If only the Republican establishment understood it . . .

  • Trumpism is Americanism in a good way

Excellent article by Thomas D. Klingenstein , published by the Claremont Institute, forwarded by Doug Kelly who comprises sort of our quasi Libertarian bureau.

The problem is slightly less than half the country understands it at a gut level. A few more percentage points can be eked out (all we needed a few days ago) if the Republican establishment understood it.  Democrats have pretty much turned hard-core socialist and anti-American . . . resentful, power mad, covetous, irrational (often hate filled), tribal, many anti-Christian, antisemitic. We do no justice to the sacrifices of our founding fathers to let the opposition win, to give up to  ~~ retire completely.

Our House Divided: Multiculturalism vs. America

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Sessions no longer in session

Have you heard?  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been fired…er, “resigned”!

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! Rumor has it that Sessions and President Trump didn’t get along very well. Hmm, imagine that.

OK. seriously now.This was no news to anyone in these United States and abroad. And, most folks, outside of avid fans of NPR pretty much know why this came to pass.

Jeff Sessions is a pretty good guy. He accomplished some significant things during his tenure as Attorney General. He was very supportive of many of President Trump’s law and order and justice goals, especially in addressing illegal immigration issues as effectively as possible given opposition by the media, the Democrat party, many ruthless, dishonest and self-serving people in his own department, and various Never-Trump Republicans.

One little known accomplishment of Gen. Sessions I liked, was the halt to the Obama administration’s despicable practice of extorting money from banks and other large institutions for infractions only a bureaucratic dictatorship would claim and to distribute the proceeds from resulting fines and legal settlements to the leftwing causes so vital to Democratic party interests.

Sessions deserves well-earned credit for other better known actions by his DOJ. Perhaps, bottom line, Jeff Sessions was at least, a refreshing breath of fresh air after the wholly dishonest, and damaging reign of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

All that said, we firmly believe it is best that he leave the Justice Department at this time.

And we believe there are many who agree and understand why.

And we also believe it is not because the former, long-time Republican senator from Alabama and early supporter of Trump’s presidential candidacy recused himself from the “Russia Collusion” investigation. We do though, believe that he naively and unknowingly accepted the recommendation of Obama “holdovers” and bitterly partisan opponents of the Trump administration that were then rife within the DOJ.

Whether or not Sessions’ recusal was correct and, in good faith, or not is essentially beside the point.

We believe Sessions’ errors followed on that decision but were not his most grievous misstep:

1) His early trust in the mendacious Rod Rosentein was a grave mistake

2) Late in realizing how corrupt the leadership of the FBI was, he failed to take the necessary action to address it

3) Whether or not he knew how treacherous the actions by his predecessors, the entire national security agencies, the White House and State Department, and the Clinton Secretary of State’s office and presidential campaign were, is less relevant than the fact that as Attorney General, he took no effective action to thwart the dangerous activity we have seen play out over the past two years plus.

4) Seems to us, as various aspects of the treachery which had been practiced for almost the entire previous 8 years were revealed and other facts of it were being withheld, the appointment of another special Counsel was vitally necessary. At a minimum Sessions failed to direct the Deputy AG (Rosenstein) to stop stonewalling and defying the Constitutionally authorized congressional oversight committees to properly fulfill their responsibilities.

5) As an obvious lame reaction to his failure to do so and the pressure building for him to take that action, Sessions instead named the obscure federal prosecutor, John Huber, as his guy to assist the much touted, publicly ineffective, curiously ‘motivated’ Office of the Inspector General to “investigate”.

As the Mueller investigation has proceeded, eroding public confidence in government competence and honesty, as reputations were being unjustly ruined, as the scope of corruption in our nation’s greatest institutions was becoming obvious, the Sessions Department of Justice sat by and watched, alarmingly timid and seemingly confused and adrift. Mr. Sessions’ “appointed quasi-Special Counsel ” had delivered no action, not even a report on “progress”, or lack of, and the Inspector General’s promised report on the FBI’s H. Clinton investigation has yet to be delivered. All of it has now almost completed disappeared from public consciousness.

Thus, with some regret that another good man, Jeff Sessions, has fallen victim to an incredibly corroded bureaucracy, we believe he had to go at this time.      DLH

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Whatsa matter with Kansas? …its GOP establishment

I’ve been a “Kansan” for only 6 years.. a conservative for much longer. Early on after moving to Kansas, it seemed clear to me that the Republican Party establishment in this state is as pompous, self-serving, a very definition of feckless…feeble, weak, worthless, as I recall believing the Scott County (IA) Republican Central Committee to be.

