Two too Important items not to know about

The first, if let stand by SCOTUS, could put an end to Planned Parenthood’s money train. A court opinion so true, so plain, so lucid. The second is what should result in criminal indictments of high elements of the Obama Administration, including Obama.

Both from Gary Bauer at American Values.

Victory For Life

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, suffered a big legal defeat yesterday in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 2016, Ohio passed legislation that cut off taxpayer funding to organizations that promote or perform abortions. Predictably, Planned Parenthood sued the state, arguing it had a constitutional right to perform abortions with taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood prevailed in lower federal courts.

But yesterday 11 of court’s 17 judges came down squarely on the side of life, on the side of common sense and on the side of taxpayers in upholding the Ohio law. The majority opinion declared that while women may have a right to obtain abortions, Planned Parenthood does not have a constitutional right to perform them with taxpayer dollars.

Here are some excerpts from the majority opinion:

“Private organizations do not have a constitutional right to obtain governmental funding to support their activities. The State also may choose not to subsidize constitutionally protected activities.

“Just as it has no obligation to provide a platform for an individual’s free speech . . . it has no obligation to pay for a woman’s abortion. Case after case establishes that a government may refuse to subsidize abortion services. . .

“[Planned Parenthood does] not have a Fourteenth Amendment right to perform abortions. The Supreme Court has never identified a freestanding right to perform abortions.”

In related news, the Senate’s confirmation yesterday of President Trump’s 35th circuit court nominee transformed the Third Circuit Court of Appeals from a liberal majority to a conservative majority.

In addition, Senate Republicans are preparing to change the rules to end the unprecedented obstruction of President Trump’s nominees, accelerating the process of restoring balance to the courts.

Obama’s Obstruction Of Justice

House liberals have made no secret of their desire to impeach the president for obstruction of justice. But newly released transcripts of testimony from former FBI officials suggest lawmakers may be looking to impeach the wrong president.

During an exchange with Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX), former FBI lawyer Lisa Page makes it crystal clear that the Obama Justice Department effectively handcuffed and shutdown the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

Page said the FBI and the Justice Department had “multiple conversations . . . about charging [Clinton with] gross negligence,” but that Justice officials ordered the FBI not to recommend such charges.

Page also told lawmakers that the FBI was not truly in charge of the investigation, saying:

“Everybody talks about this as if this was the FBI investigation, and the truth of the matter is there . . . was not a single investigative step that we did not do in consultation with or at the direction of the Justice Department.”

Lisa Page also makes it clear that many FBI decisions were driven by political considerations, made under the assumption that Hillary Clinton would win the election, thus becoming president, and that Donald Trump would lose.

We have also learned in recent days that the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, found Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information “alarming” and “appalling,” and that Baker wanted to prosecute Clinton. But the Justice Department was obviously meddling in the investigation and would not allow it.

These revelations cast serious doubt on the claims of Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who insisted that she was a neutral party in the investigation and would accept whatever the FBI recommended.

We now know that four days after her declaration of neutrality, James Comey cleared Hillary Clinton because Lynch, who ran the Justice Department, had essentially ordered him to do so.

It was clear from the beginning that Hillary Clinton deliberately evaded security protocols and procedures. She did exactly what she ordered State Department staff not to do. An ambassador was fired in part because he violated that policy.

There’s the “intent” to mishandle classified information that James Comey said he could not find.

Now it is also clear that the Obama Justice Department obstructed justice in the Clinton investigation while it set out to pervert justice in the Trump/Russia investigation.

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  • Line 1 of the matriculation paperwork — how much do you intend to donate

With the elite of our society “buying” a college degree for their ‘less gifted’ children  from prestigious colleges and universities, all of the consequences that have afflicted well-intended “Affirmative Action ” programs seem now to be affecting, or infecting, many of our most honored institutions and, even more tragically, penalizing the “best and brightest” among us.

In recent months, everyday Americans have been astonished to see and hear the abject ignorance of some of our most prominent and widely publicized members of Congress.

