Sic Transit Gloria GOP

Here in Iowa we see more and more resemblance * 

George Bush, I and II, the entire Bush family, the nutty Liz Cheney, lately Ted Cruz, and now, Dick Cheney!

With the exception of ‘Loopy Liz’ , these are Republicans whom at one time, I supported wholeheartedly and had great confidence in and respect for.

It seems though, that now, each day we learn that their image as solid conservatives, respectful of our nation’s heritage, values, and founding principles, a love for their country above personal interests…all, was just that, an “image”, or rather, a political “mirage”.
I have wondered how Vice President Cheney could stand to hear his daughter, day after day, make remarkably ignorant statements, insulting the political party and the nation he served for many years.

Now I know. Dick Cheney was just another mediocre political hack who was a good actor. His daughter, as execrable as she is, is just a ’chip off the old block’.       dlh

From The Daily Mail:

Liz and Dick Cheney stand ALONE as the only two Republicans in the chamber during Nancy Pelosi’s moment of silence: Former VP tears into GOP leaders for their response to January 6th and kicking his daughter out

• Pelosi organized a moment of silence in the chamber as part of the Jan. 6th commemorations 
• GOP Rep. Liz Cheney and her father, former vice president Dick, were the only Republicans in attendance 
• The 80-year-old Cheney then tore into the leadership of his own party and said he doesn’t recognize it 
•  ‘It’s not leadership that resembles any of the folks I knew when I was here for ten years,’ he told reporters
• He tore into Republicans for how they handled the January 6 aftermath and not protecting the constitution 
• House moment of silence came after Biden blamed Trump for January 6 and mocked his ‘bruised ego’
• The president accused the president and his supporters of ‘holding a throat to the dagger of democracy’ 
• Trump released three furious statements in response and called Biden’s speech ‘political theater’

Related reading:

Dick Cheney Plays the Fool, and Mistakes Us for One. (Highly recommended)

Liz Cheney Melts Down When Asked a Question That Does-in the Jan. 6 Committee.

RINO Liz Cheney’s January 6 Fox News Interview Did Not Go How She Wanted

*One of the most execrable RINO turncoats hailed from these parts although it was too cow-townish for him to live here  (sort of like Liz Cheney’s attitude toward Wyoming for most of her life).  Leach endorsed Barack Obama and Joe Biden on the record. He cemented his bonafides long before that with the RINOs but angling for a position in the Obama cabinet required certain performances.  He gave it to them but all they gave him was Humanities something or other.   Liz Chaney has been vociferous in opposing Trump  and Trump supporters and has been disavowed by the Wyoming GOP. Leach was declared persona non grata by his home county Republicans but alas, as is typical of the state’s GOP, such a similar disavowal somehow did not seem appropriate or something.  The vestiges of Leachism in Iowa is still alive. 

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Evita Biden — Hail to the Chef, err Chief


No, just to the “Doctor”…Jill Biden, who runs the White House as a “Place for Dad”.      dlh

“The Marine Corps band was instructed last fall to come up with an entrance theme for the first lady, a source told the Washington Examiner. The band now has in its repertoire an original composition titled “Fanfare for the First Lady.” The song, the source said, is essentially Jill Biden’s personal “Hail to the Chief,” in that it is to be performed and repeated at official White House functions, from her first appearance until she is ready to speak.

“Fanfare for the First Lady” has created both amusement and confusion within the band, with some remarking that in the many years they’ve played in the group, this is the first time the group has had to provide the first lady with an exclusive entrance theme.”

Here’s the report from the ‘American Thinker’.

Having listened to the  music we are thinking The President’s Own has lost something since the days of John Phillip Souza.  We think Her Dictatorship Doctorship ( FLOTUS sounds too much like a nice word for lady flatulence) (But then maybe that is appropriate either way at least in the case of all but 2 or 3 of the FLOTUSs in my lifetime).  So we envision that the Marine Corps Band return to Souza’s operetta appreciation and maybe do something like the music from Evita, or heck, make it simple and adopt ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”

Madonna could play in the USMC musical presentation of Jill! They are about the same age and self-effacing ways.

EVITA!! Her desk now enshrined in Argentina

Shrine to Evita

JILL !! Her, err Joe’s, Air Force One desk no doubt to be enshrined.





