A Power Point For Mayor Gluba

From your political consultant friends at veritaspac . . . regarding future photo ops with visiting “dignitaries,”  we put together this brief  “power point” presentation together  for your edification.

When greeting a world class despot, remember, whether your knees are shaking, your peeing your pants . . . I know guys of an age do that anyway . . . but regardless . . . whether  drool fills your mouth in splendid rapture . . . you need to muster the strength to look him / her in the eye and shake their hand in a manly manner.

Pretend you want to sell them a house or something and you should be able to fake the sincerity thing.  The point is that in such circumstances, the only reason you are properly put forward on the stage or ahead of the line is to represent the countenance and dignity of the people of Davenport.  Don’t make them cringe.


Xi Jinping meets Vlad Putin

This is how it is done despot to despot /Mano-a-mano. Eyes meet, hand shake held medium high and firm to indicate at least a temporary peace. Definitely no bowing and scraping, except maybe in your private time together.



Bill Gluba meets Xi Jinping

This is not how it is done.  First of all the whole bowing thing is more Japanese than Chinese.  The Chinese are kind of taken aback after the Japanese made them do it  back in the day. X-ing seemed a little surprised and looked as though he wanted to help you up. Keep in mind that it is not a good negotiating position.  And showing your an ass to the camera is bad form.

And another thing, the school girl crush and giddiness about getting an autograph from our home-grown despot.  I must say, eeeech. You really need to work on the dignity thing for the cameras.  Not that you have not been victimized by poor examples from your betters .

Via The Iowa Republican, former Iowa Governor and current US Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack, a.k.a "Poohsack,"

Via The Iowa Republican, former Iowa Governor and current US Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack, a.k.a “Poohsack,”


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2 Responses to A Power Point For Mayor Gluba

  1. Gus says:

    Don’t blame his mayorness. He’s only taking his cues from our nation’s Dear Leader. What he has not quite perfected is the Obama artistry of being able to give deference to the world’s greatest despots and at the same time deftly show his ass to the American people and demand that they kiss it.

  2. Roy Munson says:

    Channeling the Great tinlge up Chris Matthews leg last month our Mayor Loserba-


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