S. economy weather the coronavirus which is devastating markets.

The money is intended to “help fill the gaps” for Americans who are starting to have issues with their paychecks and bills. The senator sees it as an additional step to the House-passed coronavirus bill that includes free testing, paid sick leave and solidifies unemployment benefits.

“We also urgently need to build on this legislation with additional action to help families and small businesses meet their short-term financial obligations, ease the financial burden on students entering the workforce, and protect health workers on the front lines and their patients by improving telehealth services,” Mr. Romney, Utah Republican, said in a statement.

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Proactive Panic is worse than the disease

Quasi-panic seems to be the order of the day from people and politicians. Obscene runs on food store shelves. Shutting down schools for a month as proposed by the Governor of Iowa …

As to the Governors — and all politicians — who feel they must one-up the political opposition in overreaction lest they be blamed for not doing enough — we humbly remind them that the concern ought to be directed at the most vulnerable.  Children by most reports, by and large, are not the vulnerable population unless they are medically compromised. They rebound quite well from catching the disease with sequela equivalent to a bad cold perhaps or mild flu.  That is also true of adults who do not have an aggravating or aggravatable condition (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

The already medically vulnerable are a different story, but the solution as regards coronavirus is similar to restrictions that ought to be observed during the regular flu/cold season.  If you have the slightest respiratory symptoms, cold or flu as both are very dangerous to the vulnerable, (the common cold, to which there is no cure, is a coronavirus) —  don’t visit those people or residences until this blows over  —  talk on the phone or take all precautions when you must visit. Wash your hands before any contact  and limit that. Wear a mask. Do that and the death rate from Wuhan coronavirus will be minimized because that is where the deaths /hospitalizations are occurring.

The focus should be on nursing homes, hospitals and public health measures that emphasize cleanliness, and of course medical research for quicker cures /amelioration and development of vaccination possibilities and quick unobtrusive testing for the virus. Some types of gatherings are ill-advised but good personal and public health hygienic practices can minimize risk.

If you are medically vulnerable you should be very cautious.  If you work outside the home hopefully work at home alternatives can be implemented with the cooperation of employers, even if incentivized by government.

Fears about lack of hospital facilities (bed-space) for isolation in the US we suspect are overwrought, unimaginative nor cognizant of isolate-in-home  possibilities.  Some have decried that more ventilators are needed for full blown cases among the vulnerable. If so that sounds like a candidate for a war-production footing –  are you listening Cobham – Davenport?

On the other hand, a lot of what is taught in schools is very “missable” anyway.


As to the first complaint by yours truly the pictures below from the West-Davenport Walmart are shocking. I thought I had been transported to a Venezuelan grocery store. Here are some photos from various grocery aisles. Now if I were of a mind to stock up I might emphasize the beer and liquor aisle but that seemed  largely unaffected. Unsurprisingly lima beans were left alone.

Madness —

PEOPLE , our foodstuffs and processing /canning/ dairy etc, INCLUDING paper products for crying out loud, are all largely from the US.  What makes people think they need to hoard even stock up?  The madness of crowds! Do they think gas prices at $2 dollars a gallon are too onerous to prevent driving to the grocery store on a regular schedule?!

Well it is an opportunity for grocery stores to get rid of aging and out-of date stock. Maybe dust the shelves.  I’ll wait for the fresh stuff. Fortunately beer and liquor were still available.

From Victor Davis Hanson at American Greatness

America In a New Upside-Down World

Who can game the election-year politics of these chaotic times, especially the more macabre calculations of the electoral beneficiaries of the media-driven hysteria over the COVID-19?

The world is changing at a pace not seen in years, and it is no time to become captives of fear despite the real and immediate dangers we face.

The coronavirus and the ensuing panic, at least for a few more weeks, have stagnated the economy and scared global financial markets, accompanied by both collateral, and independent and simultaneous, bad news. Rumor- and panic-mongers predominate; the rational and reasonable are written-off as naïve and out of it. Thousands may die, but millions who will not are terrified into anxieties and sleeplessness that they will.

COVID-19 itself has raised fundamental questions about the merits of globalization in general, and in particular the wisdom of any sovereign nation outsourcing key industries like high-tech, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and food processing to an autocratic, non-transparent—and dangerous—nation like China.

