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We presume not on the issue of New York Mayor Bloomberg’s utter malfeasance in suggesting the seemliness of police officers in his city going on strike until gun control laws he presumes they should want are passed.   Of course Bloomberg is oblivious to the U.S. Constitution on more than one score. But he did try to retract foot from mouth later in the day by walking back his comments.  We bet that Davenport’s own mayor Bill Gluba, who famously bowed to a Chinese dictator on U.S. soil, wishes he had retracted his lips from Xi Jinping’s ass before the press photo.

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But they do have a lot in common including membership in an organization called Mayors Against Illegal Guns . Now the title of the organization they are listed as belonging to is ridiculous enough (the title has as much logical pointedness as Mayors Against Illegal (fill in the blank). But of course “illegal” is not the real operative word. The real operative word is guns. Because if “illegality” were the watch word, would they not as public officials with the responsibility to help enforce the law also be anxious to be listed in Mayors Against Illegal Immigration.  No?

Dear Mayor: are you pro-Second Amendment? Then how about lending your name as mayor to an organization supporting existing legal gun ownership. Well, like the NRA.  Or perhaps you would be willing to start one named “Mayors for Legal Guns.”   Maybe use it to sponsor essays from school children in support of gun safety and the right of free people to protect themselves. Well, like the NRA.

Both mayors need to understand that supporters of “gun rights” have won the public  safety argument – more guns available in citizens hands means less crime of all sorts, especially violent crime.  Gun ownership has gone up and, in spite of increases in poverty  under the Obama Administration (the matter which liberals insist inevitably leads to gun violence), crime is down. We know you support President Obama’s policies which have had the effect of increasing poverty. Are you for more crime Mayor Gluba?

Seriously we do not think Gluba is “for crime,”  he is probably just an irresponsible doctrinaire knee-jerk liberal on the issue, or totally out to lunch on what he chooses to lend his, and by association Davenport’s, good name to.  But there is some evidence that maybe some of his fellows among the mayor’s group are for crime.  Check out this article.  Maybe in retrospect Mayor Gluba would like to join Stop Illegal Mayors .com.


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