Libertarians & Ron Paul Fans — Please Take These Articles to Heart has posted two compelling articles we hope our Libertarian and Ron Paul friends will take to heart.  For crucial practical reasons, including effective survival of the liberty agenda, which is the most timely principle to embrace, it is critical that all champions of liberty support Romney.

To maintain as some try to, that there is no difference between Romney and Obama, as we have previously stated herein, is absurd.   The urgency of the crisis, the nation is utterly at risk,  begs for practical support for Romney. There is not a practical, nor given the exigencies, a principled alternative for the country to vote other than for Romney.

The first article from early last week is available here.   Part 2 of the feature is available here.   As is true of many quality sites the comment sections can also be fine resources.   For related reading, The Iowa Republican, in many of its articles also ends up with a dialogue, well, more like a spitting match, between various elements desiring to stop the Obamanation.

While making this plea for every last vote, I have talked to a number of Ron Paul supporters and I believe they will vote overwhelmingly for the Romney /Ryan ticket, albeit with whatever degree of enthusiasm,  as they continue to influence the policy debates.          R Mall

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2 Responses to Libertarians & Ron Paul Fans — Please Take These Articles to Heart

  1. Romentum says:

    Great links and I personally know a lot of Libertarians who are voting Romney. The real problem is the signs (Alex Jones site) that say “Ron Paul really won Iowa” and “Romney = Obama” lined up all over on Kimberly Rd.

  2. Gus says:

    The point of these pieces cannot be overemphasized. To say this election is “critical” doesn’t begin to describe it. As many others believe, I agree, that this could be the last truly democratic election in America. If Obama gets four more years, like every corrupt dictator he has demonstrated his desire to be, in 2016, Americans may well find themselves “electing” him as our “President for Life”, wondering how could he run for a third term and get all those votes? When has Barack Obama respected our Constitution. Maybe one more Supreme Court appointment could overturn the 22nd Amendment (two term limit)? recall that Saddam Hussein regularly garnered as much as 98 percent of the vote in his “election” bids.

    Fellow readers, let’s hear your thoughts. Submit a comment!

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