The current oil glut and price crash—a result of a Saudi-Russian price war, in part directed at record U.S. production, in part due to the crumbling of OPEC, and less demand as a global public, frightened by the specter of the Wuhan virus, stays closer to home—are radically changing the relationship between oil sellers and buyers. In particular, vulnerable cash-hungry exporting countries like Iran, Russia, and Venezuela are losing clout. Interest rates are also dropping. The world at large may for a time experience historic de facto negative interest.

Trump Was Right About China
Ostensibly, all of this news should be terrible. And, of course, terrible is the reality that as I write over 6,000 people have died worldwide (out a global population nearing 8 billion) from the disease caused by the coronavirus. But that said, there will emerge winners and losers in every crisis, whether medical, economic, psychological, or political.

Donald Trump was ridiculed for taking on the Chinese juggernaut in 2017, even though he was not wrong that China was a serial world trade cheater—manipulating currencies, dumping products below the cost of production, appropriating technology, infringing on patents and copyrights, and running up huge asymmetrical trade surpluses.

The writ against his pushback on China was that it was hopeless to fight a 1.4-billion-person powerhouse, destined to surpass the United States in annual GDP in just a few years. Or Trump was deemed naïvely reckless, given that to achieve symmetry, legality, and fairness would incur too much pain and involve ossified and discredited concepts like tariffs.

But either by design or accident, the Trump standoff tore off the China scab. The exposed putrid wound beneath has terrified the world: lying, deceit, and subterfuge surrounded the mysterious COVID-19 contagion that emerged from Wuhan late last year and now has spread worldwide and panicked the globe. The coronavirus helped remind the world that the Hong Kong democracy protests, the creepy 1-million-person reeducation camps for Uyghur Muslims, and internal Chinese Orwellian surveillance were characteristic not aberrant.

In a reductionist sense, it is not surprising that a China, systematically lying to and cheating its trading partners, cannot be trusted to tell the world how a virus was born on its own soil, spread among its population, and hopped oceans into other nations.

When the virus peters out and the panic fades, China may be permanently rebranded and recalibrated by the world at large. Its trading partners will trust it far less to honor any commitments or to abide by any international agreements. Supply chains will be diversified. Tourism will be reduced in fears another such coronavirus will follow SARS and COVID-19—and be hushed up. Countries that had particular close commercial and cultural ties with China—Iran, South Korea, and Italy—were hurt most during the epidemic by Chinese silence and duplicity.

Some assembly plants will be shut down. Nations will be less trusting to outsource key industries to Chinese companies. Supply chains were changing before the epidemic and will redirect even more afterward.

In sum, China’s mercantile system will take a hit. The only country that can match and surpass its economic output, the United States, will be the long-term beneficiary as investors and businesses look away from Beijing to a more transparent partner.

More Bad News for Bad Actors

The United States, remember, is both the world’s largest energy and food producer. In that regard, such self-sufficiency once again will be appreciated by tens of millions of Americans as they sequester at home with ample food and power to allow the virus to sputter out. Isolated Americans worry not over whether they will starve or have enough heat in their homes, but whether their prescriptions will be filled, and safely so.

Crashing oil prices will also hurt the expansionary agendas of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, especially in places like Syria and Eastern Ukraine. Russia is already bleeding billions of dollars by propping up the murderous Assad dictatorship in Syria. Soon it will be doing so with far less apparent discretionary income.

Iran may be the biggest loser of the current chaos. U.S. sanctions already had cut Iranian oil revenue by about 90 percent. The remaining ten percent of sales, and in addition whatever income Iran received through smuggling and illicit sales, may be worth about half of what such reduced revenue garnered just a few months ago.

The theocracy has lost all credibility with the financially strapped Iranian people, 1,500 of whom it recently murdered in the streets. The mullahs lied to Iranians both about the shooting down of the Ukrainian jetliner and the extent of the COVID-19 infection sweeping through their country. The U.S. policy of “maximum pressure” replacing the flawed and appeasing Iran nuclear deal, will be seen as especially more effective each week.

Certainly, the regime is threatened with financial crises not seen since its war with Iraq in the 1980s, but this time of its own making and due largely to its own duplicity.

The Toll—and Eventual Upside—at Home
Ostensibly, the panic-driven shutdown of the U.S. economy could plunge us into recession or worse, with dire consequences for the 2020 campaign. Some on the Left see COVID-19 in unapologetically political terms, as the magic solution to ending the Trump presidency and his supporters in a way that all the past hopes and dreams of doing so—from subverting the Electoral College after the November 2016 election to Mueller and impeachment, and all in between—utterly failed.

