Leftist mindset: if it’s not hypocrisy it’s a mental disease

  • (or maybe just evil duplicity)
  • More of the button logic of libs below

I love how local progs have tried to frame their narrative. Instead of saying, “Keep our troops fighting in Syria,” they say, “We must protect the Kurds.” It’s like saying “I’m not shooting cats, I’m saving songbirds.”

It’s said the Good Lord turned water into wine. Hatred for President Trump turns peace-makers into war-mongers. “It’s a miracle!”

What got me looking into the archives was Caryn Unsicker’s recent letter in The Dispatch https://qconline.com/opinion/letters/letter-country-crumbles-under-trump-presidency/article_7ab30273-bd51-593b-bcca-3897c6118d7d.html#tncms-source=infinity-scroll-summary-siderail-latest.

Her topic sentence was a perfect example of an insult looking for a subject.

“Of all the destructive things our thin-skinned, narcissistic, racist, corrupt, morally bankrupt president has ever done, none has been more egregious than… (insert outrage du jour)”

I was aware Ms. Unsicker’s been a long-time anti-war activist. I figured her deceptively worded call for war was nothing more than rationalizing her hypocrisy to herself.

Gene Mattecheck, Jr.

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Leftist vitriol — a new tradition for the Liturgy?

Pope must be proud

We have not read a more un-reasonable, lying, hate-filled,  statement from the rankest of partisan political provocateurs

That it emanates from so-called shepherds of the church towards half of the flock is truly deplorable

Via Breibart:


Well, good for them! The Righteous Ones, the Holy Ones, the Better than any of the Faithful whose cash supports them in the style to which they’ve become accustomed.

Come one, Come all! “Borders are where we encounter each other and create thriving communities in unity and diversity.  Borders are places where we share each other’s journey…”

”O ‘Holiest of the Holy’…what the heck does that mean?!

Are the Bishops saying that ‘borders’ are things people who ‘like what ya got here’ are invited and welcome to come on in?

“…the wall is a symbol of exclusion…”

There are many things these ‘good’ bishops could be protesting…but they choose this one to make a ‘bold statement’…and they use the church’s holiest sacraments as a prop!

These fine prelates have not  chosen to create one of their spectacles to protest the  damnable atrocity advocated by the entire leadership of one of the two major political parties in America…abortion; especially ‘late term’, or… effectively ‘infanticide’!

No big Political Masses when denial of religious rights is openly and aggressively promoted by their favorite politicians. When free speech that doesn’t conform to their agenda is curtailed, the “Sanctimonious Ones” forego a “Eucharistic Political Protest”.

“…we are proclaiming the Good News of a Eucharistic Border…”  What a nauseating theatrical performance!

(I guess we are fortunate that Beto didn’t say the Mass.)     dlh-


Bishops from the U.S. and Mexico held a highly political Mass at the border separating their two countries on Saturday morning, insisting in a statement that “there is no ‘us’ and ‘them.’”

El Paso Bishop Mark Seitz, a vocal pro-immigration advocate, celebrated the Eucharist together with Las Cruces Bishop Peter Baldacchino and Bishop Guadalupe Torres of Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

“In this time of high polarization around the immigration debate, discrimination, militarization of the border and a widespread spirit of exclusion in our nation,” a diocesan statement read, “the Border Mass continues to remind us, missionary disciples of Christ, that we are primarily called to live in communion.”

“For our Catholic faith, there is no ‘us and them,’ but one family of God,” the message continued. “Borders, in the spirit of the Eucharist, exist not to separate and divide, but to identify and complement one another.”

“Borders are where we encounter each other and create thriving communities in unity and diversity.  Borders are places where we share each other’s journey,” it said.

“When we celebrate this Border Mass here where El Paso meets Ciudad Juarez and the U.S. meets Mexico, we are proclaiming the Good News of a Eucharistic Border,” it concluded.

