I Have An Acquaintance . . .

I have an acquaintance who would seem to be an unlikely dupe for Obama. But then, know-what-else-obama-inherited-from-bush-a-aaa-rating-obama-politics-1312733423maybe not so “unlikely”. This is a mid to late 30’s, “well”-educated, very successful, personable individual. Even in a discussion of politics, you will find him to be reasonable, often agreeable, and charming and likeable. He is currently doing quite well financially..he is in the financial business and as the stock market continues to soar, so does his income.

He is a two time Obama voter. He is a liberal, but not a socialist. He is, however, a true believer. He was critical of George W. Bush’s spending. He was fearful that Bush was not averse to trampling on Americans’ civil rights and he was very perturbed believing that  Bush had lied to get us into wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The notion in 2008  that he had the opportunity to vote for a black person for President was really heady stuff. He really liked what Obama claimed to promise…unprecedented transparency in his administration; a government for “all Americans”; an end to inequality and racial divisions; a “fairer” and “honest’ governance; an America which would be loved and admired throughout the world, rather than feared and distrusted. Obama would be a “uniter”; Bush was a devilish “divider”.

One of his clients gave him copies of Obama’s two autobiographies. He read them and found reaffirmation of his confidence in this man.

Although the four years of his first term were disappointing in some respects, he shared the views of other Obama worshipers of lesser means that much of those disappointments were, indeed the sad legacy of George Bush.

does-that-chart-look-like-an-economic-recovery-to-you-obama-politics-1328496147Asked to cite the president’s most important accomplishment which helped to garner my acquaintance’s  vote for a second term, there was no hesitation in naming the ‘rescue” of General Motors. And, yet, in discussing that feat, he was unaware of the dubious, I believe illegal and unconstitutional, denial of much of the rightful, legal claims of bondholders, confiscation of their assets, in order to bail out the auto worker union.

On ObamaCare,he has some concerns but “something had to be done about healthcare costs” and in his view, O’care was better than doing nothing. He has always been a believer in man-made global warming.

Did I say, my acquaintance was an “unlikely” dupe? Or is he just another “low information” voter?

Actually, I believe he is neither. “Unlikely”? No, I believe that nearly everyone in his shop and in his industry and throughout Wall Street are very “likely” dupes! They are doing quite well. When policies like Obama/Bernanke’s drive investors into the stock market…they will be oblivious to the longer term and whatever the eventual and inevitable consequences are. They are always the wise optimists who can tell you, the day after the crash, very specifically, what went wrong .

“Low information”? Not at all. Rather, they are “mal-informed”, by their own choosing. It is fashionable to have your copy of the New York Times on your desk at the office. They like to cite the wisdom of Warren Buffett and Michael Bloomberg. Their favorite  economist is often Paul Krugman and Thomas Friedman writings are a must read to understand America’s proper role in the world.  And they recognize and empathize with the downtrodden in our society: The gays and the lesbians, and the transgenders, and the “bi’s”. The poor are always much on their mind. Like all liberals, there is always another unmet need, which government can satisfy with just a little bit more money that all of us can afford to remit to it.

FoxNews, Limbaugh, conservative pundits are not worthy of their attention. The questions surrounding Obama’s background , my acquaintance has told me, definitely has a “racist component”.liberal-debates-liberals-socialists-progressives-sad-patheti-political-poster-1302150039

These are the usual generalities regarding the affluent supporters of Obama, but I found them to be dead on accurate in my interactions with “my acquaintance”. It is impossible to imagine an incident or a set of circumstances in which he and his fellows would fail to find someone other than Obama to blame or events which fairness would relieve their man of responsibility.      DLH

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  1. Roy Munson says:

    As somebody who has followed up with comments over and over again and penned several pieces on this very site about these young Obamabots, I feel your pain! This gentleman seems to be about a decade older than the peeps I know, but he’s not any less dumber. My breakdown-

    1. Race appears to be a motivating force in BOTH his Obama votes. The 2008 election gets a pass I guess, but complaining to you that people opposing Obama after 4 years are only doing so because there is a “racist component involved” is pure insanity. Chris Matthews to the clear colored courtesy phone please. This guy stinks of Democrat/MSNBC propaganda.

    2. The “rescue of the auto industry” as Obama’s biggest success? I’m trying not to laugh actually. I haven’t heard this talking point since the DNC convention where Biden was screaming “Osama is dead and GM is alive!” Haven’t heard a peep lately about this because there is nothing but bad news. Plus remember all those dealerships that were forced to close and claimed they were being politically targeted at the time? Back on the front burner with the Obama IRS scandal.

    3. Reading Paul Krugman and holding Warren Buffett in high regards. Krugman is the worst person in the world. If I had a Keith Olbermann type show I would name him that every night. And Warren Buffett made billion(s) off this down economy and still owes billions(s) in taxes last I saw. I am continually puzzled with the love Democrats give this guy.

    4. This guy was worried about about Bush when it came to civil right/liberties? LoL. Tell him to look up what his boy Glenn Greenwald is saying right now. Greenwald was the champion of the left leading the charge against Bush. Now that he is taking Obama down every day they act like he doesn’t exist.

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