Republicans locally hide light under a bushel?

Not one of these Republican candidate signs (and this is just about all of them on the ballot in this area) indicate they are Republican (except the center one there for effect). Is there any good reason for this?

In a time of Republican ascendancy and Democrat vulnerability associated with party on the most salient issues as to voting importance  — inflation, crime, the border, and more —    one would think it behooves Republican candidates to at least indicate party association in their public face — signage and media. You would think.  Instead we see most Republican candidates  scrupulously avoiding their party affiliation on the weakest of presumptions about the electorate. The opportunity lost is evidenced by the appearance that Democrats are just as skittish, confirming in their case that Democrats know they are in disfavor.  With an exception or two, their signage does not indicate party affiliation either!

Makes for a much simpler time mowing

In the case of Republicans, the reason I have heard (from an active consultant) is to the effect that “we” need  no-party people to vote for our candidates. As if to say somehow being upfront about who you caucus with is a turnoff. The thought is it is necessary to ~~ get people to vote for the person and not the party and not letting party be a stumbling block.  There is also the allied perspective of so called independents “voting for the person and not the party”.  Playing that game is very inefficient of resources and is practically useless even as regards the so called no-party/independents.

Dear consultants: You do know people will find out party affiliation when they see the ballot and given the extent of early voting most will have all the time in the world to rekindle any animosity about party . . .  or jerk their knees in the voting booth on Election Day and return to form if that is what they have a mind to do.  It is not like you were asking them to put a sign up in their yard on the theory no-one will know what party the candidate is part of.  Many No-party people are weak-minded but most are not that weak-minded.

One might argue it does not make any difference, to which I would say “other than walking proud in a time of party ascendency”.

But  you can hear it from some of these weak sister candidates  . . . “I am running for all the people not a party”.  Which is to say I’m not really one of THEM or, I really don’t have a political grounding and the only reason I am on the ballot is because I made promises to Republican primary voters but that was then and this is now.   Most are not that crass but it sure seems to be part of their handwringing.

Not having party affiliation a discernible part of ones campaign short changes party building and makes less effective any generic messages in support of Republicans or those, decrying Democrats. It reduces ability to shirttail down ballot races that have very limited ad budgets  — races where people really do not know who to vote for because of lack of party identification. So yes, to perhaps torture the trope, there ought to be Republican dog catchers.

Good Example:

Now there have been a very few candidates locally proudly advertising in support of and being a Republican. Luana Stoltenberg running for the state house in a Democrat leaning district is one as she proudly indicates on several billboards. She does not have party on her yard signs but the prominence of the several billboards makes up for it. There are Republican candidates in Republican leaning and lock districts districts that do not indicate party, hardly even on campaign literature.

Luana has been rewarded according to the most recent finance disclosure report with zero support (in-kind or otherwise) from the state party but generous support from the Scott County Republican organization including contributions from local individual Republican candidates and personages.  If there are updates to that we will be happy to report them.

She is probably the hardest working candidate this cycle. It is an uphill battle against a rather pathetic lazy recruit for the Dems.  They are banking on party get out the vote as he has received little funding. They think they have it in the bag but Luana we hope will fool them and the RPI apparat.

By the way her opponent Cooper will be a mindless robot for egregious liberal policies.  He has already proved himself on that score as a member of a local library board that had no problem with promoting a drag queen story hour this past summer. Cooper does not bother to indicate party on his signage and I think it is because the Democrat apparat figures it will lose votes for him in the district.

Governor Reynold’s reelection radio ads of late (we do not pretend to be aware of all that is out there for any of the candidates) have been of a nature to help all Republicans (if only they would identify as such like she does).   Her ads mention issues (including life by the way) slamming liberal (Democrat) positions and values. Kudos to her for the effort. She currently leads by 17 points against another ultra liberal Dem — which by nature is all they have running.

If anyone wants to further explain or justify avoiding party ID even in Democrat districts this cycle please hold forth.

