Patting Our Backs

Not wanting to strain myself too much patting this publication on the back . . . but our contributors have  frequently been early and astute with commentaries that would become “topics of the day” for conservatives   . . . earlier in some cases than the rightfully celebrated columnists with commentary as their main occupation.  For example, Wednesday’s submission by Romentum provided at least a foretaste of Michelle Malkin’s latest column where she skewers David Brooks, who the MSM touts as a conservative, but no one else.   Her latest column can be viewed here.

Certainly Senior Editor DLH, aka Crank, has made a number of observations predating at least publication of similar themes in well known publications. I bring this up not to claim unique insights for this publication regarding conservative thought,  but to, as Editor in Chief, recognize and proclaim at least the yeoman abilities of our featured local contributors and our “in-tune-ness”  with solid conservative thought and observations. This is not to say we do not bask in and gain succor from the conservative blogosphere — millions of minds forming an unstoppable philosophic dynamic, we certainly do.

Our uniqueness, or at least local rarity,  relates to when as participant observers on the local political scene we comment on matters we might have personally observed. However for the most part we interpret the news others gather and report.   In that respect,  our contribution is to evaluate  “the news”  and apply themes to local matters of interest to conservatives.  Our critiques of local media are in line with that purpose.

Well, anyway, well done contributors, and carry on.     R Mall

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  1. Romentum says:

    Michelle Malkin piggybacking off Veritas? Pretty soon Drudge will linking to this place!

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