Whatever the ultimate human and economic toll from the coronavirus, there is no doubt that Trump, as president, will be blamed for the economic slowdown of spring and perhaps even early summer. The media despises the president as does entertainment, academia, and the media, ensuring in popular culture and the news that he will be demonized in a way Obama was not, despite reacting far more slowly, to the swine flu threat of 2009.

But here are some caveats. Warmer weather and spring, global quarantines, travel bans, more testing and increased knowledge of the virus may all eventually conspire to slow its spread. And when its relative non-lethality is fully digested (perhaps 98 or 99 percent of those in the general population below 65 in previously good health who are infected recover), and the cases begin dropping off, the economy will not just recover but take off.

That more positives come back from far more testing does not necessarily mean a pandemic in the tens of millions of cases is certain, but perhaps reflects that the continuing ripples of the initial outbreak. In the two to three months when China did not apprise the world of the outbreaks and 10,000 and more a day were flying into American airports from China, lots of Americans were exposed and became carriers, and either had no symptoms or attributed their illnesses to the flu or bad colds as still more were infected. After all, it is hard not to concede that hundreds were not coronavirus positive of the million or so Chinese visitors who arrived in the United States during that critical time frame between November and January.

As is always the case at the beginning of an economic recovery, the end of a war, or the relief that follows from the departure of a plague, the public rejoices and then spends and splurges. Reason will eventually replace panic as Americans conclude that COVID-19, while more lethal to vulnerable age groups and those with chronic illnesses, may not be quite as pandemic in the manner of historic influenzas such as those in 1918 (500,000 plus US deaths) or even 1957 (70,000 deaths).

That ensuing economic uptick will be multiplied by crashed oil prices that are likely to help U.S. consumers while not permanently hurting U.S. frackers, much less the U.S. economy, which is both the world’s largest consumer and producer of oil and natural gas. More likely, it will do more damage to the oil-producing Middle East and Russia. American consumers will receive a huge stimulus of reduced prices at the gas pump, just as summer driving approaches.

Near-zero interest rates may be bad for the long-term economy. They punish thriftiness and (especially elderly) Americans who will lose real dollars on their savings accounts while rewarding the indebted. But in the short term, the cheaper borrowing will spur home and car sales and major consumer purchases.

Who would wish to game the election-year politics of these chaotic times, especially the more macabre calculations of the electoral beneficiaries of the media-driven hysteria over the COVID-19? Nonetheless, Vegas handicappers might envision the speculation not to whether Trump will be hurt in the late spring polls by the global panic and growing number of U.S. COVID cases (he already is), but whether he will be hurt enough to matter when the economy inevitably picks up again by later spring and summer.

One key will be how well each day Trump talks sense to the nation, explains all the measures the government currently is taking, and reassures the panicked public that whatever downturn the United States might experience over fears of a viral epidemic will be eventually mitigated by the facts of the outbreak, despite the terrible on those of us over 65.

Most of the data suggest that about 99 of every 100 infected under 65 will recover, the great majority without complications from the infection, allowing us to focus on those most vulnerable and most in need of medical intervention. The government is currently hellbent on ensuring that the virus slows. Facilities will treat the sick. Vaccinations are on the way in 2021. And prior travel bans, border security, and crackdowns on China’s trade cheating were wise and can be expanded.

All That Can Be Done
So the public could look forward to a rebounding late summer economy to come fueled by cheap gas, low interest, relief that COVID-19 is manageable, key preparations of pharmaceutical industries to return to the United States and realize that an already robust America can recover quickly from the virus and its associated panic.

Again, the key is not to damn the panic over the virus, but to understand and accept it—while reassuring Americans that all that can be done is being done, and what downturns they now experience will soon be overshadowed by even more jobs and greater economic expansion and wealth creation to come.

We sometimes forget, in legitimate fears of the coronavirus, that every action prompts a reaction and the massive curtailments of the U.S. economy can have as many health consequences as the virus itself—if millions lose income and jobs, become depressed in self-isolation, increase smoking, and drug and alcohol use, and postpone out of fear necessary buying and visits to doctors and hospitals for chronic and serious medical conditions unrelated to the virus.

In addition, it is not wrong to remind the public that current but once caricatured policies of secure borders, targeted travel bans, demands for transparency and symmetry from major U.S. trading partners, recalibration with China, and a return of manufacturing and assembly of key U.S. industries, from high-technology to pharmaceuticals, was long overdue—and must continue to ensure U.S. security and the long-term health of its people.

