One can either laugh or be enraged…this stuff is really ridiculous!!!!!!!

Let’s see. In Seattle the Antifa and BLM mobs want taxpayers to “pay for the protective equipment” they need to successfully attack the cops and destroy public and private property!

Oprah says it’s those “whites” and their “system” that prevent Blacks (like her?) from being successful and rich!

And, now:


Michelle Obama Says She’s Suffering From “Low-Grade Depression” – Blames President Trump

“I’m waking up in the middle of the night because I’m worrying about something or there’s a heaviness,” she said.

“I try to make sure I get a workout in, although there have been periods throughout this quarantine, where I just have felt too low,” she added.

(the entire article can be read at the link)      dlh

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Veritas Comedy Club — where exposing liberals is a laugh a minute

Stand-up material:

For all you aspiring stand-up comics out there, we’ve got some material here that’s guaranteed to “bring the house down”!

Call it the “You CAN make This Stuff Up… but We Didn’t   (not all of it)”:

(These are actual stories from today’s ‘news outlets’ (well, maybe we exaggerated a little with our own comments…but only a little…these people ARE ‘nuts’):


The story from the NY Post:

BLM Protesters Say Protective Gear Prices Them Out Of civil Rights

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle are claiming that they’re being priced out of their civil rights by the prohibitive costs of defending themselves against police violence.The lawsuit filed Monday in federal court alleges that the repeated use of force by the Seattle Police Department has made it impossible for them to exercise their right to protest without pricey personal protective gear.

“Because protesters now must purchase expensive equipment to be assured that they will be able to protest safely, the indiscriminate use of weapons by SPD implicates equal protection,” the lawsuit says.

The five plaintiffs — Jessica Benton, Shelby Bryant, Anne Marie Cavanaugh, Alyssa Garrison and Clare Thomas — allege helmets, gas masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves, boots, umbrellas and other gear are needed to fight off police pepper spray, less-lethal projectiles and other crowd dispersal measures.They claim they have been the victims of “indiscriminate” police violence during protests in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, which was home to the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, known as CHOP, on June 25.

The suit seeks a temporary restraining order prohibiting the department from using force or crowd dispersal munitions.

“Because the Seattle Police Department has acted above and outside the law in dispensing its unbridled force, and the City has failed to prevent same, the government effect is to establish a de facto protest tax: individual protesters subjected to SPD’s unabated and indiscriminate violence now must purchase cost-prohibitive gear to withstand munitions — even when peacefully protesting — as a condition to exercising their right to free speech and peaceable assembly,” the suit said.

A spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office said it will “look into these new claims and intend(s) to defend the City in this matter.”


BLM Protesters Say Protective Gear Prices Them Out Of civil Rights

“Helmets, face shields, body armor , (fireproof) gloves, WonderWoman bracelets that make bullets harmless…all this is just too costly for your average ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester.”Who can afford all that equipment? You try handling Molotov Cocktails without fireproof gloves.”

“And, do you have any idea how much a good, heavy stiff, solid cane to bash cops over the head with, costs?”

“Rioting just isn’t any fun if you don’t have a gas mask! And, believe me, they’re expensive”.

“It’s just not a fair fight”, they must lament.

And, finally…Why haven’t Chuck and Nancy put a few million$ into thre COVID bill to cover these costs (Oh…they Have?)


This is a true story according to the Washington Times:


But first, our comment:

“Can you imagine how much a talent like me could’ve made if the ‘racist white man’  hadn’t discriminated against me?”, asked multi-billionaire, Winfrey.

“And, my friend LeBron…with his high intellect and political acumen, if it weren’t for ‘whitey’s system’, he would have been our first 5 term President!”

Washington Times article:

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey says it’s important for Americans to realize that “the system of White people” continues to keep Black citizens off “the ladder of success.”

The media mogul made the comments July 31 on her Apple TV+ show “The Oprah Conversation,” which included former NFL linebacker Emmanuel Acho.

Ms. Winfrey titled the episode “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man: Part 1,” in honor of the ex-athlete’s YouTube conversations under the same banner.

