Impeach Obama : Yes — No — Maybe — Other?

obama-gratia-rex-imperator-obama-narcist-thugocracy-thecons-politics-1336610071This week we have had a number of articles cross our path regarding the usefulness of pursuing impeachment of Barack Obama.  Pat Buchanan’s column   Impeachment a bridge too far   provides a useful foil for discussing the merits.  Basically he maintains that the effort would be fruitless, that impeachable offenses are not obvious and the effort risks energizing Democrats  jeopardizing Republican prospects for an extensive win in the general election.  We intend to wade in with our fallible opinion but ask readers to read the Buchanan article and any related articles and reflect as well.  We will  identify what we sense are some of the basic arguments against impeachments, the practicality of it, timing and alternatives. It is not an easy call.

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One Response to Impeach Obama : Yes — No — Maybe — Other?

  1. Impeachment proceeding could have been initiated years ago, and well justified.
    At this point in time , wait until Nov 5 , 2014 . I am sure that with the outcome of the election , his own Dem losers will be right there to throw him under the bus. Let them do the dirty work . Republicans can jump in on the effort.

    Good over Evil

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