Keeping Republicans True – 2011

Besides not being a big fan of retrospectives there was not an extensive amount of formal outward activity under the banner of Veritas PAC in 2011. We are just getting rolling! However associates met throughout 2011 and much has been discussed about practical and philosophical needs in order to help keep the Republican Party true to a conservative platform. Some of that discussion has been formalized in the statement of goals and purposes featured herein. Nevertheless principals of Veritas have been busy promoting aspects of those goals in their personal political activities.

Starting late in the year with formal activity, Veritas PAC made a an initial foray into a special election for an Iowa Senate seat in the Cedar Rapids area. Veritas promoted support for the conservative nominee who was getting tepid support from establishment Republicans in Des Moines. Veritas operatives were able to bundle a few dedicated dollars along with some volunteer hours on behalf of Republican candidate Cindy Golding.

Winning the race presented the opportunity to end the dominance of Democrats in the Senate and prevent doctrinaire liberal Democrat Majority Leader Mike Gronstal from stopping conservative legislation. We had a credible candidate and it was a race that should have received full throated support from all Republican quarters, unfortunately it did not. It represents a ‘”classic” case for the need for an organization like Veritas.

We also started what amounts to a learning and shakedown cruise for this blog site. We recognize its many shortcomings and that much needs to be done to make this blog an effective tool. Help on it would be greatly appreciated!!

Posts in the next few days will lay out some goals for 2012 and provide more analysis relevant to the caucuses. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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