The news of the College Admissions Cheating scandal, in which some of the very rich and  “famous” among us have been caught bribing  administrators of some of the country’s most  prestigious universities to get their often less qualified offspring admitted, is raising new questions.

Not the least among them, and  one on which many Americans have now intuitively arrived at an answer, is… “how is it that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the wildly celebrated newly elected Congressperson from New York, is so grotesquely ignorant of the very discipline in which she claims a degree in from one the nation’s elite universities?”

As many have concluded upon hearing of the college cheating scandal, ‘she must have been a beneficiary of just that kind of chicanery…somebody, in effect, ‘bought’ the young phenom a degree in economics from Boston University.

Now that may not be the case. ‘AOC’ may have earned her ignorance the ‘old-fashioned way’, by lacking good judgement, being supremely, and mistakenly, confident that whatever modest skills she might have are superior to anyone else’s, and absorbing four years of misleading information from corrupt and/or leftist instructors.

In either case, Boston University should be re-examining its approach to their delivery of education. Out of self-preservation, so should their alumni demand it!

But, the larger point is that the bribing of officials by rich elites to get their less gifted children into “top” schools and be ‘given’ a degree which will be an unquestionably accepted gateway to a lucrative future, is damaging to society at large and, immorally shortchanges very deserving children of the less-connected, non-wealthy, and honest.

This very closely resembles the glaring failure of a well-intended, but misguided program implemented during the last century to eliminate racial and class injustice  in education and employment…Affirmative Action.

Among the unintended consequences of “AA’ was the eventual loosening of qualification standards…qualifications for entry into good schools and into the most desirable occupations and professions.

But, perhaps the greatest unfairness resulting from Affirmative Action programs, as they became more and more distorted and corrupted was that virtually every minority entering an elite school or a coveted profession became viewed with a bit or a lot of suspicion…’was he or she really qualified’, or did they gain entry through special ‘considerations’ unrelated to ability and/or proven skills? While many were ‘really’ qualified, enough were not, which resulted in all being viewed negatively to some extent or another…a genuine tragedy for the best, brightest, and deserving  among them.

When considering the bizarre case of Ocasio-Cortez, such questions come front and center.

How many of the people who are in crucial positions of authority and responsibility which impact our nation’s future are in their positions because someone “bought” the “credentials’ which got them there? And, how many of those with the true potential to assure America’s greatness in the future are not in those positions because their parents couldn’t or didn’t ‘buy somebody off’?


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“Twiggy” really is a ‘Nut Job’!

  • Time spent with Bill Maher certainly makes people crazy
  • And malnourishment eventually gets around to sacrificing the brain

“Coulter publicly dismissed Trump’s plan (to declare a national emergency in an attempt to get money for the ‘border wall’) as overreach, and said in a radio interview that the president was “fooling the rubes with a national emergency.”

“Forget the fact that he’s digging his own grave,” Coulter said at the time. “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

“Conservative commentator Ann Coulter had criticism of a historic nature for President Trump on Friday after he announced a deal to reopen the government for three weeks without funding for the border wall.

“Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States,” Coulter tweeted.”

The original Twiggy at least didn’t sacrifice protein to hair

So-called “conservative” Anne Coulter is a “lightweight” in every sense of the word.
‘Weighing in’ at probably about 30 lbs, with a ‘figure’ like a cardboard cutout’, Coulter is Jenny Craig’s worst nightmare. Nobody asks Jenny if her weight loss program will produce a figure like Coulter’s.

Apparently Anne realizes that her “sell by” date has expired so she’s obviously after a gig on CNN. Coulter has ‘jumped the shark’ in recent days attacking Trump in her shrillest, nastiest Coulteresque style because he hasn’t achieved his promised goal of a border wall on her timetable.

The “partial government shutdown” was stupid…the ‘national emergency declaration’ was “overreach”. Trump is “an idiot”!