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January 6th comments: Ted Cruz is sending a signal — and not a very useful one whatever his intent

  • Cruz’ statement – genuine or positioning?
  • If genuine he is genuinely wrong
  • If positioning, he has positioned himself into being a suspected swamp creature

One Texan to another, I don’t know what to tell ya Ted*, but if you’ve lost Liberty Daily . . .

Below are two somewhat different takes from your editors at V’PAC —  neither flattering toward Cruz for his statement in the Senate referring to Jan. 6 people inside the Capitol that day as terrorists.

The first is from dlh who offers that he wrote this after hearing the interview of Sen. Cruz by Tucker Carlson where Cruz was given the opportunity to explain himself:

Is it Ted Cruz…or Ted Baxter (the none-too-bright newsman on the Mary Tyler Moore show of old)

I don’t care ‘what happened to Ted Cruz” His remarks on the floor of the Senate did it for me. This is one more story in reference to Ted’s “performance”, and the writer gives his theory of what motivated Senator Cruz to enrage what are now his former admirers and supporters (of which I am one).

This has got to be one of the most embarrassing turnabouts by a politician in a long time.

Once known for his combination of great intellect and unique courage, Ted Cruz, in a single speech, transformed himself into an ignorant, cowardly oaf for whom I wish him all the worst, politically.     dlh

January 6, 2022
What happened to Ted Cruz?
By Thomas Lifson

I know from the volume of email I’ve received on it that Ted Cruz’s comments on January 6, 2021, calling it “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol” have outraged many conservatives. Ted was once the darling of intellectually inclined conservatives, but I think the bloom is now off that rose.

Tucker Carlson used video of Cruz’s comments as the keystone of a segment on how Republicans are being cowardly and granting Democrats their false premises on the riot at the Capitol being an insurrection or even a “terrorist attack.” As Tucker put it, he was delivering talking points for Merrick Garland.

So, what could possibly have happened to Ted to turn him into a shill for Democrat talking points?

Is he feeling pressure over having protested voting results and fears being branded as an insurrectionist? Maybe he thinks Mark Elias’s scheme to disqualify Republicans from running for office is a real threat to him. But he should know that appeasing the enemy does not work.

Has he been in the Senate too long, and now wants to avoid confrontation with the Democrats? “Comity” is the word that used to be used, but these days the Democrats are offering none of it. They want to destroy the filibuster to ram through voting procedures that would enable perpetual cheating with mail-in ballots being counted for days after the election.

My guess – and it is only speculation – is that he has given up on his quest to become president and now aspires to join the Supreme Court. Perhaps he is thinking of confirmation assuming a Republican wins the presidency. This would his way of avoiding a charge of radicalism.

Whatever his reasoning, I am deeply disappointed in him.

Tucker CarlsonTook Ted Cruz apart on his show tonight !!!

“Sloppy, dumb”…words Ted used to excuse his remarks on the Senate floor this week.

“Limited number of people who assaulted cops”, he said; “That’s who I was talking about.”

Called for decades people who attack cops “terrorists”

Tucker , I don’t think, believed a word of Cruz’s clumsy excuses.

And I don’t either; “sloppy”, “dumb”…C’mon Ted…the word is “Bulls**t”!!!            dlh

Ed. Note: Gary Bauer does not seem to be buying the excuse either: Ted’s Bad Day . . .

From r mall:

Both dlh and myself have been great supporters and admirers of Senator Cruz and supported him in the 2016 caucus and primaries.

I think it is obvious that Cruz stepped in it big time, no way around it. It was worse than a mistake it was a blunder.

Having watched Cruz make the “terrorist” statement and the Tucker Carlson interview with him the next day, I get a bit of an impression that Tucker may have been gunning for him, but not that Cruze didn’t have it coming.  Tucker absolutely grills him and does not let him off the hook over the word choice “terrorist”(I would have pushed him on the word “solemn” as well).

I agree with Tucker that Cruz is a wordsmith so Cruz has his own precision to overcome, but I guess I have enough reserve of appreciation to accept his mistake as ill-considered (like Tucker I doubt it was a mistake at the time) even pathetic to apply the word “terrorist” in the circumstances because I agree with Tucker that they were not terrorists.

The offer of a mulligan to Cruz if his mea culpa is properly expressed and accompanied by issuance of remarks from the floor — the privilege to revise and extend his remarks —  that the J6 events did not comprise terrorism or an assault on democracy or any of the other  lies and hyperbole of the left.  My sentiment extends from Cruz being one of 11 senators who on the floor of the Senate on  January 6, 2021 called for a delay in certification of the Democrat steal for ten days pending an audit.