And, as ‘they’ say, the “chickens came home to roost” on Tuesday.

For at least the next 4 years, Kansans will enjoy the wise leadership of very liberal Democrat governor, Laura Kelly. Due in large part to the full support of at least 27 current and former Republican state lawmakers, including two former governors and the ‘revered’ former Kansas senator, Nancy Kassebaum.

These fine Republicans did not just give Governor-elect Kelly passive support. They signed a petition, took out newspaper ads. They made television campaign commercials.

Seems these folks didn’t much care much for their two-term former governor, Sam Brownback. Apparently too much Trump-like for their sensitive stomachs. The Republican gubernatorial candidate Kris Kobach’s traditional GOP views on illegal immigration, taxes, and social issues were just too much to take for former governor, Bill Graves for one. Kobach has even had the temerity to suggest that there might be some illegal voting goin’ on when no meaningful personal ID is required to cast a ballot (ID is required in Kansas, but I didn’t observe any ‘suppression’.).

Maybe some Kansans will recall the great job Gov. Graves did in his two terms, so good in fact that his administration was followed by that of Kathleen Sebelius…remember her?

We saw the results of the GOP’s electoral genius in my home 3rd district. All 4 Republican officeholders in Johnson County, including State Senator, Barbara Bollier, said last summer they were supporting the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

The incumbent 3rd district 3-term congressman, Republican Kevin Yoder, thus went on to lose his reelection bid by an embarrassingly significant margin, to a 27 year old pro-choice, pro-LGBTQ, far left Lesbian. No word if that bothered Senator Bollier or her colleagues.

I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of blatant self-destructive disloyalty. How any of these current GOP officeholders can expect to ever win elective office again is beyond me. I don’t think even the Democrats would want people like this!           DLH

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How do you think that “recount” (and there will be one) will turn out?

Over the next 24 to 48 hours, the Democrats in Georgia will be discovering thousands of “uncounted” votes. They’ll be “finding” them in poll workers’ car trunks, poll sites’ storage closets, or “recounts” of rejected absentee ballots, as happened in Minnesota where Al Franken eventually emerged the winner in the Senate contest despite incumbent Norm Coleman having won the election night balloting count.* DLH

CBS reporting:  (excerpt)

Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, vowed to remain in the race, refusing to concede to Brian Kemp, her Republican component, despite a large deficit in the vote count.

“Democracy only works when we work for it, when we fight for it, when we demand it, and apparently today when we stand in line for hours to meet it at the ballot box,” Abrams said in remarks to supporters at nearly 2 a.m. Wednesday. “I am here today to tell you there are votes remaining to be counted. Voices are waiting to be heard.”

*THE MINNESOTA SUPREME Court unanimously ruled in favor of Democrat Al Franken today, putting an end to a drawn-out U.S. Senate race.

The 5-to-0 decision means that Franken, a former Saturday Night Live star, will become the 60th U.S. senator to caucus with the Democrats.

The court upheld a decision by a three-judge panel in April that found that Franken defeated his opponent, Republican Norm Coleman, in the race by 312 votes after officials recounted previously rejected absentee ballots in the November election.

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Excuse our preoccupation . . .


…the IG “will issue a separate report relating to those issues when our investigative work is complete at a future date.”

Really??!! That was last summer…where is that report? And… what about those  “documents” Congress has sought, Rod Rosenstein has withheld, and President Trump has promised to release???

You s’pose Adam Schiff is gonna help with that?


Dear V’pac Readers,

Admittedly, over the past several months, we have seemed preoccupied with, a) the Hillary email scandal, b) the AG Sessions’ curious appointment of the mysterious John Huber, and c) the bizarre DOJ Inspector General report which was released last June.

If you need explanation on what the “Hillary email scandal” is about, you can stop reading now and go back to playing “Fortnite Battle Royale” or listening to NPR’s “All Things Considered”…either one you’ll be just as well-informed.

Regarding the Inspector General’s report , it revealed considerable misconduct on the part of key members of the FBI and Department of Justice under the Obama administration. Although the report included numerous examples of extreme opposition to the Trump candidacy and election, it oddly failed to conclude there was any “bias” impacting “the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe”.

In the face of fierce pressure regarding the obvious deficiencies in the IG’s email investigation and its conclusions, as well as the incongruence of the simultaneous Special Counsel Mueller investigation of a Trump-Russia “collusion”, Attorney General Sessions named a Utah federal prosecutor, John Huber, to work with the Inspector General in a probe of the previous administration’s “Russia investigation”. HUBER WAS WIDELY CLAIMED TO BE A “QUASI-SPECIAL COUNSEL”, who has prosecutorial powers that the IG did not have.

