Reasons to avoid the drama Queen from Queens. Vote for Ron DeSantis

EDITORS NOTE:  These comments reflect our opinion of Donald Trump’s performance and prospects, they are our crystal ball political arguments but it should be ingrained that they pale in comparison to the devastating effect we see on the republic of another term with a Democrat as chief executive and that party also in control of either the House or the Senate with the later able to continue to replace the judiciary.  Some candidates are better than others but those seeking the 2024 Republican nomination for president at this time are vastly superior compared to any Democrat loyal to that party, its platform, its culture AND any independent candidate we are aware of with any plausible chance to be elected at this stage of the process. It is existentially important to vote for the Republican nominee in the general election.

These are our top three reasons. Additional critiques of what we consider his shortcomings on this or that policy can be made about Trump as regards energy, culture, huge deficits, social security and health care reform, personnel, and more.  Again, Democrats are wrong, even evil on all those topics. Donald Trump  made improvements that are on the right track but there is another candidate we have confidence is better, has done better,  will do better than Trump and is less risky as to electability  — Ron DeSantis

Trump has disqualified himself for the nomination

Republicans should not support Trump a third time because he has disqualified himself by refusing to pledge support for the nominee of the party — ironically a rule that was put in place to protect him by an apparat he inspired and a chairman he has approved of repeatedly. His refusal is an authorization for future chaos in the party, tolerating it makes the party monarchical and a vehicle solely for the whims of the regent.

The idea that the nomination he covets would result in somebody unacceptable to the party base, all of whom are authorized to vote in caucuses or primaries and, given the length of the process, his view is an unacceptable self-serving insult, an assault on the integrity of the process and violation of appropriate rules that enhance unity behind the nominee including should it be him. Not supporting the considered opinion of the grassroots of the party makes Donald Trump a RINO, albeit a shibboleth he has degraded of much meaning by his bandying it about aiming it at Republicans he disagrees with or that challenge him.  Chip Roy for God sake.

Trump is not the most salable candidate in the general.  He has no reliable filter

We are just tired of the too often self-inflicted drama that surrounds Trump, the political chaos that surrounds him, his antagonistic ways, and especially his inadequate executive abilities. It does not matter that he is a victim of law-fare, that means in a way we are as well.  But prudent people in the market for an executive should always consider cutting their losses, the baggage, in favor of new proven champion and carrier of the message and policies they want implemented. Being elected or re-elected President is a privilege each time not a proprietary right.  Bad calls,  even crooked ones by the “referees”, dirty illegal tactics by the opposing team last season do not make the victimized player the best one to carry the ball this season.

If he or she  wants our vote for the nomination the candidate has to demonstrate a demeanor and an ability to articulate policies that we can expect will attract more voters than the Democrat AND who will not be a problem plagued, distracted or ill-focused executive upon winning.  We need a candidate who the general election voters will believe is more focused on improvement than revenge.  Trump has signaled he is after revenge. That he also says it is for us is not a great selling point for the additional voters needed to insure victory.

We believe the election is at risk because of an unfavorable aura that surrounds Trump  with a huge portion of the general election voting population, much of it is of  his own making.  It is his women problem and it has nothing to do with policy issues.  It is undeniable that he owns such an aura. Like the oil slick that leads to the damaged but still floating battleship, he refuses to stop the flow nor recognize the self-defeating harm it causes. (See previous post)

Trump’s “Operation ‘Warped’ Speed”

Donald Trump has shown no contriteness over his role in the devastation wrought by and through his executive authority and oversight of public health processes in the COVID epidemic and the foisting (we do not use the word forcing) on the American public, indeed the world, the zeitgeist behind the mRNA genetic manipulation, wrongly referring to it as a vaccine.

Trump pushed for a “warped speed” production and distribution (indeed bragging about it these last three years) while failing to educate himself or the public during that time on key matters related to the concoction being developed, its experimental nature.  He authorized proceeding with insufficient if any long term data as to any iatrogenic effects of such novel genetic approaches on humans to control viruses.

One cannot propose an experimental concoction for mass distribution, remove serious liabilities from those who will make a lot of money from the gambit, fund and otherwise facilitate propaganda behind taking the concoction, vastly increase the national debt in support of the zeitgeist (another iatrogenic effect)  and claim only the good which compared to alternative approaches is entirely debatable. Yes he was mislead but he was too easy a mark, his radar insufficiently protective and arguably ego driven on the matter.

Having their own health departments governors like DeSantis were not so gullible or enamored with a flattering DC bureaucracy.

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