The Delegate Irrelevancy Platform

Just today we were enlightened with the Scott County Republican Platform Committee’s proposed platform.  To say the least it is a major rewrite undoing, not a reflection of grassroots’ concern and judgement on timely matters.  As such it is an effort to make delegates irrelevant and turn the convention into an event where delegates sit and listen to politicians, rather than the traditional venue where activists speak to them, and to the party.  Sitting and listening to politicians give vague assurances to vague platforms, which is what the convention will degenerate into under the proposed scenario, does not pass for authentic grassroots involvement.   A key roll of delegates and the precinct system is being obliterated.

The proposal  has been posted on the Scott County Republican  web site, with links e-mailed to delegates.   We will post the content of the proposed platform, including an example of a recent proposed platform, to facilitate comparison tomorrow.  The only communication avenue facilitated by the Scott County Chairman person is through the committee chairman, Jason Purcell whose e-mail address is [email protected].  Facilitating communication among delegates and central committee members has been something continuously delayed if not subverted by current leadership.

More on the platform and the silly county constitution changes tomorrow and in coming days.                         R Mall

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  1. Leone says:

    Proposed platform is full of platitudes, changes to the Scott Co. Constitution are Stage 4 stupid.

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