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Paul Pelosi sings “He Had a Hammer”

We wonder if the otherwise peaceful incursion by a wacko all-over-the-map-non-birthing- person in his near birthday suit into the Pelosi residence this week  — while  Nancy was busy away taking a hammer to the country and Constitution at large — wasn’t a bit of  irony. Perhaps a drug demented twist by the perp on the commie protest song by Pete Seeger “The Hammer Song” (variously recorded by Peter Paul and Mary and, I hope not a commie  but folk revival singer Trini Lopez).

The whole thing is just too goofy as our betters at RedState and Townhall relate (note as well some of the comments):

The Paul Pelosi Story Makes No Sense, and the Public Needs Answers.

There Are Some Serious Questions About the Assault on Paul Pelosi. Here’s What We Know so Far.

The Pelosi Home Invasion Just Got Weirder.

And this from Punching Bag Post:


V’PAC continues — And so there is this guy who waltzes in his underwear into the compound of the third highest ranking American politician, second in succession to the presidency (in the current case  we mean residency) . . . a place that every kook resident* of San Francisco has a map to but no one got in before???   Thanks to contributor HP who forwarded a couple of pertinent memes.




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Thanks to HP for sending this

related viewing here–



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Which candidates are proud enough of their party to be identified with it?

Part 1 — Political ads in earshot this past week — 97X FM

If the ads I have heard on the radio from Republican Scott Webster and Democrat Mary Kathleen Figaro (in case you didn’t know, she is a doctor) in their race for the open Iowa Senate 47 seat is a reflection of thematic campaigning — then the Republicans have improved considerably while Figaro is concentrating on her “choice” spot,  Figaro ads  sounds like she pines to be a social justice warrior wielding an abortionists currette.

Oh she also throws in the pander line to teachers promising to get them more money  (most are already overpaid of late given educational performance).  I am not sure teachers are a super sympathetic lot any more with the majority of voters although most of the underperformers no doubt vote Democrat.

It is also ironic combining the two subjects — abortion which seeks to eliminate children and a profession that depends on children.  But then mutilating children in abortion and later if that pre-pubescent wants gender reassignment surgery is largely Democrat doctrine.

Figaro’s abortion queen ad while attempting to condemn Webster for holding a position in support of innocent human life, another irony coming from someone with a degree in a field supposedly protective of human life*, does not speak of support for any limitation she might have to an abortion license to kill. We suspect if she has any scruples she is death to say so in her ads as it would violate Democrat doctrine.  So she is either a coward or a fan girl of abortion for any reason at any stage  funded by tax dollars, which is Democrat doctrine.

Webster’s main ad of late on the station referenced, I suspect produced by the RPI as they also paid for it, seemed to hit the necessary tone — tying Figaro to Biden’s liberal nostrums, concentrating on the top concern for most voters in any election frankly, the economy, and suggesting how dangerous anyone of Figaro’s ilk also is to national security  and social wellbeing.

While that is fine and effective, the RPI should produce a hard-hitting ad, useful in legislative races across the state, pointing out Democrat extremism on abortion and paint the Democrats Beelzebubs — abortionists — as the bloodthirsty sociopaths they are.  Such an ad ought to be in the rotation  to some percentage of the mix they are already financing. I have no doubt it would relieve some jittery Republican candidates now and help sustain Republican efforts to protect innocent life.

The disclaimer at the end of the Webster ad is useful in its way.  While obligatory it might have been made obscure which would be a mistake. This is the year to be a proud Republican if for no other reason than to be not a Democrat.  The ad clearly states it is a Republican ad. It does not fast talk who paid for it.  Contrast that to the ads we have heard from Figaro where there is no mention that she is a Democrat, well other than what one might presume given her emphasis on support for abortion.  That Democrats are apparently so reluctant to identify as Democrats is understandable. More on this reluctance of so many Republicans to identify party affiliation, in a later post.

*Just curious.  Various oaths taken by those awarded a medical degree have been around for some time but the traditional one has been the Hippocratic oath. It included a proscription on abortion.  We wonder which one Figaro took.

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Winning strategy: Don’t let your opponent or the media beat up on you

Keri Lake and JD Vance get it (clips below)

Seems so obvious but instead way too many Republican candidates can’t find their tongue; hope that simply being a Republican can carry the day (it might if they would bother to point out that their opponent is a Democrat and that they are a Republican) or are so afraid that saying something other than their bland pro-forma stuff will get them in trouble.  In the meantime they get pummeled  with avoidable inroads made.