Let us relearn that at times of crisis our country is singularly resilient and self-sufficient, and we have only ourselves to save ourselves, or as FDR said in 1932 at the height of the Great Depression, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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Scott County Republican (SCR) Convention — Precautions not Cancellation

  • Saturday  — Scott County Republican Convention, Northside Baptist Church, Davenport

    The world should not shut down because of flu and cold season

Perhaps the biggest news about the Scott County Republican County Convention is that it was held.  Despite the current hysteria over the Wuhan coronavirus, rational people, a hallmark of most Republicans, gathered to hold a necessary convention in spite of having the typical much larger venue, this time a local high school,  cancel with barely 24 hours notice.

Appropriate public health warnings for such gatherings were accommodated and abided by by the SCR.  That said, for point of reference, many a tavern this St Patrick’s day weekend was more densely packed. Free people making free and reasonable decisions.

Our compliments to the organization committee and the Northside Baptist Church leadership exercising civic virtue. We thought the replacement venue would be too small for the occasion and feared parking ruinous for the facility if much more than a quorum showed up.  The necessary quorum was 50 or so and yet 100 plus showed up, plus additional speakers and observers.  We consider the number substantial given the hysteria and that people no doubt decided the venue would be too cramped regardless of Wuhan.

But all praise to the organizers who pulled it together and the attendees all of whom made it work. Hopefully the sod was not too damaged by the parked cars.

The event concluded ahead of scheduled time due to admonitions to candidate-speakers who nevertheless did adequate jobs presenting their case in only three minutes or so.  Party business was shortchanged to the extent that a discussion on rules and platform organizational matters was needed.  Advocates such as this writer decided to forgo raising such structural issues due to the extenuating circumstances.

The platform, as has particularly been the case for several years, has been short on timely events, local issues, and for lack of specificity, obscure or confusing in areas especially due to a fetish for platitudes rather than fleshing out resolutions to a reasonable extent.   Timely items can always be dropped as conditions or events transpire.  For example, to have nothing to say about President Trump’s impeachment, acquittal, and ongoing harassment by Democrats, his many successes, and a number of other matters open to platform committee discretion we find frustrating.  Having only four people on the platform committee either burdens them or short-changes issues.

We will elaborate more on rule and platform development reforms in a future post.  Some have been referenced in these pages in bi-yearly reports on party conventions.

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Champaign Executive Order: This is what happens when you authorize such power

  • The powers that be create it, claim it, use it
  • Any ignorant pretext might do
  • The sheeples go along

TN points out this fiat against democracy AND liberty in Champaign Illinois. The liberty concept is often assaulted by democracy. This is a twofer.

Banning the Sale of Firearms and Ammunition Because of Wuhan Virus? An Illinois Mayor Just Signed an Executive Order to Do It

Read the extent of the Executive Order, the outrage should not be limited to Second Amendment rights.   If it were a timely city council action one would assume that would be clear, however just as outrageous. It would not be characterized as an “executive order”.  The issue is about the power to implement this, regardless of press releases from the city that aspects have not been implemented.

The executive order is some-how pre-authorized by ordinance (referenced in this earlier power grab regarding St Patrick’s day celebrations). This is the next thing to martial law invoked by a cold virus. This overreach ought to be against the federal constitution. The very existence of this extensive power ought to be challenged on so many grounds. It is no longer theoretical or mute.

Now Champaign is a college town, which are typically liberal bastions.  This is what liberalism portends — control of everything. What produced this in Champaign can readily be imagined happening in Madison, in South Bend, in Iowa City . . .  anywhere Democrats are in control, officially or in spirit, sometimes disguised as Republicans.

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For Democrats and Wuhan Coronovirus, partisanship is what it is all about

  • Would probably oppose sneeze rails on a taco bar as xenophobic and racist
  • Articles of note and a few of our comments in this time of Democrat* induced hysteria

Hillary Clinton mistakenly says SARS epidemic, not swine flu, happened when she was secretary of state

No she pretty much showed her own confusion as the interviewer was clear what he asked her about

SARS killed hundreds and then disappeared. Could this coronavirus die out?

Our guess — probably in an “average” time period

So how timely and effective was the Obama Administration when it came to dealing with corona type viruses on his watch? These are contemporaneous NYT reports —  April and October 2009.