Last month, Bishop Seitz wrote a searing “pastoral letter” denouncing President Trump’s border wall as a “monument to hate” and a symbol of exclusion and racism.

While insisting that xenophobia is “ravaging the United States” in a desperate effort by Caucasians to shore up white privilege and perpetuate “institutionalized racism,” the bishop said that this racism targets Latinos in a particular way, in his letter titled “Night Will Be No More.”

Although “this hatred of Latinos is not new,” the grave racism directed at Latinos today “has reached a dangerous fever pitch,” he declared.
“Ancient demons have been reawakened and old wounds opened,” he proposed, and this racism shows itself in an acute way in the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

“Our highest elected officials have used the word ‘invasion’ and ‘killer’ over 500 times to refer to migrants, treated migrant children as pawns on a crass political chessboard, insinuated that judges and legislators of color are un-American, and have made wall-building a core political project,” the bishop stated, and while the wall precedes Mr. Trump, he has made it a central plank of his platform.

“The wall is a powerful symbol in the story of race,” he adds. “It has helped to merge nationalistic vanities with racial projects.”

The wall “is not just a tool of national security,” Seitz alleged. “More than that, the wall is a symbol of exclusion, especially when allied to an overt politics of xenophobia. It is an open wound through the middle of our sister cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez.”

“The wall deepens racially charged perceptions of how we understand the border as well as Mexicans and migrants. It extends racist talk of an ‘invasion’. It perpetuates the racist myth that the area south of the border is dangerous and foreign and that we are merely passive observers in the growth of narco-violence and the trafficking of human beings and drugs,” he said.

According to the website of the El Paso diocese, this year’s joint border Mass is the twenty-second of its kind, dating back to 1998. For 18 years, the Mass was held at the U.S.-Mexico border fence in Anapra but was moved to the Rio Grande canal near the Santa Fe Bridge in 2016.

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So why aren’t “progressives” praising Trump for Syria draw-down?

  • Seems pretty much like mission accomplished for what Obama started and couldn’t get done

Associate Editor Gene M sends the reminder set forth below about the Progressive Action for the Common Good “back in the day”.  They are one of the organizers of the  “keep us in Syria” vigil to be held today (see previous posts). The little preening even* is also co-sponsored by the Bishop of  Davenport.  The prog group opposed intervention in Syria in 2013 during the Obama administration. Now they are holding a vigil in opposition to a draw down from the area – go figure.

One might presume that they were being consistent in their opposition to our military involvement in the Middle East but we are not so sure they were ever consistent when it came to Obama.  We can only surmise that some-how they got shamed into that little protest back then.**  QC Online article.

Q-C protesters say UN should handle Syria’s Assad, not US


About 35 protesters with the Progressive Action for the Common Good gathered along West Central Park Avenue at VanderVeer Park in Davenport, Sunday, in hopes to convince legislators on both sides of the river to keep the U.S. from taking military action in Syria.

Bill Sherwood said the majority of people passing by were in favor of keeping the U.S. out of involvement in Syria.

Mr. Sherwood said Progressive Action for the Common Good has been organizing similar peace protests for the past eight years and rarely has seen the majority of the traffic supporting the action.

“The support’s been outstanding,” Mr. Sherwood said. “I think it’s easy to say people in the middle of America isn’t interested in getting involved in another middle east war. I think people are sick of war.”

Mr. Sherwood said even limited action, like drone strikes or a missile attack, would be “starting down a path” that leads to more involvement in Syria.

In August, rebels in Syria’s civil war accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad forces of using chemical weapons in an attack that killed more than 300 people near Damascus. President Barack Obama called for a limited strike to degrade Assad’s chemical weapons capability.Congress will be meeting to discuss what the U.S. should do in Syria.

Mr. Sherwood wants the UN to deal with Assad and try him as a war criminal in a world court.

Caryn Unsicker, Silvis, said military intervention in Syria could extend the economic problems the country faces.

