Media Shots Regarding Senate Race

As others have enlightened us, and upon second reading, there is more to the QC Times “Hip Shots” regarding Monday’s Senate forum than we previously commented on.   That article is credited to the QCT Editorial Board but we might presume Editorial Page Editor Mark Ridolfi wrote it as he was in attendance and did some of the introductions.

The dig at Mark Jacobs regarding hair and makeup was deserved but shall we say unique within their article, as far as individual candidates are concerned.  We found it delightful and brought it to your attention yesterday, but there was more deserving our comment.

By the way, just today we see the Des Moines Register has endorsed Joni Ernst. They certainly slammed Jacobs in the process.  But an endorsement from them can be the kiss of death. It will be widely interpreted as representing who the person is they want in lieu of Braley –  sort of the next best thing. One thing for sure, they have no respect for Jacobs.

Jacobs introduced himself at our meeting by announcing that “I am not a politician,” and it showed with his lack of depth on many issues.

Ouch, two whammies from the media in one week.  But back to the QC Times.

(Judy) Davidson urged questions that helped voters differentiate the candidates. But the questions came from the journalists on the panel, reader suggestions and participating Bettendorf students. Davidson never knew the questions or even the topics until they were asked in the forum.

Why did a Republican organization agree to let others have carte blanche with the questions and consider themselves a cosponsor? Why did we not get a Republican forum where key questions are asked from a Republican perspective?  The questions were definitely Democrat oriented  — global warming — minimum wage. They were not phrased as “gotcha” questions, but they might have been. The near unanimity in the responses shows that probing “Republican primary questions” were not asked.  Fine to have some questions from the cosponsors, frequent antagonists that they are, but to agree to a format with no questions from one of the sponsors??

And this shot at Scott County Republican leadership:

The age of those in attendance makes us wonder where this party will be in 10 years. Gone were the few Ron Paul Libertarians who brought age diversity to the local GOP events in the past few years.

And who was responsible  for the exclusionary tactics regarding Ron Paul supporters, resulting in a dearth of more youthful presence  –  Judy Davidson and the leadership of the Scott County Republicans.   R Mall

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