Our Country Will End Not With A Bang . . .

 . . . But a Whimper

It is said that often hundreds go passively to their certain execution at the hands of only a few captors. No attempt to overcome the few by the many doomed and desperate souls. Too afraid to try? Too resigned to their fate? Too weary ? Too conditioned to obey even illegitimate and deadly “authority”?

I don’t know, but I fear that something similar, in this case, the execution of a concept, the Great American Experiment in Governance, is imminent, and its ultimate victims are succumbing passively.

Nothing surprising here…only that there will be no real backlash.

From the Department of Where is the Outrage . . .

Washington Times:  Muslim cleric who backed fatwa on ‘killing of U.S. soldiers’ promoted by State Dept.

“The State Department’s Counter Terrorism (CT) Bureau promoted on Friday a controversial Muslim scholar whose organization has reportedly backed Hamas and endorsed a fatwa authorizing the murder of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

Washington Post: White House mistakenly identifies CIA chief in Afghanistan . On second thought that would be an excursion into the liberal narrative that when somebody connected to Bush does something it is evil, Obama’s people doing worse is an accident.  Read the better account at FrontPage.com.  Valerie Plame and Obama’s Double Standard on Outing CIA Personnel

In 2005 Obama joined with 25 Democrats calling on Congress to investigate the plame “scandal”

In the letter signed by Obama, it asked for, “The public revelation of Ms. Plame’s identity, whether it amounts to a crime or an irresponsible breach of security protocol that doesn’t meet the standard of criminal conduct, almost certainly compromised her intelligence networks and may have compromised the safety and welfare of anyone who had worked with her overseas.  As a group of respected former intelligence officials wrote in 2004: “Any breach of the code of confidentiality and cover weakens the overall fabric of intelligence, and, directly or indirectly, jeopardizes the work and safety of intelligence workers and their sources.”

Valerie Plame, more of a socialite than an agent, was never in danger, despite Obama’s posturing. But his visit, itself a pathetic attempt at distracting the country from his administration’s death panels for veterans, did out a major CIA figure who is in danger.

Does anyone seriously think there will be the sustained media outrage about this as occurred with regard to Plame ?    DLH

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