“The third — and most significant — matter still pending concerns the wide-ranging issues related to the Obama administration’s Russia investigation. The IG makes clear the review did not address improprieties involved in that investigation. Rather, the Russia investigation is a separate matter and the IG “will issue a separate report relating to those issues when our investigative work is complete at a future date.” 6/19/18, The Federalist, excerpts are presented below.

From The Federalist ( excerpt)

The IG Report On FBI’s Clinton Probe Reveals This Saga May Be Just Getting Started 

The press is spinning the inspector general report as evidence the case is closed, but plenty of important questions remain.

The IG Report On FBI’s Clinton Probe Reveals This Saga May Be Just Getting Started
Margot ClevelandJune 19, 2018

The media has focused almost exclusively on the conclusion of the Justice Department inspector general’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe, which found bias did not impact the probe, as well as the lack of any newly announced indictments or criminal referrals. The goal of course being to downplay the negative findings of the report.

At the same time, the press gave, at most, passing mention to the statement Attorney General Jeff Sessions simultaneously released. But his statement and the findings of the report make one thing clear: This isn’t over.

Here’s why. Throughout the 568-page report, the IG highlighted several areas meriting additional investigation. And Sessions said the report “reveals a number of significant errors by the senior leadership of the Department of Justice and the FBI during the previous administration,” and stressed “this is not the end of the process.”

United States Attorney John Huber continues his work in cooperation with the IG to review certain prosecutorial and investigative determinations made by the Justice Department in 2016 and 2017. Based on his review of the report and his own investigation, Huber will provide recommendations as to whether any matter not currently under investigation should be opened, whether any matters currently under investigation required further resources, or whether any matters merit the appointment of Special Counsel.”

Put simply: There is still much to be done and much to come. What is likely over is the possibility the Justice Department will re-investigate Clinton for mishandling of classified information, or prosecute her. That’s a good thing. Clinton is done. While she may never face justice in a court of law, perhaps losing the presidency is a more prescient and proper punishment.

Three areas remain, however, that the IG report tees up for further investigation and potential prosecution.

First, the agents engaged in the anti-Trump texting tête-à-têtes face potential discipline for violating the FBI’s Offense Code and Penalty Guidelines. But, significantly, in referring the matter to “the FBI for its handling and consideration,” the report found their conduct at least “demonstrated extremely poor judgment and a gross lack of professionalism.” So it could also trigger further ramifications.

For instance, beyond the professional ramifications, should Huber conclude the DOJ or FBI agents acted on their bias in their handling of Crossfire Hurricane, that could subject them to criminal liability for lying to investigators: During questioning the agents denied acting on an improper motive, with, for example, Strzok “emphasizing that he never took any investigative step designed to help or hurt Clinton or Trump” and “that the political opinions he expressed in the text messages ‘never transited into the official realm. In any way. Not in discussions, not in acts.’”

Second, the IG report suggests additional actions will be forthcoming to address to DOJ and FBI employees leaking of information to reporters. There are two likely possibilities here. First, the DOJ could charge the leakers with making false statements to investigators if the employees untruthfully claimed they had not provided the information to the journalists. We saw this scenario two weeks ago, when the DOJ announced the indictment of James Wolfe, the former Director of Security with the Senate Intelligence Committee, on charges of making false statements.

Alternatively, the FBI leakers who, as the report detailed, “improperly received benefits from reporters, including tickets to sporting events, golfing outings, drinks and meals, and admittance to nonpublic social events,” could face civil or criminal liability. The IG report hints at that fact, stating “we will separately report on those investigations as they are concluded, consistent with the Inspector General Act, other applicable federal statutes, and OIG policy.”

The third — and most significant — matter still pending concerns the wide-ranging issues related to the Obama administration’s Russia investigation. The IG makes clear the review did not address improprieties involved in that investigation. Rather, the Russia investigation is a separate matter and the IG “will issue a separate report relating to those issues when our investigative work is complete at a future date.”

While the IG report did not directly address the Russia probe, it foretells of a damning indictment of the DOJ and FBI for targeting the Trump campaign in the lead up to the 2016 presidential election. This conclusion becomes obvious when one contrasts the facts known about the Russia investigation with those the IG relied on in analyzing the handling of the Clinton probe.

The IG identified numerous statements in the Clinton probe made by the agents that demonstrated an anti-Trump and pro-Hillary bias and that also “[implied] a willingness to take official action to impact the presidential candidate’s electoral prospects.” But even with this clear evidence of bias, when addressing whether political motives drove the sub-standard investigation into Hillary Clinton, the report’s narrative figuratively shrugs: “Who knows?”