“Twiggy” was apparently too busy noticing that sanctimonious  Rand Paul, the dishonest Paul Ryan and the usual gang of establishment Republicans have not only refused to help the president in his ‘wall’ venture, but have actually done about everything possible to block him.

Actually, I am not perturbed by Coulter jumping to the side of Pelosi/Schumer, et al. Even when she was hurling her special brand of invective against liberals, I found her rancid style embarrassing.

I understand she’ll be soon releasing a new series of books:

“Anne’s Lies About the American Right”
“How to Get a Great Gig From a Liberal Media”
“How I Became a Shill For the DC Establishment (I Always Was, Dumbass ‘Rubes’)”

 Can’t wait for her book tour.       DLH

• (To see Anne at her ‘signature worst’ , watch the video from her performance in 2016 at  the “Rob Lowe Roast”; her critics were delighted at the ‘worst performance at a roast’ by Coulter. Conservatives were equally critical. Even then, when she was a Trump supporter, she managed to embarrass Republicans and conservatives. Watch: )

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Absurdity is baked into the liberal mindset

How  does one even respond to this stuff?

Obviously Debra Messing thought this was very clever and “edgy”…imagine: “cupcakes decorated as vulvas in varying colors, shapes, and sizes……”. Many of her Hollywood “friends” undoubtedly applauded her.

Until the “trans” community proclaimed their ‘offended-ness’!

Beg your pardon? They were “offended because they “don’t have a vagina”?? All those “beautiful, unique, and powerful WOMEN”?!

Anyone have a comment?   DLH

Debra Messing apologizes after vagina cupcakes offend trans community

By Jessica Chasmar – The Washington Times – Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Actress and liberal activist Debra Messing apologized this week after her Instagram photo of cupcakes decorated as vulvas offended members of the trans community.
The “Will & Grace” star celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday by posting a photo showing a dozen cupcakes decorated as vulvas in varying colors, shapes and sizes.
“Powerful, beautiful, and sweet,” Ms. Messing wrote.
The actress later amended the post after members of the trans community apparently complained.
“I want to apologize to my trans sisters,” Ms. Messing wrote. “This photo was supposed to be light, & sassy. The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was ‘wow how wonderful. Each one is unique in color and shape and size.’
“The porn industry has perpetuated this myth of what a ‘beautiful’ vagina looks like and as a result there are women who feel shame or insecure about the shape of the vulva,” she continued. “I loved that this picture said ‘every single one is beautiful and unique and that’s powerful.’ I did not, however, think ‘but there are innumerable beautiful, unique and powerful women who don’t have a vagina.’ And I SHOULD have. And for that I am so so sorry.
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George Carlin on arrogant man ‘saving’ Gaia

  • It is about liberals aesthetics and leftist control — it is not about saving mankind

There we were reading an always informative article at The Daily Signal, this one titled

Here Are 5 Hysterical Environmentalist Claims in Modern History 

It chronicles some of the hysteria emanating over the years from the new Nazi’s a.k.a. Environmental Movement. A commenter to that site linked to this Carlin routine that has a lot of insight about mans arrogance as regards “the planet.”  Now we realize comedian/social critic Carlin was not justifying real pollution just the ridiculousness of the gaia worshipers. Now Carlin produced some seriously bogus routines over the years, but combine it with the wit of P.J. O’Rourke (predating Carlin’s routine) in his priceless book Eat the Rich and you have a one-two punch against what is really a movement for one-world government central planning by (and for) elitists, toward a disaster for mankind.

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Short Takes – a reader generated feature

This can be sort of a semi-open moderated/edited reader submission feature to appear  once a week or every few days (so as to be somewhat timely).

Rather than e-mail send a comment on or off topic to any current feature with the lead “short take .” That is key along with your quip, comment or perhaps link or other referral.  Please appreciate that our use of discretion is not a condemnation.  Every few days we will take the appropriate accumulation and post it as a feature under that week’s or day’s “Short Takes” rather than run them as a less seen comment.