“I think people are tired of war, tired of this economic mess we’ve been in,” she said.

Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba said Assad is a war criminal but he presents no direct threat to the people of the U.S.

“What the U.S. should do is a lead a worldwide effort to bring Assad before the International Criminal Court of Justice where he could be dealt with as a criminal with appropriate action to follow.” Mr. Gluba said.

* these folks are usually short on candle power (in more ways than one). A vigil in our mind brings up the specter of an ongoing presence at a place chosen to commemorate something and which is not ended until the goal is achieved or the goal made impossible. They must expect a lot to happen in the hour or two they will be there before moving on.

**not even close to this long ago . . .

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Contra current leftist hagiography of Syrian/PKK Kurds

Kurd tribes in Syrian region participated willingly in Armenian (Christian) slaughter during WWI.


We found these commentaries on the history of conflict there interesting because the left here and about have been practicing virtual hagiography about the Kurds in Syria and decrying Trump’s policy to get our foot soldiers out of the sector. (Orange man bad).  Experienced military analysis we have excerpted and linked to in a previous post maintain that we owe today’s Kurds there nothing as it has been even-steven – and that the Syrian Kurds /PKK loyalty is to opportunism.

Historically that appears to be the MO in that region. The early Kurd PKK (Marxist political party) oriented tribes there were willing participants in the Armenian (Christian) genocide according to these articles.

From an article in Antiwar.com by Morgan E. Hunter                                                         Kurdish Participation in the Armenian Genocide    (excerpt)

Not widely known in the United States, but very well known in the region, is that among the most enthusiastic participants in the Armenian massacres of 1915 were Kurdish Muslim tribesmen, who largely inhabited the same regions of Anatolia as Armenian Christian peasants. This fact also goes unmentioned in the New York Times piece, but can be found by a casual perusal of Wikipedia, and the associated footnotes.

The Ottoman government of World War I (whose most important leaders, such as Kemal Pasha and Enver Pasha, were actually Albanians by ethnicity) considered Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians as a potential fifth column for the Russians, and made every effort to encourage Muslim attacks on them. The best parallel is with anti-Jewish pogroms in Czarist Russia of that same era, which were encouraged by government officials but mostly carried out by local Polish and Ukrainian peasants.

In the context of the House resolution, it is ironically appropriate that the only Kurdish political party that has actually acknowledged that Kurds participated willingly in the Armenian massacres, and were not just ordered to do so by the Ottoman government – namely the PKK – is the only Kurdish party that is condemned by the US Government as a terrorist organization. I will discuss the PKK and its Syrian offshoot, the PYD in a subsequent article.

Related reading: Kurdish recognition of the Armenian Genocide

So not only are the the Syrian/Turkey area Kurds Marxists with that philosophy’s affinity for terrorism (notwithstanding any overlapping jihadist tendencies that might aggravate some Kurds) they are very tribal oriented and opportunistic. Its a mess that the religion of peace needs to work out. The UN, or better other agencies, can perform any refugee support effort to take place in that area of the world — with orderly emigration focused in that area.

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Another sport’s figure’s tantrum

A least he didn’t stomp on the American flag…or take a knee …

————– ————– ————– ————– —————- ———— —————–

Liberal Washington Nationals Player Won’t Visit White House Due To Trump’s ‘Divisive Rhetoric’

“There’s a lot of things, policies that I disagree with, but at the end of the day, it has more to do with the divisive rhetoric and the enabling of conspiracy theories and widening the divide in this country*,” Doolittle told the Post.”