Andrew McCarthy highlighted this aspect of the the report in a column for National Review Online, explaining that while “the report acknowledges that contempt for Trump was pervasive among several of the top FBI and DOJ officials making decisions about the investigation,” the IG never really answers whether “deep-seated bias … affected the decision-making.” The IG does this by framing his focus as determining, not “whether any particular decision was correct; just whether, on some otherworldly scale of reasonableness, the decision was defensible.”

However, the report simultaneously creates the impression that political bias did not impact the investigation, stating, “We did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that improper considerations, including political bias, directly affected the specific investigative decisions.” (McCarthy also dissects this lawyerly obfuscation, writing: “Directly affected? What does that mean? Do the FBI and Obama Justice Department have to stamp the ‘I’m with Her’ logo on Combetta’s immunity agreement before we can say bias directly affected the decision? Could bias have indirectly affected the decision?”)

But contrast the IG’s willful blindness regarding the impact of the agents’ political bias on the investigation of Hillary Clinton, with the IG’s handing of the same evidence as it concerns the Russia investigation:

Yes, the report does not say that bias impacted Strzok’s handling of the Russia investigation, but when compared with the IG’s treatment of the question of bias in the report, this language signals a much different conclusion once the probe into the Crossfire Hurricane investigation closes.

Several other passages in the IG report likewise foreshadow a scathing review of the DOJ and FBI’s handling of the investigation into the Trump campaign.   . . .

More of the article here.

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A salute to the Democratic Judiciary

Also the latest from Minnesotastan


A big “Thank You” note should be penned by the Democrat female senators  to voters who sent them back to Washington Tuesday (by significant margins*) to do more damage to the rule of law. If they were to write such a thank you note, it might go something like this:

“Dearest Voters, 

Thanks so much for your support and for your own expression of gratitude to each of us. Although we were unable to block Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, we were able to wreak havoc on his reputation and to cast a shadow over any future decision of the Court in which he is in the majority.

We’ve also, as you know and obviously appreciate, given any future President Trump judicial nominees great pause to consider, before accepting, how much they value their families and their good name. 

And thanks also to those of you who helped us in our noble endeavor…Dr. Ford, Ms. Swetnick, Ms. Munroe-Leighton. (Special thanks to our dear friend and colleague, Michael Avenatti, Esq.) Your anonymous accusations may not have won this fight, but the lessons learned from your efforts will not go unrecognized and will guide us in our future strategies.

To those who will follow in  your brave footsteps, we say, build on those efforts. Continue to remain anonymous in your accusations as long as you can. Carefully construct those accusations.  When you are forced be identified, make sure you’ve chosen carefully the friends you will have to rely on to corroborate your stories.

Again, our thanks to all who helped us in the Kavanaugh fight and all of you who supported our efforts at the ballot box.

God bless the socialist movement,.

Sincerely, “Di-Fi” (Feinstein), Kirsten (Gillibrand), Amy ((Klobuchar), Mazie (Hirono)…and Kamala (“Don’t forget me in 2020”)

* Margin of victory: Feinstein, 54%; Gillibrand,67%; Klobuchar,60%; Hirono,71%


PS: The latest from Minnesotastan

Keith Ellison, 100 – “MeToo” movement, 0%

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Random thoughts on election results

This report is Iowa oriented [looking forward to comments from Don on Kansas / Missouri and/or elsewhere and Gene on Illinois and/ or elsewhere :-)]   More in coming days.

Could have been worse could have been better locally state and nationally.

Locally, Dems swept most county offices other than Treasurer.   They won two of the three Supervisor slots although Republicans will have three of the five member board as there are staggered terms and one Republican Maxwell won.

Nationally bad news for the country (however expected) – Nancy Pelosi is Speaker-Apparent (not sure that helps them going into 2020). But now the media will breathlessly hype/ cover for/ expand on every utterance from Democrats including as regards impeachment.  They crave the theater and Democrats are lusting for blood and begin today to do their worst as regards Trump and the good of the country.

Republicans did well in the Senate retaining control and winning the most highly watched races — Missouri, Texas, Indiana.

Good news in the state is that Kim Reynolds won but how an ick like Fred Hubbell got as far as he did is beyond me but it will explain “why” incumbents Dave Young and Rod Blum went down.  With incumbent Loebsack winning easily, Iowa has gone from three Republican out of four in the US House to one out four with Steve King hanging on (spending comparatively little). 