We will post it using your initials, anonymous, or your name as you indicate in the item sent. One to five or so lines would be in keeping with the Short Take format. Comments of any length are still welcome as are submissions for featured inclusion.

Here are a couple from DLH to demonstrate:

Reader’s Short Takes

President Trump Hits Back Hard At TV Pundit Ann Coulter: “Wacky Nut Job” . . .

After hearing her on Breitbart over the weekend, I agree. She is a “Nut Job”!


“Empire” actor Jussie Smollett has been indicted by a grand jury in Chicago on 16 felony counts after allegedly lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic hate crime, NBC News confirmed Friday.”

Guess this means one less Democrat president candidate.

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After all, Fran’s a busy guy

So, What Do you Think About This, Your Holiness?

-“California legislators want to force Catholic priests to break the sacramental seal of confession and reveal what penitents disclose in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect.”

– Lots of issues occupy the Pontiff…can’t deal with all of them

Pope Francis has been quite vocal throughout his Papacy. He has expressed his “deep concern” about the evils of capitalism, the dangers of “climate change”, global “income inequality’. He has suggested that many of the ills afflicting Latin American countries are the fault of US actions in the past. He has condemned President Trump’s demands for border security and the need for physical barriers to prevent the mass invasion of America by illegal immigrants.

On other matters which one might expect the Pontiff to speak out on, he has been ambivalent, or even apparently reluctant to address.

Beyond noting that the Church opposes abortion, he has ‘cautioned’ against Catholics “obsessing” about the issue. His position on gay marriage is sometimes vague.
The Pope seems to be distracted from issues of the Church’s widely exposed sexual exploitation of minors by clergy, religious discrimination and persecution in various countries around the world…and strangely silent about recent events in Venezuela. While being unsubtly critical of various policies of President Trump, he has had little to say about expressions and policy proposals inimical to religious freedom advanced by Democrats in the US.

The actions of oppressive dictators and despots in various countries such as Maduro in his Latin American homeland seem to fail to get the attention of the leader of 2 billion Catholics around the world.

Perhaps at 81, the Pontiff is just tired. Maybe well-deserved retirement should be considered. (After all, the papal precedent has been set and he is not a US Supreme Court Justice.)  DLH

Violating the Confessional Will Make Bad Catholics and Bad Americans

California legislators want to force Catholic priests to break the sacramental seal of confession and reveal what penitents disclose in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect. Senate Bill 360 by Jerry Hill of San Francisco would achieve this by designating priests—and all clergy, in fact, regardless of religious affiliation—as “mandatory reporters” of such crimes.

The brazenness of this proposed law is breathtaking. We all know that California lawmakers are basically allergic to reality, but it’s distressing to contemplate that, at best, they have never heard of the First Amendment’s free exercise clause, or, at worst, they hate and want to gut it.

Yet it is not at all surprising this would happen in a cultural moment when:

• CNN anchor John King felt comfortable musing that maybe Second Lady Karen Pence shouldn’t get Secret Service protection because she’s an evangelical Christian
• Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) attacked now-Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s impartiality because she’s an orthodox Catholic (remember “the dogma lives loudly within you”?)
• The Obama administration tried to force nuns to pay for contraceptives in violation of their Catholic faith
• Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) implied that a judicial nominee who is part of a Catholic charitable organization, the Knights of Columbus, couldn’t be an impartial judge
• The Colorado Civil Rights Commission openly expressed its bigotry against Christian cakemaker Jack Phillips (but was slapped down by the Supreme Court last term)
• The mainstream media perpetrated a coordinated smear campaign against 16-year-old Nick Sandmann of Covington Catholic High School and his friends

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Caution:Parody Ahead!

Pelosi says Omar isn’t anti-Semitic: ‘I think she has a different experience in the use of words’ ( you know like what the meaning of ‘is’ is

By Ann W. Schmidt | Fox News

Rep Ilhan Omar’s tweet that US politicians’ support for Israel is ‘all about the Benjamins’ sparked a furious backlash on Twitter, with cries of anti-Semitism from some, while others detailed the Israeli lobby’s influence.