April 2009

Obama Says Swine Flu ‘Not a Cause for Alarm’

October 2009

Here is a linked index to dozens of NYT articles about various contagion outbreaks.  Reading those on Obama’s watch — how is it that Trump can be faulted when he has initiated more aggressive responses?   Oh yes.  Orange Man Bad.

Index to NYT articles 

CNN article below  — note the interesting revelations, comparisons and implications, including that:

The common cold is a corona virus and we note there is no cure or vaccine.

We posit that the common cold, ever adapting with multiple strains, no vaccine in sight, is extremely dangerous to medically vulnerable people who really populate the death rate in all these corona-type contagions) — like the flu as it can result in various respiratory complications.  Its transmission is aggressive because of reduced concern. Where is the panic?  Do people not lose work because of a cold? Where is the perspective?

Here’s how long coronaviruses may linger on contaminated surfaces, according to science 

And set forth below, the insufferable Hillary for your viewing pleasure.  We do note that she does call for calm,. She of course means regarding the attacks on her and Obama. 

 GOP lawmaker jokes:

‘More people have died from knowing Hillary’ than coronavirus: 

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A fine judicial temperament, no doubt bi-partisanship heralded his confirmation

To me, this seems very alarming…a ‘civil war’ in the U S judicial system!!! I wonder if Chief Roberts still thinks there are “no Obama judges, or Clinton judges, or Bush and Trump judges.”

I thought that no federal judge would dare be openly critical of the High Court…that there would be pretty severe repercussions. Apparently there are no restrictions or even simple professional courtesy in effect today.

These federal judges are definitely out of control…as should have been realized as they’ve taken presidential authority unto themselves…immigration law, foreign affairs, etc, etc

Bunch of arrogant asses!*

Disorder in the courts: Federal judge blasts Chief Justice John Roberts
By Ronn Blitzer | Fox News

A federal judge leveled harsh accusations against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the conservative majority, claiming that they are “actively participating in undermining American democracy.”

Judge Lynn Adelman of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin blasted the Roberts-led court in an article titled “The Roberts Court’s Assault on Democracy,” set to be published in the Harvard Law & Policy Review.

“[T]he Roberts Court has been anything but passive,” wrote Adelman, who was appointed to the bench by President Bill Clinton. “Rather, the Court’s hard-right majority is actively participating in undermining American democracy. Indeed, the Roberts Court has contributed to ensuring that the political system in the United States pays little attention to ordinary Americans and responds only to the wishes of a relatively small number of powerful corporations and individuals.”

Adelman pointed to two particular types of cases. First were those dealing with what he called “direct assaults on democracy such as cases that affect voting rights.” He said some cases have hurt minorities by weakening the Voting Rights Act. In a recent case, the court refused to intervene in partisan gerrymandering.

The second type of case Adelman described was where he said the court “increased the economic and political power of corporations and wealthy individuals and reduced that of ordinary Americans and entities which represent them.” These included Citizens United, which said that corporations enjoy free speech protections that allow them to spend large sums in connection with elections. Adelman said that this decision “weaponized the First Amendment.”

Adelman was even unhappy with Roberts’ own opinion and key vote that upheld ObamaCare because it knocked down its expansion of Medicaid. He said this “thwarted Congress’ efforts to address one of the most serious problems that the poor face, the lack of health insurance[.]”

The judge did not reserve his ire for the Supreme Court alone. He took shots at Senate Republicans for their handling of President Barack Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, which GOP senators ignored in order to allow Obama’s successor to appoint someone else – this resulted in President Trump successfully nominating Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Adelman went so far as to compare the Republican senators to pro-slavery Southerners.

“The zealous partisanship the Republicans displayed in connection with the Garland nomination, as well as judicial appointments generally reminds one of nothing so much as the ‘fire-eaters,’ those fervent defenders of slavery who pushed the South into the Civil War,” he wrote.

Ultimately, though, Adelman’s focus was on Roberts, insisting that he has exhibited a harmful bias and that his description of a Supreme Court justice was of an umpire who “calls the balls and strikes” was “a masterpiece of disingenuousness.”

He concluded with a dire warning that the current state of the judiciary has contributed to “a new and arguably dangerous phase in American history” that requires fixing and necessitates “every bit of democratic resourcefulness that we can muster to undo the damage that the Court has already caused.”

*More about Judge Adelman here.

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