Thanks to SF for providing the following information, edited/annotated for navigating this website.

This is a streamlined version of caucus procedure, the caucus locations are not yet posted on the Scott County Republican site but a finalized version supplied us is set forth below.  Check with that site in case of any updates.

Due to the small print in the locations chart, readers should be able to double click on the chart and proceed to expand it or drag it off to your desktop and engage it there with “preview” or other manipulation application.


MONDAY JANUARY 15, 2024 7:00 PM

Note: Find your caucus location for your precinct in chart below  The location is NOT likely to be where you usually vote).  You must know your precinct (finder below)

You can register to vote OR change your registration to Republican on Caucus night
Get there early 6-6:30

7:00 Caucus called to order by the temporary Chairman
Election of Permanent Chairman and Secretary

Lincoln Bag for donation, these dollars stay with the Scott county Republicans to help defray costs of caucus

Presidential Poll
Reps from each campaign allowed to speak (3-5 minutes)
Paper ballots collected, counted and announced

Election of Precinct Committeemen
2 per precinct to serve a two year term

Election of County Delegates for the County Convention on February 17

Platform Resolutions submitted to be considered for the County Convention


Find your PRECINCT:
online at
OR CALL at 563.326.8631


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