USDA Offering $75,000 to Encourage More Food Stamp Sign-ups!

Rush Limbaugh reported today that the USDA is offering $75,000 for the best idea to encourage more people to sign up for food stamps. Send in your ideas America!

That’s right folks, Iowa’s own former Democrat governor, now USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack is grotesquely expanding the usual big government tendency to look for ways to justify its existence through making more people dependent. So . . . always wanting to be helpful . . . off the top of my head, I thought: “continue Obama’s economic policies.” Lame, I know.

But our Associate Editor sent a memo suggesting something diabolical in its likely marketing effectiveness providing not only a user incentive but also free advertising for the campaign.    His memo:  ” I suggest a press release to “award winning” editorial page editors (know anyone at the QC Times?).  It  would note that if you sign up for food stamps…and, believe me, there’s no questions asked, you will also receive a FREE cell phone AND 250 FREE minutes per month. It might also be suggested that, if BO gets reelected, there will be additional free stuff next year.

You see, not only do Obama’s general programs insure steady and expanding food stamp participation but his cell phone giveaway program eligibility criteria allows participation by simply showing  – that’s right  –  food stamp enrollment!

We are grateful that other than a stint in the Army our associate editor never worked for the US government. He must really want the $75 grand.  What a perverse ba***rd he is. Heartless money grubbing capitalist.
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