It is unclear whether Doolittle would decline an invite from a Democratic president, who could just as easily be accused of “widening the divide in this country.” * **

And, just to prove what a really good guy he is, Mr. Doolittle added:“My wife and I stand for inclusion and acceptance, and we’ve done work with refugees, people that come from, you know, the ‘s—hole countries,’”.
*Note: Mr. Doolittle just cannot imagine ANYBODY “widening the divide in this country” !!!!!!!
We do, however, wish to extend our appreciation to Mr. Doolittle for the restraint he showed in his comments, though we’re guessing he feels much the same as another championship team’s athlete, Women’s soccer star, Megan Rappinoe (remember her? No?…well, you got lots’a company) :

U.S. Women’s Soccer star and outspoken Trump critic Megan Rapinoe preemptively rejected any invite to go to the “f***ing White House. (And she didn’t even add, “at the end of the day”.)      dlh

** The full Daily Wire article offers context to Doolittle’s charges being divisive and inflammatory in their speciousness.

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Quad-Cities José Martí Memorial Brigade to form and fight with Kurdish Marxists in Syria

The group is unfortunately handicapped by its opposition to civilian ownership of guns of any effective sort and advocacy of huge reductions to the US military out of social justice concerns. Its long established battle cry of “not our sons and daughters” probably is still operative however. It is expected that in case they cannot quite get up to brigade strength a Che Guevera Memorial Commando Squad formed from the leadership of the sponsoring organizations will embark with all deliberate speed.

Folks, the satire practically writes itself on this matter. Here is the story apparently from a press release issued by the usual leftist cells operating in the Quad Cities and their scribe, the QC Times. (excerpt)

A prayer vigil will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3, at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 2400 Middle Road, Bettendorf, to show solidarity with the Kurdish people who — after years of fighting alongside American troops to combat ISIS in the Middle East — have been left to fend for themselves in the recent pullout of American forces.

Representatives of the Catholic Diocese of Davenport, One Human Family QCA, Progressive Action for the Common Good and Quad-Cities Interfaith invite every concerned citizen to “A Prayer and Reflection Vigil: Standing with the Kurds in Crisis.”    . . .

“We call upon our government to honor its alliance with the Kurds, defend them in their time of need and demonstrate the humanitarian values which are the hallmarks of America,” Karp said. “There is power in numbers, so we ask everyone to join us for this important vigil.”

The Kurds fought alongside American forces, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Kurdish soldiers.

In October, American forces were ordered out of the area of Syria that the jihadist organization once controlled, leaving the Kurdish people there alone to defend themselves against forces from neighboring Turkey whose government views them as terrorists.

The Kurds are faced with a massive humanitarian crisis and a battle for their very survival, Karp said. The Kurdish people are an ethnic group totaling millions of people who mainly inhabit a mountainous region along the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia.

The idea for a holding a community response to this crisis arose during a One Human Family members meeting last week.

“Wanting whatever we did to be a cooperative effort with the other Quad-Cities social justice organizations, we brought it to the Quad-Cities Interfaith Faith Leaders Caucus,” Karp said.

“All felt that we needed to do a vigil and do it soon, considering how quickly events are taking place. A planning committee was formed with representatives of each of the sponsoring organizations and the vigil was set for this Sunday,” he said.

Of course the Kurds in Syria, the group that the group comfortably here is concerned about, is as we have commented on previously a Marxist lot associated with a Kurdish Marxist terrorist organization operating in Turkey. Forgive us if the Marxist aspect does not inspire the QC social justice warriors as the article fails to mention. The QC group’s hurry to get in the news, (facilitated by the QCT of course) has regrettably been eclipsed by events including a cease fire that Trump has held the Turk’s to, appreciated by the Syrian Kurds in question, and oh yes, the elimination of key leadership of ISIS, the reason our small contingent of troops was there.

Our illustrious senior editor writes in red:

The stunning hypocrisy of the religious left in the QC is laid bare for all to see.

a) Using their own words, a case can be made that the US “fought alongside the” Kurds to rid the Kurdish territory of ISIS, rather than the way the way Rabbi Karp puts it: “After years of fighting alongside American troops to combat ISIS in the Middle East…”, adding, “American troops have left the area of Syria that the jihadist organization once controlled, leaving the Kurdish people there alone to defend themselves against forces from neighboring Turkey…”.

