Occupy Activists, Ron Paul and the Caucuses

 In a story released yesterday it appears that the usual suspects are up to no good.   According to the AP story titled:  Occupy activists meet in Iowa, plan caucus events, by Ryan Foley and Mike Glover (copy link)  http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hzx198MQt85S7WdilV55-pUImZjg?docId=1ad74a952d7645c49e0dc25f02127fdf

“Hundreds of Occupy activists from at least 10 states were expected to participate in a “People’s Caucus” near the Capitol to plot activities between now and the Jan. 3 caucuses. The activists are promising to interrupt candidates at events and camp out at their Iowa campaign offices.”

The article goes on to report: “Organizers are encouraging activists who live in Iowa to show up on caucus night and vote “no preference” as a protest but say they have no plans to interfere with the voting itself.” “

“No plans”  . . . rrriiight.

The fact is it is a hectic process to get the presidential precinct caucuses to start on time. Attendees are required to have their identification and residency checked and if they do not appear on the existing Republican roster for that precinct they must register or re-register as Republicans.  Given that it is a work day and people often do not have the time to arrive early, it can be an extremely busy process for authentic Republicans to get to the caucus site, get in line, get checked in and have the meeting begin on time.

Any effort to burden the process when the intention is other than to authentically join the Republican Party and its traditions but instead to either programmatically vote “no preference” or vote for a particular candidate as a fifth column effort is disrupting the vote and the process. It is the activity of juvenile punks . . . which pretty much sums up the “occupy” movement in this writer’s humble judgment.

The so called “Occupy” movement has been in existence for months, as such. Supposedly it is a representative undercurrent of the so called “99%.” Should they actually enjoy the 99% support status they claim,  there has been nothing to prevent their “movement” from coming together as an honest political force of its own, holding a convention and nominating a candidate and easily setting out to qualify for ballot access in all fifty states.  That is their legitimate right. What are they afraid of in not starting such a legitimate third party effort if their message has supposedly “not gotten through”  and they have that “99%” backing?

Could it be they are really Saul Alinskyites doing George Soros’ and the Obama reelection campaign’s bidding?

And this from Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families’ End of Day Report, today: “Disrupting the caucuses won’t be too hard for these radicals. Some of them may very well show up to vote for Ron Paul and then proceed to disrupt the rest of events. Yet another poll — one conducted by the left-leaning firm Public Policy Polling — found that “Paul’s strength … depend[s] on a coalition of voters that’s pretty unusual for a Republican in the state. …Paul has a 39-12 advantage with … independents or Democrats.” That should be a big warning to conservatives who think Ron Paul is a champion of their values.”

Ron Paul holds positions on drug legalization and foreign policy that endear him to elements of the left.  That provides that element with a lesser of evils rallying figure. More significantly, Obama political strategists know that Ron Paul continues to be coy regarding a third party run of his own. Pumping up his results and encouraging a third party effort, or just plain artificially keeping him in the mix, will work to help prevent cohesion in the Republican Party and if a third-party egotistical attempt to run as a third party candidate is made by Paul, hand the election to Obama.

Ron Paul  needs to clearly and categorically rule out a third party run should he not receive the nomination and do so prior to the caucuses to remove incentive for the fifth column antics of the Occupiers.

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