For many candidates  the Republican Party or interest groups need to step in and make the necessary points in global fashion, helping the entire field of Republican candidates. What I am seeing and hearing though (from candidates) is that pro forma stuff and no real gut punches to specific matters that Democrats can be shown to be extremist on — but which they emphasize in attacking Repubs – –   Dems support legal abortion on demand at any time for any reason funded by taxpayers,  their support for student loan debt cancellation (not a favorite matter for blue collar Dems), they support more and more inflationary spending, their environmental extremism helping to drive inflation and make America poorer, their fealty to Biden and all his disastrous policies including the border. —  and much more.

Keri Lake is one Republican candidate (Arizona Governor) who gets it and this is a clip of her madsterful way of , well, mastering the media (below it a sample of a different sort).

Kerri Lake is no slouch at returning fire directly to her opponent either and neither is J.D. Vance who in this clip takes it to his opponent Democrat Tim Ryan and pretty much B**ch slaps him as it were:

If Republican candidates are categorically incapable of firing back, anticipating his or her opponents attack lines and aggressiveness, and responding in kind with compelling accuracy, that is bad enough.  When the party fails to do so seeing the various races that become closer than they need to be (and not in a good way) seeing what should be a wave election, defining for the country, into just another midterm ripple that portends no great consequence beyond maybe inhibiting Biden, that is pathetic.

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Spotlight on Iowa Attorney General & Scott County Attorney Races



A Democrat has held the Iowa Attorney General (AG) position since 1979 and have used it as a liberal cudgel and bully pulpit advancing liberal public policy nostrums. They have  failed to defend legitimate accomplishments of Republican state legislatures and  collapsed any trust that under their leadership the AG office would be effective in doing so.

Democrat Tom Miller is, and Bonnie Cambell in her interlude as AG are/were beyond political hacks — the AG office under them became a partisan Democrat law firm interested in sustaining Democrat enactments  and subverting Republicans. At 78 years old  Miller is running again even though he “quietly quit” years ago.

A Democrat has held the Scott County Attorney’s position since 1978, In that time the office was populated by two dependable hacks “surviving” over the years due to lack of opposition from Republicans or the party’s neglect of those who did run. Both Bill Davis (who resigned under a cloud) and Mike Walton (now retiring) while being adept at good old boy politics, carried water for the cause enough to enjoy immunity from strident Soros funded types pursuing a primary challenge.  Johnson and Polk county and two or three other counties in the state are/were even easier plumbs for the picking. But now the Scott County position is an open seat.

The most qualified person running in each race is the Republican.

Experienced Republican prosecutors Brenna Bird for Iowa AG and and Kelly Cunningham-Haan for Scott County Attorney are seeking to undo the Democrat hold on those offices. Democrats have been able to hold onto those offices for so long because of machine politics helped by a dominant Democrat favoring press but mostly the electorates regrettable inattention to such offices. In such situations (until scandal hits as it did with Davis) name ID is important. Once you are in you are likely in for a long time, whatever ones party registration, short of a wave election favoring the other party.  Here’s to hoping a Republican wave is in the offing.

Both Republican candidates have great credentials and have substantial winds behind them because of their experience and a level of public awareness about them.  That, combined with their opponents having to live with being Democrats, ought to be used to bring them to victory.  That is if they emphasize their opponents are after all Democrats (are you listening ladies?).

In the case of long-time incumbent Tom Miller we detect a level of fedupness among the electorate with him personally because people are just plain tired of his being focused on lawfare in pursuit of the liberal agenda.

His opponent Brenna Bird is an elected county attorney now who actually has criminal trial experience as a prosecutor. State AGs take people to court. Brenna Bird makes the point that Tom Miller has not been in a court room in 18 years, perhaps choosing to administer the lawfare we mentioned  . . . or . . . as others have suggested, at age 78 now “quietly quit” some years ago while serving as the familiar name on the ballot while populating his office with liberal activists.

