More threatening letters from political operatives

You vill vote on our command or vee vill torture you until you do. Actually vee vill keep torturing you anyway, it’s vut vee do.

It’s not cute.

I know this isn’t really 3M talking but this is just silly.  Or the writer thinks we are stupid. But please vote for her anyway, we don’t think you are stupid or forgetful or lazy. Bold typeface is our emphasis.



Starting Thursday – just two days from now – you can vote early at your local county auditor’s office.

I know some people prefer to vote on Election Day (Tuesday, November 4th this year), myself included, but this year’s election is too important to wait. Our race for Congress will be close and every vote will count. Voting early ensures that you won’t be too busy or forget to vote on Election Day.

By voting early, you will also save the campaign valuable resources. Once you vote, we can use our time and money to contact others who have not voted.

You can vote early at your county auditor’s office and your vote will be counted with the others when they are tallied on Election Day. Click on the link below to find the address and hours for your county auditor’s office.

If you’d like to vote by mail, go to this link to have an absentee ballot mailed to you.

Thanks again for all your support!


The truth is if you vote early, you or at least your household won’t get any noticeable reduction in election communication having voted early, even first day. You might get an apology for continuing the BS and the “please please” vote early “reminder” phone calls, letters and e-mails. Apologies are easier than actually removing your name or deleting any vote early messaging as part of other communications they are going to continue to send you no matter what.

It isn’t that it is wrong to let people know of their voting options to some extent as part of general more useful communications. However these special vote early messages are unbecoming, illogical, costly harangues.  It is said that voting early saves them money. It does not . The fetish has increased their costs.  The operatives also say they are only targeting soft Republicans (registered Republicans who vote in presidential years but not consistently in off years). Its a load of crap.

Actually the e-mail above is a tacit admission. Note I am a signed up team member, not soft on 3M.  This household  votes in all elections, school board included.  The e-mail this message came to (along with so many others) is the household e-mail. There are no soft Republicans or anything but hard registered Republicans in this household.  But getting people like me to vote early allows the consultants to tout early voting improvements as a pathetic virtue even when the candidate loses the election!

Campaigns spin their wheels on this crap, fretting about it, wasting resources on consultants that advise it and probably earn money off of it, and irritating their supporters instead of using those resources to spread the truth about Republican candidates and undermining Democrat early voting with the truth about their candidates.  You win with superior messaging resulting in total votes cast, whenever, not absentee requests 40 days before determination day.

R Mall

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