“I’ve created this for you because in order to stand with us and people that look like me, you have to be educated on issues that pertain to me and fully educated so you can feel the full level of pain so that you can have full understanding,” Mr. Acho said during the episode’s introduction. “I fervently believe that if the White person is your problem, only the White person can be your solution.”

The duo brought in multiple guests to cover topics surrounding racism and unconscious bias.

“As a Black person, White people for the proverbial phrase of White people, they run America. CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, execs, ownership, they run America. Not an individual White person, but collective White people,” Mr. Acho told a guest who was concerned that conversations on race were prone to ignoring or downplaying the existence of poor Whites. “Are there some poor White people in America? Absolutely. How did that happen? I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. Because as a Black person, I understand how we got poor. I totally get that.”

The former NFL player noted that Black Americans become poor by not having access to home ownership or excellent school districts.

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Pithy Commentaries Wuhan, Biden, Obama, Democrats

Peeled from the FaceBook page of HP

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The New Old Obama — Victor Davis Hanson at his best

  • But will the truth be known widely enough?
  • Will it matter to many?

At American Greatness:

The New Old Obama
Why is Barack Obama reemerging with greater frequency now? There are a few reasonable suppositions.

“In his latest incarnation as president emeritus and corporate multimillionaire community activist, we are reminded of the earlier Barack Obama of “get in their face,” “take a gun to a knife fight,” and “punish our enemies” vintage. From time to time, Obama ventures from his hilltop, seaside, $12 million “you didn’t build that” Martha’s Vineyard Estate or his tony Washington, D.C. $8 million “spread the wealth” mansion to lecture the nation on all of its racist sins, past and present.
“In these outings, he seeks to advise lesser folk on how we can still find redemption (make Puerto Rico a state?), given that his own eight years as president apparently proved that the United States remains hopelessly captive to the spirit of Bull Connor and that a president such as himself—starting out with complete control of the Congress—had no power to change much.
“His latest weaponization of the funeral of John Lewis revealed all the Obama signature characteristics.”


– “When the truth is finally known, the nation will learn that the Obama Administration was one of the most corrupt in its history by politicizing the IRS and FBI, surveilling the media, unmasking and leaking the names of U.S. citizens swept up in likely illegal surveillance, destroying the sanctity of the FISA court, and spying on a political campaign with the intent of destroying it before a U.S. election.”

– “And thus Michelle Obama, the most popular woman in today’s polls, could “rescue” the Democrats, unite the party, and finish out an Obama 16-year term, with the last eight-year regnum revealing the inner and true Obama that was stymied the first go around.

These “are such stuff as dreams are made of.”    dlh

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No! No! Don’t say that! It’s too soon!

  • Wow all this time all we heard was how Sleepy Joe was ten points ahead
  • Will Moochelle be the Democrat savior?


No! No! Don’t say that! It’s too soon!

Confirms What They Knew But Hoped Voters Wouldn’t;

The Democrats  Will Panic, Knowing That Sleepy Joe Cannot Campaign, Much Less Be Elected, Much, Much Less… Govern!

Will Have To Push Joe Aside (Before Nomination ‘Official’); Name Michele O., “The World’s Most admired Woman” (?)

“A new poll released this weekend shows President Donald Trump, the incumbent GOP president, has taken a national and battleground states lead over his Democrat challenger presumptive nominee former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The survey, from the Democracy Institute commissioned by the Sunday Expressnewspaper, shows Trump leading Biden 48 percent to 46 percent. What’s more, Trump has opened up a bigger lead according to this poll in the crucial battleground states, meaning the president by this pollster’s estimates currently is projected to win 309 electoral votes—more than he did in 2016.”

Read the full story at link:

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Explaining politics

From KC in Michigan


And thus, began the practice of hiring morons to work in influential positions of government.
 This practice remains unbroken to this day.

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  • Never said better

Trying to find who said it first was futile … Franklin Graham, however, gave the line a new “life” itself. What a courageous, accurate, and supremely great commentary!

“Time is like a river. You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment in life.” — Unknown

“The American dream ended on November 6th, 2012″

THIS IS PROFOUND. It is accurate, courageous, and in every respect, a great commentary.