By the way Miller’s Wiki indicates pretty much the sum total of his legal experience is as the AG weenie.  He had limited experience as a lawyer and small town (part-time) city attorney (which generally do not do trial work). We note from our own activities that he received pro-life support in his early runs but long ago set his course with the most ardent of pro-abortion extremist  doctrine.

It is astonishing, and compelling for Brenna Bird, that after all the years Miller has been in office his support in the law enforcement community is so weak.  Brenna Bird rightly touts that she has received the endorsement of 73 Iowa Sheriffs out of 99 in the state. They see her record as a prosecutor defending Iowa law. That 73 includes some Democrats. Some of the other sheriffs do not make endorsements of any sort.

Cunningham-Haan has many years of experience as a prosecutor in the very office she seeks to lead enjoying a good reputation with police departments in the county as one who vigorously defends law and order.  The Democrat nominee is currently in the County Attorney office. With comparatively little experience all one needs to know is that he is a Democrat.  Sensible constitution oriented people are not part of that party.

Both Republican candidates will be excellent at fulfilling the duties of the offices they seek. Our critique of them relates to electoral messaging. Brenna Bird needs to update her Web site and include comparatives and arguments for her election and at least some of the information she places in her social media presence which consists of Facebook but which for some reason is not linked to from her Web site.  While there is a social media link, much the same is true of Cunningham-Haan, except she needs to keep both current (see here an here) .  We do appreciate that Cunningham-Haan as a working attorney and prosecutor running for county office does not have the staff to constantly maintain such things.

*Brenna Bird’s website and mailers have adopted the GIVE ‘EM THE BIRD slogan.

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Laughter at the enemies expense is worth 1000 syllogisms

Laughter at the enemies expense is worth 1000 syllogisms.* Well done, well placed ridicule, not mere taunts, can show how preposterous a political movement is when the implications are solid.  It can also shame bulls*t artists and celebrities however fashionable but corruptive, weak, or stupid their pontifications.  Name names when people are part of promoting or tolerating those who promote degeneracy as part of their politics.

There is a an organization out there dedicated to exposing what today’s progressivism (exemplified in the Democrat Party) is pushing. The Democrat Party is led by economy, culture, nation, and life destroyers and answering them boldly ought to be the priority of the Republican Party rather than handing out fees to consultants (other than those so engaged) and cash to timid candidates and those too pathetic to hold and say what needs to be said. Holding rally’s for candidates while necessary to an extent ought to be a sidelight as it is so often talking to the choir.


This outfit in simple graphics is doing in billboards what the Republican Party ought to be putting their name on. We recognize that local Republicans have done some issue billboards, but ought to be doing more (we have not seen any this year but will stand corrected).  Republicans should be identifying who is who and what you get when you vote Democrat. More on this in another post but some repetition right now:

Democrat policies are in such disrepute by normal people that it is important to point out who is who and ridicule the Democrats. There is a grand opportunity to turn soft Democrats and no-party people into not just voting Republican but turning them into Republicans. Making the distinction about Republicans by exposing what Democrats (progressives) stand for and who is who, naming names, is key — INCLUDING  WHO IS A REPUBLICAN .

The Babylon Bee is another site that is doing GREAT work in this necessary communication outreach of satire and ridicule (God’s work), however focused differently.

*David Mall my brother, a student (scholar) of rhetoric coined the concept for me anyway.

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Victor Davis Hanson column today: The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization

His message: Its the culture stupid

Just another outstanding commentary from VDH:

The Thinnest Veneer of Civilization.

With self-reflection lots of blame to be widely dispersed but while conservatives can be blamed for weakness, capitulation, lack of insight to forge effective response to the incrementalism that has thoroughly corrupted our institutions — religion, education, medical ethics, language, journalism, the military . . .  the nihilism and corruption by design that has undermined them and consequently our country must not be left to inevitablity.

Can it be righted, I still have hope — because the right is written in hearts and “wakenings” and “reformation” can be more powerful than corrupted “reset”.

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So for Italy under Meloni will it be “ITexit”?

  • It ought to be
  • EU — such an unholy alliance destructive of culture ought to be abandoned 
  • Britain did so under Brexit 
  • Italy now under threat for actually being democratic
  • Just say arrivederci to EU
  • Are the remaining ~~ countries~~ in the EU even countries?