However, Scott County voted Democrat for US Congress and statewide offices

The Repubs have held both chambers of the state legislature.  That is very good.

Three Democrat state leg candidates were unopposed in Scott County.  That is a travesty and adversely affected the results county wide, up and down race. Paustian ,Mohr and Smith  were opposed but won in basically Repubican districts.

Judges won handily as expected and will continue to under the present system, which for us is more a problem as to how they get their positions rather than that they survive retention, although that has to be worked on to insure knowledgeable voting.

As to the US Congress, we realize such matters are often “local” but Paul Ryan was no help when he was not a drag.

More later  — R Mall

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So The Family Leader isn’t sure what to do about Iowa’s judges this election . . .

What can we say about this communication (set forth below as well) from                          Bob Vander Plaat’s and The Family Leader?  Keep in mind that they were the organization pushing so vociferously for “heartbeat” legislation in Iowa that “would save babies” and as a supposed vehicle to find its way through the federal courts resulting in the overturning of Roe V Wade. They were breathless in their repetition of the suggestion. As we explained in other communications, given the Federal Court of Appeals circuit Iowa is in, we felt that was pure fund-raising BS.

Vander Plaats bamboozled people with the “over-turn Roe v Wade” fund-raising appeal as if Planned Parenthood and their ilk would be so stupid as to not try first to stop the legislation dead in its tracks in Iowa, especially given prospects for Trump appointments to federal courts and the helpful pro-abortion signals from the Iowa Supreme Court.

It turns out the Iowa Supreme Court didn’t even wait for heartbeat legislation to give us Roe v Wade in Iowa . They did so before the ink was dry on the heartbeat bill based on an earlier challenge to Iowa’s passage of a 72 hour waiting period prior to an abortion that was attached to a 20 week abortion “ban”.  Yet Vander Plaats barely mentioned the prospects of Iowa court review of the heartbeat legislation pre-passage. That is not being honest with people when you are hyping something as a pathway to overturning Roe V Wade at the federal level. 

But NOW they contemplate Iowa judges (as part of a fundraising pitch) but can’t muster more than ~~ well use your discernment.

How about vote the bastards out for their indifference to the voting public and as an incentive to reform Iowa’s judicial nomination and selection processes.  And Bob, if they won’t respond to your survey, maybe voting against them will help make others more responsive.

TFL hyped heartbeat legislation without the integrity to not obscure the role of the Iowa Supreme Court in such matters. We warned here and elsewhere that the legislation would not save one baby, and certainly additionally risked an Iowa Supreme Court decision that would set babies back in Iowa in so many ways.

That Iowa Republican legislative leaders were not more sober in rejecting the hype and the proponents, for not remembering what this Vander Plaats organization has been like in the past in opposing practical legislation as too imperfect to support, then going on to advocate passage of “heartbeat” legislation on false or hyped pretenses with all manner of compromises.

Perhaps someone should stay after school and not presume to be at the head of the class when it comes to judicial selection reform.

We at V’pac have advocated for a long time that the Missouri Plan that Iowa uses has to be modified or eliminated.  It is a playground for processes inimical to a reliable conservative judiciary. Recent related reading from these pages:

Judge retention: our verdict — none have earned our vote

R Mall

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Democrat policies are the road to perdition

These are not your parents’ Democrats.  Democrats are not being led by anyone of late but a bunch of reprobates. But V’pac readers already know that.  These two articles provide a synopsis of what we believe Democrat leadership is substantively about. Actually more indictments could be added.

Harsh?  We don’t think these represent a stretch as regards who pulls the strings and the road they have in mind for America. Send this post to your Democrat acquaintances.  Ask them how the evidence does not point to this. Expect the worst in response from the unsalvageable who are exposed.

The Democratic Ten Commandments

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy: ‘No Longer Just Republicans Versus Democrats; It’s America Versus Socialism’

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Fred Hubbell would be good for Illinois

No, not as to any policy sense as he is just another Pritzger (albeit with less personality). But if trust fund Fred were to win there should be less flight from that high-tax state seeking relief in Iowa as Hubbell is committed to raising taxes and regulations and turning healthcare into a state bureaucracy.

The Hubbell campaign has spent a lot on a scare ad (radio and TV) showcasing a disabled person who says he lost medical care and had to move because of Kim Reynolds “medicare privatization” policies. Frankly we doubt his financial situation could not be alleviated under Reynolds policies and existing programs.  However we think it probably has had an impact, Democrat scaremongering and offers of “free” healthcare do.  The Reynolds’ campaign issued an ad we think has been an effective counter.  If you have not seen it you can below. Thanks to JB for the forward.

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