Don’t view on an empty stomach

As stomach-turning as it is to watch, I’d suggest you might find this HuffPo  “drink & talk” interview with Dan Pfeiffer interesting.   Top Obama Adviser Tackles 2014 . . .  The arrogance of the guy is emblematic of the entire Obama administration.

His comments on the Republicans’ inability to do anything about (anything really) the executive amnesty action is infuriating but, sadly, probably accurate. You will find that portion of the conversation at about 13 minutes and 20 seconds into the video.

Saving readers some intestinal distress looking at their snarky faces, the contention  is that Republicans will not stop Obama’s amnesty EO  because  — what are they going to do —  shut down DHS?  Pfeiffer scoffs at the notion that Republicans would be so stupid as to repeat the devastating folly of shutting down government  — you know that devastating folly that helped create the largest House majority for Republicans in 80 plus years.

He is probably right because Republican leadership has pledged to play Obama’s game and submit to the accusation that presenting a bill to Obama that he won’t sign means it is Republicans that are shutting down government. Never mind the fact that “shutting down government” is a ridiculous formulation and narrative in its own right, as government spending largely does not shut down.

Current Republican leadership is incompetent at portraying the matter as being Obama’s obstinate decision to shut down government rather that accede to the desire of the American people to stop government overreach.  Incredibly Republican leadership announced essential capitulation to Obama even after the “change” affirmation and mandate they benefited from in the last election.

Accordingly, Pfeiffer identifies (even if inadvertently) why in the play of immigration reform that there is nothing Republicans can do to stop a willful Obama on anything. Obama can pull the same brinkmanship and succeed on anything he wants. But fear not, Republicans will sue in an iffy process that is irrelevant because Obama’s actions won’t be walked back.

Unless Republicans refuse to fund Obama’s particular actions he wins on anything he puts his mind to.

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  1. Roy Munson says:

    Pfeiffer is a toady troll. Shutting down the government seems to be a winning strategy these days since people now realize that nothing actually gets shut down and the few gov employees who are actually laid off get back pay. Look at Liz Warren last month, she and the far left were openly calling for a shutdown because Obummer sold out to Wall Street in the budget bill, again.

    There is some truth to his trolling as you have admitted though. Obummer and Boner have/are looking to screw there respective base over simultaneously as much as possible. He just wants to put the blame on the evil Republicans as much as possible. But in reality the Warren left is and will continue to make a lot of noise. They see how much success Cruz and Paul have had and need to throw Obummer under the bus as quickly as possible in the run up to 2016.

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