It is sad, troubling, but true.In our view, if anything at all of the America that made it Great, is to be saved, It must happen on November 3, 2020…either the Day Donald trump was reelected, or, the Day America died forever.        dlh

Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice, because the
flow that has passed will never pass again. Franklin Graham was
speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville , Florida , when he
said America will not come back. He wrote:

“The American dream ended on November 6th, 2012. The second term of
Barack Obama has been the final nail in the coffin for the legacy of
the white Christian males who discovered, explored, pioneered, settled
and developed the greatest republic in the history of mankind.

A coalition of blacks, Latinos, feminists, gays, government workers,
union members, environmental extremists, the media, Hollywood ,
uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the chronically
unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers” have ended
Norman Rockwell’s America .

You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual
acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get
back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take
zealots, not moderates and shy, not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs
(Republicans In Name Only) to right this ship and restore our beloved
country to its former status.

People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I will
probably never again be able to legally comment on or concern myself
with the aforementioned coalition which has surrendered our culture,
our heritage and our traditions without a shot being fired.

The Cocker spaniel is off the front porch, the pit bull is in the back
yard, the American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky’s
“Rules for Radicals” and the likes of Chicago shyster David Axelrod
along with international socialist George Soros have been pulling the
strings on their beige puppet and have brought us Act 2 of the New
World Order.

The curtain will come down but the damage has been done, the story has
been told.

Those who come after us will once again have to risk their lives,
their fortunes and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic that
this generation has timidly frittered away due to white guilt and
political correctness..”


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  • Another book rips “the President”
  • Oops! different president

Ask if we are surprised

“The book, “Big Bad Brother From Kenya,” a self-published memoir which Malik Obama spent 22 years writing, hit Amazon with little fanfare on July 11. In its 435 pages…”

Joe Levine article at the NY Post

Barack Obama’s half-brother rips ‘cold and ruthless’ ex-president

A “cold and ruthless” President Obama abandoned his Kenyan family in their greatest hours of need, according to a new tell-all by estranged half brother Malik Obama.

“He got rich and became a snob,” Malik, 62, told The Post via Skype from his home in the Kenyan village of Nyang’oma Kogelo. “What I saw was he was the kind of person that wants people to worship him. He needs to be worshiped and I don’t do that. I am his older brother so I don’t do that.”

The book, “Big Bad Brother From Kenya,” a self-published memoir which Malik Obama spent 22 years writing, hit Amazon with little fanfare on July 11. In its 435 pages, Malik covers the long and gradual falling out between him and the former President, which culminated in Malik publicly endorsing Donald Trump for president in 2016.

Both Malik and Barack Obama share the same father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., a Kenyan economist who died in a car accident in 1982. Malik first met his half brother in 1985 when Barack was a 24-year-old Chicago community organizer, and they enjoyed warm relations for more than a decade. Malik spent years working in the United States, where he has dual citizenship, and frequently traveled between the US and his homeland. Malik was the best man at Barack Obama’s wedding in 1992. When Barack became president, Malik was a regular visitor to the Oval Office.

Today Malik works full time at a foundation named after their father. He hangs on to a trove of old photos showing him and a carefree Barack spending time together in Kenya. Many are included in the book.

The first fissures appeared shortly after Barack was elected to the White House, and Malik told him of his plans to set up the foundation.

“We had a big fight on the phone because he was not in support and insisted I shut down the website and not continue with the foundation. He had his reasons but I was not having any of it,” Malik writes, describing a stormy call shortly before the 2009 inauguration. “We talked late into the night that night. He threatened to ‘cut me off’ if I continued with the idea.”

The president, in retrospect, might have been right to be skeptical. In 2011, the foundation ran into trouble for failing to register as a tax-exempt, federally recognized nonprofit — and falsely claiming that it had. While the foundation still technically exists, it’s raised less than $50,000 each year since 2011, according to tax filings.

