September Extremely Slow News Month for Scott County Republicans

Not really of course, but we are dumbfounded once again to see that on the Scott County Republican website News Page,  the most recent post is one month old.  Apparently the webmaster is not aware of anything newsworthy for that page other than the announcement that John Archer would speak at the RNC Convention, on August 27th.

Stories related to polls, talking points in support of Romney,  information on current ballot issues, articles about voter integrity  . . .  articles that inform and convince people about the disaster brewing if Obama and Democrats remain in control of government .  .  .  searchable information and useful links relevant to issues and organizations in support of the Republican platform — nothing.

May we helpfully recommend that the item “News” be removed from the page bar unless it will be kept up so as to avoid embarrassment.  Leadership should also understand that Facebook and so called social media are not a substitute for a current webpage with information accessible to the general public.

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One Response to September Extremely Slow News Month for Scott County Republicans

  1. Gus says:

    I don’t think the Scott co. GOP Web site is intended to be a serious communication medium. I believe it is intended for comic relief and whoever is the webmaster is doing a great job!

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