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This quote is with regard to Seth McFarlane, highly paid writer/producer with a prolific  presence on Fox TV. It refers to the movie Ted, perhaps this weekend’s top draw. The quote is from a review of the movie by Brent Bozell, President of Media Research Center.  The full review is available here via GOPUSA.    We like it because it exposes the Hollywood practice of legitimizing, countenancing and propagating rot by gratuitous or insincere application of politically correct or unobjectionable sub-themes.  Well Bozell makes the point more epigrammatically.

“But then, MacFarlane always tries to moonwalk his way out of his cultural oil spill by washing off a contaminated bird or two. It’s sad that so many so-called smart people let him get away with this sleazy song and dance. It’s sadder still that anyone would endorse it with his or her cinema dollars.  

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