Blood — You Don’t Know Jack S**t

Last night this editor attended a 6:30 showing of Dinesh D’Souza‘s 2016 at the  Rave / 53rd Street  theaters.  It was sold out.   Based on my years of activity in Republican politics and it being a film understood as an expose on Obama, I expected to see a familiar face or two.  I did not recognize any.  That is either a bad sign regarding my eyes or a good sign for the country regarding the interest in the film.  I think it is the latter.

While I have read various articles exposing under-reported facts about Obama’s history the film serves to add a few things, provide the near tangibility film’s shot on local can provide, and makes a case for a theory explaining Obama’s “approach” to America.  Basically the theory  about what motivates Obama as I interpret it is that he is possessed of resentment toward anything perceived as “colonialism” an attitude he adopted from his father.

I should think the red-diaper baby upbringing by his mother, and maternal grand-parents,  who unquestionably dominated his actual rearing , would be enough to explain him, but the adolescent (I do not think liberals advance beyond that stage) attempt at channeling and romanticizing his father’s attitudes as a Kenyan anti-colonialist no doubt aggravate or provide a pretend authentication for him. D’Souza presents Marxist imbued anti-colonialism nurtured by the liberation theology of Rev. Jeremiah Wright as a best fit explanation of his domestic and foreign policies. The result is that Obama is intent on reducing America as an economic and military power.  Obviously he is succeeding, hopefully not irreversibly.

If you have not, go see the movie.  For those that have,  I offer a few critiques of what is nevertheless an outstanding and chilling movie.

D’Souza might have given us more on the terrorist Bill Ayers connection and mentioned Jack Cashill’s research (and now others) making a very strong case that Obama’s first “autobiography” was ghost written by Ayers. I think it important because D’Souza makes so many references from it to build his case that not mentioning how likely it was that someone such as American hater like Ayers had much to do with it only strengthens his case.

Another aspect I had not understood well — D’Souza maintains that Obama’s mother left step-father Soetero because he was not leftist enough.  We were allowed to believe from hagiographers that it was because he was a drunk?? . . . which by the way was pretty much a characteristic of her first husband as well.

The film’s  “brothers keeper” dialogue surrounding an extensive interview with Obama’s half-brother George Obama on location in Kenya is devastating.   But there was an insight provided  that tends to remove any wonder about why BO  has nothing to do with George who literally lives in a shanty in a Kenyan slum.

If it were merely because George is often drug addled that would still indicate extreme hypocrisy for Obama given the non-judgmental philosophy liberals love to tout about themselves. But George, who does seem very intelligent if wasted, apparently has a different world view than Obama?  He  actually lives in Kenya in all its glory having shed the yoke of colonialism.  Nevertheless George is still less rotted than his Presidential half- brother who thinks Marxist collectivism produces prosperity.  George seems not of that opinion  and offers that maybe the British left too early.

We surmise they had a falling out. Perhaps Obama waltzed in with his Marxist views as to how he was “down with the struggle” everywhere and George maybe told him    “Blood . . . you don’t know jack shit”   only in the very refined tone that George used throughout the interview.

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