The reason I do not like the word solemn is not knowing what Cruz means the solemnity should apply to. If he means solemn like some people refer to Pearl Harbor than no — that is another bad choice of words. I think Cruz really needs to “explain” more than he has done.  Overwrought Jan 6 events by what amounted to a 1 or 2 percent off-shoot of a huge peaceful demonstration of people very much concerned about true democracy and opposed to voter fraud are just that. There was no insurrection or terrorism and there is nothing solemn about widespread election fraud.  Every scuffle with a policeman does not constitute terrorism.  To say so diminished the meaning of the term or produces ominous civil liberties implications.

We will appreciate reader reaction to our comments.

*Liberty Daily is a publication we rely one as a conservative news aggregator. Readers might remember that it was started largely if not entirely to support Cruz in the face of assaults by the Drudge Report.  It now  seems to be really going to town against Cruz.   The picture shown is with reference to a famous (perhaps stock) photo of President Lyndon Johnson who is quoted as saying when he heard CBS anchor Walter Cronkite  issue a negative report about the results of the Tet Offensive by communist Vietnamese (supported by Red China and Soviet Russia) which was in reality a military defeat for them:  “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.”   

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I would like to join Roger in expressing our gratitude to our readers over the years. We realize that there are many sites one can go to to get political and social news. We obviously do not and care not to supplant them. We do try to bring to our readers’ attention stories, columns, or news items that are important to our readers and our nation….in case you’ve missed them or because they are of such critical importance that we feel it is worth the mention of items even though you may have already read or seen them from other sources.

Besides our gratitude for readers tolerating us, I’d like to note something that has troubled us since we started this blog.

The Quad Cities, in our opinion, is an important place for a site like ours. Not because we are so erudite and timely. Rather because this is an unique community.

It is an area with profound history affecting national events. It is a milieu of manufacturing and agricultural interests and a key area in a state that has all eyes on it every four years as the first in the nation precinct caucus state.

Among our readers are people of extraordinary and selfless , heroic even, service in the military, law enforcement, criminal justice and national security, as well as politics.

Their insight and knowledge can add so much to the public awareness and the voters of the Quad Cities.

Those whose careers or experiences in the military or law enforcement , or politics have insights that our readers and the community at large should be allowed to share. Only you can reflect on whether the organizations or professions you gave a part of your lives to have changed, have become something different, maybe no longer serve the goals they were once established to achieve.

There are other readers with business, medicine, religious, teaching, science and engineering backgrounds with very valuable angles on events of the day. Just as important with much to offer are workaday folks or retirees who read, listen and cogitate who could bring their life’s lessons and their appreciation of our country’s freedoms to our readers.

Please…in 2022, share the insight and evaluations only you can give.

The major local newspaper, as we believe most people are aware is a very liberal publication. If this area’s residents rely almost entirely on the news and opinion it churns out on a daily basis, this community’s people can wind up supporting and promoting ideas and governance detrimental not only to the immediate area but to the nation as well. The people that residents of Iowa and Illinois send to represent them in state capitals and in Washington can exert great influence on the direction of this nation.

We may be “biased” but we believe that President Biden and the liberal (“progressive”) party that directs him has already demonstrated how much damage they can do to America’s values, principles, history, and very existence.

Your views and opinions can help America to turn away from their destructive ideology.

To us, however, it seems that you, our readers have the opportunity to do so much more by expressing the values and views you have formed over years of professionalism, service, and dedication.

The QC Times has a ‘readers opinion’ outlet…the “Letters to the Editor”. But, if one believes that opinion letters from readers are not screened for their consistency with the “party line” and the number of such ‘contrary’ opinion is not limited to reduce their impact on public awareness, one is being very naive.

That is why Roger and I believe that Veritaspac is an effective means by which conservatives can bring a representative viewpoint to the community, not limited by liberal political correctness or ineffective word length. Our featured guest contributions can include pictures, charts or even video to make a point. . We wish that more of you, our readers, would make your views and opinions known on the Veritaspac site. It can be anonymous , if you wish.

Any readers’ contributions that we post are legitimate…we don’t make up “anonymous” ones to appear that we get input that we do not actually receive from readers. However nom de plumes are acceptable.

Also, tell your friends or acquaintances about this site. We believe there is a significant ‘conservative information gap” in the Quad Cities, and we believe that VeritasPAC can help to fill it. As it becomes a force for conservative public opinion, you can bet the local media will notice.