In other words, President Trump sent troops to Syria in order to fight with the Kurds and rid their territory of ISIS, as well as destroy ISIS presence in the Middle East. Having done that, is it not appropriate to thus leave Syria and allow it to return to whatever the status quo before ISIS entered the picture?

The joint effort by US forces and Kurdish fighters was one of mutual benefit. Kurds wanted ISIS out of their territory. US wanted ISIS destroyed. Whatever the status in the Middle East was before ISIS, one in fairness must ask what responsibility does that place on the US? I see none!

b) It is the religious left who, as a general principle, opposes US involvement in wars and in use of American troops in fighting anywhere in the world.

What exactly are they “praying and reflecting” in favor of? Returning troops to Syria, “to fight alongside Kurdish fighters” to oppose the Turkish invasion? And to do this because the US helped the Kurds get ISIS out of their ‘territory’?

c) Perhaps the “vigil”, instead hopes to inject US forces into every land where people are oppressed and persecuted and their claimed territory is invaded?

If that’s it, it’s going to take a whole lot of ‘prayer and reflection’ and the plucky social justice ‘warriors’ had better ‘suit up’ to join with the US forces they wish to deploy to wherever they see ‘injustice’, oppression, and ‘humanitarian crisis’.

That One Human Family’s “Planning Committee” better get to work, ’cause “praying and reflection”” alone isn’t going to get it done!

There are some questions that come to mind that we would like the organizers and attendees to respond to out of their concern for world-wide social justice and all:  How many troops should we send – and pray tell what should our force projection take the form of tanks, airstrikes? And, in pacifying villages, do we knock first in rooting out ISIS?  By the way, since the group is on a stop-the-oppression-world-wide binge — when do we liberate Hong Kong, not to mention China, Iran, Venezuela, conservatives in California?

Besides the auto-desire to help Marxists, we see what is going on here, the aggravating condition:  Trump derangement syndrome is in evidence

  • Often associated with hyper-hypocriticalism
  • It is a disease definitively progressive – symptoms include:
  • Knees jerk at every announced Trump policy
  • Glazed eyes and mutterings . . . Orange Man policies bad . . . must resist . . . must resist


Related reading here and here

PS: A delicious counter protest to their meeting might include singing our revision to the  anti-Vietnam-war song we highlighted here.

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Remember when Obama threatened the UK with “quid pro quo”?

  • Back of the bus unless you follow his line

It just occurred to me that few have mentioned how many times Obama offered ‘quid pro quo’s” to foreign goats.

One that so far no one seems to have mentioned is, Obama went to the UK and told the citizens of that nation that if they did not vote against Brexit they would go to the “end of the queue for trade!

Apparently that was not ‘impeachable’ then. No interference in an election or anything    DLH

See and hear Obama’s swagger and threat in the first video then in the second an interesting analysis picked up by British observers but not so much here.

In other words ~ want our quid on the best terms? – then nix Brexit~

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Fifth columnist “whistleblower” blows .34+ on political bias scale*

  • So, what’s a little “…indicia of an arguable political bias…”; ain’t no ‘lack of candor’ goin’ on here


The “Whistleblower” has now been exposed!

“RealClearInvestigations is disclosing the name because of the public’s interest in learning details of an effort to remove a sitting president from office. Further, the official’s status as a “whistleblower” is complicated by his being a hearsay reporter of accusations against the president, one who has “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate” — as the Intelligence Community Inspector General phrased it circumspectly in originally fielding his complaint.”

Federal documents reveal that the 33-year-old Ciaramella, a registered Democrat held over from the Obama White House, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan, a vocal critic of Trump who helped initiate the Russia “collusion” investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.
Joe Biden: Invited Ciaramella to state luncheon with Italian premier. Also invited: Brennan, Comey, Clapper.
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Further, Ciaramella (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) left his National Security Council posting in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.

“He was accused of working against Trump and leaking against Trump,” said a former NSC official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters.