The controversy kicked off when Omar shared, and responded to, a tweet by journalist Glenn Greenwald about Republican Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatening punishment against her and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for their support for the Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement.)

“I don’t think our colleague is anti-Semitic, I think she has a different experience in the use of words, doesn’t understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she didn’t realize,” Pelosi said.

Why, of course, She didn’t even know what a “Benjamin” was…much less what he was all about!

Ilhan Omar’s comment about “Benjamins” was not intended to be hurtful. As Nancy suggests, this young lady is from Somalia and she doesn’t understand all of our customs, and idioms, and satirical flourishes.

Her remarks were only her way of injecting some lighthearted commentary into the sometimes harsh, and often dull speeches, the Congress is known for.
Congressperson Omar’s “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby” is a sentimental musical favorite from her days in the Kenya refugee camp from which she came to America at age 12.

Seems Ilhan and the other devout Muslim youngsters there would sit around the campfire in the evening and sing favorite selections from their most admired American singing idol, rapper Puff Daddy.

One of their most cherished hits by ‘the Daddy’ was…”It’s All about The Benjamins, Baby” (What are the Odds?!!). LISTEN TO THE NOTED SOMALI CAMPFIRE CLASSIC

Ilhan, according to her press office, and her young friends all thought the song was intended to honor ‘Benjamin’ Netanyahu of Israel.

It was only when reaction flared to her comments that Ms. Omar learned from friends in Congress and the Democratic Party that the song is not intended as an honorific to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, nor are the ‘Benjamins’ what it’s all about ‘; “it’s actually, the “Hokey Pokey” that it’s all about!”

Thus, no longer will Omar go around singing such beloved lyrics as:

“We see through, that’s why nobody never gon’ believe you
You should do what we do, stack chips like *Hebrews*

or..: Bzzzzt, throw a hex on a whole family (yeah… Yeah yeah)

Dressed in all black like the Oman (say what?), and the ever popular:

“It’s all about the Benjamins baby
Wanna be ballers, shot-callers
It’s all about the Benjamins baby
Brawlers — who be dippin in the Benz wit the spoilers
It’s all about the Benjamins baby
On the low from the Jake in the Taurus

“Uhh, uhh, what the blood clot?
Wanna bumble wit the Bee hahh?
Bzzzzt, throw a hex on a whole family (yeah… Yeah yeah)
Dressed in all black like the Oman (say what?)
Have your friends singin ‘This is for my homey’ (that’s right)
And you know me, from makin niggaz so sick
Floss in my 6 with the Lex on the wrist”


“Now put your right foot in
Your right foot out
Right foot in
Then you shake it all about
And then you do the hokey pokey
Turn yourself around
That’s what it’s all about, hey”!!!!!!!!


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Sure, why not? Let the whole world elect our gov’t . . .

. . .  as long as it’s Democrat!


Vote intended to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.

At the current rate the US is “importing illegal immigrants, 1 to 2 million/ year, non-citizens of this country will, in a generation or so control state and local governments! As the Democrats Party is already experiencing, it , too, will be under their control.        DLH

Via Washington Times:

House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and hero of the civil rights movement, told colleagues…”

House Democrats voted Friday to defend localities that allow illegal immigrants to vote in their elections, turning back a GOP attempt to discourage the practice.

The vote marks a stunning reversal from just six months ago, when the chamber — then under GOP control — voted to decry illegal immigrant voting.

“We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in,” Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and hero of the civil rights movement, told colleagues as he led opposition to the GOP measure.

The 228-197 vote came as part of a broader debate on Democrats’ major legislative priority this year, HR 1, the “For the People Act,” which includes historic expansions of voter registration and access, as well as a major rewrite of campaign finance laws.