We don’t expect it to be ‘friendly notice’, but then, that’s what we’re about.

So, in 2022, we implore our readers to let go of any concerns you might have about exposing your deeply held beliefs and opinions to the scrutiny of strangers. Your community, your country needs to hear from people of your backgrounds and experiences.

Please…in 2022, share the insight and evaluations only you can give.

And, thanks for your support and readership over the past decade.
Let’s do at least 10 more years…together!       dlh

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Will Congressional Republicans do anything about this other than issue a tut tut?

The above article appears at The Gateway Pundit.  It has been a crucial site for revelations about 2020 election frauds.  What will Republican leadership due?  They have gotten so settled with just complaining about Biden’s performance even as he destroys the economy and American freedoms. There was mountains of evidence before of fraudulent and openly unconstitutional electoral activities before and soon after the 2020 election but for Republican leadership — well for most the desire for  “regular order” (i.e. rolling over) prevailed — in the face of the rape of the country.    This post will be added to.

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V’ –Ten Year Anniversery

December marked ten years of activism and political opinion through Hard to believe our growth during this time from the humble beginnings shown in our memory album to the publishing colossus we are today. :-). (more information about our anniversary below the album)The early days of the political opinion empire

Undisclosed location

It was tough going back in the day

Our appearances had to keep up with our reach and influence

Don Holmes “dlh” and Roger Mall “r mall” are the main commenters and collaborators  producing content on this site with, yours truly,  Roger Mall serving as managing editor and as such responsible for edits. We publish others — and welcome more submissions and comments.  Also see our “About” page.

Besides our original takes on political happenings in Iowa (and elsewhere because they affect Iowa) we draw heavily from original reporting and commentary by others — applying our comments, annotations, emphasis and recommendations.  Our spin often involves ridicule, especially when it involves calling attention to hypocrisies and apostasies.

V’ has published over 5400 posts in this time which is an average of about ten a week.  It has slowed down of late although in real part it has a lot to do with being overwhelmed with the momentous times we live in — with important developments coopting initially timely offerings.  It is hard to keep up —  which is another reason we welcome more commentary from others when an inspiration hits you.  Be featured — we would like a stable of compatible writers.

Comparatively well-funded Iowa based outlets have come and gone in less time. Certainly there are  more prominent very worthy blogs focused on Iowa, one we particularly like is The Iowa Standard. All of them make appeals for funds and or solicit advertising. But we are somewhat unique in that we are a function of a registered Iowa political action committee,  we do not hound people with funding requests or VIP subscriptions,  and we would be very shy of accepting advertising because of the complications involved.

We do accept donations by check and use them to pay for operational expenses of our political opinion outreach (the .com) which is our main PAC operating function of late and which we feel has had some influence in political affairs in this state. When sufficient support is received we can directly support candidates for state office in primaries and general elections and for party office when appropriate. They will of course need to be most compatible with our views and while not accepting directed donations, readers might have a good idea of our proclivities.  See our contribution page.

In closing Don and I wish to thank the contributors, submitters, commenters and the side-bar forwards of links and comments. Keep up the good work.

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Boston University must be proud

“You Just Want To Have Sex With Me”: AOC

AOC actually Tweeted, while vacationing in Florida, far away from the ‘locked down’ New Yorkers who elected her: ‘Republicans are just mad they can’t date me and have sexual frustration’.

Tell me…this guy must feel like an intellectual pedophile. Assuming he has sex with the
mentally, and intellectually stunted “AOC”, he must feel as though he’s come as close to “making it”  with a 10 year old as possible!


Let us prime the pump with some possible speech bubble comments: (Blank speech bubbles added to actual picture from linked story)

AOC – “How do the little people live”

BF: “Sandy, would you wear the school girl costume again tonight”

AOC: “These free states are so bourgeois”

BF:  “I’m not sure you know what that means, now about the costume”

(Related reading here )

AOC: “That little Cuban waitress doesn’t know how good her folks had it under Fidel”

BF:  “Totally”

AOC: Can you believe that Ted Cruz skipping out on his state during a crisis!”

BF:  “What do you expect from a Cubano”

(Related reading here)

AOC: Here’s to good old Chuy for covering for me

BF: “More voting by proxy than anyone in Congress, you’re the best Sandy”

(Related reading: AOC Skipped In-Person Votes In Congress Because Of Growing Omicron Spread But Vacationed In Miami)

Readers, by all means have some fun and send us an imagined dialogue

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February 7 Iowa Republican Precinct Caucuses

  • Civic involvement at its best

Besides attending the precinct caucus on Monday February 7 , as we are sure help may be needed in running the various precinct  caucus, consider volunteering to do so by attending a training session for helpers on January 11,  — information below.