—Inspector Generals seem to “phrase” extreme wrongdoing “circumspectly” a lot (see “Whistle blower exposed”):

Strzok and Page exchanged some emails suggesting maybe Trump ought be stopped from assuming the presidency, but there ‘really wasn’t any political bias’ the IG could find.

Andrew McCabe didn’t “lie”…but the Inspector General noted that he “lacked a little candor”…

Now, this latest guy, the “whistleblower”,  he has “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate”

Now that’s  what I call  “circumspect phrasing”…!       dlh

*Did Ciaramella likely get his info from Lt Col. Vindman? – more on Vindman’s honorableness in another post

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Is Drudge Still Administering His Own Site?

  • Drudge has been dredging up the worst for Trump (and conservatism)
  • Plenty of good news for Trump and negative news about leftists out there
  • Liberty Daily is helpful**

Typical Drudge headlines…heavily negative toward Trump; what has happened with Drudge?*

As in where the hell is he coming from. We don”t really need an aggregator of leftist talking points. We can turn on the TV or walk past a typical news rack

This is a random list of Drudge ‘headlines’ in recent days. It’s a list replete with dire news for Trump and the GOP. Much or most is merely “click bait” and the story itself behind many of these headlines details a lot that turns out to be not so threatening to the president or Republicans. Clearly though, Drudge is trying to do something that aims to advance the Democrat agenda, knowing that few of his readers actually go to the story behind a headline but instead take away only the most superficial interpretation of what appears to be “the days trending news”. Review this list and answer the question, who does the “trending news” look really bad for?

Finally, we must admit that up until only recently when it became apparent to us that whatever Drudge was up to was not well-intentioned from a conservative point of view or even from sound journalist motivation. We had stubbornly resisted growing criticism of Drudge by maintaining a position that he was attempting to alert GOP and conservatives to ‘what was out there” in the liberal press…thereby exposing its malevolent biases and progressive partisanship.

We no longer hold to that position.

Readers can make up their own minds.      dlh

Transcript gaps… 
Top diplomat willing to go public…
Russia Director Leaving White House…
House Dems closing ranks…
REPORT: ‘Whistleblower’ Exposed…
Lawyers receive death threats…
Impeachment on collision course with possible shutdown…
Specter of Nixon looming over Republican Party…
Colonel testifies he raised concerns about Ukraine, Trump…
Transcript gaps…
Top diplomat willing to go public…
Russia Director Leaving White House…
House Dems closing ranks…
REPORT: ‘Whistleblower’ Exposed…
Close to Biden, Brennan, Schiff’s Staff, and DNC Operative…
Lawyers receive death threats…
Schumer worried Trump will force shutdown to impede impeachment…
GDP: 1.9%…
China Trolls…
Trump on 1.9% GDP in 2012: ‘Economy is in deep trouble’…
Fed Takes a Quarter…
Treasury Exploring 50-YEAR BOND…
Steel tariffs were supposed to save industry. They made things worse…
Manufacturings Now Smallest Share of Economy in 72 Years…
Texas Hit Hard By Shale Slowdown…


Vote Opens Intense Public Phase of Inquiry...
Senate Republicans shift tone...
Russia Director to Corroborate Quid Pro Quo...
Dems closing ranks...
REPORT: 'Whistleblower' Exposed...
MAG: How Rudy May Cost President Dearly...
Impeachment on collision course with possible shutdown...
Trump Campaign Holds 'Witch Hunt' Halloween Party... 

**For those who like the iconic Drudge format but sure as hell do not need to be told what the left is saying as much as what they are not saying — this site serves very well:  https://thelibertydaily.com/   Be sure and bookmark it. The ironic thing is we first became aware of Liberty Daily at the time of its start-up as a very pro-Cruz site back in the caucus and primary days of 2016 because Drudge seemed so skewed toward Trump. The question becomes was Drudge just an agent provocateur in those days or authentically pro-Trump? … and what happened since?