Reading this Breitbart article the member countries of the EU are just fiefdoms of the EU bureaucracy. They ought to all be ashamed of themselves for indifference to nationcide and get the hell out. (Excerpt below, bold our emphasis)

EU will be ‘Vigilant’ Towards Any Threat to Abortion After Italy Election, French PM Threatens.  (images not part of article)

France’s Prime Minister has threatened that the EU will be “vigilant” towards any threat to its pro-abortion regime after Italy’s historic general election.

The European Union will be “vigilant” of any threats to “human rights”, especially in regards to its pro-abortion regime, after the Italian public decided to hand the country’s right-wing a sizable victory during the country’s general election on Sunday.

While the exact results of the snap election remain unknown, it is expected from exit polls that a coalition of three conservative and nationalist parties will end up spearheading a new Italian government, with Fratelli D’Italia (Brothers of Italy) head Giorgia Meloni expected to become the country’s first woman Prime Minister.

European bigwigs have responded with hostility to the projected election result, with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen threatening that the bloc has certain “tools” it could use to attack Italy should it deviate from the Brussels agenda.

Such threats have now been echoed by France’s Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, who told broadcaster BFMTV that the EU would be watching closely to see if any “human rights” were being put under threat following Sunday’s vote.

Though saying that she would not comment on “the democratic choice of the Italian people”, she emphasised that in the area of abortion, in particular, the powers that be in Europe would be extremely “vigilant”.

“In Europe, we have a set of values ​​and, of course, we will be mindful that these values ​​are respected by everyone when it comes to human rights and the right to abortion,” the French bigwig is reported as saying.

Meloni, while a Catholic, has promised that she would not crack down on abortion in the country, though has reportedly expressed the desire to see alternatives offered to women wherever possible.

Borne’s comments echo those made by Ursula von der Leyen, who threatened last week that Brussels could crack down on any right-wing government in Italy should it feels its actions run contrary to the agenda of her transnational bloc.

We can’t imagine a self-respecting country not exiting from such an organization whose leadership issues such condemnations and threats to its internal and cultural independence.

The dominannt liberal press in the US is just dripping with distain of Meloni’s win while exhibiting incredible historical ignorance. Upon announcement of her coalition’s likely win we are treated to such calm descriptions referring to the Italian elections as establishing the most right-wing government since World War II.  Of coursed they mean to invoke Mussolini the fascist dictator as if fascism was a right-wing political/economic force. The truth is fascism is a form of socialism  — just another big- government “leftist” formation. Post WWII Italy was in trajectory leftwing, with mild retrenchments here and there, with all manner of government controls also found in Mussolini’s elected dictatorship.

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Grassley’s campaign and Joni Ernst exhort Masher Franken to come clean

In just an astounding show of timing – The Mike Franken campaign notified the world of their endorsement by Mike’s spiritual brother former Minnesota Senator now New York City resident Al “Bazonga” Franken.  No we did not make the announcement up.

Senators Ernst and Grassley call for Franken campaign  (Mike’s not Al’s this time) to come clean and drop any threat of a non-disclosure limitation Franken’s intimidation team held against Franken’s accuser who must be believed. (See our previous post).

Our view — If non-disclosure agreements (NDA) or non-disparagement agreements on matters of sexual assault are valid that is an absurdity in the law (we are informed an NDA covering up such matters are not valid). Exposing a pattern of unwanted advances toward women should not be either and that is the point of comments by Gretchen Carlson and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, both victims of sexual predation, also joined by the Grassley campaign.

On such a burning matter for progressive women why is the left not up in arms over “Vice Admiral” Mike “Masher” Franken and his campaign team using NDA as a shield for predation?

Franken now says there is no such NDA. Well then why did his “team” tell his accuser ‘s lawyers that there was??

Reading the police report filed by the female former campaign manager to Franken the assigned officer asked her a ridiculous question as to whether she considered Franken’s grab and kiss “aggressive or sexual.” That would seem to be a question of legal distinctions  which a criminal complainant should not be expected to opine on having already complained of the forceful grab.  It is only relevant as to the type of charge (something related to assault vs something related to sexual assault).  Having issued a complaint that Franken grabbed her by the lapels and pushed his face into hers to kiss her, unless Franken does that to men that would seem to be an assault and sexual in nature. Presuming Franken to be heterosexual, grabbing a woman to plant an unwelcome kiss on the lips is sex linked.

