Our “march madness” bracket for Obama’s personality

We put Obama’s score at an easy 28 to 32 points. Enough to make him ineligible for parole in our estimation.

Of course, no one can be objective about this guy. Many of us have long been convinced that Obama at a minimum is a narcissist, just based on experience with others with such observable traits, albeit not the same grand scale. But it is an opinion, just as the left was similarly convinced by assessments of GWB.


Of course it takes one to know one. Reading the article, one finds Bloomberg is evasive and does not deny he said it. http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2010/11/08/did-mayor-call-president-the-most-arrogant-man-ever/ .

We would submit, however, that an honest consideration of the behavioral facts of BO would certainly tend to point to this writer’s conclusions.  The article provides an established psychological evaluation test that a studied “professional” uses to rank individuals. We think the American public has enough practical experience to judge. The evaluation points are short and not difficult to relate to Berry Barack.  We excerpt part of the introduction to the article and encourage readers to visit the link and “bracket” Obama.  The graphic we have infused is not part of the referenced article.

From Patricia McCarthy writing at American Thinker:

Obama’s Mental Health: A Checklist

If anyone had doubts about the mental health of the president and some of the other more visible people within the Obama administration, there can be doubts no longer. In the past few days Yemen has further erupted into explosive chaos and the long-known but finally admitted facts of Bowe Bergdahl’s desertion were announced.  But his spokespersons, Josh Earnest, Marie Harf, and Jen Psaki, with blank, straight faces, still doggedly maintain that that Yemen is a “counterterrorism success” and that turning over five Taliban terrorists of the Taliban’s choosing in exchange for Bergdahl was a wise and wonderful plan.  . . .

Many people have written about the president’s narcissism. Some have suggested that he may be a sociopath. There is a checklist, developed by Dr. Robert D. Hare in the 1970s and used around the world to diagnose psychopathy. Dr. Hare would likely admit that it is not perfect but it is widely used in psychiatric settings and prisons to determine if an inmate is safe for release. It may be useful in assessing our president and the people with whom he has surrounded himself. *

see the list here.


* as regards those surrounding Obama, Stilton Jarlsberg at hopenchange .com offers his evaluation. Take This Hijab And Shove It

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  1. phil silverman says:

    no stupid nitpicking here! but..what a shocker! a politician who is concerned about his image. hmmm.

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