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Paul Ryan’s new foundation – what to expect – questions to ask

Here is the base story (link with excerpt below) which we use to reflect on former Speaker Paul Ryan and his recently announced formation of a foundation to “promote conservative policies”.  We use an actual tenet of conservatism – the voice of experience with him on several key matters to evaluate. From the Washington Examiner:

Our first question of course is:                                                                                                     WHY DIDN’T THIS PHONY PROMOTE “CONSERVATIVE POLICIES” WHEN HE WAS SPEAKER ?

Wonkish Ex-Speaker Paul Ryan Launches Non-Profit To Promote Conservative Policies

Paul Ryan is tapping his Rolodex of wealthy Republican donors to fund a new political nonprofit organization committed to promoting the conservative policies that drove the former House speaker’s legislative agenda over two decades in Congress.

The American Idea Foundation, with headquarters located in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin, is the Republican’s answer to the question of how to influence American public policy while in his political retirement. The organization plans to partner with academics, think tanks, and other groups to address poverty, drug addiction, education, upward mobility, and other reforms Ryan worked on in Washington. Ryan is the foundation’s president, with two longtime aides running it day to day.

“I cannot wait to get started on this endeavor,” Ryan said in a statement.

Ryan, 49, retired from Congress last year after 20 years representing a House district situated in southeast Wisconsin. He rose from being a young, obscure lawmaker to the Republican Party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee. His career, marked by support for reforming political third-rail entitlement programs Medicare and Social Security, included stints as chairman of the Budget Committee and Ways and Means Committee in the House and, eventually, as speaker.

Ryan is a policy wonk and was much happier writing legislation than socializing with colleagues or raising money. But he understood that making policy required winning a majority in Congress — and that required raising money. Always a prodigious fundraiser, Ryan enlisted the GOP donors he cultivated during his vice presidential run and turned into a rainmaker for House Republicans.

In our judgement “the wonk” must have been more happy writing legislation than passing it.  Perhaps most harmful to his legacy – Ryan failed on health care reform, the ending of Obamacare.  The Senate the House and the Presidency were in Republican hands.  If he thought foot dragging or failure to produce on reform would prevent a Republican loss in 2018 – well how did that work out?  Conservatives were anxious knowing that political majorities are not permanent and  dependence on big-government programs only makes reform more difficult. The legacy of big-government control continues.

Besides failing to stop further dependence on Obamacare we saw Planned Parenthood funding continue, the border continued to be a sieve with nothing seriously done about the enticements attracting illegal immigration.  And real budget reform – forget about it. Then when he announced his retirement in April of 2018 rather than resign the speakership and allow for someone to take the helm ASAP, he clung to it, and rather than produce anything in the lame-duck period he essentially let things ride.

The guy in practice was a rather pathetic establishment Republican. Nothing revolutionary about him, only preservation of the status quo. Are we too harsh? Well we set forth this link to at least admit of people who think he should not be blamed. However much conservative  judgement seems to at least be disappointment because more could have been done.

Rather than his foundation’s chosen title the American Idea Foundation, which seems a bit of a rip-off of Jack Kemp’s foundation’s slogan,* might we suggest perhaps more apt names for Ryan’s. Off the top of our head how about: The Conservative Consternation Corps featuring its ongoing seminar How to Claim Conservatism and Not Really Try; or simply Failure to Launch. As regards the description of Ryan’s new foundation as a “think tank”  – a slogan might appropriately be : “Why seize the day when you can think about it?” Or, “Why knock heads when you can throw up your hands?”

There is another news article about the foundation roll-out that we would like to reflect on a bit. From The Wassau Wisconsin Pilot and Review October 29th: (Bold our emphasis)

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan launches new organization

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Former House Speaker Paul Ryan has launched a new nonprofit organization he says will be focused on fighting poverty, increasing economic opportunities and advancing evidence-based public policies.

