VA Reform Bill Changes Little – Vets Deserve Better

Betsy McCaughey a former Lt Governor of New York and a health care expert makes a number of revealing points about the proposed veterans heath care fix part of Congress’s rush to adjourn.  Thanks to SF for bringing the article to our attention. Read the entire article here for all of its revelations and recommendations. According to McCaughey:

The worst of the bill’s scams is the Veterans Choice Card. Every vet enrolled in the VA system is to get a card “that may be presented to a health-care provider to facilitate the receipt of care or services.”

But not every vet can use the card to see a civilian doctor.

First, you have to show you’ve waited longer than the VA considers reasonable for an appointment, or that you live more than 40 miles from a VA facility.

Then you have to get the VA to put you on an electronic waiting list for a referral. . . .

Worst of all, if you do manage to get outside care, you can only stay with that doctor for 60 days. . . .

Why so many hurdles to sabotage vets seeking civilian care? The VA unions and bureaucracy oppose outsourcing: It’s a threat to their now-secure jobs (and the unions’ vast take from dues).

McCaughey recommends:

Reform should put vets in the driver’s seat so they can make their own appointments.

Nearly half of vets in the backlog are 65 or older and on Medicare. Why not give them a special Medigap card, enabling them to seek civilian care without out-of-pocket expenses? That would cut the backlog in half and solve a national crisis almost immediately.

Patriot Post also has a worthy article about Congressional effectiveness on the matter. See  Congress’s Veterans Affairs Band-Aid for  more information.

The continuing Veterans Administration scandal is another example of big government at work from the same people who are busy applying their magic to the health care of the country at large.

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