Joy Abounds!

Republicans and political pundits on the right are ecstatic these days.

The Supreme Court has delivered a unanimous rebuke to President Obama, “settling a Constitutional showdown over presidential power” reported the Wall Street Journal on Friday. The Court ruled 9 to 0 that Obama “exceeded his authority” in making temporary “recess” appointments to the NLRB while the Senate was in session. According to news reports the decision invalidates all of the labor Board’s rulings over an 18 month period in 2012 and 2013.

Happiness abounds! Obama’s power has been curbed! The Republic is safe from the “Messiah’s” tyranny!

But, there’s even more good news: A Zogby poll exclaims “He… (Obama’s)… has lost public trust in his leadership. His legislative agenda is not even on life support. ”

More joy! Dancing in the streets! America is saved!

But…really? Can we all breathe easy now? Has Obama’s march to tyrannical rule finally been stopped in its tracks?

As Veritas’s resident wet blanket, I would suggest that the euphoria that seems to have broken out in recent weeks and appears to be all-pervasive among conservatives and average Americans who have been alarmed at our Marxist president’s remarkably successful rush toward a totalitarian state over the past 5 plus years, may be a bit premature.

I might even suggest that the optimism should instead be replaced by increased dread and fear.

Rush Limbaugh has said that those who think that Obama has now been severely hobbled in his efforts to fundamentally transform the US of A are sorely mistaken. The Obama effort is now just getting started!

I believe he’s right. The SCOTUS decision, I think, has actually proven that Obama’s lawless and unconstitutional approach to “rule”…not “governance”, is working…like a charm. His illegal labor board made over 400 rulings during that 18 month period. Many have been fully in effect while the challenge was dragging its way through the ponderous judicial  process. So, what’s to happen regarding those “invalid’ rulings. As some press reports have said, if each are re-litigated it’s likely most or all will be upheld because the board is dominated by Obama appointments, now legal. I’m guessing a lot of them will just be allowed to stand because it won’t be worth the money or trouble to appeal, given the likelihood of the same result.

Obama is thus encouraged by this outcome to continue his feverish activity with pen and phone, unrestrained by the likely unconstitutionality and/or illegality of what he does. He knows it will take years for the courts to make definitive conclusions and by then, as a practical matter, they will be fait accompli.

And that public opinion poll? Folks have lost confidence in the Dear Leader?

As Hillary might say, “So what? What difference will it make?” Obama doesn’t need a successful legislative agenda. He needs only his pen and phone and the unbridled regulatory apparatus he’s put in place, much of that likely illegal and/or unconstitutional. And, remember, he has the corrupt Attorney General and the punch-drunk tyrant, Harry Reid backing his play on everything. There’s no possibility of Special Prosecutors being named; no possibility of Congressional sanctions or “defunding” of Obama initiatives.

Ah, but hope springs eternal. Boehner may sue to stop Obama’s lawless binge. Yeah. Right. As a layperson in all this legal tangle, it has seemed obvious to me that there isn’t any organization or US citizen that has “standing” to sue Obama successfully. Obama could not be forced by the courts to make publicly available his qualifications to hold the office of president. It seems no one had “standing’ to block him from changing or breaking so many laws relative to health care and everything else, no one can keep count. In addition to the despicable duo of Holder and Reid, the inscrutable Chief Justice Roberts can be depended upon to not be depended upon to undo much of anything Obama might choose to do…unless it is so much after the fact that it is moot.

But, wait! There’s the mid-term election. With Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader and the hard-hitting  John Boehner fearlessly leading the House, truth, justice, and the American Way will prevail. Right?

Sure, and pigs will fly, Pope Fran will convert to capitalism, and a thousand flowers will bloom!

Meanwhile, the Dear Leader can continue with his business as usual, shredding the Constitution, ignoring laws, assisted by his totally corrupt justice Dept., with the clueless GOP leadership looking on with mouths agape.        DLH

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