Related reading:

BREAKING: Police Report: Mike Franken’s Former Campaign Manager Accused Candidate of Assault.



Gretchen Carlson Decries NDAs Amid Franken Assault Allegations

This week, a police report was made public by Iowa Field Report that detailed an assault allegation against Democrat Senate Candidate Mike Franken. Yesterday, the Grassley Works campaign called on Franken to release his accuser from her non-disclosure agreement (NDA) so she can speak out if she so chooses. This call for transparency aligns with the requirement Senator Grassley is leading in Congress through the bipartisan Speak Out Act.

Gretchen Carlson is a former TV anchor and leading advocate of giving a voice to survivors of workplace sexual harassment and assault, especially those muzzled by NDAs. She is a co-founder of Lift Our Voices, an organization dedicated to empowering survivors to speak out by eliminating nondisclosure agreements and forced arbitration clauses.

Today, Gretchen Carlson tweeted the following:


Well the Cedar Rapids Gazette, reprinted by the QC Times, has reported on the story, in the QC Times version in a page 4 — below the fold — using an obscure title for the article sort of way

No legal restriction on former campaign staff, Franken says.

The Gazette did a follow on story, not as yet anyway in the QCTimes print version

U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley: Voters deserve answers on allegations against opponent

Grassley Campaign  was not to be trifled with: 

Not An Isolated Incident: Mike Franken’s Troubling Record of Extreme Disrespect Toward Women

Following allegations of assault by Mike Franken’s former campaign manager and his refusal to release his accuser from her NDA—which she claims Franken used to silence her—it’s worth revisiting Franken’s troubling record of extreme disrespect toward women.

This morning, the Grassley Works campaign released a new campaign ad highlighting Franken’s disparaging comments toward Iowa’s women, including Governor Kim Reynolds, who he implied was a witch on multiple occasions.

As Iowa Field Report noted, Franken repeatedly has “1950s interactions with women,” according to his accuser, and his unwanted advances are “something that [Franken] has done to several other women.”

Mike Franken’s former campaign manager isn’t the only one to allege that he is a serial perpetrator of unwanted advances and inappropriate behavior. As progressive Des Moines activist Jaylen Cavil noted, “I had heard things like this about [Mike Franken] for a while.”

So it wasn’t any surprise that the same day details of the police report broke, Mike Franken was touting his endorsement from disgraced ex-Senator Al Franken, who was forced by his fellow Democrats to resign for his sexual misconduct.
In a since-deleted tweet, Mike Franken tweeted at Al Franken on April 5, 2019, and said, “Wondering why you left your seat. Run again, please.”

Mike Franken to Al Franken: “Run again, please.”

Mike Franken has a long history of disrespect toward women and a refusal to see women as equal and independent. At an event in Denison, Franken said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas should control his wife and dictate what she is or isn’t allowed to say and do. “You let your wife act like this?” Franken said.

Mike Franken does not respect women in positions of power. He has repeatedly referenced Governor Reynolds as a witch, saying she “needs to get on her broom and fly away.” And his comments weren’t limited to Iowa’s first female governor. He also made sexist remarks about Sen. Joni Ernst, Iowa’s first female U.S. senator and first female combat veteran to serve in the U.S. Senate, diminishing her career and saying she would “follow his lead” if elected and “see [his] big wrath.”

Mike Franken’s sexist remarks haven’t been limited to elected women leaders or to his alleged victims. He’s disrespected all women in rural Iowa by saying, “What I see in rural Iowa is a forlornness in the eyes, an emptiness which I see in South Sudan…mostly in women who just look void.”

As EMILY’s List, a Democratic political action committee focused on electing women, stated: “Iowa Democrats should not trust…Michael Franken.”

Bottom line: the revelations made public in the police report detailing Mike Franken’s alleged assault on his former campaign manager are merely the latest examples in a serial mindset of misogyny and sexism toward women and extreme disrespect toward the women of Iowa.



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