In the same call, President Obama also informed his brother that his aunt, Hawa Auma Hussein, the only surviving full-sibling of their father, wouldn’t be making the guest list for the inauguration. While Obama was in the White House, Aunt Hawa lived in near-poverty working as a charcoal seller, in a collapsing house, according to local Kenyan media.

When Barack Obama visited Kenya in July 2015, brother Malik made a personal appeal on behalf of Hawa during a family dinner.

“It was awkward as I tried to convey Auntie Hawa’s wishes to her nephew. She wanted him to look out for her, build her a house, etc. I told him he owed it to her, to the family for him to do anything, something,” Malik writes. “Barack said that he was broke.”

“Big Bad Brother from Kenya”“Big Bad Brother from Kenya”

Another aunt, Zeituni Onyango, fared no better, squatting illegally in Boston public housing before being granted asylum in 2010. When she died penniless in 2014, Malik Obama made a reluctant appeal to his brother for help burying her.

“We needed to pay for the bills and the cost of her transportation back to Kenya,” Malik writes of an Oval Office meeting on April 16. “[Barack] asked me how much and I told him roughly $20,000. This was too much he said.”

The president ultimately gave $5,000 to the effort but it took another month before the Obama family could raise the rest of the funds.

“She really had been good to him,” Malik Obama writes. “I don’t understand how somebody who claimed to be a relative or a brother can behave the way that he’s behaving, be so cold and ruthless, and just turn his back on the people he said were his family.”

The older brother also took a swipe at Barack Obama’s memoir, “Dreams From My Father,” which he says “wasn’t accurate” and filled with “embellishments.” The book cited claims of their grandfather being detained and beaten in 1949 by British colonial troops as likely false — an assessment other scholars have also come to.

Malik Obama made national headlines after announcing he was supporting Trump over Hillary Clinton. He became one of the billionaire’s most ardent defenders on social media, earning a hit piece in BuzzFeed and an invitation to the third presidential debate, where he palled around with Kellyanne Conway.

Malik’s faith in Trump remains unwavering.

“[I’m] 110% still with Trump,” he said. “He’s not fake. He tells us the way he sees it. He’s bold and fearless and he’s tough.”

He also mocked the Democratic nominee Joe Biden as too old and feeble to win.
“I don’t think he’s going to make it. His teeth are falling off,” Obama laughed. “He looks like he’s going to drop dead.”

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Anybody know where you can find enjoyable sports entertainment?

  • Not the NCAA or NFL  (story below)
  • Hypocrisy knows no bounds in politically correct sports
  • At least one reader recommends hockey?



Ah, but, ya gotta love the NFL; They got rules, ya know?

You can knock yourself out in support of ‘social justice’ and Michael Brown and George Floyd, and dishonoring our flag, our National Anthem, our Great Nation, but dead cops…?…

“The NFL’s strict rules on uniforms forced the league to deny the Cowboys’ request to wear the decal for the upcoming season.”

…the NFL’s got “STRICT RULES”!              dlh

NFL denies Cowboys’ request to wear decal honoring fallen Dallas officers

August 12, 2016: The NFL denied the Dallas Cowboys’ request to wear a decal on their helmets during the season that would have paid tribute to the five police officers killed last month in an ambush.

The team had been wearing a decal with the words “Arm in Arm” since the first day of training camp this summer. Dallas police Chief David Brown and Mayor Mike Rawlings paid the team a visit on that day, according to Fox 4 News.
The NFL’s strict rules on uniforms forced the league to deny the Cowboys’ request to wear the decal for the upcoming season.

Dallas police said it appreciated the Cowboys’ support.

“Their concern for the families of our fallen officers, the Dallas Police Department, and the City of Dallas is what matters most, and we know that support will continue for the immediate and long term future,” the department said in a statement.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and tight end Jason Witten, who created the decal, said they were disappointed with the league’s decision but said they believed the stickers already served its purpose.

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation told TMZ they were “extremely upset” over the NFL’s decision.

“The NFL had an opportunity to be leaders and advocates for change in law enforcement,” Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, president of the foundation, told the website. “”These are our friends and our loved ones … it hurts to not have the NFL fully support us.”