If you have attended a caucus in the past you will know that while there is an important agenda they are pretty low-key affairs in the non-presidential years.  The following is from the Scott County Republican website

Tuesday, January 11, 2022
6:30 pm
(This training is for those who were unable to attend the first training)
Davenport Eastern Library
6000 Eastern Avenue
Please RSVP at or 563-823-5854

The actual precinct caucuses will be held on Monday February 7th.  Locations are centralized usually into a few local school buildings where registered Republicans caucus in assigned rooms according to precinct of residence. The Scott County Republican website will soon presumably post the locations (building locations and the precincts assigned to that building) and caucus starting times.

The precinct caucuses in the non-presidential years are important to the creation of timely platforms,  and to the election (all positions are voluntary) of county central committee members (two from each precinct) and to elect delegates to the district and state republican conventions ( usually two or more depending on precinct size).

The county central committee positions (two year terms) are important to electing local Republican leadership and serving with them going into the critical 2022 election cycle and preparing for the crucial 2024 Presidential caucuses, and helping to insure evenhandedness toward contenders for Republican nominations for all positions between now and then.

The delegate positions are important to carry forward platform sentiment, elect district and state leadership and they have statutory authority to determine party nominees if ballot positions are not filled after the June primary election.

The responsibilities of the positions (a person can serve as both or can be an alternate to the delegate position) will be further explained at the caucuses or one can make inquiry by contacting Scott County republican headquarters at or phone 563-823-5854 or monitor their website

It is our hope here at V’PAC that timely platform resolutions (along with timeless resolutions in support of conservative policies on right to life, taxes, constitutional rights etc) will be set forth. We hope there will be resolutions in opposition to mask and mRNA injection mandates, against shutdowns and Big Tech censorship, in support of removing immunity from Big Pharma regarding the mRNA “vaccines” and opposing other assaults on important political and cultural freedoms and the excesses of the “public health” nazis.

We hope there will be stated opposition to the Biden Build Back Better agenda and to set straight those Republicans who have hazarded the republic in various ways by unnecessarily facilitating Biden’s agenda with procedural and rules votes. We hope the civil rights outrages inflicted on January 6 2021 demonstrators will be addressed . . . we hope for mandatory audits nationwide of presidential elections and prohibitions on private entities funding official electoral activities.

So much more can and ought to be addressed to give assertive direction to Republican leadership in the legislatures. This site is willing to post proposals in the interest of others chiming in to fine tune resolutions and for proponents to explain them.

We do hope conservatives will encourage family and friends to attend their precinct caucus  and support a conservative agenda.


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What is the sociological common thread?

Where is the leadership that would circumvent this wilding, shame the instigators for their conduct and stop the excuse making and normalization of behavior that breeds fear and prejudice?


Notice one ‘characteristic’ which seems common to such ‘mobs’. Can you name it?    dlh

See a group of these characters in a mall — what is the normal reaction?

The “community” does itself no favors by not addressing the incidents. Silence or  unfocused PC nonsense leads to chaos.

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Jen Psaki – None of the charm of Bagdad Bob

Can’t believe meme world has not produced a face swap but we will work on it!

Joey couldn’t answer questions coherently, but, why not let’im try? (We know)

BTW — Does Anybody Besides Me, Wonder Why ‘Pjen’ Psaki Calls on Peter Doocy of Fox News?  (He humiliates her every time.). Memes below

From The Liberty Loft:

“More often than not, Biden ends his time at the microphone with an abrupt turnaround and silent exit or the comment, “I was told not to answer questions.” First, who is so powerful to tell the President to zip his lips, and secondly, why is the President ill-equipped to answer questions? Both are great questions. We know the answer to the latter. It is the former that is up for grabs. Is it his Chief of Staff or his Press Secretary? You decide.

“My money is on Jen Psaki. I consider her to be the most dangerous person in the Biden hierarchy. She lies constantly, is outright arrogant to the press, often does not have an answer, and maybe the only person on the team with a high enough opinion of herself to boss the boss.”





Photo was her standing next to Russian personages and John Kerry for whom she became a campaign aid

Not her but so much seems right



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