Quality Conscious Democrats Strike Fear In Heart Of Republican Establishment

Obama: ‘I Could Not Be More Anxious’ To Have Pelosi Back As Speaker

Associated Press, CHICAGO — Returning to the town that launched his political career, President Barack Obama gave a boost Wednesday to Democrats chasing control of the House, telling donors he’s still seeking compromise with Republicans — but if that fails, it’s up to Democrats to finish the job. Joined by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, his former chief of staff, at a glitzy hotel in downtown Chicago, Obama cast his days of politicking as behind him — “I’ve run my last political race.”

To once again, reflect upon comments by the illustrious leaders of Establishment Republicans, including Karl Rove, the Weekly Standard, et al: “We need to field ‘better quality’ candidates”.

Uh huh, like Nancy, or Alan Grayson, or Anthony Weiner, or Joe Biden, or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or…

I’m afraid that the Democrats just have a corner on all the “quality” candidates.

Me? I’ll take freaky candidates, like Ted Cruz, and yes,  those we’ve lost or are losing…Michele  Bachmann, Jim DeMint, …. But, that’s just me.    DLH

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