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Referring to the most recent White House Correspondent’s Dinner, a regrettable tradition where Republican Presidents typically make fun of their own administration and foibles (as if the mainstream media has not done yeoman service in that regard) but where Democrat President Obama uses it as platform for one liners about his Republican opposition, (recycling  themes hosts of late-night TV have already done ad nauseam) . . .

Jonah Goldberg writing in National Review Online 5-07-2012 referring to the allegedly “nerdy” profession of journalism: I’ve been to a half dozen correspondents’ dinners, and nerds were far less well represented than rent-seeking K Street sleazeballs, social-climbing poseurs, and power-hungry pols of all parties.

Goldberg has a new book out — Tyranny of Cliche´s   Looks to be a timely tome for Veritas readers.

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  1. Romentum says:

    I heard Tom Brokaw today crying about his beloved “Correspondent’s Dinner” because it is now Occupied by Obama’s A-List celeb buddies and he thinks that it is reflecting bad on average Americans as they sip $300 a glass wine. Too funny. You helped elect the guy Tommy enjoy the ride!

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