The measure would have had no practical effect even if it had passed. Illegal immigrants — and indeed noncitizens as a whole — are not legally able to participate in federal elections.

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“All the ‘News’ That’s Fit to Make Up”, Part 2


– Young Trump Arrested for Ignoring Congressional Subpoena

– More than 100 FBI Agents Raid Trump Family’s New Jersey
“Getaway” Residence

– Schiff: “No one is above the Law”

– Senator Harris: “Both ironic and appropriate”

One hundred and five heavily armed, hardworking, dedicated, non-political FBI agents swooped down on the President Trump family’s spacious luxury retreat at Bedminster Golf Club Friday morning and arrested the president’s son, Barron Trump, age 13.

From our files: “What Democrats are capable of”

Little has been said about the reason for young Trump’s arrest, but in a press conference shortly after the raid, FBI Director Christopher Wray told reporters that Barron’s arrest was the result of his failure to answer a subpoena from the House Congressional Select Oversight Committee, headed by Adam Schiff (D,CA).

According to Schiff and Jerome Nadler, young Trump, is thought to have close ties with Russians who may have been implicated in alleged attempts to swing the 2016 election to his father, Donald Trump.

“We are very concerned”, said Nadler, who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee investigating possible collusion between Russia’s Putin government and the Trump campaign.

“We know that Mr. (Barron) Trump was close friends with the son of a Russian diplomat and intelligence operative when both attended pre-school less than 8 years ago”, Nadler disclosed.

Although Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of collusion, several Democrat House Committees are continuing to investigate the allegation.

It was revealed just this week that the House Judiciary committee had been preparing to issue a request to young Trump to appear before it to answer questions concerning that relationship with, and the Russian youth’s ties to, the alleged attempt to tamper with the election. It was also revealed that Barron had continued to have a close friendship with the Russian youth since their days in pre-school.

The raid on Friday included forced entry into the First Lady’s quarters at about 3:15 AM. The Trumps maintain a a getaway residence at the New Jersey golf resort (Trump National  Golf Club (Bedminster, New Jersey).

According to CNN, which first reported on the raid, more than 100 FBI agents, two federal helicopter gunships and a military Bradley Fighting vehicle were involved.

Director Wray, when asked why the overwhelming force was necessary indicated the Bureau “…was not sure what they might be walking into…”. One agent who was involved spoke off the record, saying that they had information that on his 12th birthday, Barron Trump had received an Eddie Eagles instruction course and a lifetime membership in the NRA from his father.

Congressperson, Maxine Waters, who accompanied CNN in the helicopter that filmed the scene of the raid was more blunt in describing the FBI’s fears,“… the agents didn’t know if the little thug was armed or not…”, she said.

It has not been learned how CNN became aware of the raid in time to get a helicopter aloft to cover it but sources say that Waters has close friends at high levels in the Bureau and at CNN.

According to unnamed sources within the FBI, young Trump is being held in an undisclosed “detention” facility in the D.C. area. According to a spokesperson from the office of Senator Kamala Harris, who it is reported is following the case closely, Barron Trump is being held in a facility similar to the ‘cages’ in which ICE holds children of undocumented refugees.

“It is both ironic and appropriate that the president experiences first hand the terror and humiliation which he imposes on others”, Harris is quoted as saying.

Mrs. Trump was allowed to see Barron briefly, within an hour after his arrest. The Washington Post reports that Mrs. Trump was immediately rushed by private helicopter to the detention facility, still wearing, according to Post fashion critic, Robin Givhan, the $1,360 Carine Gibson kimono that she was wearing when agents broke down the door of the bedrooms where she and Barron were asleep.

According to the AP, the First Lady was attempting to arrange for her son’s release as soon as possible.

Sources tell the AP that bail for young Trump is being set at $1 million , but it is expected he will spend at least another night in detention before release.

A question that was raised is where the First Lady’s Secret Service detail was during the raid. That, and other questions have been referred to the White House but, as yet, no statement has been issued.



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