Veritas is organized as an Iowa political action committee. As an entity its functions are not-for-profit and may include all matters legal to be undertaken by an organization registered as a state political action committee in Iowa or as provided for by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Iowa.

Contributions are appreciated and may be made to Veritas Political Action Committee. Contributions are not tax deductible and are subject to the limitations imposed by the state of Iowa. At this time we are able to accept checks only.  Please include your name, complete address and name of your employer. Contributions should be sent to:

Veritas PAC c/o  5123 Woodland Ave, Davenport, Iowa 52807.

Look for updates on this site for convenient donor processes as they are added.


(besides a less amateurish Web presence 🙂

The purposes and goals of the organization include but are not limited to influencing the nomination and election of candidates for public office. Veritas will also advocate for candidates for leadership positions within the Republican Party and advocate for and defend adherence to conservative principles in the formation of Republican Party Platforms. Veritas will also promote structural support for conservative principles and policy implementation within the Republican Party along with research, development and distribution of practical electoral methodologies and assistance.

Among the policies Veritas will advocate for are adherence to the limitations to government embodied in the Constitution of the United States; judicial restraint and original intent; the merits of a constitutional republic; a smaller overall regulatory reach of government at all levels; a vibrant market based economy to promote prosperity; low taxes to limit the size of government; exposing the dangers of welfare dependence and socialism; a special emphasis on the fundamental principle of the right to life of all innocent members of the human family; traditional cultural and family values; immigration policies that honor legal orderly immigration and which do not burden citizen taxpayers; the right to keep and bear arms; a strong national defense; vigorous practical energy policies; property rights; advocacy and participation regarding local government and school board elections and referenda; voter integrity and election law issues; honesty and integrity in campaigning; and other important matters. An associated goal of Veritias is to champion Home Rule authority and state’s rights authorities when appropriate.  Veritas will also argue for statutory and amenditory proposals which are consistent with these goals. Veritas will also contribute to the political debate regarding historical cultural and philosophical matters relating to freedom and self government.

In support of its political advocacy Veritas has created as a distribution tool for its programs as well as news, analysis, commentary and argumentation as a resource for candidates and public servants who also advocate conservative views. Veritas will also expose and comment on anti-conservative biases on the part of news agencies distributed locally and in the various publications and broadcasting outlets originating locally.

Regarding its political action committee activities Veritas will initially focus on state and local primaries particularly Scott County but also “forgotten” races across the state. Any current focus is in no way intended to imply a limitation on its activities as the focus of activities will change from season to season.

Veritas will also promote the development of Republican Party administrative practices that support and defend a conservative platform and consideration for candidates and nominees who honor the platform. Veritas will also expose and oppose those practices that are indifferent to a conservative small government platform.  Veritas will also expose practices by Republican Party officials and elected Republicans that reward individuals, organizations or businesses that engage in practices in opposition to the spirit of our constitutional republic, smaller government, and a conservative platform along with manifestations of “chrony capitalism” and “chrony politics.”  Veritas will promote fair and objective campaign practices among Republicans.

In furtherance of these purposes and goals and within the limitations of its resources and tactical considerations Veritas will help identify and advocate for candidates for elected and appointed office, organizations, delegates and party officials who consistently support our purposes. Veritas will manifest itself in part by evaluating and rating candidates and officials for general elections, party elections and appointed office; support candidates directly, financially and otherwise, or independently advocate for or oppose candidates as permitted by law; help foster general conservative ascendancy through the issuance of voter guides; sponsor conferences, debates, forums, seminars, and rallies as appropriate; identify and encourage individuals who support our purposes to involve themselves in political affairs; assist other individuals and organizations in pursuit of activities that further these purposes as allowed by law; and provide practical support and referrals to candidates and causes consistent with these purposes.

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