Some background on the NFL’s refusal of NFL’s Cowboys to honor the murdered cops:


A suspect who was killed by police after snipers shot 12 Dallas officers, five fatally, “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” police chief David Brown said.

The man was killed after authorities cornered him in a garage at El Centro Community College. After several hours of negotiations, lasting into the early hours of Friday morning, officials exchanged gunfire with the suspect and “saw no other option” but to kill him by detonating a bomb, Brown said.

“Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger,” he said.

Brown said the suspect, who he would not identify, told a hostage negotiator that he was upset about the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent police shootings of black men elsewhere in the U.S.

“The suspect stated he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Brown said. “The suspect stated that he was not affiliated with any groups and he stated that he did this alone.”

Nonetheless, officers took three other people into custody.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings praised the team who took down the suspect.

“The good news: He’s gone off the face of the Earth,” Rawlings told MSNBC.

The city’s downtown was in lockdown Friday after Thursday night’s ambush, which marked the deadliest day for law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.

Earlier, the suspect had told police negotiators that “the end is coming” and that “there are bombs all over the place in this garage and downtown,” Brown said.

President Barack Obama, who was in Poland for a NATO meeting, condemned the “vicious, callous and despicable attack.”


Dallas Sniper Wanted To Kill White People
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NBA Players Paychecks Matter, So Perhaps if it was the CCP flag they would stand

  • They will take China’s money and that of the companies that manufacture  there regardless of slave labor conditions, (Communism is a slave labor system in general). The NBA players make lots of money off of China’s current practice of slavery 
  • New Politically Correct Anthem for the NBA
  • Move the whole contemptible NBA to Beijing. LeBron will lower the city’s average IQ significantly…and get elected Mayor at the same time! Be sure to send their NIKES with’em!
  • Eventually, this crowd will even embarrass the communist Chinese
  • Not one of the players stood but one coach did and a few of the other non-players stood, one even seems to have his hands folded in prayer as he stands

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr Defends Kneeling During The National Anthem 

The Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr defended NBA players’ decision to kneel during the national anthem.

Steve Kerr explained why so many in the NBA have kneeled in a tweet published Friday.
“With NBA games now in full force, the inevitable race baiting ‘kneeling is a sign of disrespect!’ tweets are coming,” Kerr tweeted. “Our message is clear: We love our country. And we also believe that this nation can and must do better to eliminate racism and bigotry. That is why we kneel.”

The Golden State Warriors are not currently playing in the NBA’s restarted bubble season. Every player who played in the restarted season Thursday night kneeled during the anthem while wearing shirts reading “Black Lives Matter,” according to CNN.

Kerr has been outspoken about politics in the past. He replied Thursday to President Donald Trump’s tweet floating the idea that the 2020 presidential election should be delayed due to coronavirus.

“This is nothing more than a modern day version of voter suppression, just wrapped up in different packaging,” Kerr responded. “Trump’s racism never ends. Nor does his utter disregard for American democracy. 96 more days.”

Maybe these ‘grateful’ multi-millionaires would be willing, maybe eager, to stand for, and sing along to the “March of the Volunteers” (the MAO version), the Communist China ‘National Anthem”…and, They Could March around the court in their NIKES.      dlh

The lyrics (LeBron can have somebody read it for him):



Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!
With our flesh and blood, let us build a new Great Wall!
As China faces its greatest peril
From each one the urgent call to action comes forth.
Arise! Arise! Arise!
Millions of but one heart
Braving the enemies’ fire! March on!
Braving the enemies’ fire! March on!
March on! March, march on!

Mao Zedong version

March on! Heroes of every nationality!
The great Communist Party leads us in continuing the Long March!
Millions with but one heart toward a communist tomorrow
Bravely struggle to develop and protect the motherland.
March on! March on, March on!
We will for many generations
Raise high Mao Zedong’s banner! March on!
Raise high Mao Zedong’s banner! March on!
March on! March on! On!

*March of the Volunteers ( traditional Chinese: 義勇軍進行曲; pinyin: Yìyǒngjūn Jìnxíngqǔ) is the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China (including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since July 1, 1997 and the Macau Special Administrative Region since December 20, 1999),

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