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Steve King Knows his job . . .

It’s My Job to Stop Democrats’ Bad Ideas

“This country wouldn’t be in this angst that it’s in today if we had been better obstructionists when they tried to jam Obamacare at us,” the Iowa Republican added. “We just weren’t successful enough in obstructing its passage.”

The above quote is via Newsmax. The full story is available here.

We are not going to try to embellish this other than to say thank you Steve King for doing your job and to those other congressman who are as responsible.  And of course thanks to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul in the Senate for their commitment.

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Let’s ask Archduke Ferdinand to weigh in on this —

Perhaps readers have seen BO’s (peace be upon him) statement on Ukraine. This guy  has officially established himself as nothing more than a global late night joke. His next statement, I think, will be to ask for his “overcharge”, er, I mean, “reset”, button back.

I’m sure that Putin is terrified by the prospect of another statement by John Kerry. And, who is more fearsome that our Sec. of Defense, the “what me worry’, Chuckie Hagel?

This has all the makings of the WWI scenario with biblical consequences.

Happy Birthday from Hope n’ Change Cartoons

If you have not visited Hope n’ Change you should know that it is not just insightful, spiteful, enjoyable graphic cartoons rendering liberals, Stilton Jarlsberg’s commentaries associated with most of his cartoons are exquisite.  Peace be upon him.


The Editors

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