Obama the Manchurian?

This is a very good, succinct recap of Obama’s various treacherous (but “whimsical”?) antics. No recap can be complete, however, because there’s just too much for people to absorb and recall.

Nevertheless, having watched and read the narratives spun by the Left to mislead the nation on Obama’s true motives, character, and actions, I’d like to offer an alternative narrative to the current one regarding Iraq being recirculated and generally accepted, even on the right.

Another Obama “Antic”

Unless you watch FoxNews (oh, goodness, did I admit to that?) you are probably unaware of the plight of Marine vet, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, jailed in Mexico on the flimsiest of charges. Regarding this event, I have a few questions. To wit:

  • If the Sgt. Tahmoorisi were a deserter, would Obama hold a press conference in the Rose Garden, introducing Sgt. Tahmoorisi’s mother and reiterate his solemn commitment to “leave no American behind”? I think he would be more likely to than in this case of a veteran who actually did “serve with honor and distinction” and is not a deserter.
  • If the Sgt were black, would President Obama quickly declare, admitting he didn’t know the facts, that Mexican authorities “acted stupidly? I think so.
  • If the Sgt. were black, wouldn’t Obama announce to the world that, if he had a son, he’d “look just like Sgt. Tahmooressi”? I think so.
  • And, if the Sgt. was gay, or maybe even transgender, would Obama have Seal Team 6 in Mexico, freeing the Sgt. before sunup, posing for photo ops as he watched the operation live in the Situation Room, and telling our hapless Congress about it later? I think so.

Yes, America, as President Obama’s gifted religious mentor, the Reverend Wright so eloquently tells us, “the Chickens have come home to roost”.

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 “Who lost Iraq…and, very soon, Afghanistan?”

The “popular” narrative has been and will continue to be vigorously promoted by the MSM and most pundits, analysts, etc: “It’s all Bush’s fault for going into Iraq in the first place . . . poor Barack, this is another mess he inherited and there’s little he can do about it. Further, if he had been allowed by the Tea Party dominated GOP,  he would have closed Gitmo and all of Islam would be our BFF”.

Here’s the alternative narrative:

Bush left office with the war in Iraq essentially over and won…something Biden rushed to take credit for on behalf of the Obama administration. Had Obama not been so grievously inept as a negotiator and not so arrogant and untrustworthy, a status of force agreement would have been reached. That’s what competent Statesmen do. No one can question the fact that what hurts Obama’s efforts to accomplish anything positive in foreign affairs is the fact that none of our allies (or, possibly now, ‘former’ allies) trust him. He has betrayed Poland, Israel, the US friends in the Far East , even Canada, over the XL pipeline.

In addition, who can deny, Obama is not respected, even openly defied, by America’s enemies?

What has really caused the eruption in Iraq, a horrible carnage, coming soon to Afghanistan as well, also due to Obama’s ineptitude, or could it possibly be his malevolent hatred of America? We all must hope that isn’t true.

What has really happened to destroy the victory so hard won by our brave military in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to the factors cited is, of course, Obama’s woeful dithering when events are moving fast and threatening to spiral out of control (as they are). Obama is a man who either is unable to make timely decisions or one who refuses to for darker motives than most Americans want to contemplate.

The biggest specific reason that the Muslim world is aflame is quite ironic. It is the killing of Osama bin Laden, an action Obama was so proud of and exploited in every way for his own cynical political advantage.

George W. Bush knew where bin Laden was all along and he could have taken him out whenever he wished. Instead, President Bush was wise enough and shrewd enough to instead neutralize bin Laden’s effectiveness to the point that he was little more than a wasted symbol of frustration to his most fanatic followers. Bush knew that to kill would not only restore bin Laden’s iconic status as a martyr for Islam, but would inflame the Muslim world like nothing ever has, including videos, Gitmo, and any imagined slight that the Left  has promoted in order to cripple any attempt to develop a rational strategy to containing terrorism.

Is this a plausible alternate narrative to the “bush did it” flood of excuses Obama uses to explain every one of his mistakes, shortcomings, incompetence, and mendacity?

Since President Bush never seeks to stoop to a level of petty blame placing, he never speaks out in his own defense. So, only objective historians may one day verify this narrative.    DLH

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  1. Carlos Danger says:

    Interesting theory and narrative. Bush did do it! He got Osama in early 2002 in cave blast. People still don’t really believe Obummer’s version with no pictures ever taken of his body and dumping it in the sea do they? Plus all the SEALs involved mysteriously dieing in a chopper crash months later.

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