Mississippi Burning

Despicable RINO tactics

How is it that the candidate who received the most Republican votes in a Republican primary runoff election does not get the nomination?   Answer: When the pathetic “winning” candidate and the K Street interests propping him up recruit Democrats to vote in the primary.  That is what happened in Mississippi’s Republican primary runoff election Tuesday.  Six term incumbent Senator Thad Cochran narrowly defeated TEA Party favorite Chris McDaniel  in a victory that involved blatant appeals to traditional Democrats to vote in the Republican primary.

We have long felt that crossover voting is usually insufficient to effect outcomes except in the closest of elections.  Our frame of reference has been Iowa and that is too limited. But when the “rules” allow any voter to vote in a primary and not declare a party affiliation, one of the key psychological impediments to crossover voting is not present. No loyalty issue pertains.

Throw in the added opportunity of the election not interfering with a Democrat primary (as no runoff existed for the Democrats to be concerned about) AND a blatant full force campaign to produce votes from Democrats (most cross over voting campaigns in party registration states are sub rosa) and the possibilities are more substantial. That is what Tuesday’s primary runoff election in Mississippi entailed . . . and a boatload of despicable campaign materials accusing McDaniel of racism in order to get traditional Democrats to vote against him.  It was so shamefully bad we thought Victory Enterprises of Davenport was involved, but they were tied up running Monte Shaw’s and Mark Jacob’s negative campaigns.

The following links provide more details and descriptions of what transpired. Included are links to liberal media outlets like Washington Monthly and Slate.  What is interesting is the consistency in the analysis and the facts presented. If sufficient numbers voted in the Republican runoff and voted previously in the Democrat primary then maybe a judge could order a new election as those votes would be contrary to Mississippi law. An issue however is whether that law is enforceable.  Clearly the Democrat vote effort was not one to get them to vote for Cochran in the fall, it was designed to get them to vote against McDaniel in the runoff.

Flier that got Thad Cochran elected?

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How Will Poll-Watchers in Mississippi Spot the Black Democrats Voting in the GOP Primary?   Slate

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Who Paid for Race-Baiting Flier in Mississippi?  Smear of Tea Party and McDaniel needs investigation.

Conservative Groups Angry After Thad Cochran Wins With Help From Democrats

From the above Daily Caller article,

“It’s disgraceful that self-described GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, the Chamber of Commerce and the NRSC would champion a campaign platform of pork barrel spending and insider deal-making, while recruiting Democrats to show up at the polls,” Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks said after the results came in.

“If the only way the K Street wing of the GOP establishment can win is by courting Democrats to vote in GOP primaries, then we’ve already won,” Kibbe continued. “Tonight is proof that the K Street establishment is intellectually bankrupt, and we are going to have to clean it up.”

What will be the fallout?

It is doubtful that Cochran can honestly distance itself from the Democrat project. It is important to understand that the pro-Cochran Democrat effort was not an appeal for them to become Republicans or even necessarily to vote for him in the fall.  It was an appeal for them to show up and vote in a Republican primary against McDaniel, using racial undertones, and on the basis of Cochran’s support for matters contrary to Republican principles.

More needs to unfold regarding the matter of Democrats voting in both primaries. If no actionable legal remedy exists the facts may nevertheless force Cochran out of the race.

This is the sort of egregious win at any cost thing that splits parties and could hand the seat to Democrats.  Repudiation at the highest level is important, but only as a start. Those responsible cannot be rewarded.  It cannot be business as usual for them . . .the “we won, you lost, get over it” response is not likely to cut it.   More on this as it develops.  Your thoughts always welcome.    R Mall

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  1. Roy Munson says:

    What in gods name is going on there!? Apparently the Tea Party leader there blew himself away yesterday.


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