Ryan announced the launch of the American Idea Foundation on Monday. He moved more than $7 million from his congressional account into the nonprofit when he announced its formation earlier this year.

The foundation will be based in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville. Ryan moved his family from Janesville to Maryland earlier this year.

Ryan decided against seeking re-election last year, ending his 20-year career in the House. The Republican from Janesville has kept a mostly low profile since then. Since leaving Congress he joined the board of directors of Fox Corporation and the faculty of the University of Notre Dame.

We were aware and blurbed the fact that he was now on the Fox Corporation board of directors and Notre Dame faculty. We basically responded we did not anticipate anything for the good as a result. But we found it interesting that Ryan had moved to Maryland some time ago, really not long after leaving the Speakership. We thought he was supposed to be just Mister Aw-Shucks-Small-Town Midwest-Family-Man anxious to get back to the real world.  Now a year or two after being away he is basically back inside the Beltway. He must have missed it so.

The article above also contained a tidbit that made us a little suspicious, given our jaundiced view of most congressmen. The millions from his political coffers should have gone to political action (the purpose for which it was presumably given) on behalf of him or his designees  in 2018. That he held it back and is now converting it to his foundation (PACs can give to charities) allows him to profit from it if he receives a salary from a foundation he heads which is now instantly well-fixed with seed-money and fund-raising staff. That is an IF as it has not been announced that he will receive a salary. But even if there will be no salary directly to him, it seems unseemly especially if donors kept giving after his announced retirement or even if some gave with the anticipation that it could go to a sinecure of sorts for whatever Ryan wanted to do. If true it should be disallowed.


*Ryan was a Kemp fan, maybe there is some association. We were Kemp fans in 1988, over GHW Bush, but we hope Kemp now would have understood that a devotion to “free trade” vis a vi China and multi-lateral agreements in general are the devil’s playground in practice. There was nothing even-keeled about such agreements, they were as Trump insisted — very bad deals, imposing tariffs on Americans in the form of lost intellectual property, undercutting manufacturing and other jobs here, lessening national security and demonstrably not creating liberal democracies in dictatorships like China.

Further, we hope that Kemp’s positive attitude toward immigration would not have countenanced today’s level of illegal immigration, with the inducements that have been built in, and its effects on American blue-collar enterprise opportunities. As Milton Friedman famously remarked, ~ you can’t have open borders and the welfare state. We would also hope that Kemp and his legacy foundation would understand that you cannot have a wide-open back-door allowing illegal immigration and have much of a front door for legal immigration.

We see the term  “beacon for democracy” often used to impart some sort of nostalgic glow  by Ryan and others to both immigration and foreign policy but it is not a great formulation respecting our system of government if it is meant to excuse or be soft on illegal immigration or imply an obligation on our part to continuously engage in wars of liberation.

First of all we are a light to the world because we are a  constitutional republic that respects law and order and provides for a bill of rights for its citizens not subject to democracies of the moment.  Our republican form of government is a concept deserving of emphasis as originally memorialized by France with its gift of the Statue of Liberty to us.  The statue was never about being a beacon for immigration and certainly not to draw people in illegally even if it does happen to be near a disembarkation point (Ellis Island) for the processing of legal immigrants. Rather it is a torch light that serves to enlighten, to indicate that here is an example of what all people should aspire to for their countries, a republican form of government.  The purpose has been hijacked by malcontents and those confused by a latter day poem that had nothing to do with the purpose of the statue.

A flame dies out if it is not properly sustained. Too much fuel at once douses a flame. Fuel therefor has to be regulated in terms of preparation and orderly delivery, which the process of legal immigration helps do.  Our country serves freedom worldwide by being an example, by being a sustained constitutional republic, an example of how other countries ought to be, of how to do it, and not by the implications of being an all come and stay beacon. No home could survive that. And we should be very selective about where we send our sons and daughters to fight, emphasizing protection of our homeland not nation building.

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